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 Feedback 2007


I just picked this off a group Naplex group site: What should I study for Naplex? Someone answered: "I have to say prontopass posters, I studied those and they are great...I just got my results yesterday and I passed the Naplex with a score of 130."
cindyminiso, ,


Thanks Buzz so much for the ProntPass materials. It was very helpful and it covered all topics that we needed to know for the exam. I don't think I would have passed without studying your materials. At first, I was a little bit nervous when you said put all other study materials away. I did not pass Naplex the first time and I did not want to fail again. But, I trusted you and only studied ProntoPass. It was hard to memorize everything. I studied everyday intensively for 3 weeks and called you for a quiz. Then I scheduled the Naplex one week later---because I was ready! I think memorizing and understanding the Posters really helped me a lot. The exam was hard but I was able to remember what I had learned from ProntoPass by memorizing the material. I was able to link everything together and I was able to eliminate the wrong answers. I passed this time with a good score, over 100, and I would recommend ProntoPass tyo everyone.
T N, Temple, TX


Thank you for your help in passing the Naplex! I passed with a score of 110, despite the exam being extremely difficult and very clinically oriented. The posters and cards were a godsent!
P N, Catonsville, MD


Colin, Buzz, Thank you for pulling together a quick and easy study guide for the MPJE. I passed, first time, they did not provide my score only my State of Maryland pharmacist license which is all I care about. Thanks to your system I passed both the NAPLEX and the MPJE, first time after being out of school for 3 years. Thank you for your continued support. Regards,
AP, Philadelphia, PA


Thanks a million. I passed the Naplex and I'm a practicing pharmacist! Hurray!!
K B, Germantown, MD


Buzz: I love your program sooooooo much, you have no idea. This is what happened, being a foreigner there are some things that I just don't know, like, you have to request a transfer of you NAPLEX score BEFORE you take the test, because if not you can't transfer it later, even though its a national test (!!!!!!????? I still don't get it but its the law), and since I couldn't pass CPJE (California Jurisprudence test) I wanted to move to Arizona state, but since I didn't transfer mi score BEFORE, I had to take NAPLEX AGAIN (for the 5th time!!!!). I did cry like crazy for 3 days, but after that I decided that I could do it again, so I started to review you package, and study hard as I did the last time (June 2007, remember I got 118) even without the Q-bank (I didn't want to bother you with my problems), and ... I did pass with even a better score, I GOT 125!!!! So, do I get another spot in you Hall of fame??? LOL!!! I am kidding !!! Being #20 its just awesome. If you needed a living proof that your system works, even after time, here I am! Keep up the good work, and again thank you, thank you, thank you! Marilena Gritani de Soto
Editors Note: Congratulations again! Sorry, only one time is allowed in the Hall of Fame!


Hey Buzz, and ProntoPass Crew Just wanted to drop you a little note of kind words, and much thanks in helping me to achieve passing the NAPLEX. I enclosed both sets of scoring reports so that you can see the before and after prontopass metamorphosis! Without Prontopass: 48, with prontopass: 83!!! Enough Said!!! I think my case is a perfect example of if you follow the prontopass system EXACTLY, you will be a winner for sure. I was on the fence about purchasing it at the beginning, but I knew after the first 3 days of studying I would pass for sure. I also knew that I couldn't wait to write you guys this letter about how great, and effective your prontopass system is!!! I found myself in the unfortunate situation of waiting out the "rewrite". This was not only inconvenient in respect to time, but it also affected me in my job offers, and even my credit score (because of loan payments/deferments). Also the extra waiting was a real mental challenge to try and stay focused/motivated. All in all, I wonder if that Flynn fellow has ever worried about walking down dark allies in the last three months or so? Despite all the negativity the waiting period brought, I knew that I had to be positive and use the extra time as a blessing rather, to really know the stuff cold! The greatest thing about prontopass' teaching method is that it encourages you throughout the study process. It does not overwhelm you with fear and negativity with how much you do not know, but instead develops methods to show you "that you are learning, and here is the proof right in front of you!" It was amazing the first time I went through the math cards, a little more than half way through I said to myself "this is amazing I can do this math, its easy!.!.!.! Two cards later there's my buddy the elf asking me "have you had a revelation experience yet with Math Practice?"... That is what I am talking about, the proof of how well you are learning, and the positive reinforcement is right there! Not only was it in this instance, but throughout the whole system (that just happened to be my most memorable experience while studying). Throughout my teachings in pharmacy school from many professors, some preceptors, and other board review programs I have experienced the negative vibes and methods mentioned above. However, the prontopass system was a breath of fresh air, and never made me feel that way once! When I did mess up a problem, it said you probably did this, or watch out for doing this! These teaching methods are what help you learn the best! As far as my experience with NAPLEX many said it wouldn't change, and it would be the same, but let me tell you from experience the NAPLEX HAS CHANGED!!! What comforted me though was I really knew what the cards taught. So, no matter the boards threw at me I was ready because I knew the material cold! I know this letter is a little winded, but I have so much to say about my experiences with this unbearable test. All in all, I know that Prontopass made it a lot more tolerable for me and that I couldn't have done it without the best possible NAPLEX review course out there. That review course without a doubt being yours! I hope you can use some of my quotes from this letter to help the "on the fence guys" about whether they should dance the 3 step with the elf! I can not express how happy it made me. I feel the best way to give my thanks is to endorse it (like to my brother for instance, I had him buy himself a set). Thanks again so much, and I welcome you to use my first name, anything I said in this letter, and my scores in your feedback or winner's circle portion of your website! Sincerely, and by far the most thankful RPh this thanksgiving
, , PA


I received a call today with a student reporting a score of 109. They say it is hard to increase a previous score by 10 points, but this student went from 72 to 109--a 37 point improvement. This time, she studied just our material for one intense month. T N said that the profiles were especially helpful. Congratulations T N
T N, Temple, TX


am proud to say that I have passed both my MPJE and NAPLEX exams. I purchased the Combination Package (flash cards [QUICKCARDS], posters, CD and also the MPJE review). I began studying a month prior to the NAPLEX exam, following to a "T" what was recommended by the ProntoPass staff. I studied the flash cards [QUICKCARDS], about an hour a day and listened to the CD on the car ride to work. I utilized the posters while at the gym working on my cardio. I studied math every other day for an hour and began marking the concepts I didn't understand or the more difficult ones (mEq, allegation, etc..) and focused more on those towards the end. Also, the patient profiles and the final quiz cards [QUICKCARDS], they send you are extremely helpful in a final review and to help you understand what to look for on patient profiles on the NAPLEX. I was extremely happy with ProntoPass, and believe that anyone who has an interest in passing the exams should purchase the combination package. Thanks,
R.P., Chicago, IL
Editors Note: Congratulations Ronak. You have been elected to our Hall of Fame and your score of 142 ties for the highest score ever achieved by one of our students. It encourages me that you did so well with the "new" Naplex!


