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 Feedback 2009


Hi Colin! Just a quick update, I passed both my MPJE tests (PA & DE). I got an 83 in PA, and DE didn't tell me my score, they just sent me a license. Thanks very much for your help.
D S, West Chester, PA


Passed 86 [MPJE]
J S, Acushnet, MA
Editors Note: Good Job. Quick pass.


Hi Colin, I just wanted to thank you...I passed the NY MPJE with a score of 92! Thank you so much!
G R, Norwalk, CT


Took NAPLEX in September. The categorized cards were perfect for sitting by the pool and studying. Also, using the Audio Quizzes with the posters was an awesome way to study for me. I had more retention that way than any other study method I've tried. I also downloaded it to my ipod and played it while I slept. I even practiced the Math on a white board! Needless to say I scored a 102!
C H, Carnesville, GA


Hello Buzz? I failed Naplex in November 2009 with 65 score by using Kaplan book + went to their review course. So now, I need your advice on how to study the Naplex. Here is my situation: 1) I am single and 24 year old. 2) Work 20 hours a week (2 days a week, so i have 5 days to study) 3) I have to take my exam by Feburary 28th, 2010) 4) No distraction in life Can you tell me how many hours I should study or what to study first? Should I do math every day? When should I need to start call u to quiz me? because I need to take my exam by Feb 28th or else I could lose my job. Thanks Buzz. Appreciate it.
L P, Falls Church, VA
Editors Note: I would suggest buying the ProntoPass combo deal and following the directions.


Hi Collin, I just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know that I took the MPJE exam for Florida three days before Thanksgiving. This weekend I found out that I had passed with the help of ProntoPass. When I moved to Florida from Washington, I realized that I could not find my study materials, they were packed away in my massive storage unit. I really appreciate you resending me a copy of the pharmacy law information, you rock. I PASSED with an 81, just as advertised. THANK YOU! John..
J F, Spokane, WA
Editors Note: I guess John is planning to live in the sun! Good Job!


my score is 81 [MPJE] Thanks
N S, Chandler, AZ


Used your system for Nevada, passed no problem, thanks
K D, Brooklyn, NY
Editors Note: I guess this is another student who plans to avoid the snow for his career. Good job.


I got a 119 on my Naplex! Thank you so much for the great material. I love my prontopass and really appreciate my friend K who recommended the combo deal to me. I also bought the MPJE and passed it in 10 days.
H S, Haleiwa, HI


I have had several inquiries lately about the possibility of ProntoPass offering a 1 week review. FYI, we used to do this several years ago. We charged $1250 per week. The reason we stopped doing it is because it did NOT work. Prior to coming, the student would have to know the material that was sent to them. Almost always, they didn't and instead, they thought they could learn it all in 5 days. If the student does not know the basics, this ends up being a great waste of time and money with no improvement in the Naplex passing rates or score. Also, we concluded that the 5 day offering attracted those who wanted to take short cuts and avoid the heavy work of pharmacy learning. It just does not work. Instead we offer the bootcamp where the student is here as long as it takes. This works. We presently charge a flat rate of $2000 irrespective of how long it takes. CEB
CEB, ,


Thank you I passed - an 80 [MPJE -TN]
T M, Cedar Bluff, VA


I'm happy to report that I have taken and passed the Florida jurisprudence exam, and particularly thanks to the study aids I purchased from Prontopass. They indeed helped me study the right things. Dexter
D B, Westborough, MA
Editors Note: Congratulations Dexter. We hope you enjoy the move to the sun!


Mr. Bayliss, I have talked to you more than a year ago. I have used your cards for more than a year to study for Naplex. I'm a foreign graduate and I was the ambitious one who wanted to score more than a 100. I was supposed to call you so you can test me but it took me more than a year to finish the review because it seems like it's not getting to my head. I get so frustrated a lot of times but for some reason, I got the into the routine of picking up those cards and study for a certain time. I decided to just study the cards again because my question and answer with you has expired, as I have found out from the yahoogroup. I took the Naplex last October 6. It takes 3 weeks for us here in NV to get our results. My apprehension increases as days passed up until now. I got the letter. I passed the exam and I am very happy, I don't know if you can imagine it but I have invested so much in this that when I got this news I can't describe it. I took Naplex twice before (61 then 64) and failed, but my third time is a charm, I guess, but I'm sure it's Pronto Pass. I am not letting the fact that I got 92, not the score I wanted, damper the great fact that I passed. Your method isn't easy but it sure works which convinced me to buy the MPJE review from you as well. Your method has also taught me to become more patient and more disciplined. And I will definitely share to everyone I know who needs to take the Naplex to check out your website. Thank you, Mr Bayliss, you have been very supportive to all of us. Q D
Q G, Henderson, NV


Hello Colin, I am thoroughly enjoying the flashcards. I really have been jumping from subject to subject. However, I will start tonight with learning one set before I look at another set. It's just so hard studying while you're on rotations. I will definitely keep in touch. Thank-you, Sarah
S S, Southhaven, MS


Hi dear Colin: I just got both my NAPLEX and MPJE grades, and I have passed both on the 1st attempt! I just want to say THANK YOU because your cards are really well made, and the audio CD brought it to life for me, because your stories made me laugh at times, and that helped me remember it that much better. (I could tell you how I smiled at one NAPLEX question because it was something you mentioned on the CD, but cannot talk about details due to restrictions). All in all, your product is EXCELLENT and I appreciate the help it has given me in boosting my confidence, and the most amazing part is the cards and posters are written in succinct and easy-to-understand language, that it's really much easier to digest than a big, thick review book. thanks again and I wish you guys all the best!!! Y S
Y S , Gainsville, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations Y. Your kind words are appreciated because one of our goals is to make learning fun. There is so much to memorize and so much hard work, it is important to "bring it to life" with a little humor and fun. Many have mentioned how the Poster CD quizzing helps bring the information to life. CEB


Hi Colin, I just want to thank you for everything. I took the test and I passed it. [MPJE - FL] Thanks again, A
A R, Miranar, FL


Dear Buzz, I passed!!! Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!!! I thought I would wait to open the envelope till I finish my MPJE, which is on the 9th, I couldn't resist! [Enclosed was a copy of her Naplex score of 119] I really appreciate you!!! Hiromi
H S, Haleiwa, HI
Editors Note: I have invited H S to join our Hall of Fame. Job well done.


