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 Feedback 2008


Hi Colin I PASSED the test. I took the MPJE for Tennesse on Dec 15th. I scored 79%. I still want the get my Georgia license also. So after I move to Tennessee and get settled in, then I will try the Georgia MPJE. Sincerely, E B
E B, Canton, MI


Scored an 80 [on Iowa MPJE]....your study guide was a great help. Thank you
N A, Owings Mills, MD
Editors Note: Nevine forgot to mention how hard and long she studied. I spoke with and emailed Nevine many times and it was a thrill for me to see her develop both knowledge and confidence. After being unsuccessful it is really hard to develop confidence....and she did. I really hope she scored well and will get in our Hall of Fame.


It is a real pleasure to have your Naplex Review. The cards look really helpful and it certainly looks like it will prepard me well. I did take the Naplex last year but I was not prepared. This year, with your study material and hard study, I will pass. Thank you.
W F, Valley Cottage, NY


Hi ProntoPass, I am going to put a check in the mail for 20 more [MPJE] state study guides. The states are DE, MD, VA, FL, TX, AZ, IL, CO, WY, NV, HI, WA, OR, AK, GA, WI, MN, MI, ID, UT. Total cost: 20 x $25 + 6.99 shipping = $506.99. I'm going to get licensed in all these states because my job is paying for them. Also just to let you know, I passed ME,NH,VT,RI,CT,PA all on the first try! I still haven't taken NY or NJ yet but soon. Thanks David
D R, Weston, MA
Editors Note: Congratulations David on your first 6 successes and wish you many more. CEB


I just received a call from one of our students who used all of our study products. He called to say thank you and that he was now licensed in Utah!
S, , UT


Last year in 2007, I started to study for Naplex exam by consulting many books and paid tons of money for them. Don't get me wrong, they were all good books, but they provided pharmacy knowledge very broad in nature. In other words, at the end of my study and just before taking the Naplex, I was more confused and overwhelmed with information. I took the exam in march of 2007 and let's just say I failed it without going into score details. Most importantly, after taking the Naplex exam the first time, I was quite certain before receiving my results that I had failed it. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself and started to search the Internet for some study path which would provide me more focused and concentrated study material on the Naplex exam. I came across ProntoPass website by going through may pharmacy blogs. This time I wanted to Pass Naplex without spending and arm and a let, unlike the last time where I ended up spending almost $3000 with no desirable results. This time, it was also different because I was determined to pass the Naplex and I just needed some focused study material to achieve this goal. ProntoPass was the answer to prayers. Without paying a huge amount of money, I invested in the ProntoPass Combo course, which included the Naplex Review Quickcards, Review Posters, Audio CD, Math Practice, and of course at the end, the Profiles and the Q-Bank. I followed the instructions on how to study the ProntoPass material and guys, guess what? I passed the monstrous Naplex with a score of 119. After studying ProntoPass study material, I felt confident going into the exam has as coming out. Without ProntoPass material, I highly doubt, I could have passed the Naplex exam. Thanks ProntoPass for being there from the beginning till the end of the exam!!!
B F, Murieta, CA
Editors Note: Thank you Bushra for your kind words. God willing, many will be encouraged to study long and hard and do well, as you have done. You will be entered into our Hall of Fame as soon as the webmaster can get it done. Again, congratulations.


I Passed the Delaware law exam with an 84. Thanks
F S, Sewell, NJ


After failing my naplex with both a 68 and a 72, I ordered the ProntoPass and studied for about a month. I wanted to study for about 2 more weeks but certain circumstances cut my study time short. Regardless, I took the test and came out with a 99. The study material put mental images in my head that helped me recall information easier during the exam. The program focused on the important information and I found the posters to be extremely helpful. Again, thank you!
G A, Tallahassee, FL
Editors Note: George added a PS regarding the back of the posters making certain suggestions, which has been omitted. LOL. Congratulations!!!! Thanks for your feedback.


Hello and thanks to everyone at ProntoPass!!! I didn't call you all before taking my test so all I have to return is this CD that came with my original order. I did pass both my Naplex & MPJE! Thanks so very much for creating such a wonderful product! I seriously could not have done it without your cards & posters! Before finding your product, I was truly overwhelmed with the idea/task of studying. I didn't know how or where to begin or what to focus on. I bought the Comprehensive Pharmacy Review book but fell asleep every time I tried to use it. Then a friend told me about ya'll & from the moment I placed the order I felt better. The material was straight forward, easy to understand, read & retain, and also encouraging! From the memoronics to the helpful hints and good advice, you gave me everything I needed to achieve my goal & I can't say thank you enough. I am telling everyone about ya'll! And I was planning my wedding too!!!!
A H P, Beufort, SC
Editors Note: Congratulations Amy. We do not suggest that anyone skip calling us for quizzing and getting the last minute study material, but I am very happy it worked out well for you. I understand the urgency when you are getting married!!! LOL. But, seriously, we are the only company, that I know of, that will take the time to quiz you and tell you if you are ready. Why not (unless your getting married) take us up on this? And Amy, thank you for your kind words. Most students that come to us have done so through word of mouth advertising from other students, like you, that found our product exciting and helpful. CEB


I did pass. Thanks for your help. James [MPJE for NC]
J M, Waynesville, NC


Dear Colin, I already received the prontopass package. Thank you very much. I already sorted them and have started with the definition stuff. I am so inspired to read them and study them because they are so colorful and well-presented. I'll try my best to follow your instructions so I'll be ready to take the naplex next year. Thank you once again for your guidance and may you be blessed always to help others in all your undertakings. Gratefully,
M G, Lancaster, CA


Buzz, Thank you for Prontopass. I took the NC MPJE on 10/30/08 and got 81. I just got back from attending the Reciprocity Meeting that NC requires of all pharmacists looking to transfer their license. It was like a review of basic law which we should have known for the exam. Thanks to you and your research team, your information was rather accurate and helped boil down superfluous material and get down to the nuts & bolts of what we need to focus on. I am presently waiting for my license number and in the meantime have begun studying Florida's material. Thank you again for your program and help. Monika
M W, Glenmont, NY


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: I was recommended to Pronto Pass by a good friend and fraternity brother (AW) whom had used it in the past to pass his NAPLEX. When I told another fraternity brother (HB) the method I was going to use to pass my test, he laughed at me saying, "flash cards isn't going to help you". What a coincident because now I'm laughing because I passed the NAPLEX, thanks to GOD and PRONTO PASS!
Nick, Mckinney, TX


Buzz, Another success story! I passed with a 122, after failing the first time with a 74 I was sad and depressed, but now I have self esteem back! You have a great product! I will send you your materials next week. I took the test on OCT 16, and I just got my results today. I was dying for a month, but now I'm just glad it all turned out for the best!!! Thanks, Eryn
E R, Colorado Springs, CO


Hello team members I got my score for naplex. i made 93. I passed my naplex .Iam so thankful to Buzz and all the team. even though I felt I didnt do better but I feel happy about my score. thank you all....
C P, Sterling, VA


As of today, November 13, 2008... I am a licensed pharmacist!!! I must say - again... Pronto Pass is ALL you need. So many others have stated it more eloquently then I can ever - but Pronto Pass is ALL you need. I actually went to the "boot camp" and was so frustrated at first, I thought the process would never end... I told Buzz that I would never say this... but for a third time - Pronto Pass is ALL you need. Why? Not only because the posters, cards and CD material is spot on! But mainly because of the personal touch. Buzz literally takes a completely whole-hearted interest in each of his students' success. He has kept the lines of communication open with me even months after I left the boot camp. After passing the NAPLEX with a score of 107, I had to take the MPJE. I ordered the Pronto Pass MPJE materials and followed the directions to the letter --- memorize the MPJE cards, then memoroze the state specific sheets, then skim through the state laws provided by the board of pharmacy. I was so scared because I had taken this test 3 times in years past... 72, 73, 74... I thought, the world is against me!!! I sent a quick email and asked him what he thought I should do... he quickly sent an email back to me directly, and said, get it over and done with and schedule the test and in a couple days - try it my way!!! That's all I needed, Buzz. I tried it your way and I did it, with a MPJE score of 83. All I needed was a little boost of encouragement and reminder of the magic of Faith - those is the secret ingredients to ProntoPass' success... Thank you so much for everything!!! Cheryl ........., RPh
C G, Baltimore, MD
Editors Note: A lot of hard work by Cheryl and a little shove by me, LOL! During Cheryl's time here, she studied hard day after day. It was hard and at times tension's were frayed, LOL. We BOTH thought "the process would never end"! We are both vocal and stubborn! Just imagine an intelligent Black woman thinking "the world is against me"!!!! LOL. And now, I am going to say something I thought I would never say...I MISS YOU! LOL. I am sooooo happy for you! CEB PS, Thank you so much for your kind words.


I just got my results and I passed the naplex. Thank you Buzz for all your help , and thank you for pronto pass it really helped me and i only used it for my study (IT WORKS, I HAVE A 3 WEEK OLD BABY AND IT WORKS) and thank you buzz again for your advice on the phone when i called you for first time when you told me you are not quite ready yet and asked me to study one more week and you will be in a good shape. thank you again and it was just a phone call to get the last material. and if you ready you will get it. thanks again and GOD BLESS YOU . BY THE WAY BUZZ I SENT THE LAST REVIEW MATERIAL TODAY BY MAIL Sharl
S M, Catherdral City, CA


Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MPJE with a score of 84. I would like to thank you for making a product like prontopass. Your materials were definitely a great review tool before taking the exam. Thanks once again, Tabraiz
T K, Belvidere, NJ


Passed florida MPJE with a 78 The sheets were helpful
C H II, Auburn, AL


Buzz & Prontopass crew. 83 on the Montana MPJE. Thanks for your help and great products!! Brad Montana
B S, Missoula, MT


Hi just to let you know that I passed my exam Thank-you
M R, Gurabo, Puerto Rico


I made an 85! The information was extremely helpful! Thank you so much! Your product was a great study tool.
D T, Wilmington, NC


I was having a discussion today with a new student ( J. L. )and I asked him why he chose ProntoPass. He said that he had a friend who studied Morris Cody and failed and then tried passnaplexnow and failed and then decided to go with prontopass and passed! J. L. said that was enough for him since he had also purchased Morris Cody and failed.
, ,


Hi Buzz, I just received my NAPLEX scores and I got 138. And the credit goes to pronto pass. When I called for being quizzed, Buzz was out of town and he called me that very evening upon arrival. Upon quizzing, he told me I would get at least 130 and that he wants to see me in the Hall of Fame. That was a great boost for my confidence. I received my last minute material I studied well but one week before the exam I got that panic attack I am sure everyone does. I just picked up the phone and called Buzz and he actually spoke to me for 20 minutes talking about different aspects and ways I could reduce the stress and even offered that I could call and get quizzed on certain topics ( for free- for those who think online quizs arent just). And at that point, Buzz was done with his part of the deal, as promised he did whatever I paid for, but that last minute personal attention, now that√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s priceless. He could have just said I am busy and never got back to me. All I can say is Pronto pass is personal tutoring. I cannot praise the product enough. I am more than a 100% satisfied and would recommend it to anyone who wants NAPLEX to not only be an exam but an experience. I learned facts better from pronto pass then I did from my school. One advice to everyone I deeply regretted doing that but I finished my exam is 2 hours. I wouldn√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t want anyone to do that mistake. There is ample time you can read each question 3-4 times so please don√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t hurry up. I unintentionally went so fast and when I got my break I was on question 184. God Bless Buzz and the whole staff at pronto pass. So, what do I need to do to be in the hall of fame now? Thank you for everything.
A A, Falls Church, VA
Editors Note: Congratulations and thank you very much for your kind words. I am so happy to hear of your excellent results. It is a real pleasure to quiz someone who really knows the material like you did. I would love to put you in our Hall of Fame. I need permission to use your name and a copy of your printed results ..... and please---a picture so everyone will know you are real! I am soooooo happy for you! CEB


Hi Colin, I found out today that I passed [MPJE] with a score of 80. The flashcards were really helpful. Thanks, Heidi
H C, Yorba Linda, CA


[regarding MPJE]Good afternoon Colin, Just got the news today- I passed Connecticut with an 80 and Pennsylvania with an 82 (and less than two weeks of study!) The cards are a wonderful product (and the folding trick definitely facilitates self-study.) Keep up the great work! Many thanks, Laura
L A, Lawrenceville, NJ


Yippppeeee...I passed!!! [This was regarding MPJE]
T T, San Jose, CA


hi! i just passed the VA law (FSDLE) with a 79%!!!! thx to all of u at pronotpass!!
H T, Glen Allen, VA
Editors Note: Just like we want for state law test....a fast pass Please follow our instructions....there is little room to spare!


