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 Feedback 2006


Words can't express how thankful I am for the great help the cards have been in preparing for the Naplex. I was so afraid to take the exam. I was overwhelmed with the various study material and sources. I had even taken a review class that didn't help, on the contrary, it added more to the frustration. After I had completed my Intern hours, it was time to focus on my Studies. I found myself lost in all the material that I had; didn't know what is important and what to focus on and pay attention to. I turned to a friend of mine, Caroline, and asked her about how she achieved to pass the Naplex with a great score. Her answer was simply: Get the cards from these guys! She said, just focus on these cards, the posters and the questions that are in the bundle. It was the best advice EVER!!!! I ordered the cards and I focused on them. I was impressed of the amount of information they are packed with, sensational...The design of the posters make it so simple to memorize and understand the material; the math portions were terrific. It was amazing how simple to follow and solve all of the problems. The question bank and the last review were just as important and just as helpful as the rest. These assured me that by solving them I was ready for the exam. All in all, the entire package was great. This was better that any other material I had. I took the exam and as soon as I was done, with even an hour to spare, I knew that I had done well. I was confident and secure that I had done well. It felt fantastic.. And quess what?.. I did not only pass, but I passed with an amazing score that I could not dream of without your help... I scored "139"!!! Oh my Goodness...WOW! I couldn't believe my eyes. I just kept staring at it in denial and then it hit home. I was jumping in joy. I can not express to you in words how thankful I am. I recommend your cards for everyone taking the Naplex. I have already recommended it to many of my friends. Keep up the good work; it is great help and a sure way to success. Thank you so much, Lidia N Youwakim
L Y , San Ramo, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations! Lidia has joined our Hall of Fame. Click on the Hall of Fame to review all of our high scoring students.


Buzz, I got good news. I am now a Registered Florida Pharmacist. Thanks to you for making a huge difference in this endeavor. Your materials were straight forward and on point. I will be sending the last minute review package back to you soon. Pls. extend my regards and thanks to Steve and your staff. Respectfully,
R E , Haines City , FL


Dear Buzz I spoke with you 2 weeks back about passing my naplex and I told you I will follow up with an email. You wouldn't belive how busy Ive been. Buzz, I am really enjoying every moment of my life. This credit goes to you. After my graduation I got advice from my friends and family members Naplex is very easy just take 10 days off before the exam and review appleton & lange and APHA, I will easily pass the exam. Well that is not what happend. I took the exam during end of july and recived a score of 68. I am so depressed, I don't know what to do. I was not be able to mingle with my family and when I went to work the 1st question I faced is What happened to the Exam?? It was so frustrating and humiliating. Every day, when returning from work, tears use to roll down.However, one morning, as I am not getting sleep with all this in my mind, I got up and was performing a random search on internet about Naplex. I saw the link for "Prontopass" I don't know whether in Yahoo or Google but I saw the link and entered the website. The feedbacks you had in your website really gave me motivation and at one point I thought it is too good to be true to score more then a 100 on naplex and I thought those feedbacks were fake. Anyway, I still wanted to try your material because I was so desperate at that point, so I called you and spoke with you. Buzz, the conversation I had with you gave me a lot of spirit. Well after I ordered your material, I wanted to first clear the MPJE out of the way and I did it and passed with a score of 83. Then after a week I started to study your material as you said in your email. Those posters are really 'Man Made Wonders for Naplex exam'. Anyone who can picture those posters in thier mind can be succesful in not only Naplex but also to practice as a Pharmacist I am telling this as a Pharmacist. I use to bug you every other day to quiz me, after quizzing the way you exaplin the material over the phone tatooed in my brain. I use to call you at really odd timings like 1am and I use to wonder do you ever sleep at all? Finally I memorized the last review and Q bank and Posters and practiced math over and over. I even actually I used to dream those cards when sleeping. You and Steve quizzed me and you suggested not to take the Exam in Dec. as it is not a good sentiment for your students. I thought of breaking that myth, so I schedulded a date on the first week of Dec. and had just taken it. While taking the exam and especily when I was reading the patient profile I am looking at the diagnosis and disease and immediately I was remembering the poster and the last review.after the exam I thought I may not did that good and was little sad.I called you the following night and you laughed at me and said actually its a good omen I will pass the exam. I was thinking that you just were trying to pacify me. Guess what? I recvied the score of my exam within next 2 days do you know how much I Got a SCORE OF 109 ONE HUNDRED AND NINE. I could not belive my eyes and broke down into tears. Buzz, I achived that only because of you. Anyone who is reading this feedback, I hope they really get the material and pass the exam. I showed my score to my district manager he wants me to talk at the new Intern summit that will be held by our company next month. You know what I am going to advise those students. Do not waste time like I did, get 'ProntoPASS" it is the only way to PASS the Exam. Once again Buzz thank you so much for all help. I will send you the on loan material and everything I had this coming weekend to you. I will keep in touch with you. Thanks,
DU, Nrth Brunswick, NK
Editors Note: I love working with students who are willing to work really hard to prove something. something to society, family and especially to themselvies. This student once again proves that hard work pays off from 68 to 109 great score UD! Congrats Mr new hard working pharmacist!


Someone had written into our chat room, saying they had failed Naplex and I percieved it as a negative comment regarding our products. One of my past students responded with the following: Buzz U R The Best Teacher I Ever Had in 27 years and U r material and U are the best across the 7 seas hahahaha i mean it dude. I read ur material BUZZ to score 138 on the NAPLEX and that is my best score in my entire life is the most wonderful time of the year...all of u Naplex Test takers study hard with BUZZ and have a Very Merry Christmas and great success at the NAPLEX.
Y S , Louisville , KY
Editors Note: As Yogesh knows, I will work with anyone. It makes no difference to me the skin color, or where they are from or their culture, or religion, or what accent they speak. And, some are more gifted by God with intellect ...and some students are perhaps gifed less so....and it makes no difference to me. What I do care a lot about is how hard a student tries to master the vast information needed to do really well on Naplex. I truly respect all people...BUT, GREAT RESPECT from me is EARNED by hard work. Yogesh EARNED my great respect. Thank you Yogesh for your kind words but it was your efforts....your really hard would make any teacher look good!