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QuickCards Review: what a wonderful product. solomon
S, Albany, NY


Colin, I have received word, that I passed the CO MPJE. At this point I'm still unaware of my score, but I passed nonetheless. I ended up reviewing the materials for about 5-6 hours. They were a great help. Thank you. MC
M C, Spring Lake, MI
Editors Note: am happy for Matt. No doubt that he plans a move to the big outdoors. I can't imagine just studying 5-6 hours, would not suggest this to others, but I am happy it worked for Matt.


Colin, I passed and I now have a license to practice pharmacy in the great state of Wisconsin. Sincerely, Sara
S S, Madison, WI


Hello there, I received 80 in my CT MPJE. Thanks. Regards, Maggie
D M, Summit, NJ


I passed the MPJE with a score of 80 and yesterday got the licence . finally i am licensed in TENNESSEE . I am taking texas mpje next week . now i have to do the job hunt . if you know any jobs , please let me know . i have NAPLEX score transfer to TX , IN , FL , CA . Thank you for all your help and valuable advice . I never forget prontopass . I am very happy to reccomend prontopass to all of my friends . JJ
J J, Nashville, TN


Greetings Colin, Just wanted you to know that I passed the Colorado MPJE exam on the first try. My score is unknown at this time. I will be taking the Arizona MPJE in the next month or so and will request an Arizona study guide in the near future. Dennis
D C, Grand Blanc, MI


I passed my Naplex with a 120!!! You saved me. I loved the colors and the memoronics and I will use them in my practice.
N A, Fredericksburg, VA


The study material was great and me being out of college for 16 years and definetly your study material helped in getting a score of 118 in NAPLEX. I have already recommended your study material to a few of my friends and shall do the same to who is taking NAPLEX. Thanks R
R A, Parker, AZ
Editors Note: Congratulations! We appreciate your kind words and your recommendations to others. We spend a lot with Google and yet over one-half of all our sales come from personal recommendations from people like you. Thanks again.


just wanted you to know i passed my maryland boards Thanks for the study material E O PharmD
E O, Bronx, NY


I purchased your product after failing the Naplex once by a few points. I took the exam a few days ago and I actually recieved a lower score than the first time. I used all the note cards provided to me and made several outlines. I would like to know what your product guarantee is exactly and how I go about getting more help or an alternative. Thank you.
S M, withheld, withheld
Editors Note: This student only used the Naplex Review Quickcards....less than 1/3 of what she needed. Posters are great for understanding the diseases on all the Naplex profile questions and there is no substitute for understanding pharmacy math really well. Also, when a student almost passes, almost always they score lower because the mind tricks them into thinking "all I need is a few more point" so they do not study really hard and they forget more than they learned. CEB


Hello Mr. Bayliss, Thank you for your study materials [MPJE]. They made a big difference in understanding the laws. I passed! and would definitely encourage you to keep doing what your doing. Thanks alot,
A A, Rockville, MD


THANK YOU! I passed the exam. [MPJE OR]
B R, Fresno, CA


At first, seeing all the material in one large pile had me extremely overwhelmed. Once I went through each section, one at a time, slowly I began to realize-- I can do this! Every section was great - visualization wise and the depth of the material each section covered. I loved the understanding disease section and the definitions. I thoroughly enjoyed the math. The posters helped me retain the info much better. I would recommend ProntoPass to everyone who is preping for the boards! I felt better going into the exam than I had before ProntoPass came into my life. I was quite relieved that I passed! Thank you.
A L, Huntsville, AL
Editors Note: Hard study pays off again!


I received the following comment regarding the Audio Poster Quiz. These are recordings of my quizzing students on each poster: I am enjoying your posters and interrogation technique and am learning a lot from them
A T, Long Valley , NJ


to ask about the private tutoring, can you please give me more details? I'm a single mother with 2 children and i want to be a good pharmacist, a capable one ,and you can help me make my dream true,, thanks
S A, King of Prussia, PA


Hi Buzz, it's me again. I just took the exam on 09/09 and aced it. Anyways, i was getting ready to make the returns and I think the only thing I'm supposed to return is the Audio Poster Quiz. Is that right? I did not call you for quizzing so I did not get the last minute study material. Please let me know what to do.
N A, Fredericksburg, VA
Editors Note: Congratulations Princess. [She got a 120 on her Naplex without calling for quizzing and without getting the last minute study material]


Thank you so much for putting together such a great study guide! I studied all the materials and passed the Naplex with flying colors (126). I was never at the top of my class in pharmacy school (but not at the bottom either) and with the prontopass I scored only 1 point lower that the #3 person in my class. It was a great accomplishment! Thanks again. These cards really work. I loved the Poster Quiz CD but could not hear it half the time and it was frustrating. Also not every poster had a CD quiz session. Because it helped me so much, I wanted more.
C M, Stephens City, VA
Editors Note: Congratulations Crystal. Job well done. Sometime back, we invested in a professional microphone and the newer quiz sessions are recorded much better. You purchased your material long before that and studied long and hard. Those buying the new package won't have it so bad.. I am so proud of you.


Hi got my results-97 thanks [MPJE]
R P, Tuscon, AZ


LOVE your flashcards. The colors and Mnemonics made it very easy for me to remember a LOT of stuff. Took NAPLEX 09/09/09 in VA. Just found out I passed with a 120. Thanks CEB!!! Sorry I didn't call for questioning. Was very hectic studying and working and dealing with family issues. Took a couple of practice exams from Lange (Yellow Book). Don't think it helped much but at least it boosted my confidence, which is also very important.
P T, unknown, unknown


I would like to thank the whole crew of ProntoPass. Whover designed the Flash Cards [QUICKCARDS] is a genius. The Memoronics stick in your head forever and they are very useful on the day of the test. I would like to thank Buzz for quizzing me on the posters. you gave me a passing score of 97 which motivated me to study harder for the next two weeks before I took the test. I scored 124 and I am grateful to prontoPass for achieving this great score.
J E, New Haven, CT
Editors Note: Congratulations to Jay. I love stories like this. Sometimes we all just need a little kick in the you-know-where. It really makes me happy to know that I helped!!