I purchased the pronto pass products product august 1st 2008, Prior to purchasing this product I had been using the APHA book which i felt was overwhelming and i wasn't retaining anything i read. I called "BUZZ" on several occasions prior to purchasing this products and asked him about exactly how this product was going to help me.. I felt like "Why should I spend so much money on a product and i wasnt convinced that just studying flash cards and posters would be enough" Once i got the products i was very excited and i put away all my other study materials. I began studying and was focused on doing this a 100%. I spent about 10 hours a DAY doing this. I was not only trying to memorize the cards but was also LEARNING. ABout August 31st i called buzz to see if he could send my last minute review, He asked me if i had memorized the posters COLD and also Knew my math cold. I replied and told him that i was okay but its impossible for me to know everything. I told him since i already paid for his product i should be ENTITLED to my last minute review. He told me that he would not send them until i had passed the 3 tests with him and he certified me ready to pass the exam. I also informed him that i was ready to start working and my JOB was ready for me to get LICENSED. He told me that this exam was very important and i shouldn't take it lightly. He basically told me my priority should be my exam not MY JOB AND THE MONEY I HAD BEEN LOSING FROM NOT WORKING. I followed his advice and studied hard for the next two weeks. I called him and went through 3 series of tests in which i had to pass all to receive the last review material. He predicted based on my performance that i would score about a 110-115. On October 1, 2008 I arrived at the testing center for my exam at 8am. I came there prepared and of course I also did a lot of PRAYING because i believe one has to do their part and leave the rest to GOD. I started the exam in which i was swamped with about 20 statistics questions. I wanted to start crying but i remembered "BUZZ" telling me before i took the exam that the first couple of questions might be tough and not to freak out. i remained calm and just picked what i felt was the best possible answer. As i went through the exam ,It just kept getting harder and harder and I was beginning to feel that i had the "TEST from HELL", but i remained CALM. I finished the exam with only 1 minute left. I left that day feeling very discouraged and UNHAPPY. I waited 2 weeks in anguish to get my result. I already KNEW I FAILED!!! On OCT 16, 2008 I received my SCORE in the mail and yet to my surprise a score of 139. I was very shocked, how did this happen??? I guess my test was so hard because i was doing so well... it kept getting harder on me because i must have been getting the questions right. Me getting this score was MY HARD WORK, THE GREAT PRONTOPASS STUDY MATERIAL and GOD's help also. I would encourage anyone to purchase this products a 150% and follow all BUZZ advice in using it. Don't Underestimate yourself, Make studying hard for this exam your priority because that 2 months of hard work has finally paid off!!! NOT only did i get a GREAT score but i am VERY VERY knowledgeable and well competent PHARMACIST!!! THE SKY is just the limit for me right now.
E O, Sugar Land, TX
Editors Note: Congratulations Eniola. You will be inducted into our Hall of FAME. Great job!!!!!!! CEB


I ended up passing [the MPJE] with an 86. Thanks, Eric
E S, Dallas, TX


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics and MPJE FL Review: Passed NAPLEX with 112 and FL MPJE with an 86 Prontopass was all I used for NAPLEX and I am now telling anyone who asks me for advice on how to study Thank you for creating such a wonderful system Thanks to you I am now a registered Florida Pharmacist Oh by the way I received prontopass as a gift from my husband it make an awesome gift hehehe
P M, Miami, FL


Hi Passed Naplex in first attempt. Thank God, Prontopass and buzz. Just do as buzz says. Practice math everyday and u will be fine. Thanks for all your help. ----Maddy
MD, Wesley Chapel, FL


Hi Buzz, Finally, I got my NAPLEX score: 130, I cannot believed it... I thought I did bad because some questions were very tricki. I'll have my MPJEE on Thursday, I will let you know too. Thanks for everything.
P R, St Louis, MO
Editors Note: Congratulations Pilar. Months of study pays off again.


Colin, Just wanted to let you know that i passed my MPJE with a score of 82. I studied the federal cards and state law pages word to word and the additional supplement that was mailed to me was particularly helpful for the state law. Thanks Archana
A S, San Antonio, TX
Editors Note: A quick pass with the law....just as the doctor prescribed!


A few months ago, I ordered the prontopass study guides for the MPJE in TN and KY. The results are in and I passed both exams. Thanks for the help. Maura
M S, Hendersonville, NC
Editors Note: Congratulations Maura


I finally got my results - I passed my CA Law. I thank Buzz and prontopass again for my success and highly recommend everyone to study prontopass for all the pharmacist tests. As I said before if I could, I would give a Nobel prize to Buzz as the Best Teacher of the World and to Prontopass as the most genius learning programm. Thank you very much. To all of you who just started or in process of studying - be strong, don't afraid. struggle and you will win at the end. You will not only pass your tests but will also gain confidence and great knowledge for your practice. Good luck and God bless you all.
N S, Carmichael, CA


Hi everyone finally I passed the MPJE with score 82 thanks Buzz your materials was helpful. So now I am a licenced Pharmacist.
M S, Lynden, VA


Buzz (that's what I hear you are called), I passed my MPJE in AZ. I Spoke to your guys Mike and Brian the other day. Please thank them.
E S, Gilbert, AZ


Hi Colin, I just wanted to update you that I passed NAPLEX. I just found out yesterday, Sep. 18th. I took the test on Sept. 8th. This was my first time taking it so I was very thankful to God for the grace and mercy and also to your study materials. I did get a lot of patient profiles and I came out horrified not knowing if I made it. It's a miracle that I did! Despite the lack of time studying due to heavy workloads (1.5 jobs with travel) and being a foreign graduate who finished school 12 years ago, I was able to take advantage of your user friendly materials. I am more of a visual person and the format really worked for me. I could take it anywhere I go. I was not able to follow your suggestion entirely. I did try folding the flashcards, utilized the poster and CD, put my other review materials away but was not able to talk to you about my readiness to take the test and so I was not able to take advantage of your last minute study materials. I did tell you before that I kept re-scheduling the test since I am afraid that I will fail. I know two of my foreign pharmacy grad friends who took the test twice, and it made me think that NAPLEX should not be taken lightly. One thing I would say, it took a lot of time, dedication and effort to come up with this kind of study materials that would meet probably any candidates need. I did not get a high score but I am just thankful and content to pass and meet the NAPLEX requirement. I will be purchasing the MPJE study materials from you and I will be returning the Audio CD soon. I highly recommend your review program to anyone whose goal is to pass NAPLEX for the first time. I am really thankful that God directed me to your website. Keep up the good work! Kind regards,
L D, Schaumburg, IL


Hi, I passed the AZ MPJE with an 87. Thanks for your awesome study materials. Would it be possible for you to email me a copy of my receipt? I seem to have misplaced mine and would like to submit it to my employer for reimbursement. Thanks again Melissa Sheppard
M S, Burlington, KY
Editors Note: Congratulations. Thanks for your kind words. Your comment was a reminder that most employers WILL reimburse students for their ProntoPass study material if asked BEFORE being hired.


Thank God and thanks to Buzz...Buzz your products rock. Only study prontopass, that's all you need. You don't need the APHA book, it's really a waste of time. I am talking from experience. IF YOU DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING FROM THIS POST, JUST REMEMBER TO FOLLOW BUZZ RULES ABOUT PRONTOPASS. KNOW THE POSTERS, THE LAST MINUTE REVIEW CARDS AND THE Q-BANK VERY VERY VERY WELL. AS FOR THE MATH PART, IF YOU DO THE MATH PRACTICE FROM PRONTOPASS, I GUARANTEE YOU, YOU WILL DO VERY WELL IN THE NAPLEX EXAM. I left the exam center thinking that I failed, I remembered feeling awful after the exam. Thanks to Buzz for the posters and the Q-banks. MAKE YOU SURE YOU STUDY HARD..Don't listen to people telling you that the exam is very easy, you should be fine, don't buy that comment...STUDY HARD. I studied Prontopass for about 6 months, I started studying 5-6 hours a day, and the last 3 weeks before the exam I studied for about 12 hours a day. I got a 100 on the Naplex and 87 on the pharmacy law. Although I feel that I could have had a higher score for the Naplex, but I'm statisfied with my score. I cannot stop praising God for Buzz products. Thank you very much Buzz for all your help. God will bless you for the great work that you are doing. Thank you, Thank you Thank you....GOD BLESS
, Boston, MA
Editors Note: Congratulations G. Job well done. I share your joy! For our readers I would like to point out a couple of things. First, this student failed Naplex twice before (with two really poor scores)and that makes it really, really hard to go back to study material and study again...but this student did and so can anyone else. If that happens to be your situation, gather determination and study hard and long. This student studied for 6 months 5-6 hours per day and the last 3 weeks for 12 hours per day. Hard study pays off. Finally, the last minute study material, including the Q-Bank is important, but learning the basics is MORE important. Learning the basics allows you to understand better the points in the last minute study material. Without learning the basics that would be impossible.


I passed! Don't know my score, just got letter from Florida Board saying I was now licensed. Thanks, M
M H, Batesville, IN
Editors Note: Congratulations. Thank you for purchasing our MPJE study tool.


Hi, Just want to let you know that I have passed the TN MPJE. thanks alot A S
A S, Reisterstown, MD


Hi Buzz and Crew, I conquered the licensing exam with 32 extra points! Thank you so much for all your smiles, jokes and words of encouragement!!! I never felt more at peace than the few minutes before I walked into the testing center. At that moment, I knew that God has already and would continue to open so many doors!!! GOD IS GOOD!!! and Pronto Pass works!!! Thanks for the music and pictures! Keep in touch. Cheryl
C G, Baltimore, MD


Received an email about a student's MPJE Just wanted to let you know I passed with an 82. Thanks a bunch!!
A C H, Rochester, NY
Editors Note: Our MPJE product is a unique study tool. Almost everyone passes but no one scores high!


Hello Everybody! I received my score. I made a 105, and I am pretty happy with that! So, thanks again for everything. I'm relieved that it's over, and I am so so happy to be home with my little girl and all my friends. take care
A F, Port Orange, FL


Dear Mr Bayliss, Sorry for a late email. I am expecting to have my baby soon so was busy shopping for her. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I passed with a 117 (My first attempt without prontopass was 61). It was my first failure and really had no clue how to deal with it, how to start over and read the same material again. But I thank God for a friend who recommended prontopass. Prontopass is really great. After studying, I felt prepared not only for the test but also to be a Pharmacist. To be frank I did not think "memorizing" was a good approach and in the begining I tried a lot to read through the cards, then pick up Apha and read up on what was not on the cards. It was all a big waste of time. I found that it was not getting me anywhere and that it only hampered my confidence. Finally in July I decided to do it your way. I studied hard for a month and half before I called you for quizzing. It was after studying from Prontopass ONLY that I realized that memorizing actually taught me a lot more than I had ever imagined. It was a wonderful experience overall. Loved the CD with poster quizes. Thanks a lot. You really made a huge difference in my life. I will be sharing my experience will all my friends who want to do well on NAPLEX as well be a good confident pharmacist. I have sent the last minute q bank etc in the mail today. Sincerely,
S S, Virginia, VA


WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I PASSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! I'm sure you'll think that's not too good, but for me that failed sooooo many times and lost confidence and hope, I think it's terrific : 84 ! Thanks again for all your help. I'm sure I would not achieve that if I didn't join your program - and study the right way- memorizing , folding cards and everything ... I'll certainly recommend your program to all students , grad-students and foreigners like myself . Thanks again
Withheld, ,


I took Naplex on 8/26/08 and I finally got my score today-- 140!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank God, I thank my family and friends and I thank PRONTO PASS--I graduated pharmacy school in 1978 and was out of practice for 14 years. After refreshing myself on basic pharmacology and disease states for about 6 months, I bought Pronto Passat the end of Dec. 07. Although I studied fairly hard for 6 months, I really pushed at the end, putting in 12 hours/day for the last 2 months--it paid off! I am so glad the pharmacists I interned with told me about PRONTO PASS!! Thank you! W L PS--The WA state law exam is next--I will definitely be buying the PRONTOPASS law review.
W L, Brush Prairie, WA
Editors Note: Congratulations Wilma. What a great score. Hard, long, study works!!!!!!! I am so proud of you.