Dear Buzz & Steve You both are wonderful. May God bless you for the great work you are doing to help the students with the NAPLEX. The product is the best study material available in the market. I do not recommend anything besides ProntoPass for the NAPLEX. The California Jurisprudence examination is one of the toughest exams to pass among all the 50 states' law examinations. ProntoPass is a very good product or I would say an excellent product to study the clinical part of the California Jurisprudence examination. The guarenteed formula to become a competent pharmacist is ProntoPass + Hard Work + Good Luck!
J.M., Memphis, TN


Dear Pronto Pass, Just a note to say thank you for all the help that studying your system gave me. I recently took NAPLEX ......and passed (with a 110!)!!!!! Much of the credit goes to Pronto Pass for providing a great study system. I graduated in 1971, before NAPLEX even existed. After 35 years of retail practice, taking a test such as NAPLEX was a scary thought but something that I needed to do if I was going to try to obtain licensure in Florida. Well. together we did it! I still have MPJE to take but I don't think that will be quite as tough as NAPLEX. Keep up the good work and feel free to tell all of those young kids that even old(er) dogs can learn new tricks with the right study materials. Sincerely,
C B , Sako, ME
Editors Note: Congratulations. Great score for an old dog! CEB


I was really struggling for this test finally i came to know ab BUZZ . BUZZ yu are really too good your way of preapring for naplex is different. The way yu quiz , no wonder yu make the person to be confident on the subject. let me tell yu guys when i took first time i got only 60 percent and now i got 100 I am really very much happy. I did pronto pass material throughly. It would have much more better if i would have memorized it. I did his maths cards twice plus posters three times. BUZZ has quized me several times. His q bank is also really good. I have a four month old baby and i didnt have much help at my home. I need to wake up three time at night to feed my baby. IF i can pass NAPLEX than any body can DONT LEAVE IT CHANCE READ PRONTO PASS CARDS only
M, Rancho Cordova, CA
Editors Note: I thank God for M. And, I thank God there are few students like M. I tell each student to call or email anytime. M did call....everyday. Against advice, she did NOT put all other study materials in a box and put it in a closet! She questioned everything----and it was a pain----but as a result, the ProntoPass products were improved! Against advice, she took 2 months off to have her baby (I suggested she take the test before or not take much time off.) Against advice, M wanted to read, not memorize. M had what I call testing prejudice. She was unsuccessful with her first Naplex so she thought the next test would be like the first and wanted to study hard things she knew from her first test and did not want to memorize or study comprehensively the whole package, but M was going to do it her way! I did my best to get her to study and memorize comprehensively. Because of this, the quizzing was sometimes good and sometimes very difficult. I try very hard to work with each person individually and keep it "cool" but I did get close to loosing my temper several times with M---but, I did get through. After her test, she was so worried. I told her to stop worrying, she had studied hard and would pass. As usual, against advice, she continued to worry! Yesterday, she called and was giggling like an 8 year old girl....she was soooo happy and I was soooo happy for her. Her hard work did pay off with a good score of 100. Between talking so fast and her Indian accent and her giggling, I am sure that I understood only about every 3rd word....but the message was clear...she was happy and she passed. This is what makes a teacher know that it is all worthwhile. This is what I live for! I am so happy for M. California will be a better place because M studied so hard and, God willing, will be a licensed pharmacist there shortly. And, M did her her way!


Thank you for sending the material in such a short time . I went thru the flash cards and they were simply superb. I'll call u for the first quiz on brand generic poster.. till then cheers
swaroop, , England


L Y called to tell us that she got a 139 on her Naplex.
L Y , Haywood, CA


Dear Buzz, Finally, I took the NAPLEX yesterday! Got a feeling I did well enough to get a high score. Since I work full-time at a retail pharmacy, I get about 2 hours a day of quality study time. So I decided to rely ENTIRELY on ProntoPass for my NAPLEX prepartion. Now, after taking the test, I feel vindicated I made the right decision. Agreed, I didn't study as quickly as you would have liked me to. Or 'bother' you with e-mails and questions every other day. I had a very simple study plan - quickcard after quickcard, chapter after chapter....slowly and steadily I completed the entire syllabus by implementing the study techniques you outlined in your first email.. Thanks a million Buzz for designing such a wonderful study tool. I would never have done it without your guidance. Will tell you my score soon as I receive it.
M S , PA, NJ


I forgot to thank you for that section on Acidocis/Alkalosis in your cards. It makes all those silly questions that they try to trick you with soooo easy! The other thing I love is the Anti-cholinergic- Cholinergic Poster. Talk about demystifying that concept! You would never get all that good stuff together in one place anywhere else! I love the way your mind works! (and the little Rx elf too!)
N E , Peachtree City, GA


On our Yahoo chat site (NAPLEXANDMORE), someone asked what material to study. This was what one person responded: You guys stop wondering and get pronto pass from buzz! I did. Graduated in 85, stopped practicing in 1990. Took my boards in 2006! I passed the first time with pronto pass! I recommend you get it straight from Buzz and get it now! His cards and posters were the answer I was looking for! His review is great for learning all the drugs you have missed. I had the product for less than six months and passed law and NABPLEX. I studied like buzz suggested and that was all I used, I would recommend this pronto pass product to anyone wanting to find the most comprehensive review without all the extra baggage! Tammy Sills R.Ph This is what another person said: I'm currently working with Pronto Pass. I'm about to take my NAPLEX soon. DON'T waste your money with Modis Cody. Check ouy Buzz is awesome and he will take care of you. He walks you through everything and quizzes you until you know your material. This will be my third time taking it and I wouldn't do it any differently. I have Modis Cody, Appleton and Lange, NAPLEX and much more. I dropped all that garbage and I'm sticking with Pronto Pass. You will get through this with Buzz. Check out the website and call him and he is the most awesome mentor ever you'll come across. Please don't pay tons of money on useless books and materials. You're on a time frame and Buzz is the man that will get you through. I am an honest person and I am glad God helped me find Buzz. I've been blessed to meet him. He is awesome and I'll guarantee you that you will pass the NAPLEX if you do wht Buzz says. Please call him and discuss your situation with him. He is honest, wise and very humble. Tell him that Claudia Kim recommended you to speak to him. He is a wonderful man. He will encourage you to be quizzed and his materials are UP TO DATE unlike Modis Cody. Claudia
TS and CK, ,