You know what, Buzz: You're my brother!! I also joined Kappa Psi during my first year. I'm glad I found you. What a pleasant surprise!
T N , Temple, TX


Thanks for all the positive feedback. I am quizzing myself as you describe [folding and self testing]. One of the reasons that I choose to order your complete system is that it is very similar to the way I recompile notes to study for exams and I have better recall when I learn a set (or block) of information. I have already set a NAPLEX date of 11-8-2007. I did this to make sure that I have a date when the NAPLEX comes back online. I will be sure to call you when I get closer to taking my exam.
A B, Portland, OR


Purchasing the PontoPass was by far the best investment I could have made for the NAPLEX. I completely surprised myself with the amount of information that I could recall because of the ProntoPass. This was the best study tool I could have used and I knew I passed the NAPLEX when I walked out because of the amount of information that I remembered from using the ProntoPass and Memoronics!! I would highly recommend this to anyone studying for the NAPLEX! Thank You!!
C K, Myrtle Beach, SC


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: I am very thankful to God and then to Buzz, Tiffany and all the Prontopass team for providing me with such relevant and helpful material to help me pass both the NAPLEX (score of 113) and the MPJE (score of 80). At first I was at little bit skeptical but after reviewing the PRONTOPASS materials I found them to be very straightforward and to the point. Unlike, other study materials that give you a lot of information and are too detailed for the exam. I would recommend these products to anyone. They are well worth the money; remember that education is an investment that pays off. At first, I was very anxious about the board examinations. I managed to vent all of my anxiety by fully trusting in God (1 Peter 5:7) and by exercising on a daily basis. All these made my NAPLEX/MPJE experience less stressful. Again, I would like to express my gratitude to the PRONTOPASS Solution team. May God bless all your endeavors.


Colin Thanks - My DOB is 11/18/1944 - although I am told I do not look my age. I should let you work it out from there. With your evident math skills, as evidenced by the Pharmacy Calculations portion of Prontopass, you should find that a cinch. By the way, I attribute a good deal of my score to doing well on the calculations, thanks to Prontopass. Every calculation question I was posed was anticipated by that section of your system. The calculations represent one area of the exam that as you leave the examination room at the end that most of the time you can be pretty sure you got right i.e. because your workings led to one of the listed answers. Actually considering my age, there's your new ad campaign right there! You could paraphrase the Geico caveman campaign! "Prontopass - it's so easy even a 62 year old Brit. can get a 107 on his Naplex with it!" Cheers Stuart
S G, Robbinsville, NJ


hi colin, I have been real busy as of late, but just wanted to let you know i passed both my naplex and the law (first times) and i really appreciate what pronto pass did. I have to be honest in that i didn't follow the "rules" word for word and did use a few other resources to help me study especially for the naplex, however, pronto pass was the foundation of my studies and i believe it really helped me to not only pass the exam but raise my confidence level as a pharmacist. i'd recommend it to my friends in the grades below me. thanks again.
D L, Warwick, RI
Editors Note: Congratulations Dan! Job well done. I do not recommend studying other material for lots of reasons, but I do note that you purchased our product one year before taking the Naplex and with that much time, it allows you lots of additional study options. Confidence and Knowledge...that's what it is all about. CEB


Hi, Buzz. I just passed the NAPLEX® thanks to the help of your cards. What a really great product you have! Referring to our e-mails below, I would like to receive my MPJE cards. I will be practicing in PA, and I hope to take the MPJE in the next 2 weeks. My address is: xxx Thanks for producing such a wonderful product. Sincerely, J M
J M, Erie, PA
Editors Note: Julie, Congratulations!!! Also note, you are eligible for the ProntoPass Hall of Fame and $100 prize money. Give me a call at 330-243-2900


Hi Colin Even though I did not follow the precise instructions that you provided in that I did not call you to do the "one-on-one" quiz and get the final set of "Final Review" cards, mainly due to a lot of other things going on in my life at present, I did take the Naplex on July 6. I heard yesterday from the NJ Board of Pharmacy that I passed with a score of 107. I attribute a very great deal of this success to the Prontopass system. Now with the law exam looming I am hoping that the days of my long "internship" will soon be over! Thank you for your assistance and for your program, which even works for us miscreants who deviate a tad from the accepted approach! Cheers S G P.S. I suspect that I might make the Guinness Book of records for the oldest foreign pharmacy graduate ever to achieve US registration?
S G, Robbinsville, NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations S G. Job welldone, but I doubt very much if you are the oldest foreign pharmacy graduate ever to achieve US Registration, LOL. CEB


Thank you for your prompt shipping of the study material. I received the cards Friday night, and I am very excited to start reviewing it. I look at the posters and some of the cards. The information is just perfectly accomodated to memorize the key points. This is so hard when reading a text book. Z.D.
Z D, Spring, TX


I had a telephone inquiry today that I thought I would share with everyone. Someone asked me my opinion regarding buying a used Combo deal from eBay vs buying new directly from us. Please note that everything we publish has a version number on it---every page! We make changes, additions, and deletions daily and then accumulate these into a new published version, usually once a month. Posters are given a new version number with every change whenever they happen. Pharmacy changes a lot! Do not entrust something so important as passing Naplex to studying old material...not ours, nor anyone elses!
CEB, Dover, OH


Hey Buzz Just got my naplex results and I passed with a 128!!! I'd prefer not to be entered in the hall of fame. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I will be sure to send the last min study material back to you this week. Thanks again!!!
C B, , TN


Dear Mr. Bayliss! It is my pleasure to tell you that I pass my Naplex. It is very easy to study when using your pronto pass products. I hope you continue helping other pharmacist student with this review because it is really excellent. Thank you again. NQ
N Q, , PR
Editors Note: Thank you Nicole for your kind words. Congratulations!


My order has arrived and I must say that I am very impressed with these cards and posters. Thank you so much. Your product is pretty much the final option for me in regards to studying materials. I bought the APHA book and it was so boring. The book is so plain and overwhelms you with so much information, that I end up stressing about how I'm going to study all of it in time, nodding off, or not studying at all. My lack of motivation was freaking me out. Luckily I ran across your website when I was searching alternative means in studying for the NAPLEX. I'm planning to take the NAPLEX sometime during the last week of August or first week of September (depends when I am done with my intern hours). Hopefully I will be prepared by then and pass it the first time. Somehow all these colors and a more active studying tool has given me a renewed motivation to study harder.
M T , Alexandria, VA
Editors Note: Motivation is very, very, very important. I encourage each student to study hard and well and score as high on the Naplex as you can. It is the only score you will remember for the rest of your life. For some students, it is the color and the emphasis on certain things, to some it is the layout that allow for self testing, to some it is the Audio Cd....what every turns you onto studying....use it...conquer it! It feels so good when it finally begins to come together and you begin to feel really, really competent in your future profession!!


Dear Buzz and those at prontopass: I am writing because I feel that I have been studying a little everyday for months now and I have come to a stalemate. I've lost my way. It seems that when I go over things I studied a few weeks ago from the cards, I can't remember details. Needless to say, memorization eludes me. Yesterday, I decided to get my drive back and put in the Audio CD. I listened to HIV. It took me some time but I loved the "What is it's claim to fame" questions. It's not a just a lecture on what you need to know. Buzz if that's you on the CD, You have such a calming voice when you respond. I feel like "OK, I am not an idiot" because I need the explanation. For someone who graduated with a 3.5 from pharmacy school and speaks perfect english, I am feeling like quite the idiot for not being able to remember what comes in what dosage form and the unusual brand names. I just wonder if I'll ever be ready to take the exam. I haven't been able to drum up the nerve to call either because I feel intimidated for needing help. That's just me. Sorry for the long email. I just needed to vent.
A B , South Ozone Park, NY
Editors Note: Amarita, never feel to intimidated to call. I am here to help....sometimes a pep talk is just what the doctor ordered. CEB


Hello! I am happy to report to you that I have gotten my results for my MPJE and I passed (83) as guaranteed by ProntoPass! I don't know what I would have done without your guys' great service and accomodation. ProntoPass was just what I needed to pass the exam. I only studied from Thursday to Sunday, BUT I followed your instructions with great faith and everything turned out fine. I'm recommending your services to all my friends. Thank you so much!
L.L., Tucson , AZ