Just want to let you know that the posters are awesome. Do you have one for antibiotics?
S K, Katy, TX
Editors Note: Our posters are very important because they are mostly disease oriented and Naplex today has lots of profiles. Understanding disease will greatly help with those profiles. We do not have an antibiotics poster for two reasons: 1) we do not think that a poster would be an improvement over the cards and 2) because it is not a disease.


To the staff: Thanks for everything! The Posters, Cards, and the CD were great. Due to many personal situations I had going on in my life, it was difficult, but I never gave up. Regardless of teh time it took me to finally move forward in my life, I always kept the faith. Anyhway, I did pas with a 100! I will be talking with you guys about TN and LA MPJE. Until then, God bless!
T J, Natchez, MS


I picked this off our group site. I took the NAPLEX on Thursday, Aug.21. Found it to be an odd exam. Some questions were ridiculously easy - I could have gotten them correct in high school. Then, there were some questions that I had no idea about the subject matter....seemed like they were for a different exam - not pharmacy. I walked out of there not feeling very good about how i did. But, I did end up passing with a score of 118.....plenty of breathing room. I will say that I had PLENTY of time to complete the exam. I took all the time I needed to answer each question and still had 45 minutes leftover. Here's another thing - If you think about it, most of us are successful students that are used to getting at least 3 of every 4 questions correct. Even with my good score of 118, I doubt that I answered 75% of the questions correctly. So, if you get that sinking feeling, that a good student inherently would, don't let it bring you down. Remember that you don't have to get that many of the questions correct in order to pass. Oh, and BTW.....I only spent about three weeks studying. However, I would recommend that ONLY if it's your studying style to put in long study days.....which is how I am. I was able to study about 8 hours a day the first week, then 10 hours a day the second week, and 14 hours a day the last week leading up to the exam. I was able to go through all of the prontopass cards & posters three times. Also, I DID NOT do the final review, nor did I call Buzz. But, that's just me. Each of you has to decide for yourself what works best for you. I actually intend to keep looking over the prontopass stuff b/c I'd like to be very proficient at knowing a lot of little details about the medications. I think the font style & colors help make the prontopass materials much easier to follow than other study materials. I could picture a lot of the posters in my head during the exam. Ok.....I've rambled on much more than I had anticipated. Good Luck to the rest of you still waiting to take the exam.
unknown, ,


Hello, I recieved my results for the MPJE a week ago and passed! The cards were helpful and I am glad I purchased them. They saved me a lot of time, rather than reading through text books. The state law summary sheets were also helpful. Thanks,
A R, Grand Junction, CO


God bless you! Thanks for everything. All of the ProntoPass material helped. I studied it all...and only ProntoPass. I passed with a 116 and passed the CPJE with a 82. You are amazing. Keep up the excellent work! Hugs! N R
N R, Alhambra, CA


Thanks. I passed, first time, both the Ohio Law and Naplex!
J B, Erie, PA


I copied this from the group: Dear Buzz and everyone. I passed Naplex with 124. Do not doubt in ProntoPass. ProntoPass is so great and wonderful. Study your Prontopass really well, and you will be fine! I just want to emphasize this statement "Follow Buzz's advice" Make sure you study the latest version of ProntoPass! Thank you GOD. Thank you Buzz, thank you ProntoPass's team. Thank you all members in this Naplexandmore group. You guys rocks ProntoPass is awesome!!!!!!! Thank you. bva Then I also received this email: Dear Buzz, I am so happy to inform you that I passed my Naplex with 124 score. Thank you so much. Thank you GOD that leads me to meet you and your ProntoPass product. Thank you so much for creating such a great and wonderful products. ProntoPass is GREAT!!!! The previous day I had received this email: Dear Buzz, I just took the Naplex on tuesday afternoon. I will send the Prontopass final preparation: updated last review, Q-bank, profiles, audio cd back to you tomorrow. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!! PRONTOPASS ROCKS!!!!!! Thank you, Varintorn Varintorn
V B A, North Bethesda, MD
Editors Note: Can't you just feel the excitement that Varintorn had when she found that she had such a wonderful score? I just wish that every student would study has hard and do as well as this student. Varintorn is eligible for our Hall of Fame! I am sooooo happy for her. CEB


Can't you just feel the excitement that Varintorn had when she found that she had such a wonderful score? I just wish that every student would study has hard and do as well as this student. Varintorn is eligible for our Hall of Fame! I am sooooo happy for her. CEB
B F, Hilo, HI


I just wanted to thank God and ProntoPass. I can still remember calling CEB right after my exam and telling him how horrible I think I did and he kept on telling me that he is positive I passed. With all that preaching to me and all I could do is tell him that he can preach from here till tomorrow, its still not going to change how bad I think I did. Let me start off by saying I was one of the few students in pharmacy school that just study just to pass. I have never worked in harmacy even till today so that did not help me with passing. All you have to do is study ProntoPass. It actually works. Please believe me when I say DO NOT STUDY ANYTHING ELSE even OTC products. Just focus on prontopass and just it. As for OTC, all you need to know is just the onces in the cards. I recieved my Naplex score today. I got a 127.
C A, Cedar Hill, TX
Editors Note: This student studied long and hard. I knew that she did well on Naplex because when we quizzed and tested her, she knew her pharmacy basics very well prior to taking Naplex!!! It is important to note that, like this student, some come out of the test feeling really, really bad. If you really know your stuff, don't worry about it. After studying ProntoPass every student should be able to take any of our on line tests and score 85 or higher.


The shortest email in history: 78! Thanx!
M M, Suffold, VA
Editors Note: Our MPJE product is unique. We suggest that your intense study be devoted to Naplex then pass MPJE in 2 weeks from the day you order our MPJE material. Almost everyone passes, but usually with a little more room than this student got! LOL. CEB


Hey there! Just wanted to let you all know that I did pass the law exam. I got an 82 and I am an official pharmacist now! Amanda
A B, Rutledge, TN


Got my license, cards made it simple even though I only went through certain sections.
J H, Phoenix, AZ


Mr. Bayliss, Thanks for the great study materials! I just wanted to let you know I will be sending you back the returnable materials tomorrow. I had my NAPLEX originally scheduled for Jun 31 but then re-scheduled it for Aug 11, necessitating my need to keep them a while longer; I am not trying to keep them! I passed with triple digits and was very relieved. My pharmacy school has a sound reputation for sending people to the NAPLEX overprepared but I still felt the need to review some things (like stuff we did P1 year!). Prior to ordering your materials, I felt like I was messing around, wasting more time trying to get organized than actually studying. I did not have as long to review them as I would have liked, but I did not want to re-schedule again simply for just wanting to get it over with! Thanks again! I'll recommend your products to others. Cam
C S, Nirmingham, AL
Editors Note: I love to hear of triple digit Naplex scores! Congratulations. Thirty days with our stuff, if you are well prepared to begin with....can do wonders. I also note that this studend did NOT call for quizzing and the final review materials!


Hello Colin, I wanted to let you know that I received my score for Naplex today. I pass Naplex with a score of 127! Prontopass was very helpful. During the exams, I could remember the things on the poster and I was able to pick out the answer without hesitation on many questions. thank you! S N
S N, Baltimore, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations Sue.


Mr Bayliss, These cards (including posters) were the perfect study tool. There are so many Naplex Study materials available, but the ProntoPass Solution made my decision easy. I bought the cards last fall in preparatin for the exam. I followed the directions (step-by-step). I had the cards, math and the posters down "cold". In fact, these materials were very beneficial for me during my fourth year rotations. I knew much more than my counterparts! After reading through the Alabama law, I realized that ProntoPass could help me with the MPJE as well. And, it did! Since Ihad been preparing for so long, I decided to do the unthinkable: I took the exams back-to-back! Yes, that's right! I took the Naplex at 2PM on Tuesday and the MPJE at 2PM on Wednesday. I had told some friends about my paln and they all thought I had completely lost my mind. But with hard work, determination and lots of discipline, I had the confidence to pull through like a real ProntoPass Champ! I made a 110 on the naplex and a 86 on the MPJE. ProntoPass made me a real winner! I am grateful.
A P , Birmingham, AL
Editors Note: Congratulations Adam! (He enclosed copies of his scores dated 8-5-08 and 8-6-08) With long study, and good knowledge acquisition, comes confidence. I do NOT suggest to others that they follow Adam's path of taking exams back to back. Just a little more work and focus only on Naplex and he would now be in our Hall of Fame! Nevertheless, JOB WELL DONE! CEB


Hi, Just wanted to let you know I passed the New Mexico MPJE with an 85. Thanks so much for the cards----\ They were a real help.
R F, DeRidder, LA


Dear Mr Colin: The Naplex went well...I got a 127. Now I am preparing for the MPJE. Thanking you once again for everything.
S P, , AL
Editors Note: Months of hard study again pay off!!!


Dear Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I took the NAPLEX on June 20th and passed with a 128! I only studied your Prontopass system - it definitely was a great supplement and brush up on my knowledge from school. Thanks! Lauren
L R, Havertown, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations. You are eligible for our Hall of Fame. It really shows what 2 1/2 months of hard study can do! CEB


I picked this off our group site: Hi!everyone Wanted to let you all know that I passed MPJE, WA. I literally scraped through I got a 77..The Pronto material was helpful but there were so many questions based on ethics that is just based on practical stuff..I dont think any resource out there has answers too... The last 2 choices on the questions just leave u so confused.... they r so similar...u cud spend days figuring out which one is right......I studied 3 whole days...I dont think studying anymore would have helped.. One of my major mistakes with the MPJE...I didnt plan my time..I completed 35 questions in one hour ..the next thing I know I have 5 minutes left and I just finished 55 questions!!!That was so scary...and then strange enough I clicked thru to the end to realise I had 15 minutes left???!!! I was so shocked/depressed n felt so stupid!!So my sincere advice keep a watch on the clock and plan plan plan....I dont know why the Test centers dont have a decent clock rather than that awful timer(in tiny font)on the top of the screen!!! Anycase,,,,this was a true miracle!!!
withheld, ,
Editors Note: Not every story is a great story, but as Shakespeare said, "All's well that ends well." Under these circumstances, I will take a 77 as a blessing from God. Strange things happen on the computer testing! I think this student is right regarding studying for MPJE. Study quick and get on with it! We are not studying to be lawyers! CEB PS..remember as she said, "Pronto material was helpful", LOL


Dear Mr. Bayliss, I just want to let you know that I passed the Naplex with a score of 125. Thank you very much. What do I have to do to get my incentive? Again thank you so much. Minerva
E R, Pensacola, FL
Editors Note: You are eligible for our Hall of Fame. Go to our website and click on the Hall of Fame button on the left and read what you need to do to get our awards. I am soooo happy for you. CEB


hi buzz i just received my results and i passed naplex. i thank you for all your help and guidance which made it possible. thank you and all your staff at prontopass regards, thomas philips
T P, Chester Springs, PA


hey buzz.. i passed,,thanks for everything. I am currently away from los angeles and in Indiana for a Eli Lilly job. I will be back on August 14th, and i will mail out the CD's back to you as promised on Friday Aug 15th. Hope all is do i remove myself form this chat group? thanks regards NAZ
N R, Alhambra, CA


Dear Buzz, Today i got the good news that i am now a registered pharmacist! Thank you for your support and thank you for prontopass! I am a foreign graduate and i graduated 17 years ago! To everybody, i would advise you to continue studying and continue to listen to Buzz and ALWAYS TRUST IN GOD! Thanks to everybody for all your support! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
R C, Miami, FL