Great Program. I would definitely recommend to friends. Only think I would like to mention is that new posters should be included in the package. Regardless of everything, the material, quality and CDs are very good and well worth the money. Thanks.
K P, Edison, NJ
Editors Note: We do not automatically send new posters because we do not know how long someone will be studying. Sometimes it is weeks and sometimes it is years, depending upon circumstances. We do make all new posters available very inexpensively and announce it to all who sign up for our Yahoo groups. If getting them immediately is important, that is the way to go. Otherwise, we send them free, along with the last minute study material after you quiz well and are ready for Naplex. Thank you KP for your kind words and for taking the time to make the suggestion. CEB


I passed PA MPJE.
S B, Mt Prospect, IL


Hello - I just wanted to let you know that I have my law exam coming up on Friday and that I JUST got my NAPLEX results back today. I got a 124% and I owe it all to ProntoPass!!! Thank you guys so much for this system - it really helped me focus and gave me the confidence to take the exam without completely freaking out. Thanks again!!!!! Now I have to go finish up studying for law!
A C, Falmouth, ME
Editors Note: Congratulations. Nine months of study during rotations really paid off!


I passed my Naplex (in California). I got a 102. Thanks so much to the prontopass team. I am so relieved. I had taken the Kaplan live course and Cody Morris. I survived the exam only because of Prontopass. Prontopass is the only way to remember the material for long term memory. I really felt like I trashed my money on Kaplan and Cody Morris.
P B, Chowchilla, CA


I took the MPJE on the 25th and I got an 86. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I only studied for 3 days. I memorized the flashcards and read through the statutes as per your recommendation. SW
S W, Bountiful, UT


I just wanted to thank you all at ProntoPass to help me pass Naplex. After the phone quiz, you guys told me that I should be able to get a 125 on the Naplex and I got a 120. Your math practice cards are really good and the last minute study material helped build my confidence. I really did not expect to get a 120. I would like to suggest a Memoronic for you to consider incorporating into your Quickcards: Antibiotic drugs which need to be reduced in liver dysfunction E=MC2 E-Erythromycin M-Metronidiazole C2- Clindamycin and Chloramphenicol = Quinopristin - Dalfopristin Thanks again so much and keep up the good work. God bless you. Right now, I'm waiting for your guys to send me the FSDLE prep material. [VA MPJE equivalent] Yeah, yeah, you've heard it many times but one more time: YOUR THE BEST! M K
M K , Manassas, VA


Hello Colin. I just wanted to inform you that I passed NJ MPJE with an 85. The cards were a tremendous help. Thank you,
N N, Freehold, NJ


I received the following comment card: Awesome! I had a panic attack and purchased the product 5 days before my test. Due to problems at the Post Office, I only had the moring of the test to check the flashcards [Quickcards]. All of the information that I had studied prior to prontopass was not compartmentalized and everything began to run together. ProntPass's memory tricks surely helped me not only pass, but I scored a 127 because of the cards alone! Great product. Wish I would have known about them before.
C L, Gallup, NM
Editors Note: Congratulations Charles! We do not suggest that other students do it your way, but I am happy that it worked for you!


To Colin Bayliss: Thank you for ProntoPass Study Kit. It was a great help for me to pass the Naplex. I recently took the Naplex and became licensed in August. [some Suggestions omitted]. Again, I want to thank you for making ProntoPass readily available to students. I was very afraid to begin studying for the Naplex. I didn't know where to begin but I have successfully passed with a decent score of 128. Again, thank you!
J K st L, Virginia Beach, VA


The ProntoPass made studying for Naplex so much better than reading the review books. I had a review book at first and it was so boring. Then I decided to order the ProntoPass combo and I'm glad I did. My favorite part was the One-on-One audio poster quizzes. This was a giant help in studying. I have passed the Naplex with a 126. Thanks again for the wonderful product.
A B, Phoenix, AZ


I passed MPJE (score 82) in N.H. and finally got a pharmacist license today! I appreciate your help for passing both NAPLEX and MPJE.
H I, Hanover, NH


Hi Again BUZZY, BUZZ, BUZZMAN! I've been trying to contact the NJ board. The person in charge of the pharmacy boards came back from vacation today and I have GOOD NEWS! I'M A LICENSED PHARMACIST IN NJ! I could not have done this without your help! Those updated posters you sent me, without charging me extra were a HUGE HELP! The updated CD lectures, which reinforced the posters! So this is OFFICIAL, through the automated system, I'm licensed but I don't have the paperwork yet. I studied before with Kaplan products, their study courses, their 1,000 Q bank, neither prepared me well enough. Their material was not well organized, which did not help with retaining the information. I'm so happy I could just kiss you buzz, ARMENIAN STYLE (that's on both cheeks)....but I might have to get in line behind my husband....I think he's even more excited than I am! heheheh Thanks for all the prayers, and all the honest, sincere help. You are right, better I get stressed out with you guys ripping me apart during the phone quizzes, then get stressed after I get my grade when It's too late. I've had the grade sent to other states, so I'll be back for more Prontopass-for your law material. I'm so happy I'm free now, finally! I'm back in Church as a Cantor/Soloist singing, using my gifts to glorify God and I'm sooo, sooo, happy! I had to stop doing it for months to study, but now I'm back! Now we can glorify God with Pharmacy! Peace & Prayers, MN, Fairfield, NJ
M N, Fairfield, NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations. I don't think I have ever been kissed by a husband before, LOL. But, Armenian style, I would look forward to it! I share your joy.