MJD found a colorful word and was offended and let us know about it. I have been studying my cards and was unpleasantly surprised with card "Labs p.34". First of all, I am a MT,ASCP (Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology registered with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists). Most labs now do not hire anyone but a MT,ASCP. Second, I couldn't believe that I paid so much for this package to find the following comment in it (ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY). I thought this was a professional organization but now I think otherwise. Please let me know your reasoning for putting such vulgarity in a supposedly "professional" publication. I'm not sure if my school is aware of this but I will send the information on to them. Thank you for your time,
M J D, Youngsville, PA
Editors Note: Sorry that you were offended. No offense was intended. On occasion, the Elf uses a colorful word or two to make a point. This helps to understand or remember....and that is our purpose. We are true to our purpose....helping you to remember things and passing the test. We will go to extremes at times to do this.


hi buzz, this is xxxxxxxxxxx from xxxxxxxx. hope you rememeber me?i had purchased prontopass memoronics and posters from you this april. we had talked couple of times on phone too. i am the one who once told you on phone that because of pressure from my corporate here i dont really get time to study as i work in a very busy store. the reason for me mailing you today and not calling you is that i didnt had guts to talk to you on phone. i gave my naplex last couple of weeks ago and i got my score today. i failed with a very miserable score in the test.the reason is CHEATED you and i CHEATED myself. i didnt study the way you suggested us to study with folding the cards.this was not because i took your words lightly,but really i didnt get time to study the whole thing and i was never confident of retaining the contents of cards and posters.i just studied the memoronics cards and posters once for 15 days .and i gave 2 days for calculations......thats it. i asked you that if you could test me on each poster,and you said that anytime when i was ready.but i couldnt memorise the posters even once. i always thought that i would complete studying the way you suggested and then i can get the profiles and final question bank from you as loan.but due to immense pressure from my supervisor i took the naplex before being ready for the test.and i have seen the result today. i am so depressed by this,and i am not able to concentrate anywhere. i just dont feel like doing anything now. i am totally getting frustrated on myself. i cant blame anybody for this,it was me who was lying to myself,and i paid for it. i feel like i could have prepared well for this test by giving some time for this preparation.actually i was getting nervous and just wanted to get over with this naplex fever and i took my test. i know i have to get over this depression soon and look forward for the test again in a positive manner and this time anyhow i have to study hard and score well. i just dont want to pass in this test now with a minimum passing score but i want to pass naplex with flying colors and a high score. i was wondering if the memoronics which i have is an older version ?its written "v 6.3" at the bottom of each card.if you have a latest new version of cards and some additional posters please do let me know. i am ready to pay whatever extra it would be for that if you can send me those new set of there any change in your calculations sections too? [reference to Naplex deleted] i want to practise calculations more and more.there were many other questions from otcs and patient counselling which i had problems with. finally i am really sorry for all this.please help me out buzzzz!! eagerly waiting for your reply. thanks
withheld, withheld, withheld
Editors Note: We can help. Anyone willing to study hard can do well with our material. Anyone who is unsuccessful with Naplex is invited to join our Winners Circle and I will work personally with them. We believe that the Memoronics and the ProntoPass system makes this study prep easier and faster, but we NEVER say it will be is a lot of hard study work. We firmly believe that God allows bad things to happen so that we will become stronger and more humble. We want to be a part of God's plan to make you stronger, smarter, more confident and more successful....yet still remain humble. Thank you for asking for my help. I appreciate this opportunity to help.


I just took the naplex exam 2 days ago and I think I did fine with it. Now I am preparing for my CPJE. I want to ask you that if I may keep your last review materials for studying for my CPJE? I found that your last review is very helpful for the Naplex. I am very glad that I found out about your materials about Naplex. This is the best material so far in preparing for the Naplex. I am recommending your materials for all of my friends who are graduating next year. In addition, if you have any advice or ideas on how to prepare for the CPJE for me, please let me know. Thank you very much
T N , Freemont, CA
Editors Note: I am glad that you found our study material helpful. Normally, after your Naplex, you promise to return our last minute study material, but, with CA students, you can keep the last minute study material until after you take the CPJE. So far, we have been blessed in that, to the best of my knowledge, 100% of the CA students that used our Naplex material and our CA Law material, have also passed the CPJE!!!!


hi, I just received my NAPLEX score today. I got 140!!!!! You can update your "Hall of Fame" score to 140 now!! Thank you for all the quizzing and study materials. I'll sent the patient profiles, last review section and Q-bank back to you ASAP.
S W , Arcadia, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations on your great score!!!!! Your eligible to enter our contest if you like! Also, don't forget that you can keep the last minute study material a little longer to help you pass the CPJE. Thank you for sharing your happiness today. CEB


Dear Buzz: Yes, you are good. You are better than good. That's pretty amazing how you could have predicted my score, just by listening to my tone of voice and post-test attitude. As you recall, you said I would probably pass the test, but not do great. Two predications that came true. Even though I did finish in less than 2 hours:) Buzz, it's my feeling you either know the answer to the question, or you don't. Except for the calculations, the questions asked were rudimentary, basic and the foundation for a good pharmacist to know, and after carefully reading the question, took only a few seconds to answer. The exam was straight-forward and not meant to trick the test taker. I do have a theory, however, that there may two levels of exam, one for new graduates, and one for pharmacists in my shoes: older, burned out and looking for a Florida license. I'm not saying the test I took was easy, just that it tested my ability to adequately perform my duties as a responsible pharmacist. So, it does show that's it's possible for one to pass NAPLEX by studying your Prontopass last review, math, Q-Bank and posters. As I'm going to say in my "feedback" submission, I would NOT recommend this to ANY new graduate. I've been a pharmacist for 23 years, and most of the questions NOT covered in your sections I already knew. I know if I had the time to thoroughly go over ALL your cards, I would have scored really high. After the exam, most of the questions on the exam, not covered in the material I learned WAS covered in the basic program cards. In other words, just about MOST, but not ALL the information asked on the test could be found somewhere in your system. Especially helpful was the math CD. You showed how to set up the alligation alternate problems in a simple way. In my 1983 Naplex, I had none of these problems. A piece of cake thanks to you. I won't knock your competitors, as their products are excellent also, but as I said, your program for me, who works/commutes a total of 52 hours a week, was the best organized, and easiest to learn, and I would not have passed the NAPLEX without your review. As soon as I get some free time, I will write you, as promised, an outstanding review of your product. Keep up the good work! If anybody wants to know if your program really works, and is skeptical about the feedback page, you have my permission to give them my e-mail, and I'll do my best to help sell your program. Now that I've passed NAPLEX, what's involved for me to purchase the law reviews for: Vermont, New Jersey, Conneticut and Florida? I already have the MJPE cards included with the original set. Thanks again. I can't tell you how much pressure has been removed from life, thanks to your help. Yours truly,
G J , Bedford, NY
Editors Note: Congratulations G. Just think what you could have done if you had not lost your Math Practice in the subway!! LOL. Who says that you can't teach an old dog (and a very busy dog) new tricks?