C F, Ellenwood, GA


Dear Buzz, Last week I received great news from Florida. The governor recently got rid of the law that said a pharmacist had to take NAPLEX again if more than 12 years had passed in order to get a Florida license. When I heard the news, I was elated and disappointed. I was glad that I didn't have to take the exam, but I would have liked to know how I would have done on it with the help from Prontopass. Plus I wanted to make the Hall of Fame. Prontopass has helped me tremendously review material I knew, as well as, help me learn subjects like HIV which I viewed with fear and dread. After learning the HIV material, you were right. My feelings were ungrounded and all I did was waste energy. For that I'm grateful to you and your program for making me a better pharmacist and I haven't completed all of the subjects yet. I appreciate all the hard work you and your assistants have put into organizing and condensing the tremendous volumes of information. You managed to make an overwhelming task into an achievable and manageable goal. It's terrific. If it's alright with you, I would like to continue going through the quickcards and posters and using the CD. Obviously, my focus has changed, but this material is great for reviewing and updating one's knowledge. I do plan on returning the CD when I finish going through the material, if that's okay with you. Right now I am studying for the MPJE for Florida to be followed by North Carolina and South Carolina. Then I will get back to the posters and cards. Thank you!
M W, Glenmont, NY


My name is Cxxxxxxxxx Sxxxx and I will no longer be studying for the California Pharmacy licensure. I am using your study materials to familiarize myself with information I can use in my current practice. I find the review cards and posters extremely effective and well worth the money. Thank you for your time and your passion!! Sincerely C S
C S, Fort Collins, CO


Colin I found out today I passed the MPJE and will be working as a pharmacist in Oregon next week. Thank you for your products M R
M R, Medford, OR


Graduated in 74 and have not filled a Rx in 25 years. Took the test July 14th and got my results today. 107. Used PRONTOPASS and followed the directions. Folded cards, self-tested and studied entirely solo. Studied at my state university library 4-7 hours a day, most days of the week for three months. Listened to the audio while doing cardio on the tread so many times I could have recited them on command. Did not do the telephonic quizzing as it is not my style but am sure it would be helpful if that is your deal. The material is so well organized and the presentation so right on that it made the first phase of my pharmacy re-entry process interesting, informing and enjoyable. So, spot on to Buzz & PRONTOPASS, study hard, and don't get bogged down with every little detail. Brad Montana
B S, Missoula, MT


[Picked up off a group chat site] I am a 1975 pharmacy school grad. I was out of pharmacy for over 10 years ( just did enough CE to keep my California License). Moved to Washington state, and as you know there is no reciprocity between Calif and any other state. I passed NAPLEX in 2008 by just using Prontopass. My advice: just do what Buzz says and you will be fine.
T B, Vancouver, WA


Unfortunately, I was late in purchasing the ProntoPass cards and therefore was unable to follow the program as it should be done. However, I found the cards and posters to be extremely useful in studying for the Naplex. I took the Naplex on July 2nd and did very well thanks to ProntoPass. Thanks you for taking time to create these study maerials!
M T, Meridian, MS
Editors Note: Congratulations Mitzi!!!


Dear Buzz, I just want to let you know that I like both Top 200 audio CD and the software, although I prefer to software because it easier for me to see the drug's name and recognize them. Audio CD is good when I am driving and ...have nothing to do. Thanks a lot for making both of them. I am very glad to have them both. They really help me a lot. Thanks and have a great day, Buzz!
L V, Highlands, CO


I passed the MPJE. Thanks so much so the study guide and cards. Thanks, E F
E F, Savannah, TN.


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: I have finally completed the long journey by passing the NAPLEX in first trial with a score of 117. Even though I never called Buzz to be quizzed, I cannot thank ProntoPass enough for their exemplary and revolutionary product. I used APhA during my clinical rotations and I had gone thru' it from cover to cover before my rotations were over and I guess this gave me the necessary foundation. After graduating from pharmacy school, I was abit apprehensive on the proper way to study for NAPLEX. I remember during my last clinical rotations, a fellow student showed me a few prontopass index cards with memoronics and I first thought she was out of her mind...little did I know that after reading prontopass's positive online reviews , I would end up placing an order. When the order arrived, as curious as I was to open the package I did not anticipate to see over 1000 cards and 16 posters staring strangely at me. At first, I thought Buzz must have gone NUTS because for once I knew I was never good at memorizing and I so realized I had an uphill battle ahead of me. But as the adage goes, you can eat a whole elephant one piece at a time...the rest is history. I studied prontopass ONLY for one month for atleast 8 hrs/day and supplementing with one hour of recordings daily. The recordings were God sent (trust me!!!) because Buzz has condensed ~60% of pharmacy school in just about 20 hrs. Concepts like protein binding,liver enzyme inhibition/induction and what take take precedence when you have drugs that are highy protein bound ( it LE inhibition/induction or protein bindig?). This became clearar after listening to the recordings. All in all prontopass provided me with all I needed to pass the NAPLEX. To Buzz...may God continue blessing your effort in helping others...I truly exult your product. Thanks, WN
W N, Worcester, MA
Editors Note: Thank you Wallace for your kind words.


After studying ProntoPass, Naplex was a breeze! The math cards were excellent and after 6 years of pharmacy school I finally understand pharmacy calculations. As for the law was good but I feel both the Federal and PA state section could use revising/update. Questions on emergency contraception need to be addressed as well as issues invoving death of licence holders. I felt pretty bad comming out of the test but I still passed! So all in all...a positive review
R P, Philadelphia, PA
Editors Note: Our goal with our Naplex study material is understanding. Our material is very conprehensive...and sometimes hard. The memoronics try to make it easier, but it is still work. After working hard, the student will feel very good about their knowledge. On the other hand, our MPJE study material is intended for a quick pass. We have not worked hard to become lawyers. You will NOT feel good coming out of the MPJE. R P truly experienced ProntoPass as it was intended!!! CEB


Thanks so much for developing prontopass. I passed.
L M, Tampa, FL


Mr Bayliss, I got my Naplex results today and scored a 113, so close to being in the hall of fame. Thank you for your product. It really helped with my success.
M R, Medford, OR


I am soooo thrilled to announce that I passed the Naplex with a score of 130. I thank God for this miracle..I never thought it was in my capability to get this score. The most surprising thing.... Buzz guessed my score when he quizzed me and told me that this would be my score ..So buzz what can I say?? you couldnt have been more right!! There's so much I want to say but am studying for the law exam so will follow up this mail with a proper success story....I thank Buzz and Pronto and all my friends in this group...God has a purpose in everything and I believe he led me to Prontopass when I was at a point where I was really depressed and apprhensive about studying....So ...dont have any doubts about Pronto,,,study it well, and have faith in God ....and I am sure youll pass with flying colors. All the best Jaya
J G, Lacey, WA
Editors Note: Congratulations Jaya. Wonderful work and wonderful score. You worked hard and deserve it. You make it sound like I had a crystal ball regarding your score, LOL. If I remember correctly, you quizzed very well and I said that if you studyied hard for the next two weeks you could attain a Naplex score of distinction, like 130. It was your hard study not my crystal ball.


Just wanted to let you know that I passed with a 110. I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks. Marianne
M C, Lubbock, TX


Dear ProntoPass, Thank you for your product! I am a visual learner and really appreciated teh posters. It's nice to have major points on disease states all on one poster. I liked the audio quizzes too, but you should get students who speak better english or who don't interrupt the teacher. Also, it would be nice to include practice exams in the package. All in all, I got a 125 on the naplex and only studied for 2 weeks so I guess your product works! Thank you. D G
D G, Oak Forest, IL
Editors Note: Congratulations Diane. Your study and results prove that the basics are very, very important. D G did not call for the last minute study material. (Had D D done so, she would realize that the Q-Bank is arranged in sets of 100 practice exams....LOL) The Audio involves real students, not actors, so sometimes things are not just quite like I would like, but it is spontaneous and memorable.


Buzz - Thank you so much for your cards and help with the biggest challenge in my life thusfar. You truly have a gift of taching and it is much appreciated. I did pass and I am very grateful. Your program provides everything that is needed. Thanks you!!!
B H, Cumming, GA


My name is J C and I purchased the prontopass package. I actually will not require the final mterials as I already took and passed my Naplex. Thanks.
J C, Waterloo, IA
Editors Note: J C emailed and said that he scored a 120. Knowing the basics really, really well will get the job done without the final last minute study materials! Good Job. CEB 7-22-08 Note that J C has NOT sent any confirmation of this great score.


I just wanted to write and say thank you for the Prontopass products - I took the NAPLEX on Monday, and just found that I scored a 135!
C R, Ionia, IA


Just wanted to let you know that I received an 84 on my MPJE! Thanks for the study materials, they were a huge help and I was finished with my exam in a little over an hour. E M
E M, Saint Albans, WV


Well, I just got out of my exam and I cannot thank you enough! The cards wer so wonderful to use! The Math Practice made me feel sooo confident and I will keep the posters to use even as a pharmacit. Thanks again for a wonderful product! Sincerely J G PS. I called twice for the last minute study material but I never got through, but its ok though, I still think I passed.
J G, Flushing, NY
Editors Note: JG later reported getting a 139! One of the reasons we quiz is to make sure the student knows the basics. Once you know the basics you can pass Naplex and if you can "connect the dots" well, you can score high even without the last minute study material. While I have not seen this students actual 139 result, I do believe her.


Hello Colin, I just wanted you to know that I passed both the Naplex and Maryland MPJE and I owe a lot of it to your program. I earned a 112 on the Naplex and an 81 on the Law. Thank you so much, your program works. MD
M D, Bel Air, MD


Hi Gang, Just want to announce that I passed the NAPLEX with 116. I want to thank all that have helped me in this journey especially Buzz for quizzing and quizzing and making me more prepared for this exam. Those teachers that push you most will be remembered most b/c that's who you learn the most from and those are the ones that make a difference!!! Thanks BUZZ for asking me to be better and better!!! I have been practicing pharmacy in Nevada for almost 5 years, graduated 7 years ago so it was difficult to go back to books again, but posters and cards made it a little more fun to read the material...especially the [omited] on the back of posters!!! I started studying a few hours a day since February and kept my 36hr/wk job all through this process... i took more days off toward the time of the exam and took the exam last wednesday, June 18, 08. and got the result today. Good luck to all who are preparing for exams, Trust prontopass and you will definitely do well!!! Gayaneh
G B, Henderson, NV
Editors Note: Congratulations Gayaneh. Great job! You are eligible for our Hall of Fame and it would be our pleasure to do so.


Mr.Bayliss, I wanted to let you know that I have taken and passed the Naplex even though I didn't call to get the last review. I did everything you told me to in my preparation for the test. I had many math questions which until I did the review I know I could have not answered correctly. There was only one math question I could not get to work out!! All of the disease states on the test were familiar thanks to the review and if I didn't know the answer immediately I was able to narrow my choices. Thank you so much for all of your help. I need to know if there is anything I need to send back to you. I only have what you originally sent me. By the way my score was 110. Thank You, J.F, Pharm D.
J F, Hazard, KY
Editors Note: Congratulations Jamie on a job well done! The only thing in the original package that is on loan is the Audio CD. Return of that would be appreciated. CEB


Thanks, I passed my FL MPJE.
R B, Cayey, PR


I followed your directions and scored a 129 on the first try. I have recommended this product to all other in my school (Shenandoah University). The last review was especially helpful. Thanks Again!
C P, Waynesboro, PA


I Passed Naplex with a Score of 133!!!!!!! Thanks to you!!! and your EXCELLENT study material.....I think I scored high just because of your easy to follow study system........Before I found your study material, I was so worried and nervous about how to prepare for Naplex, but once I started studying your material it built my confidence and knowledge.........I loved the Audio CD and Posters...I think they are the best among everything!!! BIG THANKS TO YOU AGAIN AND THE WHOLE PRONTOPASS TEAM..........
JS, Monmouth Junction, NJ


Colin, I passed the NAPLEX with a score of 110 thirty two years after I initially took the test. Thanks.
A B, Milton, FL.