The quickcards were not the only study material that I used, but in the end they were the most useful. I made a 136 on the Naplex and I owe many thanks to ProntoPass (and for the many prayers that were answered)! To me, the oncology, HIV, the Quickcard summary were what helped me the most. However, all of the cards were somewhat useful. Thanks again for all of the help studying! I will recommend your product to every future pharmacist I meet!
D K, San Antonio, TX


Thank you so much for creating this study material. It helped me pass my Naplex on my first try!
B F, Elk River, MN


I just wanted to thank you. Your product was very useful. Have a wonderful evening and thanks again!
L G, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Dear Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I passed both NAPLEX and the Colorado Law.... It took almost a month for Colorado Board of Pharmacy to release my NAPLEX exam result that I got this Saturday. Your calculations were my LIFE SAVER, very easy to study.... They are really the BEST on a market...I tried to study with other calculation materials, and they just made me more confused. Additionally, I want to tell you that your posters are amazing. I will still continue buying new ones when you make them. Thank you very much. Sincerely, IV
I V, Louisville, CO


Hi colin, I took Naplex on 30th and I cleared. Thankyou so much for the encouragement and materials. Thanks once again Susan On the group site, she wrote: I took Naplex last week. I studied just prontopass and I cleared. Just wanted to Thank you "prontopass" for supporting with such a good material to clear Naplex. I did my internship 4 yrs back and had to take a long break and I was completely out of touch with everything and Naplex was a nightmare for me. But prontopass made it happen! Thankyou Buzz and Colin ! sincerely Susan
S , unknown, unknown


Dear Colin; I love the cards. I run 6 miles on the treadmill and do 1 card every 1/4 mile. I usually run 24 to 30 miles a week. I take them with me when I walk my dog because he is older and slow and they give me something to do. I have just tried folding them and it helps. I will try what you said about the left side. Thanks, Daine
D G, South Haven, MI


Thank you so much. Your cards were wonderful. Although I didn't have a chance to call and be quizzed by you, I still ended up with a great Naplex score (126). That really shows that the quickcards really do work. Thanks again.
L G, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Editors Note: The study method, active learning, by folding and self testing really improves memory recall. Passive learning, like reading, works but no where near as well as active learning. CEB


Hi Buzz With all that has happened over the past year, I forgot to thank you for the excellent program I purchased from you. I passed the NAPLEX with flying colors, and so have the other students I have recommended the program to. Although it has been over a year since I passed the exam, I don't think it's too late to say thanks! All the best! BPC
B C, Red Wing, MN


I received a letter today with my score: 85! [MPJE Michigan] Thank you for your help. It has been 20 years since I last worked in hospital pharmacy (I work in R&D in the industry).
G B, Zeeland, MI


Dear Colin, My name is Haruko ISHII, who passed your quiz on my third trial on 17th July 09. Do you remember me? When I took your quiz on my third trial, I had only 12 days left before my exam date. And, I was thinking to reschedule the exam. But, you said, "Go for it. Do not change the exam date. You are ready". I just trusted you and I took the exam 12 days later (July 29th, 2009). You are right. Today, I got the result. It was 110! It is amazing. I graduated my pharmacy school in Japan more than 13 years ago and I did not work as a pharmacist in my country. I even did not know the COX2 inhibitors when I started my study for NAPLEX. I did APhA at first as I was recommended by others. It took 9 months. And then, I took Pre-NAPLEX and failed with the score of 55. I had no idea what I should do. When I called you in Dec 08, you spend more than 30 min with me over the phone and at that time I decided to follow you. Before, I purchase ProntoPass I was so lonly since there is no one who can help me for my study. But, with the ProntoPass your existance itself was a kind of "safeguard" for me. I know that "if something happen for my study, I can call you for a help". Actually, while studying the quickcards I did call you to get an advice. And, when I called you, you spent lots of time to help me. The hardist part of my study with you was to pass the quizz. The quizz was much harder than the actual NAPLEX. I really appreciate that you kept saying "no" to me twice when I took it. If you easilly say, "yes" to me on my first or second trial, I am sure that I should have failed and I would wait for another 3 months to retake NAPLEX. Anyway, I really appreciate your support and "strictness" to let me study very hard. If I did not purchase ProntoPass and meet you, I would not pass the NAPLEX. Sincerely. Haruko
H I, Hanover, NH
Editors Note: Congratulations Haruko. You studied hard and did well. I am proud of you and happy for you.


............I found your material well presented and it saved me countless hours in searching my notes for the same information......
P O, Las Vegas, NV


Hi Colin Bayliss, I passed the Florida MPJE. Thanks D N
D N, Irvine, CA


I got an 81 on the Iowa law test. Just thought you would like to know. Overall, it was good quick study tool. Thanks, S N
S N, Dubuque, IA


Hi, I received my Naplex results and is pleased to say I scored 126. I would like to thank you at ProntoPass for your dedicated assistance in this successful endeavor. Continue with the updates!! Again, thank you Chan
C B, Brooklyn, NY
Editors Note: Congratulations Chan. I invite you to join our Hall of Fame.


I am offically licensed thanks to prontopass. NAPLEX review was great. [MPJE review comments omitted] Keep a good work. Thank you so much.
Y K, Worchester, MA


Buzz, I just wanted to say thanks for your Prontopass system - I just got my score back yesterday and passed with a 135. I found myself picturing the cards more than a few times during the test - especially the "Memoronics". Thanks again. E T Appalachian College of Pharmacy
E T, Grundy, VA


Hello Mr. Bayliss: Just wanted to let you know that I passed the NAPLEX and did really good on it. As a matter of fact, I got my license today. I wanted to thank you for developing Pronto Pass, I think it's a very good and easy, organized way to study and prepare for Naplex. I want to know to what mailing address should I send the Audio CD. Is it the one on the box? Also you said we could give you some tips to help other students learn and remember things. I came up with these: For Amiodarone, we know it affects the liver, thyroid, sight and the lungs so an easy way to rememeber what to monitor is this: "TELL" your doctor to check these: T: Thyroid, E: Eyes, L: Liver, L: lungs Also, for Liver enzymes inducers (I didn't come up with this, I learned it in school) "Barbie's New Green Car Runs Super Phast!" B: Barbiturates; N: Nevirapine; G: Griseofulvin; C: Carbamazepine; R: Rifampin; S: Sustiva; P: Phenytoin For HIV meds that need to be taken with food, specifically PIs: "STRAND" S: Saquinavir; T: Tipranavir; R: Ritonavir; A: Atazanavir; N: Nelfinavir; D: Darunavir Efavirenz, need to be taken on empty stomach: "E" for Empty ddI, empty stomach: "I" for "Impty" Erstapenem is an "Empty" Carbapenem because it does not cover "LEAP" L:Listeria; E: Enterococcus; A: Acinetobacter; P: Pseudomonas I don't know if you find these helpful, I did. Thank You. Y R Palm Beach Atlantic University
Y R, West Palm Beach, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations! I love students that send us suggested Memoronics! CEB


