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Naplex Combo Package

MPJE™ Review!

Pass your MPJE with 3 hard days of study using our unique study method.

Only $130.  Click the button to learn more.


Do you need an extra kick in the butt to help pass NAPLEX®? Consider the ProntoPass® BOOT CAMP ACADEMY!! This is a very limited program. We try to squeeze a year’s worth of Clinical Pharmacy into just 2 to 6 months of intense study.


ProntoPass QUICKCARDS® with Memoronics® NAPLEX® REVIEW, takes NAPLEX® review to a new level of both COMPREHENSIVE and FAST. This latest version consists of over 1,000 QUICKCARDS®, 3" x 5" in size, arranged into 67 subject areas which fold in the center to provide a quick method of learning and self testing. "Memoronics®"---easy ways to remember abstract facts, are incorporated into ProntoPass QUICKCARDS® whenever possible.

Only $399 



The general rule of thumb is that sometimes with NAPLEX® questions --- you have to make an educated guess --- BUT NOT WITH MATH QUESTIONS!  There can be no excuse for getting a pharmacy math question wrong.  Math errors can kill the patient!  It is for that reason, I believe NAPLEX® overweights math questions vs. other pharmacy questions.  Math questions probably only represent 10 - 15% of the NAPLEX® questions, but what value are they given?  If it is not close to 40%, I would be surprised.

Only $139


Review Posters!

Check out our fabulous Posters for NAPLEX® review. They are the perfect adjunct to our other robust study tools.


After you have studied one subject in the QUICKCARDS®, and after having memorized the poster regarding that subject, listen to the lecture and answer the questions in the quiz. There is a lecture/quiz for each poster. These allow you to monitor your progress, get sharper and build your confidence. This option is only available with a combo deal. There is no charge for this CD, but it is only sent on loan and must be returned to us after your NAPLEX®

 Over 1800 clickable pronunciations, and 121 selectable categories.

 Audio cd of 200 drugs that can be played in your car.




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