Hi Buzz, Well as you said I guess it is now time for laughter...but I will admit initially there were tears...of course tears of joy. J and I were on our way out of town, when I told him to stop back home so I could check the mail. Looking at that envelope, my stomach became a knot and my heart was beating a mile a minute...who knew you could be so scared of a simple letter. J realized what it was and knew I wanted to open it up on my terms this time...only thing was I pictured myself opening it up with Woody (the dog)....figuring I would take him for a walk and then sit down and open it. Well Woody was not around since we dropped him off that morning at the kennel. Being superstitious/stubborn/set in my ways I will admit I got scared thinking I needed the dog there to get my results and it was funny because I told J and he was ready to go get him at the kennel. Well I opened it on my own and was so overwhelmed/excited I couldn't even talk but cried instead. Walked myself back home and told J the news....and then began calling the world to let them know ;-) Well today is Day 1 of my vacation in FL, who knew you could love your home state the way I love mine today...I am sure part of it has to do with "119" ;-) Well better not waste another minute and get my day started. Thanks a million times over Daniela
D M, Lynchburg, VA
Editors Note: Congratulations. Your success is our success. As a "graduate" of our Dover pharmacy bootcamp, I am soooo proud of you and sooooo happy for you. Your hard work paid off just as I knew it would. I will put you in our Hall of Fame as soon as I get a copy of your results. Thanks Daniela for sharing your story. Thanks Daniela for sending us a beautiful picture for our Hall of Fame.


Hi Mr. Bayliss, I wanted to let you know that I passed the Naplex!!! I received a score of 110. I did not think I would score that high after I took the exam. Your system is the best Naplex preparation on the market. Thanks for your guidance. Talking to you and your no 'non-sense' attitude really motivated me to study hard and get it over with. I am taking the CPJE next week, I am feeling very nervous about it. It seems very tricky, There seem to emphasize hospital drugs, and some of them I have never heard of before. I am studying the Naplex materials and the law notes you sent. Hopefully, it will go well. I will send back the last minute study material next week after my law exam. Thanks again, S E
S E, Long Beach, CA


I recieved my letter stating I had passed NAPLEX last week, today I got my score! My goal was to make better than 100. While I did not make the Hall of Fame, I passed with a very respectable 108!! For those of you who are studying, especially those who have failed it in the past, keep plugging along! You can do it! CALL AND DO THE PHONE QUIZZES!!!!!!! That alone was the biggest confidence booster of all for me. There was something about being able to spit out the answers to someone besides myself and my study partner. It just really gave me the confidence I needed to go in the exam relaxed and feeling ready. DON"T stress over the test when you leave!! The way the multiple choice questions are, it is almost impossible to always KNOW you got the right answers, there are the ones you know are right and then the ones you don't recognize that you wonder if they are right. Trust the knowledge you have gained in your studies. If you go in truly prepared, have done your phone quizzes and final review material, you will know enough to pass. ( Don't forget math!!) I still walked out going. wow, some of that was easy..some I just don't know. But you knowledge WILL win out. Keep studying! Thanks again to Buzz and the Team! I will get my on loan materials back to you soon. Freda Hall, Pharm.D, RPh.!!!!!!
F H, Kansas City , MO
Editors Note: 108 is a very respectable score. Congratulations again Freda. You make an important note.....after your test, stop worrying. How you feel after your test has no bearing on what you actual test results will be. Prepare well and then after your test, relax and take a short vacation day or deserve it after studying hard. Prayer is also good, but if you feel bad or even if you just "know" you failed the test, LOL, stop worrying and relax. If you studied our material and are prepared well, that is a lot and it is all you can do! Our students pass this test and some do well and some do very well! CEB


Dear ProntoPass, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1993. In search of sunny days and beaches, I moved to Florida the day I graduated from pharmacy school. At that time money was tight and I decided not to score transfer my NAPLEX score back up north. Not a brilliant idea! Fifteen years later, I found myself sun-tanned enough, and wanting to move closer to home and family. The reciprocity agreement in Florida did not allow for transfer of licensure from a license granted in Florida in the 1990's. I found your website online several months ago, and decided to order your package. I'm glad I did! I found the information to be clear and easy to follow. I found the experience of retaking the exam exciting and interesting. After studying the material a little every day, I felt I was ready to the the exam. I was then sent the final review material, and after a few weeks, I knew I was ready. Thank you for all the help. I will recommend your study guide to everyone who needs to take the NAPLEX. I am planning on ordering your program very five years or so to keep my skills sharp. Sincerely, D W
D W , Cape Coral , FL
Editors Note: Congratulations Dan on scoring a 123. You have been add to our very special Hall of Fame. I am so happy for you! CEB


Praise the Lord! I have passed my NAPLEX! The third time was truly a charm. Sort of a long story on how I got to test number 3, but I took the first test 3/12 weeks after my kidney transplant, I should have never taken that at the time, I was no where near ready for it. The second time, I used my prontopass materials, just not exactly the way Buzz had recommended. I did not fold the cards and did not entirely memorize the posters, counting on "recognizing" them on the test when I saw them. I did not call him to quiz and did not get the final study materials either. That did not work. So on to test number 3. I folded every card on every subject, memorized forward and backwards the posters and top 200. Called and got quizzed on the final review and the posters with Buzz, (twice until I was ready!). Then, spent the next two weeks studying the new final review, the profiles and the Q-bank questions (which were absolutely wonderful, for those of you who have studied them "fish sperm" who'd of thought? For those of you who don't know what I am talking about; study your q banks more!!!) The math has always been what has spooked me the most. All I can say to you who have not taken it is to study your math pack. That is important. Understand the entire math in the pack, practice it until you can do it well. Then, when you get your final review material, concentrate on the math that Buzz puts into your q bank questions. That math is there for a reason. I don't know how he knows what will be on the test, but he seems to know a good deal about it. I was frustrated with the whole math thing at that point, redoing it until it was hurting rather than helping. I decided to just concentrate on the math that was in the final review. I had two drip rate questions on the NAPLEX and every other math question I had was from the math on the final review cards of the q bank. Every one. This is such a relief, as I am sure the rest of you can understand better than anyone! Studying your prontopass is good but is not enough if you don't do it right! Take the extra time to fold those cards and commit the important information on the posters to memory. It is not that much time compared to the three months you have to wait to retake it!! Thank you Buzz. Failing NAPLEX twice was a huge blow to my sefl esteem, you and your product are a God send. I really believe that. Thank you so much! Good luck to the rest of you, You can do it!! Freda Hall
F H, Kansas City, MO
Editors Note: Congratulations Freda! Please allow me to correct one thing...we do NOT know what is or will be on your test. Freda got lucky! Our goal with the Math Practice is to have every student become really competent in every type of pharmacy math. This one thing I am sure of: hard study does improve luck!!!!! Freda, you studied hard and long and did well. I am so proud of you! CEB


Hi this is Marlene Saleeb. Yes you may use my name. Here is my essay below. First of all I would like to thank Buzz and the ProntoPass crew for helping me. I bought ProntoPass after preceptor told me about it. At first I was not serious and did not follow Buzz's advice to fold the memoronic cards and test myself, I also studied from Morris Cody, Kaplen, Mannan Sherrof, APHA and many more and my score was bad, it was a 57. I was very upset and I contacted Morris Cody to help me pass like they said. All what they told me was buy the Applied Therapeutic book to help me pass which cost $169 and it weighed about 9 to 10 lbs. I was shocked. Then I told myself ok I will contact Buzz instead. He was very nice to me as usual he talked to me for about 1 hour and I told him that I did not study his material like he told me too. He comforted me and gave me his advice and I finally did what he asked me to do. I put all my other books in the box and studied only from ProntoPass. I studied very hard and the more I studied the more I realized that these cards are very valuable to me. He quizzed me and sent me my last review and it was amazing. I got my confidence back and like he said the 3rd miracle happened...I passed with a 116. For everyone do not dilute your information by studying from different books, ProntoPass has everything you are looking for to pass the NAPLEX with a high score. Again thank you very much Buzz and God bless you. Trust ProntoPass and when you need any help just call Buzz or his assistant and they will be ready to help you out. Also join the NAPLEXANDMORE group on Yahoo! you ask any questions and other people answer it for you. Also I feel pretty sorry for myself for wasting my money and time to study these different (and ineffective) books. But anyways I'm happy with my score and success. Again I can't find words to express my feeling towards Buzz's kindness and his product (miraculous product). Thanks again and God bless you Buzz.
M S, Lynden, WA
Editors Note: We look forward to M S joining of Hall of Fame. Hard study, faith, knowledge and then confidence. SUCCESS! Congratulations Marlene on a job well done! You studied hard and long and had setbacks which made you stronger and more determined! I am proud of you. We challenge every student to get their three miracles: 1) Folding and self testing works. It is hard but the knowledge will stay with you 3) Math Practice. The secret is practice, practice, practice. It works and it may become your hoped for Naplex questions 3) Confidence that comes with knowing that you know a great amount of pharmacy. You will study hard and learn a lot and in the end you will have confidence in yourself and the knowledge you have obtained. These three miracles are available to everyone who is prepared to work very hard. They are truly God's blessing to these pharmacists to be!!!! Then these pharmacists will be a blessing to thier patients. CEB


One of the world's shortest emails regarding our MPJE material: I PASSED, Thanks.
M M, East Haddam, CT


Hi Buzz, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your help. I appreciate you taking me into your home and making feel like family, and for all the lunches we had together. Also for pushing me to do my best. I might not have always liked it but it was what I needed. 114 ! feels surreal. Thank you, Joyce
J N, Country Club Hills, IL
Editors Note: Joyce is a graduate of our "Pharmacy Boot Camp" here in Dover and we are so proud of her. Joyce, I am so happy for you and I want you to know that you will always be family and are always wellcome to visit!!! CEB


Hi everybody! I would like to share my experience with all of you, maybe it will calm the fear of all you doubtfuls out there that PRONTOPASS actually works. I am a foreign graduate. I had no problem finishing my FPGEE and the TOEFL. I found an internship right away in New Jersey, and I in 6 month I was ready to take sit for the NAPLEX. Then all my troubles started. I took a review course at LIU in Brooklyn. Although the people there were very helpful, I still had a feeling that this not what I really needed. But I said to my self I shouldn't doubt them and I should do what they told us to do. I quit my job and I studied for almost 2 month. I got a shocking 43. Yes, you heard my right, a 43. Even the calculations that I thought I passed it, I didn't do as well as I thought I did. I was devastated, I had to get a job because I can't not work for 6 month. And then I started reading about prontopass. I started to read people's reviews on other pharmacy group chats and they were almost all good. So I bought the complete set and went down to work. I did exactly what Buzz asked us to do. I folded and tested myself. I memorized the posters and the last review cold. Buzz then tested me and I got the last study material, and trust me people please don't hurry and take your test before giving yourselves 2 weeks with he last minute material. I took my test last Tuesday and this time I thought that I had failed it, I even emailed Buzz and told him that. But he really calmed me down and explained that the more we know, the more we figure that we don't know. Anyways 2 days later i found out that I actually got 105. Imagine that! from a 43 to 105 in 3 month and mind you people that I was working between 30 to 20 hours a week the whole time in pharmacy that makes around 650 scripts a day. Anyways trust when i tell you this system works. don't waste your time, just get down to work and forget about all the other distraction. THE SYSTEM WORKS! Thank you again buzz for all your help and support! I hope I can repay you somehow someday. cheers, Fady Heikal
F H, Brooklyn, NY
Editors Note: The important thing to note is that Fady studied hard for 3 months. He was into a corner and the only way out was to study like a person possessed....and he did. He called me tonight after actually recieving his score and it was not 105, but a 113!


Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know that I did pass the Texas MPJE with the help of your study guide. I learned notecards and first slick pages, then the morning of the test read the remaining. I passed with an 87. Thank you, L F L
F L, Crowley, LA
Editors Note: Congratulations Leah. As everyone knows, our goal with MPJE is to pass quickly...not score high and you did exactly as you were suppossed to do. Wonderful.