I was amazed since after the exam I was sure I failed. You told me to be patient. I found I scored an 88 on the mpje for NY. Thank.
J S, Oak Lawn, IL


Hi Colin! Your study material served as a great supplement to help me review before the NAPLEX and CPJE. I had used your math cards to review the calculations portion of the exam and your posters to review the different disease states. I took the NAPLEX on June 26th and I passed with a scaled score of 110. I took the CPJE on July 11 and passed with a scaled score of 84. Thank you for assisting me in my studies for the exam. Regards, J N
J N, San Jose, CA
Editors Note: Congratulation on your double play!


THANK YOU SO MUCH! you guys are awesome
A C, Robinson, IL


Dear Buzz, I'm pleased to inform you that they have finally released my score and I got my license in mail today. Thank you very much for your help and support. Zahra
Z M, Fairfax, VA


Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: Hi! I used the ProntoPass with Memoronics to study for the NAPLEX. I just found out that I passed with a score of 129!!!! I was so pleased that I decided to order the MPJE review. I took the MPJE exam a few days ago but I havent recived the results yet. Good luck to all of you who haven't taken the exam yet!
B O, Charles Town, WV


M Z, Bridgeport, CT


Passsed the mpje with an 86
S P, St Augustine, FL
Editors Note: A quick pass with the MPJE....just what was needed!


Dear Colin, Just found out I passed Naplex with a score of 127! Thanks so much. I will send back the last minute study material tomorrow.
Y Z, Stockton, CA
Editors Note: Yong has been invited to join our Hall of Fame


Hello, Just wanted to let you know I passed my NV MPJE with an 83. Thanks!
D B, Reno, NV


I passed the MPJE with a score of 93. The federal review cards were not as easy to use as I had hoped. They were a little busy, but obviously the exam went fine for me! Thanks for the review material. D S
D S, Wenatchee, WA


Dear Sir: I purchased MPJE materials from you to prepare for NJ MPJE and am happy to inform you that I took exam last week and passed with 80% Thanks for your support R D
R D, ?, ?


Colin, I passed with an 81. [MPJE Utah] Thanks! Alan
A M, Salt Lake City, UT


I wanted to let u know that i passed Montana law exam. your stuff was great for studying and helped me a lot. those were the only material I studied for the exam. they are to the point. i'm planing to take california law next moth and i'll let u know as well Nahid
N M, Reno, NV


119 on the Naplex.....
S P, St Augustine, FL
Editors Note: Short and Sweet!


Thanks for your help. I passed the MPJE on the first try with an 83, so what you said about how to study and what the usual results are was pretty accurate.
P H, August, GA


I passed. Thanks.
J & K B, Fargo, ND
Editors Note: Another short and sweet message. Thanks. CEB


I took the test [MPJE TX] on June 3rd and got the results on Friday - 81. Thanks for the help Jay
J J, Wauwatosa, WI


Hello. I passed [MPJE NC], got 83,,, now I'm in the process of a job search!! It is slow Thank you God Bless
H H, Apex, NC


I passed! 81 [MPJE HI]
N P, Watertown, NY


Mr. Bayliss, I passed the MPJE!! [MPJE LA] Thanks for your help!
A K , Marrero, LA


I received the following Comment Card: Amazing Product! I was at a loss of where to begin studying but this product broke it down into bite size pieces and a great guide to areas I needed to focus on. I was an averag student in school but this product helped me achieve a 134 on the Naplex.
L W, Hampton, NE
Editors Note: Congratulation Lisa. You are eligible to join our Hall of Fame and I encourage you to do so. It is amazing regarding school achievements and Naplex scores. My experience is that the students at the TOP of the class need to worry. They have great minds but think that if they studied one hour for a final and aced it, they can do the same with Naplex. NOT TRUE. Their results on Naplex can be devastating to these mentally elite people. They forget to study more than 2 hours for Naplex with horrible results. On the other hand, those students at the bottom of the class know they must study long and hard to pass this test....and that is what they do when they buy our product. This is one test result that Lisa will never forget! 134 Great! CEB


Just a quick note to let you all know I passed with a score of 110 on my NAPLEX. I graduated in 1985 with a B.S Pharm. Thanks to this program and my graduate internship hours, I am proud to say I succeeded!
R D, Revere, MA


Hello Buzz and Team, I am very pleased to let you know that I passed NAPLEX. I got 127. I remember at the end of the quiz I asked you how much will I be able to told me 120 or may be more and that's what happened. I am so happy and thankful to you & your team. Thanks to you and your fantastic Naplex material. The colorful posters and audio CD really helped me a lot. I will mail you back the final study material and the CD on June 25. Once again thanks Reshma Shimpi
R S, Santa Clara, CA


Passed with a 91 [MPJE FL]. Pretty good for only studying for 2 days! Thanks a lot! Katy
K B, Clifton, VA


Hi Colin, I just got back my results and passed with a 85 [MPJE NY]. Thanks for the help! Sam
S S, NY , NY


Dear Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my MPJE for Georgia!! My mom had ordered the cards for me to help me study, and they were a huge help! Thank you again! J S, PharmD
J S, Lawrenceville, GA


I received a passing score of 80. Your MPJE [WA] review was very relevant.
S K, Lake Forrest Park, WA


Hello, I took the Hawaii MPJE on June 8th and passed with a score of 88. Thanks for your helpful product! L A
L A, Kailua, HI