I just received a call and an email from M P. We have a new high score for one of our students....a 144 She sent this email to encourage others: I was overwhelmed with the stuff in the AphA book and was very nervous for the NAPLEX. I guess I am one of those that always worry, but that will give me motivation to prepare. I highly recommend that you need to study and prepare instead of thinking that you can pass NAPLEX like most people said. Anywho, I purchased the prontopass package b/c the AphA requires so much of my time and overwhelming. I studied for all the materials within 2 weeks and 1 week for the qbank and profile. I got 144 on my first try of Naplex and the test was not easy. You have to study/review for the materials. Thanks to buzz and his materials. I found them extremely helpful. Study paper materials and during the day, listen to his CD at night and do calculations after you master the materials was helpful. Then once you got the qbank and materials, you can actually spend 3 days including 1 or 2 hours doing math everyday should get you well prepared.
M P, Seattlre, WA
Editors Note: I just received a call and an email from M P. We have a new high score for one of our students....a 144 She sent this email to encourage others: I was overwhelmed with the stuff in the AphA book and was very nervous for the NAPLEX. I guess I am one of those that always worry, but that will give me motivation to prepare. I highly recommend that you need to study and prepare instead of thinking that you can pass NAPLEX like most people said. Anywho, I purchased the prontopass package b/c the AphA requires so much of my time and overwhelming. I studied for all the materials within 2 weeks and 1 week for the qbank and profile. I got 144 on my first try of Naplex and the test was not easy. You have to study/review for the materials. Thanks to buzz and his materials. I found them extremely helpful. Study paper materials and during the day, listen to his CD at night and do calculations after you master the materials was helpful. Then once you got the qbank and materials, you can actually spend 3 days including 1 or 2 hours doing math everyday should get you well prepared.


We recieved the Audio CD back (for poster quizzing/sent on loan)from a student and with it was a little note: Dear ProntoPass, Here is the CD I borrowed for the Naplex. I just took it last week and already got my scores back. I passed with a 130! There were many questions on the test that were never covered during pharmacy school...they were howevercoved in your study guides! You really have a great product. I am just getting ready for my first day of work as a practicing pharmacist, and I can't thank you enough for helping me prepare for this day. Thank you again.
D M, Oklahoma City, OK


Hi Colin. Just wanted to let you know I am a licensed pharmacist now!!! I just found out. I loved the cards!! That's all I used and I guess that's all I needed. The cards made studying a lot more fun for me. I will definitly tell more people about them. Thank you so much.
N H, Austin, TX


Buzz: As you predicted I got more than 115... I got 119!!! I owe this results to your system, no doubt about it!. This was my 4th time taking it and after a 35, 51 & 71 results I was ready for a great result, so I bought your product, followed your instructions, and here I am the happiest Venezuelan girl in California! As you might remember, I didn't understand how a bunch of cards with funny elfs sayings would help me to pass such a hard test, but now I can assure everyone that this system works like a charm, if you follow Buzz's instructions, NAPLEX its a piece of cake. I have no words to thank you enough! Good bless you and your great team. Marilena
M D, Glendale, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Marilena!! You have been inducted into the ProntoPass Hall of Fame!!


Dear ProntoPass, I will have to admit, I was a little hesitant when I bought ProntoPass. I had not known anyone who had used the products before and was worried about spending the money. I decided that buying the products realizing it was going to be cheaper than retaking the test, if I happened to fail. Since it was a money back guarantee, I decided it was worth a shot. The posters and cards were great study materials and wish I would have bought them earlier in my schooling. I feel they would have been helpful even during classes, prior to studying for the Naplex. The first words out of my mouth when I walked out of the testing center from taking my Naplex, was "ProntoPass was awesome". I felt completely prepared during my exam and extremely confident afterwards. I would recommend these products to anyone and they are well worth the money. Thanks.
L M, Overland Park, KS
Editors Note: Lauren has been inducted into our Hall of Fame with a score of 118. Click on the Hall of Fame button to review the documents. Congratulations Lauren....a job well done!


To: Buzz and the rest of the staff, Thank You I just wanted you to know that I did pass although not with an extremely high score, but it was high enough for me. The exam had alot of hard questions but it was well covered by your material. Anyway, I am happy to be done with that. Thanks again.
N.P., Bloomfield Hills, MI


Dear ProntoPass, I would like to start by saying thank you so much for making taking the naplex that much less stressful. I tried studying other things like the APHA book and another comprehensive pharmacy review book. The results were the same with both books, they were too detailed and had a lot of information in there that you didn't need to waste your time studying. I even tried studying all of my notes from pharmacy school. Let me save you time now, it gets really overwhelming very quickly. ProntoPass was recommended to me by the class of 2006. I was very relieved to get the ProntoPass cards to condense my studying. I worked very hard at learning all of the quickcards and the posters, but if you work at it diligently you will have no trouble passing--- and this is the only study material you will need--- I promise. When I got my score in the mail from the board of pharmacy I knew right then and there that I couldn't have picked a better study guide, you only need a 75 to pass and I got a 135!!
E M, Kansas City, MO
Editors Note: Elizabeth has been inducted into our Hall of Fame with a score of 135. Click on the Hall of Fame button to review her documents. Congratulations Elizabeth....a job well done!


Dear ProntoPass, I still find it hard to believe that I cleared the Naplex! Thank you Buzz, Steve, Brenda, Mike and crew for all of your help, support and free pep talks (and I needed lots of these) along the way! Last December I miraculously passed FPGEE and now recently passed the Naplex. I used ProntoPass to study for both. I graduated from Pharmacy School in Canada 27 years ago with a 4 year degree and have not worked as a Pharmacist for the last 14 years, and here I was with my 50 year old brain that wouldn't memorize anymore. I thought I could never pass the FPGEE, let alone Naplex. Amazingly, Buzz's memoronics and jokes seemed to stick with me. With ProntoPass, not only did I have all of the study material summarized on index cards, I received 15 colorful posters packed with very useful information. I put the posters up in my dining room and told visitors it was wall paper. They were astounded at what I had to learn. And the study materials just kept on coming..... audio CDs- an extraordinary tool enabling me to listen to test material while cooking dinner, walking the dog, and driving the kids around in car pools! Two weeks before Naplex, along came the Q-bank as well as profile after profile familiarizing me with Naplex format! And if that was not enough, 48 hours before the exam, I called Buzz and received another long pep talk! Everything was very, very helpful. One more thing, please do what Buzz says and read the cards outloud, fold them and then hide the right side and recite what you remember. You will be shocked as the material comes out of your mouth inexplicably! If you still can't decide if you want to order ProntoPass, call 330-243-2900, the number is Buzz's cell phone and he will answer it directly and chat with you about it, no pressure. If there is any more advice I can give you, it would be to do as Buzz says and put all of your other reference books in the closet and remember the 3 golden rules for passing Naplex: Get ProntoPass, get ProntoPass, get ProntoPass!
N E, Atlanta, GA
Editors Note: Nancy has been inducted into our Hall of Fame with a score of 132. Click on the Hall of Fame button to review her documents. Congratulations Nancy....a job well done!