This is the second time I have taken the NAPLEX and I finally passed. I studied only from ProntoPass as Buzz told me. I put all my other books in the box and studied only from ProntoPass and I got a score of 116. Before I tried every book on the market you can imagine. Starting from Morris Cody to Mannan Sherrof, Kaplin, and the results were not good when I took the first exam. All I can say is THANK YOU BUZZ! and God bless you for helping me out and other people too. Here is my advice if you want to pass the NAPLEX,and save time and money, study only ProntoPass and follow Buzz's advice. Again thank you Buzz.
M S, Lynden, WA
Editors Note: Congratulations Marlene....thank you for your kind words and don't forget that you are eligible for our Hall of Fame. Send us a copy of your score and permission to use your name and a picture and we will put you in our Hall of Fame and send you some goodies including a beautiful certificate showing your high score. Again, thank you for letting us know how you did.


I just started to study, but from what I have seen so far the cards are great, they are written in a way that makes me remember. Everything got to me on time, thank you very much.
J H, Miami, FL


Thank you so much for such a great product (ProntoPass) and your support. I passed the Naplex with a score of 126. Without your help I could not of had these results. I am sorry for late response. Thank you again!
B K , Herndon, VA


Hi Again! Audio CD helps me remember better.....I do read the quickcards but when I listen to CD i understand the disease state better. It makes easier for me to remember Brand and generic names, their doses and frequency, MOA, and all other imp info... Thank you, Jignya
J S, Monmouth Junction, NJ
Editors Note: Many people like the audio CD and we have received many comments like this. It is a great testing mechanism and follows our thoughts on proactive learning, which is harder but gets you then quicker and stays with you longer! After memorizing the Poster, pop the CD in any MP3 format player and listen to my question, pause the thing, formulate your answer and say it out loud and then turn the audio back on and hear my student's answer and then my comments. Very proactive learning! I noticed that one of our competitors now offers an audio CD and I think this is good because imitation is the greatest form of flattery.


Hello Buzz, It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I had passed Naplex and am now a full-time Pharmacist with Walgreens in Macomb-MI, past two weeks now. The Pronto Pass was a great tool for my preparation, though I did not get the opportunity to go through your last minute review notes (which you usually send last). Please let me know if any one requires my set of Pronto Pass, I would be more that happy to give them at half the price. I appreciate your help and guidance to reach my goal. Thanks and regards,
S G, Clinton Township, MI
Editors Note: Congratulations Satyajit. We never recommend used material, not ours or anyone elses. Especially we do not recommend using our old stuff from someone because we will not be entitled to the last minute study material. We have some students, like Satyajit, that study our material and pass the test without the benefit of the last minute material but we do NOT suggest that. When you pay for our combo deal....take full advantage of what we offer! What other company will quiz you to tell you if you are ready? Only ProntoPass!!! What other company will send you last minute study material to hone your skills just prior to testing? Only ProntoPass!!! CEB


Another satisfied customer!!!!!!! NAPLEX down, MPJE.... well I have to get back to you on that one!!!! For everyone using prontopass, know the posters cold!
B B, Tarpon Springs, FL


Dear Colin, I passed my Hawaii MPJE with an 82. The cards definitely helped. Thanks for being there when I needed a little help to make sure I got my license. Sincerely, Eileen Wedel
E W, Charlotte, NC
Editors Note: Congratulations Eileen!!! I want everyone to remember that our MPJE is condensed and is intended for a quick pass, not a high score.


Your cards were great! Could never had done it without them. After 17 years of being out of pharmacy practice, I never thought it possible that I could get through it all. I DID! Thanks ProntoPass
T B, San Diego, CA


hello, Colin how are you doing? I took the MPJE exam for MD and I passed. Thank you soo much, Fran
F A, Washington, D C


I recieved an email today from Samina mentioning they they had just purchased the combo deal a few weeks ago and was wondering why they did not get the new Asthma V 8.3. Please allow me to explain: At the time of an order, it is filled with the latest version of everything. We update daily so the process of updates will not change. There will obviously be new material between the time of your order and when you are ready to test. Here is how you get updated with this new information: Just prior to your test, when you have studied our material and you are ready, after we quiz you and agree that you are ready, we send 3 items on loan for the last 10 days of study: 1) the latest Last Review (the summary of all the QUICKCARDS) 2) 23 patient profiles and 3) the Q-Bank. When you call us to tell us you are ready, we look up your order and verify that you did purchase the combo deal and that we have recieved your registration card. Then we quiz you and if you do well we send you the new material on loan.
S, ,
Editors Note: Please allow me to say again that the LAST MINUTE STUDY MATERIAL THAT YOU WILL GET FROM US IS VERY IMPORTANT. You only get this (sent on loan) after you and I both agree that you are ready to take the Naplex...after quizzing. Very important: you must register your purchase. Be sure to send in the registration card.


I graduate May 2nd, with an aim to take the test late June, early July. I laid out a weekly study schedule for the next 2 months or so (~4 topics per week). It seems like soo much memorizing. Yes, I am folding and testing. One question.... I am working on Cancer cards right now. Some drugs are highlighted in yellow, some are not. Are the yellow one more frequently used? Should I focus on memorizing these yellow drugs in particular, or should I know EVERYTHING on the card (even drugs I have never seen or used). Same thing goes for all other card sets. I think I may know the answer already. =) I am currently on my Oncology rotation, so the cards help me study, and make me look smart on rotation too. =) Thanks for your help. - Brian
B Z, Euclid, OH
Editors Note: One time good through the cards and fold and self test before moving onto another subject. Yes, there is a lot to learn! Items that are highlighted, or in red, or have a squiggle or an arrow are more important. It never fails to surprise me with people who take the test and then tell others study this or study that. They have what I call "testing bias": they suggest to others that what was on their test will be on the other person's test. Not so. I am convinced that the Naplex consists of a very, very large data base of questions and the only way to do really well is to study a lot. Many people who fail and come to us have proven again and again that short cuts do not work. Furthermore, as a pharmacist you need a large knowledge base for your study it all and do well. In regards to your comments about helping you in your rotations, I have had many students tell me the same thing. Even though our product was intended to be a comprehensive review for doing well with Naplex, we are happy that it helps you look good in rotations! Wishing you the best in your studies.


Hey Buzz, I passed. I scored 114 ( I missed the hall of fame by a point......errrrr) Thank you very much for your help. I loved the audio CD and the posters. Not only did it make me understand and remember more but also think in terms of NAPLEX relavance.. I would have scored higher if only I took the optional break. I got a little excited as NAPLEX was way easier than I expected, and I thought I should complete the test and get it over with. (I had 1.5 hrs to spare after I finished the test) That was when I faced 2 very simple math q's that got my mind froze and I messed both. I wish I had given my brain some rest and/or given more time to those q's. Anyways I am glad that I passed.. Fell free to use this as testimony and thank you once again for all the material you sent me.
D P, Congers, NY
Editors Note: Congratulations Dominic. I am so happy for you....but for one point!!!! Oh well, you did very well. One of the reasons we want you to memorize some basic things so well is to buy you enough time so that you can go slow and perfect with math. I hope others benefit from your experience. CEB


Dear Buzz First of all, thank you for the new and updated diabetic poster which I have received last week. I will put it to good use with my diabetic course. I have completed level 1 training; that is the first requirements and in the form of prescribed CE's.The next step will be a live class of about 4 hours, possibly in LA. I was very excited today when I received a parcel from Prontopass! In it was a variety of goodies such as 4 coffee mugs with the Rx elf on it, a certificate, a $25 check and Prontopass key ring holders! It is such a nice idea to reward students who have made use of your system and I will treasure it. This clearly distinguishes you from your competitors in the market who would just sell their product (at a much higher price I may add ), but not offering anything extra. The service which you offer even after you have sold your product, is what sets you in a class of your own. Word of mouth of happy customers who got their moneys worth goes a long way and I will definetely recommend Prontopass to to anyone interested. I checked out the Hall of Fame and saw my entry and it looks good how you put everything together! Thank you once again for everything. I really appreciate it. Regards Sunette De Lange
S D, Santa Marie, CA
Editors Note: Thank you. I really appreciate students that study our material hard and do well on Naplex and get in our Hall of Fame. And, of course, I appreciate your kind words and comments that all can read by clicking on the Hall of Fame button. Best of luck to you in your DM specialty. CEB


I was just wondering if you gave any additional discount on your combo product to people who have referred others to purchase your combo product? I have currently referred two people (Exxxx Fxxx and Axxx Pxxx) both of which have already purchased your combo product. Just thought I would ask. Thanks for your time.
B M, ,
Editors Note: Thank you for your referals but we do not pay for referals. Referals must be from the heart not from the wallet. But, I think you have done your friends a favor and we most appreciate students like you. Slightly more than one-half of our business came from referals like yours. CEB


The following message was picked off our NAPLEXANDMORE yahoo group. Deeva had asked for a study partner: Hi Deeva, I just received in the mail today my final prep study material. I have failed the NAPLEX twice before, yes, I was studying ProntoPass but not exactly as Buzz directed, thinking I knew what I was doing. Well, obviously I did not as evidenced by my two very near misses on NAPLEX!!! Before both tests, I was major stressing. Couldn't eat, sleep, cried whenever I thought about it. As you can imagine, this did not do me any good as I was trying to prepare. This time I did it Buzz's way. I folded ALL the cards, MEMORIZED all the posters. Not to where I would recognize it if I saw it again, but to where I can honestly say I have it in my head! (I thought with NAPLEX being multiply choice I would recognize things when I saw them and it would jog my memory. those of you who have taken this test know this is a total fallacy!) It has made all the difference in the world. I am feeling confident and prepared with very little stress about it. As I said earlier, I got my final prep material today and it is wonderful! It is SO worth studying until you pass the final review and Buzz's poster quiz to get it. I was tremendously pleased to start going through the profiles and realizing that I KNEW most of it. At this point, the Q bank questions and profiles are just fine tuning and really allowing me to confirm the things I know (and pick up the last minute things that I don't!). All this to say "don't rush it & take your time in studying everything the way Buzz recommends. I thought I knew better and it cost me an additional 6 months!! Do it right and get your final prep materials. You will be amazed as I am how they really start to concrete everything you have worked so hard up to that point to study. This is just to important. Do it right the first (or second ) time and save yourself the anguish! Freda Hall
F H, Kansas City, MO
Editors Note: There are lots of different ways to study ProntoPass and none are wrong....BUT, if you do it my is proven time after time to work. It will get you a great grade but more importantly it will give you confidence going forward into your new chosen profession!


I received my naplex score today!!! A score of 110!!! I couldn't believe it!!!!! I was jumping around like a little kid!!! When I flunk my first naplex and cpje.....I was soo ready to pack up all my belongings and move to another country to evade my student loans.......but luckily I found you and your helpful program!! I followed your advice and studied hard, called you for the last minute review and went through the whole process and just as you had guaranteed, it paid off!!! I have you and all of your staff to thank. This score had given me more confidence to take the cpje..Please let me keep the last review a bit longer!! hope to share the next good news with you all!!
J L, Irvine, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations J L. Too bad you missed the Hall of Fame by just 5 points. Hope to hear good news from you soon regarding the CPJE


The following was a reply to Deeva who had asked for a study partner. Deeva had passed CPJE but had failed the Naplex. Hi Deeva, Congratulation for your CPJE! You will doing good on your NAPLEX next time. Trust me, you do not need to find anyone to study with. I failed NAPLEX twice, and made it in the third time, still study alone!!! So, do not try to find anyone, save your time to study more in the PROTONPASS cards, and ASHP book (that's what I had done). Snoopy
D P, Victorville, CA
Editors Note: I suggest that you do NOT divert your efforts with studying the ASHP book. Just stick to ProntoPass. The more time you spend with ProntoPass the better you can score! CEB


Buzz, I just wanted to say that after much deliberation as to how to prepare for the Naplex I am thrilled to have chosen Prontopass. I have been practicing for 26 years and need to take the exam to obtain a license in Florida-the last thing I wanted to do! After choosing Prontopass, all the materials arrived in about 3 days and I was excited to see the box. You even included the rubber bands for all the sections. I couldn't wait to begin studying. I put away my other materials(luckily I hadn't purchased anything yet)and began. So far, NO regrets! I love them and feel like I'm learning and feeling more confident. Thank you for helping an older student feel like she has a chance:) Monika Wiltshire
M W, Glenmont, NY
Editors Note: Learning can be a thrill and a joy (as well as hard work and pain) at any age. Good luck. Study hard and make both of us proud of your Naplex score! CEB


I am sending back the last minute study material [that was sent on loan] today. Thanks so much for all you help. I passed Naplex and CA CPJE. I never thought it possible. This was EXCELLENT study material
T B, San Diego, CA


Dear Mr. Bayliss, Protopass material was great help. I did good on my Naplex. Thanks a lot. Ritaben
R P, Destin, FL


My apologies for the delay [in returning the Last Minute Study Material sent on loan]. Our results on the MPJE (88) and Naplex (128) were so good we were able to get licensed much faster than I imagined and consequently moved to Colorado from Oklahoma this week. We finally got our books unpacked and I got the last review in the mail yesterday. Thank you again for your excellent review and sorry once again for the delay on it's return. We just got Internet set up yesterday as well or I would have written back sooner. Thanks for your patience in these matters. T M
T M, Tulsa, OK
Editors Note: Congratulations on a job well done. One month study time....and excellent results. You are eligible to join our Hall of Fame. Click on the Hall of Fame button and read more.