Hi Buzz, Here's my story: Graduated-1/9/09, Naplex exam-3/3, MPJE exam-3/13, New job-3/16, & licensed-3/24. My only regret is that I wished I found out about ProntoPass sooner. As you can see above, I had a very tight timeline. I took a leap of faith & bought it a month prior to taking the Naplex. I didn't get a chance to go through everything nor did I call Buzz. Scored a 113 on the NAPLEX. I supplemented the MPJE w/ Muscheno's CD for PA, passed by a few points, but ok as I had less than a wk to study + was drained from studying the Naplex. The point is I am licensed! My recommendation to anyone thinking about ProntoPass is not waste a second longer thinking about it & buy it. I found about ProntoPass randomly googling. I was sick & overwhelmed by looking @ the APHA book. For a person w/ ADHD, it's nothing short of a nightmare trying to comb through endless pages of material. ProntoPass is visual, concise, & the math review great. There were concepts such as MEQ, Osmolarity, TPN, & etc. that I never understood before & now I do! You also MUST fold the cards & don't be afraid to write all over them. Another nice feature is that you can take the cards anywhere. Being a visual learner, it makes me feel good when I saw my stack of folded card get larger as I made my way through the cards. I won't even sell my cards b/c I am finding the stuff on the very helpful w/ my new hospital job as I have previously only had 8yrs of experience in retail. I have told all my friends about ProntoPass. My best friend bought your product & asked me if I'm sure that's all she has to study. I told her to throw everything else out & only study Pronto Pass. Thanks again Buzz! Marie
M T, Leola, PA


Hello, Thankfully I passed both MPJEs I took! Thank you for all of your help.
N A, Hinkley, OH


This was an email that I received today: Hello Mr. Bayliss, I have been contemplating contacting you for about a week. I've been studying for the NAPLEX for about 2 weeks now. I've been feeling a little unmotivated. I don't really know why but I am having a hard time staying focused when I study. I have completed 1 set of the cards. I am feeling nervous about the exam. I've also received several calls from my job about working. I don't know how I would incorporate working & studying & taking care of my 3 year old daughter. I thought about creating a schedule to accomplish this but the only time I really have to study is in the mornings while she is at school. I told my district supervisor that I want to focus on studying for the exam because I don't want work to overshadow my studies. There are some days where I can study good for 4 hours but others only a couple of hours. The couple of hours I do get in are productive. I feel that I am not getting much accomplished. I sat down & developed a study schedule but I found that I cannot cover all the material in the alloted amount of days that I've given myself per section of cards. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help & your time.
withheld, withheld, withheld
Editors Note: This was my answer back: The answer to your problem is fairly simple yet the decision to do it is more difficult. You feel you are not making much progress because you are not devoting enough time to study. You need to stop work and put your daughter in daycare for the full day. And, stop worrying about when you will take the test. Take it when you are ready, not some date that you would like to take it. Study. Make studying the most important thing in your life. For 8 hours a day your study must be number one in your life.....not your work and not your daughter. You know what I am saying is true but you are reluctant to do it. You will feel much better after making this decision. In fact, you will not make the progress you need until you make this decision. Some of my students have postponed this decision for years and failed the test over and over trying this and that as some kind of short cut. Nothing works at passing this test except knowledge and you can only get that will serious study. NOTHING ELSE WORKS. Are you prepared to make this decision to do what you have to do? After making this decision and implementing it, then follow the directions. What I am suggesting is hard but believe me, you will not regret later doing what I am suggesting needs to be done. If you need to talk, you can call me on my personal cell at xxx xxx xxxx. CEB


Hello Buzz and Team, I am very pleased to let you know that I passed NAPLEX. I got 127. I remember at the end of the quiz I asked you how much will I be able to told me 120 or may be more and that's what happened. I am so happy and thankful to you & your team. Thanks to you and your fantastic Naplex material. The colorful posters and audio CD really helped me a lot. I will mail you back the final study material and the CD on June 25. Once again thanks R S
R S, Santa Clara, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations. You studied hard and when we quizzed you your answers were accurate and fast. I thought you would do well and that is the way it turned out. That is wonderful. I will look forward to having you in our Hall of Fame. CEB


Without a doubt, Prontopass was the best review for me. I used multiple resources and kept turning back to Prontopass. The memoronics/cards/posters allowed me to focus in on the important information for the exams. I was skeptical upon receiving the package, but I was willing to do whatever it took. I took my exam last Thursday and found out today that I score a 123! I only had about 3 weeks to seriously focus on the exam; however, I purchased prontopass almost a year before taking the exam. Anytime I would jog on the treadmill or go on long road trips I would review the posters; this proved to be an invaluable tool in my learning experience. I really hope others will look at trying these cards before reading hundreds of pages of other material (I did, and it didn't help near as much as prontopass). Although the pacakge is expensive, it is well worth the $.
K P, Cheyenne, WY


So far, so good. I am spreading out the exams [multiple MPJEs]to every other week. Three results so far -- FL, NV and WV. Scores ranged between 86 and 93.
J S, Niles, MI


Thanks to Pronto Pass, I just found out that I got a 136 on the NAPLEX! I don't know how I would have been able to study efficiently without this product. The Memoronix really helped me learn things quickly that normally would have taken me days to remember (such as which HIV drugs belong to which class). Also, the math practice was exceptional, and I feel like I got every single math question on the NAPLEX correct due to the intense nature of the Math cards. Thanks again!
E S, Whiteville, NC
Editors Note: Erin will be inducted into our Hall of Fame soon. Congratulations Erin! CEB


I purchased your mpje cards to take the florida mpje test. I passed with a 80%! thank you for your help. david
D Z, Buckley, MI


I just want to say thank you for sending the card and the other CD that you sent recently. I am very pleased with your customer service and the product. You all are amazing! I tell everybody I know about your service! The studying is going well so far! Thanks again! Sincerely, V M
V M, Orange Park, FL


I passed the MPJE with a scaled score of 83. Thanks.
N D, Tifton, GA


Just wanted to let you know--I passed! Thanks for the help!
K S, Boston, MA


I received a beautiful card today: Dear Buzz, Mike and all the team of ProntoPass. Thank you very much for just being there and guiding me toward success. I have cleared my Naplex. May God bless you all! With lots of love.
S K, Fremont, CA
Editors Note: Congratulation Smitha. I love success stories. Thanks for your card and your blessing. Wishing you well with your career in pharmacy! CEB