Dear Buzz and those at prontopass: I just recently took the compounding exam in NY and your math practice really helped me. I did them probably 5 or 6 times.
A R, South Ozone Park, NY


I received a 94% on the Naplex. It says in Proverbs 24:16 "For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again." I've been out of school for five years and have been unsuccessful seven times. I just received a poster for my five year reunion for the class of 02'. Myself and A L both purchased the complete set of cards last year in October. We studied the cards and posters and took the exam within days of each other. She received a 74% and I received a 70%. After receiving our scores we dived right back studying together. The difference was we scheduled time to meet with one another on Tuesdays and Saturdays. We remained accountability partners calling each other and just randomly asking questions to make sure we were on our toes. Two weeks before the exam she fractured her foot on a trampoline at a birthday party for her child. We studied over the phone and via instant messenger on the computer. She took her exam on Thursday and I took mine on Friday. We both passed, although I am not sure how well she did. I guess now it really does not matter. Your review helped us to focus on what we needed to know for the exam. We also used the Review Manual given by APHA which helped go into detail about disease states when we needed further explanation. I can still remember our discussion we had many nights ago for five hours. I was so surprised you answered the phone at 10 PM and took the time to encourage me to finish the good fight. I will never forget that! Now I am able to provide for my five children and stay at home wife. I am able to go to work with my head help up knowing that I have worked hard for this license and I deserve it. I have earned the respect from my peers, family members, and friends. I was able to go to sleep and have a peaceful night rest for the first time last night. The Lord is truly awesome! That night I was searching for answers and felt really hopeless but you helped guide me and now I am able to pass on the guidance to others. I am sure Aviance Lewis shares the same sentiments. The Bible also says "If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand." Thanks Again, P K
P K, Virginia Beach, VA
Editors Note: All I can say is "Praise the Lord" While I am very happy for Patrick, I would suggest to all who might be reading this that there is a better and quicker way to passing Naplex. Please read the directions that will be both emailed to you and also printed and in your package. The first thing I suggest is that my students join the Yahoo group called NAPLEXANDMORE. All company announcements are first made on this site. Put all other study material in a box and put it in your closet. Follow the directions for folding and self testing. Listen to the Audio CD as you memorize the Posters. Call me when you are ready to answer the three questions positively (Have you memorized the Last Review; Have you memorized the Posters; Can you do the Math Practice really really well?) At that point I will verify your knowledge and tell you to schedule the test two weeks from that date...and then we will send the last minute study stuff (an updated Last Review; 23 Patient Profiles; and the Q-Bank) CEB


ProntoPass provides students very helpful materials---focus and easy to memorize. I failed Naplex once. I felt very depressed. I did not know what materials I could study for the Naplex. Luckily, my friend introduced me to ProntoPass materials. I found the materials easy to study and memorize. The posters look simple but they contain enough information to review for Naplex. I could learn top 200 drugs easily. Beside memorizing brand and generic, I could memorize dosage frequesncy and available dosage forms of drugs. I like the memoronics in the Quickcards. With the Memoronics, I could remember every specific drug group, and their sepeific characteristics. Without reviewing my other books, I passed Naplex with a very high score. I want to say thanks to ProntoPass. Without ProntoPass I don't think I can have what I have today. I would say that "ProntoPass saved my life!!" I hoope ProntoPass would help a lot more students in the future.
M Q, Stockton, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Maggie on a fine job well done! Your hard work paid off! Buzz


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: It is a proven fact that if I can pass the NAPLEX so can anyone. Remember, don't under estimate the heart of a champion. I personally took the exam 4 times within 2 years of my graduation. Like the rest of you, I had the NAPLEX book, Morris Cody, Comprehensive Pharmacy Review Book and more. Guess what? Nothing beats ProntoPass. ProntoPass changed my life in a sense where it gave me direction and important pointers that will be utilized on the NAPLEX exam. I decided to purchase ProntoPass after the second time I didn't pass,and it was an additional sacrifice I needed to make in order to attempt to pass the exam AGAIN. I know what it's like to be scared and feared when you study so hard, but the outcome is "FAILED". Today I am officially a licensed pharmacist. Oh man does it feel good to acknowledge my hard work and remember that the outcome is to pass. ProntoPass helped me build up my confidence through quizzing on the audio CD. I am proud to say that I learned more and know more than I ever did in my 4 years of pharmacy school. Buzz helped me build up my confidence and my knowledge. ProntoPass cares about your outcome which is to see you succeed. I was once that student who had no confidence, no hope and confused. Do not let NAPLEX take over your fear, you must acquire knowledge and confidence to defeat all your weakness and fear. I built up my confidence and knowledge due to ProntoPass. Trust me ProntoPass works. Just do your part to build up confidence and the rest will fall in place. I am a PRONTO PASS believer!!!!!
C K, Houston, TX
Editors Note: Thank you C K for your kind words. After talking with you, you know how much I share your JOY!!! For those who might be reading this, I would like to point out the difference from when C K took the Naplex for the 3rd time and the 4th time. The third time there was knowledge but fear. That fear and lack of confidence destroyed a good potential outcome. The fourth time the test was taken it was with knowledge and confidence. C K listened to the audio CD over and over and allowed this tool to build her confidence. With this new found confidence she undertook her pharmacy study with an improved attitude of love of pharmacy....not the drudgery of study. C K told me it was my calm voice on the Audio CD that did it, LOL. No, it was the persistance of the heart of a champion that came to do battle with Naplex the fourth and last time! The heart of a LION unleashed! With her new found knowledge and confidence, I expect much from C K and her future career. C K will improve her patient's lives....and will have a positive effect on the field of pharmacy...mark my words! CEB


I recieved a call this evening from a student who was requesting the last minute study stuff (a new Last Review, 23 patient profiles, and the Q-Bank). I asked her if she had memorized the Last Review, the Posters, and could do the Math Practice really, really well. She said no. I told her to call me when she was ready for the Naplex (after she could answer those three questions positively). She insisted that I send her the last minute study stuff because she had allready scheduled her test...and I refused. She asked me if it was because of the guarantee. NO! The reason I DON'T send the last minute study stuff is because of the guarantee! Knowing those three things means you have accomplished the basics and with the basics you have a good chance of passing the Naplex. The last minute study stuff is the icing on the cake---it may help you score really well, depending upn the luck of the draw on your unique test but it is not a substitute for knowing the basics. Knowing the basics is the required first step to success...only then will you be able to apply the last minute study stuff to its best advantage.
, Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: I remind all new graduates, do NOT put the cart before the horse. Do NOT schedule the Naplex before you are ready. This student said that she could not reschedule the test because she had already signed a contract to start work. Upon preliminary testing on the phone, my best guess is that this student is heading for a test score in the mid 40s. That is a guess, of course, but it is my best guess. She will not be starting work as a pharmacist. This student has two choices as far as I can see: 1) call the company and tell them you can't start on the contract date (they will understand...they have heard this many times before) because you have to study, or 2) fail the test, get beat up emotionally, and then study seriously to pass this test. When it comes time to pass this test, wishfull thinking and arrogance will not help you pass. M. if you are reading this, please know that I get no joy from bringing you this dose of reality orientation. Please know that I am here for you if you want to get serious about passing this test.