Hey Buzz, It is Chris. I got my scores back yesterday. I am extremely happy that I passed it. I just wanted to thank you and the whole pronto pass team for taken me in and treating me like family. I enjoyed the experience and feel as though I am and will be a more well-rounded pharmacist in the years to come. Your review weeded out all of the BS. and was practical to everyday knowledge as a pharmacist. I consider you a mentor and will take your advice seriously into consideration in what we discussed about pursuing a law degree. I consider you, mike, brenda, and steve life-long friends and will stay in touch so to update any future endeavors that I explore in this life. Thanks again. Sincerely, C B
C B, Greenville, SC
Editors Note: Chris joined us here in Dover Oh to study. He will always be like family to us. Congratulations Chris!!!!


Dearest Buzz, Thank you for the overnight delivery! [Was requesting the Last Minute study materials] You're the greatest!! I'll definitely work hard and hope to bring you guys the good news soon. JL
J L , Irvine, CA
Editors Note: Good luck JL. Looking forward to hearing about you high Naplex score soon.


Hi Colin. Just to let you know that I passed both tests on the first try - Naplex score was 113, CPJE 80. ProntoPass was a great help.
C F, Lakeside, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations CF


I really REALLY like the Audio CD. They are so useful and presented in such an interesting way. I would like to suggest 1) more topics, not just limited to the Naplex Review Posters 2) some of the recordings are hard to hear because the student was too far from the microphone. But, you have no idea how useful they are. Especially with the fact that I have to drive one to one and one-half hours to my rotation site every day. And, the information provided also give me "street smarts" on things not discussed in school! Patients do ask things like what am I supposed to feel when I inhale Advair stuff?
O S, Philadelphia, PA
Editors Note: Thank you OS for your kind words and suggestions. We have recieved many notes like this saying the Audio CD has been useful in helping students.


I have received my ProntoPass Order. I also have a couple of questions. #1. You recommend to study the definitions, diseases, labs, and liver enzymes before studying anything else? #2. How long should you spend on a topic (number of hours a day)? #3. Is there a certain order to study the posters? #4. Do I not listen to the CD until I finish learning all of the posters? Thank You for your time
K T, Jacksonville, FL
Editors Note: Irecommend that you study definitions, diseases, labs and liver enzymes first because you will use this knowledge throughout your studies. You learn one subject at a time until you know it. Different students will take different amounts of time to do this and there is no way to estimate how long it will take you. Test yourself by folding the cards and do not move onto the next until you know the one you are studying really well. There are two knowledge acquisition products: QUICKCARDS and Posters. I usually ask students to take a break from the cards when the card subject also has a poster but it really does not make a difference in what order you learn them. However, after studying a poster, self test with the Audio CD. Good luck in your studies. CEB


Just FYI- I ordered the pronto pass Naplex cards last year and I didn't even learn all the cards and posters, but skimmed the material- I mostly read continuing education articles. However, I graduated almost 10 years ago from pharmacy school- I am a nuclear pharmacist, so my knowledge of "regular" pharmacy was pretty much forgotten- I wanted a Tennessee license and I reside in Florida. They would not reciprocate with Florida so I had to take the Naplex over again. I was terrifed. Even after I left the testing center I feared that I had failed. Lo and behold- not only did I pass, I didn't even do that bad! I got a 106!!! So- the prontopass cards served me well- I didn't even do the question bank at the end or anything.. Thank you.
S O, Newport Richey, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations SO. You were lucky. Everyone studying to pass the Naplex needs the combo deal which consists of three items: Naplex Review QUICKCARDS, the Posters, and the Math Practice. The QUICKCARDS are drug oriented and the Posters are mostly disease oriented (to help you later to understand patient profiles) and the need for Math Practice is obvious. This combo deal is what SO purchased. Everyone who purchases the combo deal is entitled to call us when they are ready to take the Naplex and we will quiz them, and if we agree they are ready, we will send (on loan) additional last minute study material (including the Q-Bank). Everyone who purchases the combo deal and does not call for this last minute study material has some agenda other than ours... We do not tell our students what to do but we do suggest they do it our way because it has proven to work, time after time. We should never depend upon luck...we should know the material very well so we can take the Naplex with confidence. Most people will not be as lucky as SO. Most people who take the Naplex and are "terrifed" will fail this test. While we are happy for SO, we will not be happy if other students follow this example and fail.


Hi! Last year I purchased from you the MPJE review materials for both NY and FL. They worked! I am a licensed RPh in both states. I also purchased from you the NAPLEX package... that worked too! I passed my NAPLEX! As you can see, I've purchased many items through you over the past year. Now I'd like to purchase one more. I am going to become licensed by score transfer in massachusetts. I'd like to purchase the MPJE sheets from you for this state. However, I do not need the federal review cards. Therefore, I'd prefer to not have to pay the $130, and instead pay only the $25. Please let me know if we can works something out. Sincerely, E G
E G , Brooklyn, NY
Editors Note: When you buy the MPJE it comes with one state. Later, like in this case, you can buy just one state for $25 plus shipping. You can do this anytime (up to one year) after you have made the initial purchase. Thanks E G for the great feedback that our study material works!


(con't) The memoronics on the flashcards helped in recaling information and the Rx elf offered very useful tips and his jokes brought a smile to my face. The posters provided a great overall summary of a disease state and helped me to put it all together. I found the posters on Preemies and Cystic Fibrosis particularly useful, as I did not know much of either subject before then. It also helped me with subjects like AIDS and epilepsy which I always found rather difficult. I also liked the audio of the posters in the form of the CD. It reinforced the information already covered on the posters. I made maximum use of my time by listening to the quizzes on my mini ipod as I was getting ready for work. I listened to the CD in the car, in restaurants, in coffee shoppes and also at work during lunch time! I could later answer the questions before the students on the CD could! After completing a poster, I would also actively participate in the quizzes by answering and rewinding a particular session till I was satisfied that I knew it. The math cards are concise and covers every type of calculation necessary for passing the NAPLEX. I did not leave the math cards for last as suggested though. I did 15 cards a day and went through it twice like that before I started with my 1 hour math a day. The final review is an excellent summary after you went through the Quickcards. I only went through the Quickcards once before I did final review, but I made sure that I knew final review cold. I phoned you, Buzz about 2 weeks before the time that I intended to take NAPLEX. Brenda quizzed me and was satisfied and then had you quizz me on the posters as well. Buzz, when you then told me that I was ready, this confirmation gave me a lot of self confidence and I strongly recommend that students make use of this as it builds self confidence and it greatly improves recall. I would recommend regular quizzes and after each poster though as this would be even more effective, since smaller chunks of information could be reinforced before having a big quizz on everything. Finally, I was sent the latest version of the final review, Q Bank and Patient profiles to do in the last 2 weeks. This helped me to apply what I have learnt and to see how NAPLEX asks the questions. I took time off work during the last few weeks and did 100-200 questions a day, a few patient profiles and my 1 hour math a day.I raced through the questions as I knew the answers and this was a great feeling! I took the NAPLEX 22 December 2007 and came out there smiling, because I knew then that I had defintely passed!Prontopass made all the difference! In conclusion,Prontopass is truly remarkable and all that you will ever need to pass NAPLEX. Definitely revolutionary!If you want to pass Naplex pronto, get the Prontopass!
S D , Santa Marie, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations S D. We look forward to inducting you into our Hall of Fame. Thanks for your testimony that will encourage others.


Dear Buzz and other Prontopass staff Thank you for a great product such as Prontopass Solutions.I was thrilled when I scored 123 on NAPLEX!This is my success story: I am a foreign graduate from South Africa who graduated in 1995 from the University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa with a 4 year B.Pharm degree.I worked 10 years in hospital pharmacy of which I spent 8 years in Oncology pharmacy, specializing in that field. I was recruited to come and work in the USA and I had to take the FPGEE, TOEFFL and TSE exams. I started my internship in October 2006 in California, Central Coast in a retail pharmacy setting. Not only did I have to memorize American brand names, but I had to brush up on general pharmacy, having been out of the field for so long. I now had the enormous task ahead of me of passing the NAPLEX and CPJE!From October till December I did not do anything about my studies though. My manager urged me to get started and finally I purchased preparatory course materials which cost me an arm and a leg. A friend sent me Comprehensive Pharmacy Review and R exam books.I started reading through the preparatory materials and only managed to get through it after 3 months. I realized that although I went through it once, it wasn't enough and I did not retain as much from these materials. A crash course of the same materials was offered in LA which I attended. I took notes like crazy,recorded the classes and came back with a substantial file of knowledge to add to the already vast amount of work that I had to cover. I also purchased further help books like Lange and Comprehensive Pharmacy Review book. In August of 2007, I received an email from a friend whom I met at the classes in LA, inviting me to a conference call study group. The group decided to use Prontopass as their basis after several of the members recommended it. This was the turning point for me! I searched the web and discovered that there was in fact a special on the combo deal where you get the Quickcards, posters, CD and final review included.I was a bit reluctant to spend further money on more study materials. I was financially stretched to the limit and strictly speaking, I could not afford to pay anything more on my studies. I decided to give it a try though and took a leap of faith. I have heard only good things about it and so I immediately ordered it and requested speedy delivery. I received it within a record time and started rubberbanding the Quickcards immediately.I was so excited when I received the package as the cards and posters were so colorful and complete with pictures that I wanted to start studying them right away! I followed the recommendations by memorizing the cards first and only moving on when I knew the particular section really well. I folded the cards and self tested. I experienced a sense of self satisfaction as more and more sections were in the done box! (cont'd)
S D, Santa Marie, CA
Editors Note: Copngratulations S D. We look forward to inducting you into our Hall of Fame. Thanks for your testimony that will encourage others.


I picked this off an internet site and I thought it was interesting: I would say I got about 3 questions on Naplex where they gave you the concentrations at different times OR they gave you the half life - I did not have to do anything more complicated than write the numbers in a line and be able to figure out the half life that way (for example if you start at 16 and after 9 hours you are down to 2 what is the half life? OK so at time 0 I have 16, after one half life I have 8, after two half lives I have 4, after 3 half lives I have 2. So three half lives is 9 hours, so one half life is 3 hours) I also had them the other way around.(the half life is 2 hours, you have a level of 64 how long before your level drops to 8? OK so at time 0 I have 64, after 2 hours I have 32, after 4 hours I have 16, after 6 hours I have 8, answer is 6 hours) That isn't to say that you don't need to know how to do the pharmacokinetics - I definitely had some loading dose/maintenance dose questions where I needed to whip out formulas and plug in the numbers, however ALL of my half life questions could be solved by literally writing the numbers in a line. It also doesn't mean that you won't have to figure them out the hard way just because I didn't. If you can do Prontopass Math well you should be able to answer the Naplex Math - and if you miss one math question that is a little on the geeky side then you probably are not making the difference between passing and failing, you are probably making the difference of how high your score is.
unknown, ,
Editors Note: I think these comments are accurate and the writer was talking about our ProntoPass Math Practice set.