Today I recieved a note card that said: Thank you! Thank you !!! and Thank you again!!!!! Attached was the following note to share with others: The ProntoPass Quickcards are well prepared, straight forward and to the point. I do recommend your product for all potential pharmacists who want to get the exam behind them on the first shot. S O
S O , Providence, RI


Just called to let you know that I received a 107 on my Naplex. Thank you.
R H , Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations R H I note that you worked long and hard and after getting a 33 and then a 66 we knuckeled down with ProntoPass and got a 107. I also note for everyone that you worked a lot and it took you a long time (11 months) to get where we needed to be. The harder the struggle, the greater the joy! R H I just want to add that you were a joy to work with. CEB


I just heard from J R today. Previously, he had been unsuccessful with a 55. After getting serious about study with ProntoPass, he just scored a 91. Great JOB!! Hard study pays off. Congratulations.
J R , South Hadley, MA


When I saw my first NAPLEX score, I looked like someone that just got punched in the face. Complete shock. I remember not feeling too confident after I took it, but optimistic that I would at least pass. I didn't even come close. I failed with a score of 48. I couldn't even sleep that night. The next day I made an appointment with the dean of my school (the best dean in the world!)[Dr. Mary Lee at Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy] for advice. After we talked, she gave me a poster of the top 200 drugs from prontopass and suggested that I study it. I liked the poster so much that I went to the website to see what they were about. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but the reviews seemed so genuine that I decided to give it a shot. I'm really thankful that I did. Buzz worked with me by giving me thorough quizzes and encouragement. I really like how you have that policy of not sending the q-bank until YOU feel like we're ready. It made me work really hard. So I took the NAPLEX again after studying the prontopass materials. This time I wasn't trying to figure out the answers by educated guesses or process of elimination. I was looking for the right answers from the start. There were only a few questions where I felt I needed to guess. I walked out of the test center with a smile on my face. This time I passed with a score of 123!!! Praise the Lord!! Thanks Buzz! I'll send a copy of both my test scores.
S C , Des Plaines, IL
Editors Note: S C sent me an additional email that I would like to share: "I feel that there should be one disclaimer to this product though. The name "prontopass" is a little misleading. This is not a quick shortcut to passing the NAPLEX. Just like you said, give yourself about two months of focused studying. This material is such a great focused and systematic way of studying for the naplex. I actually was going to use adjunctive material to study along with the prontopass material, but I never got around to it because the prontopass material took up so much of my time that by the end of the day, I didn't have the energy to study anything else. Thanks buzz for all your help" The only comment that I would like to add is that we think ProntoPass is "Pronto" in relation to some other study material. Our product is more active learning (memorization) vs passive learning with other study material (reading). I suggest two months of 4 hr per day study. This is in contrast to studying other material maybe for a year because you have to read it over and over for it to stick!!!! SC, thank you so much for your feedback. Your disclaimer has been noted! I never want anyone to think that our program is a weekend magic thing!! You proved that long hard study has its rewards...a score you can be proud of for the rest of your life....and a feeling of pharmacy competency.


Hands down I would recommend Pronto Pass to anyone! Trust me fellow pharmacy students the package is great and more than enough to pass the Naplex---not just pass guys, you can actually get a great grade! The pictures, the colors, the funny little notes actually catch your attention and it sticks in your head. I was taking the NY exam and in Ny we also have the compounding portion where 1 of the 2 days is all written-no multiple choice-and it can be on ANYTHING from the sky about pharmacy so I had no clue how I could study 4 years of pharmacy in 2 weeks. I bought the package and I studied 2 weeks straight and when I sat down to the test I had a huge smile on my face because I knew like every single answer to the questions and I got a 93 out of 100!!! I know for a fact that I screwed up on the actual compounding so doing great on the written helped so much. Then I took a little break and about one month later I started studying for Naplex. Buzz says to know everything really well, he quizzes you and then he sends the last review and advises you to take the test in 2 weeks if he feels you're ready. Well I took another little vacation from studying and realized that I was wasting time trying to avoid studying. So first I scheduled my exam on my own and started studying. I knew that if Buzz was to quiz me he wouldnt think I was ready because I'm not good at being quizzed especially if the answer is expected of me within a couple of seconds. So I emailed Buzz and I asked if I could get the final review without getting quizzed and he didnt think that was a good idea which I completely understood, but there was stuff going on and I couldn't postpone my exam so I just studied the posters and cards but still had that feeling that I shouldn't be risking this but there was no way I could change the date! So I took it finally on 8/10, and today, 8/23/06, I got my grade and I got a 123! Without the last review!! Just with the cards and posters. This just shows how great this material is. I took a Kaplan course and got the 1000 question Qbank from them---waste of time. The books like shergel have way too much info and Kaplan hardly has any info at all. A bit of advice if you have all these other study books like Appleton, Kaplan, etc. PUT THEM AWAY! OUT OF SIGHT! That was a big problem for me because I felt like I needed to study them because everyone else was studying from them, but Buzz says put them away and thats what I did and look at my score YAY!! Pronto Pass has just the right amount of information you need to know. So yes if you're thinking about Pronto Pass---go for it. You will pass if you put in the effort--- you will need to put in a lot of hours in studying but you won't get bored with these cards. I'm saving everything for my sister who is 2 years behind me! thank you sooooo much colin!! This guy is a dedicated dude!
A K , Bronx, NY
Editors Note: Congratulations AK. Great score. Thank you for your kind words. I try to help. I did not send you the last review material because I felt that your efforts would be most productive at that point by learning the basics. Perhaps I was right, but I did not know that you were such a great student. You mentioned that you did only two weeks of intense study initially, but you did not mention how much final effort you made! Maybe in hindsight I should have sent the last minute study material to may have been able to beat Yogesh's score of 138! Again, congratulations. Your score is one you can be proud of and remember for the rest of your life. Emails like yours really make my day... THANK YOU.