hi buzz, i got my naplex results last week and i've sent the material as i promised so, u will receive it by the end of this week. thanks a million for all the help. i am a person who works very hard no matter what but lacks the confiedence that should be there by studying hard. as buzz says that confiedence is the key. and no doubt buzz and his prontopass material helped me in that. i attempted naplex before also and studied hard for 2 months but i could not make it. i simply could not remember what i studied while i was taking the test. but prontopass cards,posters, q&a and profiles helped me. i wanted to take the naplex within one month. but when i talked to buzz he made me understnd that this is not easy and i need time to memorize the content and i followed his advice and miracle!!! i took naplex after two months and 7 days and i got 111. when i came out of the test center i thought i made it but a score like this? i never imagined even in my wildest dreams. the day i opened my score card was the happiest day of my life. and all the credit goes to god and then to buzz for sure. they both helped me through the toughest period of my life. sometimes i had nightmares about taking the test that what if i do the same mistake again? what if i cant make it even this time? i talked to buzz 5 days before the test that i need some encouraging words and he helped me as usual. he told me about the pirate story. those who dont know should ask buzz about that. i am really grateful. prontopass study material is so easy to understand and to remember. i did the cards and the posters three times. i did the last review 2 times and the profile and question and answers 3 times before the test. constant revision makes ur memory perfect and while i was in the test room, i was finding the right answer as soon as i read the question. let me tell u guys first 3-5 questions were from nowhere. i did not know what to answer. but just believe in urself and answer them. dont get depressed or tensed. they will not affect the score as much as we all think. i am sure first three answers in my test that i chose were wrong. but u have the whole test ahead of u. so keep going. math cards were awesome. i studied math like a crazy since that was my weak point. and last two weeks every day 1 hr math practice was the brilliant idea among many others from buzz. it really worked. i got 35% approx math questions. i am sure i got them all right thanks to prontopass. mostlu i just knew the answers. and 10% of the questions were the one that i had to guess. but i think with the help of prontopass u can guess right. buying the prontopass combipack is the best investment i've made so far. when i called buzz after studying the cards and posters he thought i needed more time and he sent me the cd with one on one questions and answers for posters. by hearing his soothing voice i felt so relaxed and that helped me alot in boosting my confiedence. i studied the cd for a week and called buzz again and i was ready.try to buy the combo coz the last minute study is an important part so dont skip it. just follow the advice buzz gives and u will see the result for urself. i personally wanted to thank buzz and his entire team for helping me . because of them i am a registered pharmacist now. god bless you buzz, you have made so many lives that u will be blessed like anything. thank you very much once again!!!
M P, Kenosha, WI
Editors Note: The same day that I recieved this email, I received a lovely greeting card that said "Can't thank you enough for what you did...I guess u were the missing and most important chapter in my progress towards the success...God Bless You! Thank you M P for your kind words. They make my day! You worked very hard and achieved did it, not me. (I am glad you liked my pirate story---it was kind of you to laugh.) Hearty congratulations!


I recieved a call today that made my day. N E got a 132. She was soooo happy. And, I was sooooo happy for her. N E was a foreign graduate who graduated more than a few years ago and studied our stuff well for five months. I have invited her to join our Hall of Fame so everyone can read her story and be encouraged. (Does everyone know that Canadians must take the foreign language skills test prior to the FPGEE to become eligible to take Naplex?)
N E, Peachtree City, GA


Hey Buzz, Well, I got my NAPLEX results and I passed. I didn't score high enough to get on your hall of fame list, but I was close ;-) I put the Last Review, Q-bank, CD, and Profiles in the mail this afternoon so they should be there mid-week next week. Thanks for all those hours reviewing the posters with me and thanks for the great products you provided. I don't think I would have passed without them. It's been a long year of study and I'm glad the NAPLEX is behind me. Now on to the MPJE. I'll send you an email to post on your website a little later on...after the the MPJE and when I get my license. If you're ever passing through Colorado, let me know....dinner's on me ;-) Thanks again!!!! Cheers, N
N K, Golden, CO
Editors Note: NK was a practicing pharmacist who wanted to "retire" to FL. Essentially, to pass Naplex, pharmacists in his situation must start over in their pharmacy studies. N worked full time and it took him a year, but he did it..not only that, but a high score too boot!! Congratulations and thank you for promptly returning the last minute study stuff that was loaned to you. N, I have a word of caution for you regarding your FL retirement. The last guy that did this met a gal in FL who was 38 and married her and is now working full time to support her buying habits, LOL.


I recieved the following note today in the mail (along with the last minute study stuff that was being returned after beeing on loan to her). I would never recommend your over priced vulgar posters and useless memoronics to anyone. I passed the Naplex using much more professional mataerial.
S B, Montoursville, PA
Editors Note: About once every year and one-half we get a note like this. It seems that our memoronics sometimes offend people. I do not care.....our goal is to present material that is memorable. I am unashamed of this goal and our teaching methods. We do achieve what we set out to do. It is interesting to note that even though S B sounds really offended, she took the time to call and get quizzed and requested and received the last minute study stuff.


Dear Buzz Hope you r doing good. This is J G, I talked to you on the phone after my test. I passed the test with a 100(thats not too bad for I finished the test an hour before the schedule). I have mailed back the last minute material today. I got a couple of suggestions for those taking the test. I was tensed up for the first few questions and then felt comfortable, then confident and the last part of the test I turned a little over confident. I suggest my friends apsiring for the test to make a note of this and try to overcome these. And its a good idea NOT TO TAKE THE PRE-NAPLEX because its totally misleading and confusing. Make sure that they do the math practice atleast 3 times, do the posters(listening the quizzes)and q bank really really well. It was an awesome experience to be with you for the past few months and to learn the best technique of memorizing the stuff. I am pretty sure, I could have done nothing without your support. Thank you sooo muchh Best wishes to the entire prontopass family
J G, Louisville, KY
Editors Note: Jyothi, I am soooo happy for you! You did it: you studied hard for a long time and it produced great results. Congratulations! CEB


I bought your course last year in order to use it to study to take the California law test ( CPJE). I took my test at the end of April. I just got my results. I received a 83. Your materials were very helpful. While it was a lot of material. Possibly much more than I needed. It also served as a great refresher course for my practice as a pharmacist. I use much of what I relearned on a regular basis. I work with many pharmacy students and I will recommend it to them in the future. Thank you 
J H, Tampa, FL
Editors Note: As most people know, the CPJE is mostly clinical pharmacy, not law. Our Naplex 3 step is a great way to get up to speed on the clinical side of pharmacy. While directly intended for Naplex, it works for CPJE. Thanks John for your kind words and your recommendation. CEB


I received a thank you card in the mail today. Enclosed was the following note: Dear Mr Bayliss I would like to thank you for your prontopass material. We had to move to another house when I was reviewing for Naplex and in the process I misplaced some of my Quickcards and 7 of my posters. After taking the test I went over our boxes from the old house and thats when I realized I had misplaced some of my review material....when I found them. Anyway, I got 84 (not a really good score compared to others who got above 100) for Naplex and 85 for MPJE. But I'm still thankful. You've got to realize my first score for Naplex was below 10 (5). Again, thank you sir...your materials got me focused on my study. And, I pray that God would bless you more and more. Also, God bless everyone who supports you and all that are dear to your heart. E
E B, , NM
Editors Note: To EB Thank you so very much for taking the time to send me a beautiful card with your note. I have been very blessed in that I love this work. It is a privledge, not a job. Again, thank you! CEB