To Mr CEB To GOD be the glory! I passed my Naplex and MPJE. Thanks also to you, I also gained the confidence to take the exam. I didn't get the goal of 130, but I got 118. Thanks
R D, Homestead, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations. You are eligible for our Hall of Fame. Please click on the Hall of Fame button on the left side of the Home Page. I am so happy for you!!!!....and yes, to GOD be the glory!! CEB


Hello Buzz, Thank you so much, I passed my Naplex with 119 score. I am really happy, that I choose Prontopass for my study. It was tough paper, but while attending question, believe me Memoronic and your posters helped me lot. I am really thankful to you. THANK YOU Ashish
A P, Greer, SC
Editors Note: Congratulations Ashish. I invite you to join our Hall of Fame. Click on the Hall of Fame button and read what is needed and what you will recieve. The important thing is to give encouragement to others! CEB


Hi Buzz, How do you begin an email to say Thanks to the people who have provided us with ProntoPass, the miracle worker! I purchased the ProntoPass package in August 2007. With one semester of "rotations" remaining and after having taken 8 months off with to be with my new daughter, I knew I would need some help to pass the NAPLEX. And help I found in ProntoPass!!! I began my studies for the NAPLEX not only wanting to pass, of course, but to do well. I set a goal for myself of achieving a score of 100. I figured that I had from August to February to study and that that would be ample time to memorize the cards and posters. I started out studying for about an hour every day or so and eventually I was spending 5 hours per day at the local library for about the last 2 weeks, before the test. I did not call to be quizzed, (guess I was a little gun shy!) therefore I did not have the advantage of my own last minute study material. However, I am friends with Tom and Anne from Tulsa, OK and they let me look on at their last minute material the day before my exam. I am extremely excited and even more so relieved to announce that I passed the NAPLEX with a score of 104!!!! Slightly better than my goal! I am extremely impressed by this set of study material! I can safely say that the "other" study materials lack that something special that makes ProntoPass superior! ProntoPass helps you learn and remember the material! That seemed to be the key for me... During my test I could actually take a deep breath, sit back and visualize the posters to help figure out the right answers! After the test was over, I felt confident that I had not failed. I was not sure how well I had done, but I could not convince myself that I had failed. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciated your hard work on making ProntoPass the #1 study guide material! I couldn't have done it without you!! -- Sincerely, A S, Pharm.D. Wagoner, OK
A S, Wagoner, OK
Editors Note: Thank you Amanda for your kind words and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Job well done!! CEB


my name is marco im in cleveland ohio i just want to tell everyone who is about to take naplex just follow buzz...... i have failed naplex before and i was very depressed but after god guide me to get the pronto pass products i found my self stuyding them like crazy and i pass so easily beleive me put every thing u have on the side and just study buzz products remember math gives u the confident to pass and posters gurantee ur success i consider buzz products changed how people look to the pharmacy studies today may god bless u all u all will pass if u study his product thank u buzz u r the best thing happen to pre grad. pharm. and the foreign pharmacist alsooooo
M G, Cleveland, OH
Editors Note: Congratulations Marco. Thank you for the email to share with others and thank you for your call. Sharing your excitement and joy upon finding that you passed...electrified me too!!! I am soooo happy for you. CEB


I received a note with the students Registration Card: Dear ProntoPass, I have no plans to fail but why is your guarantee limited only to USA pharmacy graduates? Hope you hve a reason as goos as your material. Best regards. SS
S S, Aliso Viejo, CA
Editors Note: I trust our material...if you study it hard, you can do well. But I do not know the extent of language skills with foreign graduates. I do not want to spend my time trying to determine those skill levels and therefore created a policy that we do not guarantee foreign graduates. I do not trust TSE as a measure of language success in that I have talked to some that I think should have had no problem, but did, and I have talked to some who passed somehow but I wonder if they are really competent with the English language. I do point out that some of our best students have been foreign born....just look at the names in our Hall of Fame!! CEB


I just got my naplex score...133!!!!!! The cards helped immensely. Thanks -John
J P, Southwest, PA
Editors Note: i J P Nice email, Short and sweet, LOL. Congratulations!!!! You are eligible for our Hall of Fame. What a great score. To be in the hall of Fame, you must write something about how you studies our products, allow us to use your name and send us a copy of your results. You can see the website for more information and what you get!! Thanks for letting us know. CEB


ProntoPass quickcards and posters definitely helped me prepare for Naplex. It greatly improved my recall and with the memorionics it is just so much easier. I like the system in that it is to the does not contain lots of unnecessary info. There is a lot of info to cover and time is of the essence; therefore I appreciate the concise manner of these products. The system is also very visual in that it is color coded and the posters and cards are nicely presented. This also greatly improves recall as the visual image sparks memory. The audio poster quizzes also helped me and reinforced the facts. After listening to a topic a few times I could answer the questions promptly even before the student could respond. The math cards were very helpful and 1 hr a day with them made me math competent. The ProntoPass system is a great system!
S D, Santa Marie, CA


Today I recieved an email. Maybe the nicest that I have ever recieved. It warms my heart! When we sat down to study for the Naplex, we both wrote out scores for what we hoped to achieve. As we began to study other test material, we realized that other reviews would not help us to reach our goal. That is when we discovered the ProntoPass. When we first opened the box, we knew right away that this would be the best review available. We studied diligently memorizing the notecards, posters and supplementing with audio. When we sat down for the NAPLEX, we sat down with confidence. As we both took the test, we waited for the test to become challenging, but it never did. Not because the test was easy, but because the ProntoPass had prepared us. So in the end, did we set our goals too high, just right, or not high enough? My goal-115. Actual score-128. My wife's goal-120. Her Actual score-129. I guess we didn't set our goal high enough!!! Ps. Make sure you call Buzz for the final review (it gives you a realistic view of where you are in your studies) and the final material they mail out are a very important addition. God, I thought this day would never come/... Thomas & Anne M Pharm D.
T& A M, Tulsa, OK
Editors Note: Congratulations to Thomas and Anne. These results were a result of hard study. The ProntoPass package was purchased 9-14-07-----about 5 months of hard study!!


(feedback for our pharmacy tech program at Thank you so much. I have recomended a couple of my co-workers to your site and they have purchased the same combo. We are all very happy with our purchases thanks again! Jana
J O, Punta Gorda, FL


Thanks Colin...I am studying as you directed. The flash cards are great and even helping me on my clinical rotations!
B W, St Louis, MO
Editors Note: Keep up the good work. Remember, with the Quickcards, fold and self test. Looking at the left side, say OUT LOUD what is on the right side. (combines audio and visual learning) CEB


Dear Buzz, Hope you are doing fine. My name is Khemraj and I am Prontopass family member from FL. I was taking test in dec and as you advised, postponed to Jan. I am writing this email to inform you that I scored 108 :) I want to thank you very much for the sweet guidance that you give, the concise notes and posters.... I loved posters and had them cold memorization... I wish you make more of posters for imp. topics ... I realized while taking the test that test takers wants you to pass... many Qs were based on common sense and hence a good night sleep before the exam is very kind and wise advise you gave to me. Thanks a billion. I would highly recommand PRONTOPASS to everyone. Kind regards K H
K H, Miami, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations K H. Thank you for your kind words. CEB


I received a call today from a student who got a 119 on Naplex. He did not want in the Hall of Fame because he is shy! I love it when "older" students do well. Congratulations!!!!
T B, Vancouver, WA


Great news! I just received my score for the GA MPJE... an 85!!! I passed the AL MPJE in December with a similar score! I used the MPJE Review cards to help prepare for both exams. After being inactive in pharmacy for a couple of decades, I'm reinstating licenses in both states. I am not required to retake the NAPLEX, but I'm seriously considering purchasing the Combo Deal as a review. I'm wondering if I will have the dicipline to study hard enough to make a difference since I don't have a NAPLEX test date looming. Any thoughts?
S S, LaGrange, GA
Editors Note: Hi Susan. Thanks for letting us know of your success. With the MPJE, our product is used to produce a quick pass...but not necessarily with a high grade. You did well, fulfilling our goal with this product. Regarding whether or not to buy a combo deal just to increase your pharmacy knowledge, I would never say never since we make a living selling these things, LOL, but I think that getting the Naplex Review Posters would be more beneficial for general review purposes...and you might, if you are patient, get all 16 on eBay cheap. Thanks again for letting us know of your success. Our success depends upon our students and your success makes us feel GREAT! Thanks. CEB


I received the following letter in the mail: Dear Buzz, I would like to thank you for speaking with me on the phone the other night. Our conversation really brought my confidence up and made me very excited about your product. Like I told you on the phone, I have tried looking through books and study guides but nothing seems to make me feel confident about my pharmacy knowledge. I'm an active learner and reading all day doesn't help me retain information. I have never been very good at reading, so maybe that has something to do with it. I know our conversation got cut short the other night, but I want you to know I took everything you said to heart. I really needed to talk to someone like you. It made me feel like I have been too hard on myself lately and that I'm not the only person our there having trouble. I was a little shocked [reference omitted] and it showed me that you really care, not just about your product but about me as well. I have found that in the pharmacy world thre are very few people who are willing to help, and I think that is a sad reality. I really want to pass this exam and move on with my life. I know in my heart that one day I will be a good pharmacist, and I'm grateful to have found this product and your help. I hope tht I get a chance to speak to you again some time and again i'm so thankful for this opportunity to go through your entire program. B B P
B P, Richmond, VA
Editors Note: Thank you BP for your kind words. Sometimes, we all need a word of encouragement. I welcome all Naplex students to call me if they have questions or concerns about this test. Most days I am at work from 10-5 and sometimes in the evenings you can catch me----330-243-2900 Buzz


We were emailed with a few questions and this comment was attached: I would like to mention this CD is really good...........I tried to memorize the poster but I was able to do it so easily until I listen the CD first..........the way you explain something is great!......
P.P, Davies, FL


Just thought you would like to know. I got a 132 on the NAPLEX and a 89 on the PA Law using prontopass for both. I rather be studying still; working sucks.
N B, Smithfield, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations Neil. I am happy with your success.


Hi, I studied pretty much exclusively using the prontopass posters. I used APha for anemia and I felt I was so weak on infectious diseases that I needed to do more work and went back to my notes from school. That said in hindsight I think the prontopass infectious disease information would have been enough in terms of information if not enough to boost my confidence! The audio CD was extremely helpful, especially when there were two different students doing the same poster. I took Naplex Dec 17th (against your advice I know - and I was too scared to call and have you quiz me) however the good news is I did pass with a 119. I plan to take the CPJE next ( I am an R.Ph in NV already). I went on e-bay for the first time ever today and signed up for the hepatitis poster. I am not sure how it works - do they tell me to send you money or do you contact me and tell me to send you money? I know from the yahoo group that you do not have the audio yet but when you do will I be able to get a copy? could you also let me know what I would get if I paid for the CPJE materials - I know I need to go back over the clinical stuff but I was wondering what the law stuff is like and if you have had good results/feedback from your CA students. If I ask too many questions to be answered in an e-mail then please call xxx-xxx-xxxx I cannot believe how much time and effort you must have put into these posters but I sincerely appreciate it. It made an impossible task possible and I just wanted to thank you. Nicola Johnson
N J, Las Vegas, NV
Editors Note: Congratulations Nicola. Thank you for your kind words. Our law study material for CA covers what you need to know regarding CA law, but as you know, it is mostly clinical pharmacy. I suggest you order it today and at the same time schedule to take it two weeks from today. I believe we have a 100 percent passing when students have studied our Naplex study material and then our CPJE material and taken the test quickly. Allow me to encourage you to become a member of our Hall of Fame. Allow me to use your name and send us a copy of your results and a picture. Good luck in your law test. CEB


Materials you sent are fantastic and great!!!!!!
K A, Belleview, Onatrio, Canada


Hi BUZZ, Thanks. I passed the NAPLEX (92). I believe the Prontopass solution helped me a lot. Again, thank you so much. Jimmy RPH
K W (Jimmy), unknown, unknown

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