Dear Buzz, Thank you so much for a speedy delivery. It was a big surprise for me that the materials got here so quickly. I can't wait to start these cards.
K L , Yakima, WA
Editors Note: They were shipped on the 21st. It surprises me too that they got there that fast. The US Post Office really does do a much better job today than it used to in the past! Study well. I look forward to quizzing you! CEB


Hi! I got a NAPLEX result yeterday. I passed with 109 score. I appreciate you so much. Your cards were really biggest help, not only for the NAPLEX but also for rotations. Now I am waiting for MPJE results. I took a MPJE last saturday. NewYork is the most slow processing state, isn't it? Once again, Thank you very much for everything you've done for me. Have a nice day. Sarah
Editors Note: I love it when a beautiful Asian girl tells me how much she appreciates me! LOL. Sarah, good luck on the MPJE. CEB


Thanks Prontopass! I passed the Naplex with a 101!! It was my second shot and I could not have done it without you!
C H , Salt Lake City, UT
Editors Note: Congratulations C. Many thanks for your card donation. For your generosity, I have said a special prayer that God will bless all that you do.


You were so right! I passed with a score of 100 and I serioulsy attribute it to the cards. Even though I did not study them as hard as I should have the things that I did remember were becuase of the way that the cards were organized.
H K , Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: This student called just before her test with some pre test anxiety. She said she knew the prontopass material and I told her not to worry! The girls at Duquesne vs the girls at LECOM: Duquesne 1 LECOM 0


Hey Buzz, It's me C_______. I'm still memorizing all the last review. It's tough but I CAN DO IT !!!!! I came up with some memoronics as I was looking over the diuretics. For the Potassium Sparing diuretics think of the exam S.A.T . Spironolactone (Aldactone), Amiloride (Midamor) and Triamterine (Dyrenium). For the loop diuretics I came up with a saying, "BET Five dollars". Bumetanide (Bumex), Ethacrynic acid (Edecrin), Torsemide (Demadex) and Furosemide (Lasix). What do you think? It helps me alot to remember my drugs. Also, for Class I A drugs for antiarrythmias, I came up with "Quick Pay Day", Quinidine, Procainamide (Pronestyl) and Dysopyramide (Norpace). What do you think? I'll probably be calling you this weekend to quiz me on antiarrythmias and hypertension. Thank you for your support and help. It really means alot to me. You'll probably make a difference in my life until the day I die. Thank you for busting up my studying and giving me encouragement. Please pray for me so I can pass my exam and not to feel so overwhelmed. C
C K , Houston, TX
Editors Note: Thank you for your suggested new Memoronics. The Elf loves them! Keep up the good work!!! Of course you are in my prayers....I pray a lot for you....I think of you often because everytime I speak to you, your sweet voice makes me wish I were not such an old man, LOL! (I know that is not a good reason to pray for you, but God works with what he has on hand.) Hard work and unbeatable combination! CEB


Hi buzz, I passed naplex with your material. Thank you so much. I am mailing back the last minute stuff tomorrow. I love your posters. Thank you once again. vijaya
V V, Aubrun Hills, MI


Thank you soooooooooooooo much for your prontopass. After failing naplex I totally lost interst in reading the same old stuff that I have. Later I found and ordered prontopass and each and every card seems to be very intersting and different from what I had read before. I started understanding why I failed Naplex initially. Prontopass refreshed all the basic concepts of pharmacy. Naplex is not a straight forward exam. It needs lot of applications. I passed with a scoregot a score of 124. I loved the posters specifically.
V J , Detriot, MI


Thank you for your outstanding support during my study process. I finally passed NAPLEX. No one would offer as much support and responsiveness as ProntoPass. I had all kind materials including Kaplan Q-Bank, APHA Book, Morris & Cody Review Course before and still failed two times. I had old version of the cards. Prontopass sent me promtly the new version of the last review and math cards. The quizing before the last minute materials review had made a trick. It made me prepared even more before the test. My advice just stick with the Pronopass review materials especially if you have a busy working schedule like myself or who wants to pass it within a few months. I suggest buying the combo pack. It is worth it 200%. THANK YOU!!!
E L , Clarksburg, MD
Editors Note: E L points out that our telephone quizzing on the Posters was really useful to her. Quizzing is optional, but we do find that it really helps people get prepared. When I ask what is the DOC for PDA, I do not give the person 5 optional answers.....they either know it or they don't. It is right there on the Preemies Poster. More than once, I have said to people (but not to E L) call me back when you know it....I don't have time to waste. But, I love to give compliments to those who do know the answers and give them to me promptly and crisply. These telephone quizzes builds both knowledge and confidence.


S G informed us of her great score today....135 Sofia has been chosed an winner in our contest. Click on the contest button and read her testimony.
S G , Los Angeles, CA


Hello, this is [omitted], and I just found out that I got a 134 on the Naplex. Just wanted to let you know that I have mailed back the last minute review material that was sent on loan. Thank you!
B R , Little Rock, AR
Editors Note: Congratulations B R. What a great score! I would like to note for everyone that you did everything like we suggest. Your study time was about 2 months (long enough for a complete review but not so long as you start to forget what you learned), you called and we quizzed you, and you studied well the three items we send on loan as last minute review material.