Dear Buzz, Brenda, Tiffany, and Steve, I apologize that this email has taken so long for me to write and send out to you. Just like my pharmacist licensure, this email is long overdue. Anyways, in case you were going to post this on your website, I thought I'd quickly reflect on my past and share my experience. I've tried many review courses out there, even Morris Cody and Kaplan. Four times I was unsuccessful. Not sure how this could happen! Gave my man Buzz a ring. My life changed with that phone call. I packed my bags for Dover, Ohio. Where I'd be giving it my all. Buzz told me it may not be easy. I figured it would be very hard. But I studied all of his posters And memorized each and every card. It was up to me to put forth the effort. But Buzz and his staff guided my way. Much appreciation to Brenda, Tiff, and Steve As they assisted Buzz during my stay. I've now passed the NAPLEX examination. Even while scoring in the 50's during attempt number four. This time my score required board verification because I had more than doubled this previous score. Thanks to everyone at ProntoPass. And for those in which Naplex got you scared? Dance the Naplex 3 step with ProntoPass and you'll become confident and prepared. Buzz - thanks again for everything you've done for me. You embrace the characteristics of a good teacher, encourager, and coach. You demanded my best and instilled in me confidence in my abilities. That speaks volumes to those like myself who often lose such confidence after several unsuccessful attempts. I have faith in God and I had faith in you. It is now obvious my faith was well placed. My extended families and I prayed very hard for positive results, but I had to be prepared for God to work through me. And all the blessings were answered. I will be eternally grateful to you. Please express my appreciation to Brenda, Tiffany, and Steve. I couldn't have done it without them. Buzz, I hope you always remember that you have a unique talent which has served me well. I respect your example of a life that contributes so deeply to another's success. Not many people I know are in situations where one person can impact another's life so profoundly. God bless you, always. J.H., Pittsburgh, PA
J H, Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: Jason was one of the first students to participate in our newly formatted One-On-One where you come to Dover and stay until you are ready to take and pass the test. Jason was an excellent student with an excellent memory who, like me, desired perfection. It was my privledge to meet and get to know Jason. Not only that, but he had a great sense of humor and got along well with everyone. I sincerely hope that Rite Aid appreciates all of the fine qualities of this employee! CEB


Hi Buzz, Thanks a lot for promptly sending the CD. Its a remarkable one, I have no words to comment on it. I was going thru the cards posters but wasn't able to retain much and was finding the entire study method impossible. But now with the CD things r geting clearer and much clearer. I am finding the material easy and not taxing. Thanks for bringing in this valuable tool . Its a must have for every Naplex student. Thanks once agian Shiela
S T, Fremont , CA


Buzz, Thanks for yet another study aid in your long list that already includes colorful cards and posters, last review, cd, oral quizzing, last minute profiles, q-bank and free pep talks! The fun quizzes are helpful too! Question: I just the Pre-Naplex that is available from NABP. I found some of the questions to be incomplete such as, Which of Ms. B's medication in the dose is? is what? that is where the question ended. This occurred a couple of times! It was very frustrating! Do think this test is indicative of the real Naplex? I got 107 out of a possible 85-122. I was going to ask the group what they thought. Nancy
N E, Peachtree City, GA
Editors Note: Nancy, Thank you for your kind words. I do not recommend taking the preNaplex test offered by the NABP. It is just not the same as sitting in a test center with the camera on you! What can you learn? If a question appears in the preNaplex, does anyone think the same question will appear on the real test? I personally think it will NOT. I have had people do well on the preNaplex and then fail the test and then come to ProntoPass. Since it may build false confidence, it should be avoided....all it can do is hurt your confidence. If you study our products hard, you will gain confidence in your knowledge and ability and nothing should cause you to jeopardize that good feeling just prior to your testing.


I received this email that I would like to share: dear buzz, as per our disscussion i've scheduled my test on 21st of this month. i got the rest of the material and i am studying that as hard as i can. but i feel nervous sometimes. may be it is the anxiety due to the test. but when the date comes near i feel more nervous. i am going through all the prontopass material and doing 200 questions a day with one hour of math and patient profiles. i dont know, may be i just want some encouraging words from u as always. u've sent me the posters cd and by hearing ur voice i felt really calm and confident inside. and after talking to u on phone i am working as hard as i can. nobody has encouraged me this much in my whole life as u have. thank you for everything.
M S, ,
Editors Note: This was my response: Dear M, Being nervous is to be expected. But, are you confident? When you know our material well, you should feel confident. Often the first one, two, or three questions on Naplex are questions from Hell. If you know our material, do not let this disturb your self confidence. When students come here to study, I put a picture of the test center on the kitchen table and the first thing every morning is for the student to visualize walking into this test center with confidence. If the student is a gal, I tell them to swing their hips as they walk in, LOL. I suggest you go to the test center and look at it. Make up a reason to go in and talk to them....ask directions or something. Get comfortable with the test center. I will say a prayer that you will gain confidence as well as knowledge. We only live this life one all that you do with confidence. If you have never heard my story about the two pirates, please call me and I will tell it to you. CEB


Dear CEB, Just wanted to say that I am impressed by your speed. I ordered my cards yesterday and they arrived today. Wow. I immediately separated them into categories. I will look at them more extensively after work tonight. Thank you for the prompt response. I am nervous about the boards, but even more than that, I have an overwhelming desire to be proficient in my job and hope that these cards help. The amount of memorization is overwhelming and I am thankful for the helpful hints. Sincerely, Vicki Booker Graduated Intern University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
V B, Pittsburgh, PA


I received the Cd last night after going out (10:30 Pm), I put it on my cd player and I listened to the asthma review and I loved it! Why, because it reviews everything that is in poster, the comments that Buzz made during the recording definetly helps to memorize better than just studing with the cards. Sometimes, I felt frustrated because the guy that was answering the questions was a bit slower than me, and here I was yelling at him the answers LOL, like if he was going to hear me LOL, but that help me to repeat the answer those equestions, so as a memory tool. IT WORKS!!! One of the highlights of this new produc is the fact that you can inmerse yourself on it and even if you have noise family or roommates, you can keep going if you use your earphones. After a few minutes listening to it you feel like you are there participating in the recording. Buzz thank again for your commitment with us. Thank you, thank you thank you.
M G, Glendale, CA
Editors Note: Thank you for your comments on the new Audio CD Lecture/quizzing on the ProntoPass Posters. It warms my heart to hear that it helps. Also, if you want to yell at the student while listening to the CD, please feel free to do so. If you think he answered slowly, then I do expect you to score better on the Naplex than he did.....he got a 114.


I just received my package and I am impressed with its organization.
A A, Douglasville, GA


This is the first feedback we have received on the new Audio CD on the Poster Lecture/Quizzes: Hi, Buzz. I can't explain to you how great the ONE on ONE poster CD is. It is astoundingly great, not just for the NAPLEX but also for the overall practice. I have only skim thru some of the topics like PUD and preemies. I can't stop listening to them. Since I am an audio learner, this is a miracle review for me. I simply want to thank you for your great CD and let you know that I received it yesterday. Thank you, Yin
Y T, San Fran, CA
Editors Note: These lecture/quizzes were recorded during One-On-One sessions. This is how we test a student as to whether they really know the poster material.


One of our students emailed us asking for the new Audio CD used to study the posters. She added the following: I would love to take Naplex and CPJE before this month ends, that is why I really need this new tool. By the way, I am loving the math review so much that I have invested around 20 hours on them, and I just have 4 more hours to complete them, they are easy to follow, right in the money and takes you were you need to be, thanks for that too! Have a very productive day!
M G, Glendale, CA


I passed the test with a score of 132! Those cards gave me the information I needed in a perfect format for me to memorize it. Considering that I have been out of school for 27 years that says a lot. The Last review cards will be dropped off at the post office one day this week. Thank you.
L G, Gig Harbor, WA
Editors Note: I just love it when OLD students do well!!!! (LOL) As you know, I am no spring chicken myself! Scores like yours will give others much confidence. Do you know you are eligible for our Hall of Fame? Click on the Hall of Fame button and see what other winners have said. You must allow me to use your name and send me a copy of your score. Thanks. CEB


Kali just took the law & NAPLEX & passed. Yours is a very helpful study aid.
M G, Glendale, CA
Editors Note: Thank you M G for your feedback. FEAR NOT. You only live once---so do it with confidence! Let your previous scores drive you to study more than everyone else. Let that burning need to succeed ----that burning desire to show the WORLD---to study more and better and get a great Naplex score. Come on, get in our Hall of Fame with a great Naplex score!!!! Knowledge and confidence will get you there. CEB


I picked the following item off a chatroom and I though many might be interested: Hey everyone. I have various naplex review stuff for sale if anyone is interested. 2007 - orange APHA review book w/ CD and blue 2006 CD Appelton and Lange (Yellow one) with CD Pronto pass Quick cards, math review and posters all purchased in 3/2007 If you are studying for the naplex I highly recommend the pronto pass materials! Both my friend and I used them and we got a 140 and 142 on our boards!! YAY! :-) I know how stressful this time is and just wanted to share the wealth since I passed already. If you are interested please email me at (please put Naplex in the title of your email) Good luck with studying!
effy, ,
Editors Note: I just love it when someone (or two) studies hard and gets a great grade using our products. BUT, I never recommend buying used material, even ours! We update a lot and the last minute study materials (a newly updated Last Review, 23 patient profiles, and the ProntoPass Q-Bank) are returned to us....and therefore you won't get them when you buy used material.