My Dear Colin, I just want to thank you from my heart for the use of prontopass for my review. I had to take the NAPLEX test on the 12th and MPJE on the 19th because I had delayed it for too long from January. I passed and your product helped me. God bless you.
L N, Westerville, OH


Dear Buzz, Thanks to you and your colleagues for your time and efforts for quizzing today. Your format of the posters and cards has made all the difference between me trying for the NAPLEX. With the APHA book I would have never had the confidence to attempt NAPLEX.
R P, Windsor, CA


Thank you so much for your email and your support. I never seen anyone so passionate about me passing the NAPLEX, especially someone I haven't gotten the chance to meet yet. I really want to pass "THE FIRST TIME", because its hard to get a job especially where the economy is right now and pharmacist jobs are becoming scarce. I'm studying everyday and I try to do 1-2 packs of cards a day and the posters on the weekend with a review of everything on Sunday. I KNOW you told me don't schedule a test until I AM READY (and I haven't) but my goal is to be ready by the end of June. Are there any ideas that you can suggest to me to be ready by that time? The sooner I am licensed, the sooner I can get a job. Right now I am not working and the company I worked for as an intern needs license pharmacists and they told me I need to be license by the summer. If I didn't need a job for bills and student loans payment I will take my time and study, but time right now is not on my side. Do you have any suggestions for me? N H
N H, Tallahassee, FL
Editors Note: Hard study is what makes it all possible. There are no short cuts to pharmacy competency. Study hard Naomi, and do well. CEB


Passed. Thanks Kristen
K B, Flagstaff, AZ


I received a beautiful card and a box of chocolates. (She must know I am a diabetic and love chocolates) The note says: Dear Buzz and Friends, First of all, I would like to say thansk to all of you. Even though you were busy, you spent time to work with me. Finally, I was successful with the Naplex and then two weeks later I passed the MPJE. I received my pharmacist license in illinois on April 14, 2009 and I am now working as a training pharmacist at Walgreens. Again, thank you for hour help. Sincerely, X-D V, Pharm D RPh
XD V, Champaign, IL
Editors Note: Thank you Xuan-Dai for your kind note and the chocolates. Best of wishes from us as you proceed with your professional career. CEB


Dr. Buzz, The Naplex material you have provided is really nice, educational; I should say it is phenomenal actually. I have been studying this material since early February & have developed a lot of confidence which I did not have before. I now think with some last minute preparation I am ready for the exam. I would like to get a quiz from you and would like to write the Naplex soon. I was wondering if we can schedule the quiz for next Monday, May 18th morning at ~10 AM or before (I prefer 8). Please let me know and the number to call you. Best Regards. Sree.
S B, Monmouth Junction, NJ


Passed. Thanks Kristen
G C, Denton, NC


Dear Colin, Got my MPJE results for the state of Delaware last week, passed with score of 81. Thank you again. Sandhya Tandel.
S T, Wilmington, DE
Editors Note: Congratulations Sandhya


Just wanted to let you know I scored an 86 on the MPJE. Thanks so much! D C
D C, Richmond, MO


Hello, Mr. Bayliss (and ProntoPass), Just wanted to thank you. :) I took the MPJE for GA and AL in April and I passed both of them. I studied like you recommended. (I can almost picture every card in my head.) And I picked up some important things by reviewing the States Rules, Regs, Statutes and Laws just before taking the tests. Thanks so very much for making good use of my time!! Keep up the great work!! W E
W E, Orlando, FL


Buzz: I took the NAPLEX on Tuesday and was notified today that I achieved a score of 110, just below your super acheivers but I feel very good about the score since I have been out of the practice of Pharmacy since 1976 when dinosaurs still walked the earth. North Carolina has approved everything else accept the MPJE. Yesterday I sent to you by Priority Mail all the info that you required and today I ordered the ProntoPass system for North Carolina. You and Steve have my deepest appreciation, please keep up the good work!!! Sincerely, C K
C K, Lawrenceville, GA


Hi Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I passed California law exam(CPJE) and am a pharmacist now . Prontopass was a great help. I don't think I could have done it without that. I have mailed back the final review material that was sent for my Naplex study that was sent to me on loan. Also I've mailed out a check of $17.50 to reimburse for overnight delivery of the final package. Again thanks for everything. Sincerely, Dhanashri
D K, Milpitas, CA


Thank you very much for your help. My NAPLEX score is 138. Your material was very useful especially for FPGEE graduates since we are never really confident in our level of preparation. Your study material gave me excellent preparation and confidence. Sincerely, A K, graduate from Moscow Medical Academy School of Pharmacy, 1996.
A K, Covington, LA
Editors Note: Congratulation! A K has been invited to join of Hall of Fame.


I took the TN law test and passed--score 80. I will be ordering additional states soon, as my company needs to get RX licenses in all 50 states. Thank you.
D W, Overland Park, KS


Dear Colin, I took my State of Delaware MPJE exam on saturday the 18 th (April 2009). It was good, your study material really helped. Thank you, S T
S T, Wilmington, DE


I purchased the MPJE cards and state information for New Mexico in October. I studied and passed with flying colors.
E W, Albuquerque, NM


Mr. Bayliss, I took TX MPJE on 03/04/09 and passed the exam on 03/13/09 with the score of 76. Prontopass lives up to its standard...helps pharmacists to take exam quickly and get licensed quickly. Thanks.
M H T N, Loveland, CO
Editors Note: That was too close, LOL. You did it quick and you had success. Congratulations!