Dear Buzz, As per our conversation today, you encouraged me to apply for your here are the details. I am so happy to have scored 129 on my Naplex that I took on 6/17/06. When I took the exam I felt lousy, I really thought I failed it. There were questions that came from nowhere. Working as a california pharmacist, I wouldn't have known the answers. I would have to look up some of the answers. I wish I could discuss the exam with you and tell you the questions I do remember, but cannot as per Naplex rules. I can tell you one thing, it did have a lot of Math, and TPNs galore!!!!, when I used work in the hospital, I never used to touch the TPNs b/c I was so scared to miscalculate..but I felt so good about it in the exam. I had gotten your math CD and the math practice and did each problem on both at least 2 times and the hard one's 3 times. When I got your study cards, I had just delivered a baby 3 months ago, with the remaining brain cells, I did not think that I could pass. Not sleeping at nights, and sleep walking, I thought I would fail it. But the cards helped!. I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to have your cards while studying in pharmacy school. I am pretty sure they would have helped me in school. They were basic yet detailed enough that I could remember what I learned in school. There are some cards that I really really liked and they are: Antibiotics HIV Opportunity Infections Blood Cardiac Math ---I loved it!!!!!. Posters were great--all of them and esp top 200..I memorized them front and sometimes the backs....:) I hope that you continue helping those who need direction for this exam..... thanks! Monika B. Rajpal
M R , Redmond, WA
Editors Note: Your test results speak a lot about you. You overcame some significant obstacales that most people will not have: Like working full time and preparing for and getting a new baby. What people don't know, is that you took 7 months to achieve your success. I never recommend this long but in cases like this, where there are life demands to live with.....YOU show that it can be done. What a great score. May others be encouraged by your persistance and results. Congratulations. Enjoy your new home in Washington and YOUR new baby! CEB


I want to thank CEB and prontopass team due to which I was successful in passing NAPLEX. CEB was always there to answer my doubts or research them for me and encourage me throughout the study process. Through the tension process for NAPLEX exam ,it felt good to receive encouragement and guidance from a person who knows the subject so well. I don't have enough words to thank him. I studied his cards well and they were very good and u don't feel like putting them down even for a minute. Thanks again for all the help.
K S, Austin, TX
Editors Note: What KS did not tell you is that she received a 55 the first time and then when she got serious with ProntoPasss and study she passed with a 99. This serious student did some serious study and recieved a seriously good grade. Congratulations! CEB


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS helped me to pass the NAPLEX exam without any problems. I used to have more than seven books and hundreds of pages of notes around me to study for this exam. Needless to say, I was frustrated and discouraged by the sheer volume of material. However, after receiving the package from ProntoPass (flash cards, tables, poster, etc...), I didn't need to go back to my notes and books. Everything I needed to study was present in a concentrated fashion. I studied and passed with no problems. If you study these materials properly and religiously, you won't have any surprises on your exam day. The mnemonics and coloration of important materials such as drugs were particularly a saver on the exam day. Furthermore, the study questions were very inclusive and the math part was excellent. I advise anyone who has problems with NAPLEX to try this system. Mr. Buzz (the owner of the company) is very accessible by phone or email and is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the material and the exam itself. I guarantee that this is not a waste of money. You will be very happy and it is worth every penny. Thank you very much Mr. Buzz and keep up the good work
N H , Duluth, GA
Editors Note: Thank you N H for your kind words.


I received an email today complaining that one of the sample cards we display on our website had a Memoronic was a racial slur against Mexicans. This person suggested that we should be more politically correct, more professional, etc, etc.
J J , ?, ?
Editors Note: Get a life! Want political correctness? Buy a text book. Our Memoronics are intended to be memorable! For that reason many of the Memoronics are "STRANGE"----to say the least. A few even have some very colorful language! We have one goal: Pass Naplex with a great score! This involves lots of memory work and Memoronics helps anchor these facts in the mind. We do not intend to offend anyone or any group. We use these outlandish sayings to help people....people of all nationalities and backgrounds. Regarding what we do and how we do it, we believe we are years ahead of everyone else in the business of Naplex education. If you are easily offended or embarrassed or thin skinned, please know that this product is probably not for you. J J, please allow me to suggest that your professional studies will not be complete until you add a little humor to your proud Mexican-American heritage. Also, FYI, every weekend for 9 months a year, I donate a little time at my parish to help my local latino brothers learn English. It is a strange thing, but often those who complain the most, do the least. CEB


Prior to coming with ProntoPass J P had studied APhA, CPR, A&L, Kaplan, and Morris Cody. She had recieved a score of 70. I revieved a call today to tell me that after studying ProntoPass she had passed the test with a score of 97.
R P, Naperville, IL


I recieved an email today and my student said the following: "I took naplex about almost 2 months ago. I've heared from all my colleagues that passing naplex for the first time would be hard but u made it easy for me."
H A , Gaithersburg, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations on passing the Naplex. I am glad that ProntoPass made it "easy" for you, LOL. Studying hard for 3 months, as you did, should make it "easy" for anyone! It was your hard work that made it seem easy. You worked for it and deserved the success you achieved. Wishing you, and all your colleagues at Howard University, the best of good fortune.


Prior to coming with ProntoPass J P had studied APhA, CPR, A&L, Kaplan, and Morris Cody. She had recieved a score of 70. I revieved a call today to tell me that after studying ProntoPass she had passed the test with a score of 97.
J P, Farmington Hills, MI


I just want to let you know that I'm a mother for two boys, 6 and 7 yo. I tried for many months just to start study in the usual Naplex Review books, and with my busy situation, I felt many times, that I will never make it through the Naplex, but when my friend talked to me about your cards, this was my only and last hope, and finaplly I paid and I got the ProntoPass cards, which by all meaning are worth every penny. I started to divide the cards the way you told me, and this was the beginning of my Naplex preparations. And do not get surprised, when I tell you that I finished your cards in 10 days and I only had to study for a few hours while my kids where at school, and while cooking, or doing the laundry. And finally I felt that it is time to take the test after practicing some of the questions from books that I have, (the Q-Bank was not available at that time). To make my story short, I got my score of 125 just because of your help, and your cards, which I still use to study for the clinical law exam in California. Buzz, I do not know how to thank you for these incredible cards, which I believe that you make to put all your experience with Naplex in our hands, especially for the student that has a hard or busy schedule. Buzz, finally I wish that God will bless you and bless your work for us.
M S , Whittier, CA