Thanks Brenda, Today I had to take and pass the PreNaplex for my dispensing course. After studying for just one week of the math review and posters, I passed with a 115!! You had to at least get a 75 to pass. Thank you for the study material. It is just what I needed for review. I dont think that I would have passed without all of your help.
K R, Wichitia, KS
Editors Note: Ken, Glad that it helped you pass the prenaplex but don't get cocky....Prenaplex means nothing in the big scheme of things. Continue to study hard. When you have memorized the posters, the Last Review, and can do the Math Practice really, really well---only then are you ready for Naplex. At that point call us and if we agree (just a few questions on the phone to verify we agree) then we will tell you to actually schedule the Naplex 2 weeks from that day. Then we will send you the last minute study stuff on loan. At this point a humble attitude would do you well. Nevertheless, I am glad that we have helped so far and wish you good studying for the real thing....and thanks for the kind words. CEB


Hi Buz, Steve, Brenda,and Tiff, Thank you for "saving my life" and many other students too. You have all done a great job in helping students that are in dire situations keep their spirits up and get tough on them too. Pronto Pass is not just a small company that sells a product, there's four great hearts behind it. I am extremely grateful that you opened your " ProntoPass home" to me. A million thank you for your generously. D N
D N , Rockville, MD


Overall a great product!
S M, York, PA
Editors Note: S M reported getting a Naplex score of 142!!!! Congratulations on a job very well done. Please note you are eligible for our contest. CEB


Mr. Buzz. I just wanted to thank you very much for all the help you had given in preparing for the NAPLEX. I passed the Exam!! Thank God, I am now a licensed Pharmacist. As you know I have been away from studying Pharmacy for about 10 years. Immediately after graduating from Pharmacy school my husband and I started a family. I took time away form Pharmacy to raise my children. When my youngest child started school I started to peruse my Pharmacy License. It was really a struggle to get back in gear and study to prepare for the NAPLEX. I tried using other study guides and took the exam about a year ago, but was not successful. While searching for study guides on the Internet I came across your website. I must admit at 1st I was apprehensive in getting your material. Finally I decided to get your study guide. Your study material is unique in the sense it highlights the important material and forces the student to thoroughly understand the material. The access you gave me to have you quiz me after each study section really helped me in studying and understanding the material thoroughly. I am glad that I got your guide and I must Say I would not have passed the exam if it was not for your help. Thank you very much. God bless.
A G, Chicago, IL


Hi Buzz, I just wanna let you know that i have passed the board exam... and I sincerly wanna thank you for all the study materials ..It really helped me....and i have already returned the last minute study materials...the last review, the profiles and the Q-Bank. Thanks S M
S M, Pearland, TX
Editors Note: Congratulations on a job successfully completed. I am happy you found our study material really helpful. You purchased on Jan 9th and passed the Naplex on March 14th..just like we suggest...2 months of hard study. Again, congratulations!!! CEB


Buzz: Just to let you know, I passed the MPJE with an 88%. The review worked great. Thanks, V H
V H, Dewitt, MI
Editors Note: The MPJE seems to work as it was intended....Fast...but not the greatest scores. Congratulation V.


I recieved an email from MS telling me that she had scored a 97. Congratulations. In addition to gushing about our products, she had this to say: The calculations also helped to prepare me for the New York State written/compounding exam. They recently redesigned this exam to where it is pretty much 80% calculations (20% written calculations, 60% compounding---but make one fatal error during compounding calculations, and you pretty much are guaranteed to fail this test, which is only offered a few times a year). I also got a 97 on this exam, which I think is a direct result of doing your calculations over and over again. Anyway, thanks for the great products! 
M S, Buffalo, NY


(con't) I was not given vaccation to study also i couldnt afford to take vaccations to study because of financial issues. I then called you and asked you if there were any change in the memoronics and posters because i had a older version of 6.3. You immediately told me to send back all the posters and memoronics back and you will send me the latest version which is updated every month and would send the new diabetic poster. And yes there was a lot of difference in the previous memoronics and last minute review and posters. I seriously feel for the poor naive people who buy used prontopass materials which are sold from different users. I was just impressed by the way you had sent me the new set of memoronics, posters, and last minute review within a day through express service without any extra charge for the material except the shipping charges. Sorry for the confusion that led you to send me the material twice and you must have incurred that shipping loss. Finally this February all of a sudden I was told by my supervisor that i have to give my naplex in next 2 weeks. I had planned to study hard and take quiz everyday through until i was confident to take the test and you tell me tho take the test. But my corporate pressure literally killed all my hopes of passing and i was in a do or die situation then. I knew if i tell you that i am gonna take my test in next couple of weeks you would heve never allowed me to take the test without preparation in just 2 weeks. Again i was lost. But i decided to fight like a brave soldier this time and i started studying your materials like crazy. Keeping aside all the other bunch of materials i had. I memorised each and every thing in your memoroinics and posters, did calculations and the last minute review. Thats it. I studied the memoronics by folding through the centre and byhearted everything including those various dosages. The reason to write to you is because i just got my results and yes i passed my test with a whooping "117" I know it would be unbelievable for you too because i never took test or any profiles or question bank from you. I feel if I could have got those things for sure i would have got more than 140. You are the first person with whom i am sharing my results and happiness. I cant explain you in words how happy i am. I am so grateful to you. You are the best. Without prontopass i was zero and yes by studying your material thoroughly i passed with a respectable score from 54 to 117. God bless you and your team. Keep up the real hard work you guys do. thanks a bunch K G
K G, Mt Pleasant, MI
Editors Note: Did you know that your score makes you eligible for our Hall of FAME?? (115 and above). Give me permission to use your name and send me a copy of your score and you too will be awarded $100 and your words will be posted in the Hall of Fame to encourage others. Over and over I tell people to fold the cards and self only the left side and say out loud the right side and then unfold and say out loud anything you missed or omitted... THIS system works. K G proved it! Thanks you so much K G for your kind words. I am soooo happy for you!!! CEB


Dear Brenda; Today March 12, I got my result, I passed the naplex with the score of 93. I don't know how I could tell thank you guys , these cards and posters were very helpful. They covered all the subjects for naplex. the first time before I knew you guys I studied so hard the result 49 , but this time I just focused to cards and posters and I didn't get the last review ( I didn't feel I needed it ) so again thank you for teaching the naplex in the easy and fun way . Thank you and god bless you
T J , Houston, TX
Editors Note: Congratulations on a job successfully completed. We wouldn't suggestion skipping the last review material, but it will work if need be.


Thank you so much!!! I failed the test twice because I listened to others and studied the wrong stuff- APhA and Appleton (outdated and totally not for this exam) I am a 45 year old foreign grad, have no hospital experience and for 16 years I worked in management in my country. I did exactly as you told me. "Put away ALL other materials" you said. I studied for 5 weeks and you tested me several times. You said I will get a score of 100. The next day I took the pre-NAPLEX and got 100!! You also said I need to study more and I did and I got 113 in my NAPLEX. Everyone... please listen to Buzz. Buy the whole set and study well. You will make that money back in the first weekend you work as a pharmacist. It's easy to remember his memoronics. The posters are brilliant. It organize your thoughts and make it easier to work out a question. The Last review and Q bank helped me that extra bit that made it sure I passed. I got all the difficult maths with formulas but they were all in your math practice. I love to working again as a pharmacist. Thank you so much again and again. Jacobie Swanepoel
L S, Overland Park, KS
Editors Note: Thank you for allowing me to use your name. I appreciate students that study hard and do well, as you did. Congratulations!


Dear Mr. Buzz, I passed the NAPLEX with a score 133. Thank you very much. Without your study guides and materials I would not have passed the test. I will send you the comment card soon after this email. BTW: My son was born on January 20, 2007 4 days after I took the test (Jan 16). A near term pregnant foreign pharmacist could pass the NAPLEX with a high score because of your help and your excellent study material. Thank you very much...Best Regards, Nok
K A , Gloster , MS
Editors Note: Congratulations "Nok". You were one of my best students of all time. You are a contest winner and have been enrolled in our "Hall of Fame". Best wishes in all you do. I will miss quizzing you and "seeing" that brilliant mind at work!!


My dear friends! I can't find words to say how much I appreciate the help of your Program. It is absolutely brilliant materials! Each detail amazingly matches with questions in NAPLEX. Beautiful presentation and design, exactly what I needed. Excellent communication!!! I've got my 96 and I am happy!!! I love your Program! I love you all! Thank you!!!!! Lilia Jackson
L J, Plano, TX
Editors Note: Congratulations Lilia!


I recieved the nicest card today. It said: "Buzz, thank you so much for the time and patience you took for helping me out. Thanks a ton for being such a kind and giving human-being. May God bless you and may all your dreams come ture, today and ever, AMEN!"
P M, Poughkeepsie, NY
Editors Note: Thank you Priyanka for the beautiful card. The beauty of the card was equal to the beauty of your score of 126. you are a winner and have been inducted into the ProntoPass "Hall of Fame." We invite everyone to click on the Hall of Fame button to read the testimony of all these winners.


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: ProntoPass- where do I start? Simply SUPERB! Not only are the cards, the posters, the 900+ question bank or 20+ profiles helpful, but the ongoing support, encouragement and confidence that Buzz and his team have in EVERY student! Personally, everytime I was quizzed or just scared out of mind when it came close to taking the NAPLEX- I felt 100% better talking to Buzz. He's truly a combination of a great teacher and mentor. This is my third time taking the NAPLEX, and my message is for those who have anxiety, who feel they can't pass the NAPLEX, who feel like "what more do I need to study?" or "where am I going wrong in studying..."-the answer is PRONTOPASS. I am happy (well maybe more like ECSTATIC) to say that I have FINALLY passed the NAPLEX- found out few days ago. Prontopass has just found the RIGHT way, and in my opinion, the ONLY way to succeed this exam. When I received the material at first- I thought WOW- lot of cards. BUT the cards are so animated, and so easy to read, plus a wonderful self-quiz tool. Then the posters- what can I say???- JUST AWESOME!!! I loved every one of those posters and those pictures or the way it was organized just stuck in my brain- when taking the exam- and if I received a case about any one of those posters-I basically had that picture of the poster in my head. It just sticks in your head! WHen I took the exam the first two times- I really never spent much time with the math because I simply thought "how hard can it be?" I had this attitude because of work- with the basic math we get and the basic compounding we get- I thought I could handle it. I realized after reviewing PRONTOPASS math section- I didn't know a lot. I have to say I learned a lot through these cards. Buzz really put it together SO WELL and I walked out of the test knowing I nailed EVERY ONE OF THOSE MATH QUESTIONS! I loved knowing that I had those mastered- giving me some room on the other questions. I can't say enough about Prontopass and its material- I am forever in debt- because I really couldn't have done it without Prontopass material and the team. For every one of you who reads my message- know that I give all my credit to Buzz- he's superb, and just the BEST! Buzz- to you and your team- I am happy to say I am a pharmacist today. I commend you for your work and dedication you put into each and every one of us- you truly are the best. I'll never forget this. Thank you- thank you...and THANK YOU!!!! "V from Iowa"
V C , Omaha, NE
Editors Note: Once again, I thank "V" for her kind words and her words of encouragement to others. The message is clear, HARD work pays off! I am so glad that she feels ProntoPass helped, and I am sure it did, but it was her hard work and recommittment to learning that did the job. "V" we share your joy!


Thanks for the e-mail. I took the NAPLEX on Jan. 5th and PASSED. It was my second time. I really liked the cards and the posters, well all of it. I wish I had used this system the first time. Thanks again.
M D , El Paso, TX


Hi Mr. Buzz, This is Tam. As I told you few days ago, I passed NAPLEX with the score of 91 even though I did not have the chance & time to wait for the last minute prep material. I would like to thank you for your efficient materials & your help. As you aware, before I know PRONTOPASS, I went thru almost every materials available on the earth helping to prepare for NAPLEX; e.g., KAPLAN & their Q-Bank, Moris Cody, Apha, ..., & you name it. However, my ever highest score was 73. Luckily, I found your website one day, & it changed everything! I also really appreciate the time you spent quizzing me on the phone about the posters & made me to study again even it was about 12:00 AM! Your time helped me to pass the NAPLEX. I do not know how much I can say thank you to you & your time. Sincerely, Tam Huynh Orlando, FL
T H , Orlando, FL


I received a call telling me that "V" passed her Naplex. She said "You are the most amazing people!"
V C , Omaha, NE
Editors Note: Thank you "V" for your kind words. We enjoy working with students who work hard, as you did. We share your joy! Thank you for calling. Congratulations.


Hey Buzz, Thank you so much for your product. The last review and the posters really helped me a lot. I took the naplex in December but I didn't have a chance to call you for the qbank. I just got my result recently and I passed with a score of 95. I was so scared because two months before I took the Naplex, two of my other friends did not pass. We are all foreign graduates. I saw your website and I told myself to try it since they didn't pass. I've also now recommended your product to them.
R E , Murrieta, GA
Editors Note: Congratulations on your Naplex success and thanks for recommending us to others. We do appreciate both your kind words and the recommendation. All of our feedback is for real but someone who does not know us might be skeptical. Your personal recommendation means so much more to them.


Dear Buzz, I want to thank you and Steve for all your support in helping me prepare for the Naplex. Your support was overwhelming and highly appreciated. I passed the Naplex with a whopping 125! I couldn't have done it without the study materials and the support ProntoPass provided. You were just awesome! It was well worth it. The study materials you have and the Q-Bank provide for a sure pass. I would certainly recommend this program to anyone I know preparing for the Naplex especially foreign pharmacy graduates. I had no doubts after the exam that I had passed. Will call you soon. Kind Regards, Lee
L F , Rochester Hills, MI
Editors Note: Every once in a while, I run across a student who really has workded hard to know our material. Lee was such a student. There was never any doubt that he would pass the Naplex and pass the test with a high score. Steve and I both wish to thank L F. Your hard work made our livies worthwhile and rewarding! Son, YA DONE GOOD!!!! CEB

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