I think I am a classic example of a moron exam taker. I either bought, or borrowed, all and any NAPLEX review on the market, Morris Cody, Appleton and Lange, Shargel, Koda Kimble, name it, I have it!! I had so much material that it was overwhelming, and it was not that I didn't read it ...I did, and read it again, and again, and again, and I thought I was ready. I took NAPLEX and I scored 73. I was devestated and angry and depressed. I thought, next time if I take it, I just don't want 75, I will ace this damn exam, and that was my mantra for the next few weeks, "GET 110, ACE THIS EXAM!!!. When I got back to studying again I thought, oh GOD!, how the hell am I going to pass NAPLEX, it seemed impossible. At that point I came across ProntoPass, the feedback I read seemed almost too good to be true. I thought, these are just some fake people, and Mr. Buzzy has posted these fake testamonials to sell his product (sorry Buzz), just like the ads that you see on tv, where people lose weight on some weight loss product and they mention "it works, really works!! money back guarantee!!" So I thought, what the hell, I'll take the chance. When I got the ProntoPass cards in the letter, he said put away all the books in the closet...and I thought, "is he kidding?", anyways, I did just as he said, and I took NAPLEX. The night before the exam I thought, I have taken a pretty big gamble just studying ProntoPass, what if it's not enough?, what if I fail again? Anyways, I took the exam, and when I walked out of the examination room I said to my husband "Thank GOD I bought ProntoPass, that was the best money I have ever spent in my life!!" I knew I had cleared NAPLEX, I knew I would have at least 75, and I prayed to GOD, if I have 75 I will not be greedy, and be very very happy. When I got my result my score was 114!! I did it, and it's all thanks to ProntoPass. I must also mention that I also cleared CPJE, and ProntoPass helped me in that too. So my take on ProntoPass is this: "I AM A REAL PERSON, WHO STUDIED THE PRONTOPASS HARD, AND GOT MY TARGET SCORE. SO THIS PRODUCT WORKS!! REALLY WORKS, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!" It's not how many books you have, or how many books you have read, and how many times you have read them, it all comes down to what you remember when a question comes up on NAPLEX, whether you are able to answer that, and when a question came up on NAPLEX, I had a picture image of the exact card on ProntoPass, and that's amazing! Thanks Buzzy, you are great!
A K , Fremont, CA
Editors Note: Best wishes to AK, the newest pharmacist in CA. Thank you for your kind words.


I just wanted to give you an update... due to the fact of my recently signing on with [omitted] pharmacy I am in the process of studying the ProntoPass 200 and I am up to #111 and I am still plugging away at it... it is really tough and I am trying my best but I noticed when I get to where I am now I start to loose things like especially the doses... some of them are easy to retain but others are rough... I am trying though... I just wanted to tell you where I stand... I hear from some that this is the hardest part of studying and more than half the battle and I dont know if that is true but it sure is rough and I know I didnt do this for my first and second attempts and I bet that had a thing to do with me failing both times too... Hear from ya soon!
withheld, withheld, MA
Editors Note: Memorization of basic facts like the ProntoPass 200 poster if tough.....and necessary. The biggest reason for being unsuccessful with Naplex is not having memorized basic facts. Yes, it is tough but stick with it until you know that poster cold. Not only will it help you get a great grade, it will give you confidence, and it will encourage your studying because, yes, it is the hardest thing I ask people to do. Get that done and know that the rest of the studying is "downhill" from there. Many times it help if you can have someone quiz you from this poster. Call me anytime if you want me to quiz you on it. CEB.


I received an email and part of it read as follows: It has been hard getting started with studying because I feel really burnt out from rotations but your cards make it easy to squeeze it in any time. I am hoping to be prepared by the end of June 
L S , Las Vegas, NV
Editors Note: The hardest part of study is getting started. The next hardest thing is sticking to a schedule to get it done. During and/or after rotations is especially hard because there are so many mental distractions. Where will I work? Who will I work for? How much money will I make? What kind of car will I buy? Is it too soon to plan the marriage? I try to remind everyone in this situation that it can be a disaster to put the cart before the horse. After you get your license will be soon enough to consider all these things. CEB


Thanks so much for being concerned about me. After speaking to you over the phone, you gave me inspiration and a little more confidence to believe in myself. I will work harder and MEMORIZE the cards instead of reading them. You're right I need to set my fears aside and get to business. I will call you as soon as I feel like I'm progressing. Thanks so much for being here for me. It means alot.
withheld, withheld, withheld
Editors Note: Studying for Naplex is difficult but it is not mission impossible. If someone is not making the progress that they should, I suggest to that person to try to identify the cause. What is interfering with your study? Once it is identified it can be dealt with and minimized or eliminated. Sometimes I can help in identifying the problem. Usually, it is a common problem we all have from time to time like not having a quite place to study, or screaming kids, or money worries, or being upset with a friend/lover/spouse, or physical problems like from an injury or having pain. Most of us also have fear from time to time. Fear is a common distraction with Naplex study and it needs to be addressed! All of us only live once and we should never live with fear.


Being a foreign graduate, I did not know what to study so I studied everything starting with Goodman and Gillman. I was unsuccessful and discouraged. When I purchased ProntoPass, everything changed. You are the key to Naplex! I love the cards. I love the posters. I love the Math. I think your products are especially useful for foreign graduates who may not know where to begin their studies. I went from a 72 to a 96! Thank you also for your words of encouragement. I will not forget "Big problems makes for strong people. God needs strong people" Again, many, many, thanks. Can you help me pass CA Law?
I T , Carmel, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations. Your kind words are appreciated. Yes, we can help with CA law. One of the keys is to take the test quickly before you forget your drug knowledge!


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: Thank you ProntoPass for your guidance on the Naplex because it was a tough exam, but with your help I was able to take the test for the first time and get a 115! The cards were great, the math review great, and the final review really brought it together. What you have created is really a balance of material, and it's compressed in a short, easy to manage box. Very nice. Again thank you for helping me pass.
N H , Mehlville, MO


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: Thank you ProntoPass for your guidance on the Naplex because it was a tough exam, but with your help I was able to take the test for the first time and get a 115! The cards were great, the math review great, and the final review really brought it together. What you have created is really a balance of material, and it's compressed in a short, easy to manage box. Very nice. Again thank you for helping me pass.
J C , Pittsburgh, PA


I passed the Naplex with a 112 score, so I think your system works! Do you have FL law done?
B B , Denver, CO
Editors Note: Congratulations. Job well done. Yes, we have MPJE for FL


I am very pleased with your product, the cards are a convenient format, and I always carry a few with me. The posters are great, and a great complimentary aid to the cards. I am following your advised route, study one subject at a time and study it to know it. I'm actually surprised at how much does come back to me.
D L , Grass Lake, MI


Hello Buzz, this is [deleted]. I was thinking of sending you this e-mail sometime this weekend; but I just can't wait. As you hear me this evening, I received my results for the Naplex today with a passing score of 115. Wouaaaouhhh!!! What do you think Buzz? I am so proud of my self today thanks to you. Between you and me, I believe in one God and our Lord Jesus Christ is marvelous. I won't be too long right here. God will bless you for how you have started working for all of us. I'm telling you and I know what i'm talking about. Thank you ! Buzzzzz!!!!!
M B, Birmingham, MI
Editors Note: M B has been declared a contest winner. His name is used with permission. After being unsuccessful, M B studied hard and was very successful. M B's example should give encouragement to many. We are so very proud of students like M B and we share in his joy! M B's testimony will be added to the contest as soon as the webmaster can post it.


I just wanted to let you and others know how great your review materials are. Originally I saw your information in the back of a pharmacy magazine. I was looking for materials since I studied Kaplan and scored a 49% on the NAPLEX exam. All my collegues prior to taking the NAPLEX, the first time, told me not to worry that the exam would be cake. Well my exam had 40% math and questions that I could not answer. I needed help and contacted you. I purchased the materials, studied them as you told me and today I found out that I had passed the NAPLEX exam. Although I don't know my score yet, I am so pleased not only with your service but with your kindness and compassion that you had for me throughout this process. Thank you so much for everything...even the prayers!
L.F., Bryn Mawr, PA
Editors Note: Thank you so much for your kind words. They encourage me! On 2-18-06, L F had received the officical word---passed with a 96. From a 49 to a 96! Job well done!


I received the following email: PASSED with a 90 % and I have to admit Prontopass made a huge differences in my understanding of the drugs and the math problems! The cards and posters are a must for anyone who is going to take the NAPLEX. Thank you so very much for all your help Buzz.
G.A., Granada Hills, CA


I received a call today from C L who informed me that he had passed the Naplex with a score of 126. Let this be an encouragement to all New Yorkers who are thinking ahead to a little FLORIDA sun.
C.L., Delray Beach, FL
Editors Note: C L is 58 yo and studied our products for 3 months prior to taking the test. He also took and passed the MPJE on the same day with a 77! (I NEVER suggest that someone take the Naplex and the MPJE on the same day!)


Dearest Buzz, Our wonderful leader and inventor of Pronto Cards, Here I want to tell all of you that I was so desperate I was so confused I had bought the books, Manan Shroff, attended a course but guess what before my exam by almost one month I felt I am sinking down in a deep ocean-- an unbelievable amount of info that I have to memorize and the more I study the more I forget, until I came across the ProntoPass website and I fell in love with the idea. I spoke to you Buzz and you were my coach all through the process, at the begining there was a delay in the shipping because they were delivered to the leasing office and I did not know, so they were there for one whole week without my knowledge. Buzz was very very nice he offered to send me one more package at no extra charge, but Thanks be To God, I found them, and I was impressed by Buzz's attention commitment and helpfulness; that was only the begining. I used to e-mail Buzz maybe 2 or three e-mails a day with questions and he would answer me. Buzz I know I was a pain but thank you so much for mentoring. Finally Buzz convinced me to postpone my exam from Dec 30th to any time in January. I was very reluctant at first but I did afterwards. Then I took the exam on Jan 13th and I travelled to my home country on the 17th. My husband got the good news and he called me on the phone and told me "Caroline you passed with a score of 113" I cannot explain how happy I was, jumping all around the place. All I could think of was the Pronto cards and how great they were and how much they helped me. I am so grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ because without Him we can do nothing at all. By Him we live, we move, and we have our being, and I am also thankful to you Buzzy. I want to really see you and thank you personally but until then I wish you can feel my heart. Buzz you invented a tool which changed the face of Pharmacy school it is not hard anymore it's fun. You added fun to our learning and I thougt where were you Buzz and your cards when we were in Pharmacy School? We had to go through a lot without your cards. But thank you Buzz and also thanks to your elf. I really loved his memoronics and all his jokes ,you made me smile while studying. You know I would put the cards in my purse and take them anywhere I am going so in the car my husband would be driving and I would be studying. Naplex is not hard anymore because of you. Buzz you made a difference,thank you!!!. I will be back to the States on The 28th of February. I am having so much fun with my family here, I hope BUZZ you can send me the Law cards of California because I want to take it as soon as I go back. I am soooo happy. Buz Buzz Buzzy Buzzzzz Buzz Buzz Buzzy WE LOVE YOU . Caroline.
C.A., Alta Loma, CA
Editors Note: Thank you for your kind words. Notes like yours truely make my day and make my work seem worthwhile. I share your joy. and I am glad that ProntoPass could provide you with some useful products. But, it was your work that got the job done. You deserve the joy of success. Congratulations!


I recieved a call from A B who informed me that the first time he took Naplex he had studied the APhA book hard and got a 69. After studying ProntoPass he got a 90. He called to thank us.
A.B., Senatoria, MS


First of all i would like to thanks to makers of ProntoPass. Such a great product help you success ding your endeavors. Each and every product of theirs i bought and i thought let me try it and see how good it is? and their money back guarantee i like the most just like good investment.. I talked to personnel on the phone i felt like I'm talking to counselor, such good help to boost up your moral support and confidence. I,personally think great way to study Naplex/mpje point wise with full of great memoronics. And its index card such small size to carry around to your job and read one or two pages why not ?? Especially their posters and math index card are really awesome... Really "not lying" but help me through with this Naplex/Mpje. ProntoPass allowed me to study hard and use time wisely. Good luck to all with study and exam.
V S , Farmington, MI
Editors Note: V S reported getting a 118 and upon receipt of papers verifying this result, will be considered for our contest. Congratulations VS.....great score!


I had been out of pharmacy for 15 years and made a 110 on the Naplex last month!!! ProntoPass really is a great study tool.
T.S., Paducah, Kentucky
Editors Note: Congratulations. Tammy Sills is a real winner in many ways. (Name is being used with permission.) She has been determined to be a contest winner. Read Tammy's amazing story under contest.


V.S., Sicklersville, NJ

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