Hello, I'm sorry it took me so long to get back with you. It's been rather busy for me lately. Anyway, I am happy to report that I PASSED by MPJE exam for Michigan. I did a lot better than I thought (I actually thought I failed!). I passed with a score of 83! Your materials certainly helped with studying the state's pharmacy laws. The one thing I want to let everyone know who is planning to take the MPJE exam, regardless of the state, PLEASE make sure you read all the questions carefully and make sure you understand what the question is asking you. I believe that is why more than anything else people get nervous over taking the MPJE (I fitted this description) or worse they don't pass because they are not understanding what the questions are asking. Now that I'm licensed in Michigan, that makes 4 states that I am licensed to practice pharmacy. I'm entertaining the thought of making California number 5 in a couple of years. Thank you! HBW,
H B W, Phoenix, AZ


I am sooooo grateful b/c of Prontopass! In late 2007, searching the web, I was glad to finally find a comprehensive study material. When I 1st heard of prontopass, I was the fisrt to purchase it and I recommended it to my friends. Some followed my advise and ALL who used prontopass passed the exam giving credit to prontopass last review cards and math practice cards. I couldn't take my exam right of the bat when I graduated b/c I was pregnant and my OB/GYN put me on bed u can imagine my anxiety!!! Finally, I took my exam on March 20, 2008 and 10 days later was notified that I passed. Thanks BUZZ, "Desde la Isla del Encanto" (from the enchanted island) Puerto Rico... Cordially, L. M., PharmD
L M, Ponce, Puerto Rico
Editors Note: Congratulation Lysandra! We have recently renamed the "Last Review" Quickcards to "Quickcard Summary"....which is the last 115 or so Quickcards. This Summary is a condensation of the most important information of all 1000 Quickcards.


Dear Mr. Buzz , First I would like to thank you for your prontopass reviewers. It was a big help for me in successfully passing NAPLEX under Texas Board of Pharmacy. Greatly appreciated sir. See attached score report. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Ben
B B, Shelby Twp, MI
Editors Note: Congratulations on getting a 109 on your Naplex. Job well done. Keep up the study for MPJE and you will soon be a practicing pharmacist! As a side note, I think our quizzing is very beneficial either way. Sometimes a student really does not know the basics and our quizzing is a wake up call. Nothing like a kick in the you know where when you need it! In the alternative, the student knows our material well and our quizzing is like a pat on the back and builds confidence just before their test. Again, either way, it is beneficial.


Hi colin, I would like to inform you that your studying material works and works perfect. I just got my result for Naplex exam and scored 133 which is very satisfactory. Thanks alot for your support for your students. You did encouraged me alot when you quizzed me almost a month ago. I would recommend your products for any friend I know.Thanks again and talk to you soon. Sicerely, K A Ontario, Canada
K A, Ontario, Canada
Editors Note: Congratulations. Very satisfactory!


I had cleared both Naplex and MJPE for Arizona. My Naplex score is 128 and MJPE is 85. Now i am registered pharmacist of Arizona. Thanks to your smart designing of study material which was precise and accurate that just need to score on Naplex. I had refered lot of my friends for your course. I had started studying after a span of 10 years after doing my masters in 1996 from india and when i followed your directions i got the desired best results. i still remember that after you had quiz me twice for an hour you told me that i would get 120 and i told you that i am shooting for 130. well i fell short what i wanted to shoot for. But i am really satisfied with my results and so my family too. Thanks a lot once again M L
M L, Phoenix, AZ
Editors Note: Congratulations Mehul. You will be in our Hall of Fame as soon as our webmaster can do it. I would like to add an important point. Mehul had studied and then when he thought he was ready, he called us for quizzing. After quizzing him for an hour, we had to tell him he just was not quite ready. He had studied but he was not good enough. His answers were not always fast and accurate. We asked him to study hard for week and call us back for quizzing again. He then got serious and studied for a month and when he called again he really knew our study material! This has happened several time and I think that our quizzing can be very important - perhaps a reality orientation in some cases. With good students, like Mehul, they use this to get serious about learning pharmacy. It is a real thrill to quiz someone who really knows the study material and I was thrilled with his second quizzing session. CEB


Hi Colin, I started studying on 1st of Jan 2009 and took the test on March 11th 2009. However I put about 10 hours a day. I had no life besides studying during those 2 months . Have 2 kids ,so had to pay attention to them too. I just rcvd. my NAPLEX results. Scored 123. There are a few things I wanted to share with prospective students.This material is precise and to the point. Initially when I rcvd. the material , I thought it was a piece of cake. When actually I sat down to study for hours it was not that easy. Sometimes would get overwhelmed,but kept looking at the reviews send by others. This gave me courage and the feeling that there are others like me. I would strongly advice to get quizzed by Buzz ( in my case it was a student- Shamina). Thanks Colin for provide this awesome material. BTW I graduated from pcy school in 1989 (from India) and practised as a pharmacist in CA for 10 yrs. Moved to TX and had to take NAPLEX.
A K, Katy, TX


Hi Colin, I passed [MPJE] with a score of 92! Thanks so much, Emilie Raddin
E R, Midlothian, VA


Dear Colin Bayliss, Thank you very much for shipping me such amazing material. It has arrived safely, and I am impressed by its quality. Thank you again,
N S, Wasilla, AK


I passed the Oregon MPJE. The Pronto Pass cards really helped me collect my thoughts on the Federal Laws. Thanks
T O, Waterville, OH


Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I did pass the IL law exam! Thanks! LS
L S, Chicago, IL


Hi Buzz, I just got my Naplex results back and I got 110. Thanks you for your help in this regard. I will send the last review and Q bank to you ASAP. Again thanks for quizzing me and your prediction for me was 120!!! (Close enough) Thanks again, MB
M B, College Station, TX


I just received a note from R K. He said thanks and informed us of his 117 on his Naplex and 76 on his Maine MPJE. (and is still waiting for the results of his CPJE)
R K, Bakersfield, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Rajesh. Job well done on Naplex. I invite you to join our Hall of Fame.


Colin, I got the Naplex result *128*!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it, I was even doubting that I would pass, it was a _very difficult_ exam.I'm preparing for CPJE now. Thank you for sending all the study material so promptly.Thanks again & I'll keep in touch,Anabel
A L, Folsom, CA


Hello! I just wanted to say thank you very much and to let you know that I did pass my exam [MPJE](this was my 3rd attempt!) and I scored an 81! I am so grateful to your organization! Thanks!! J W
J W, Franklin, WI
Editors Note: Congratulations Jennifer. Our MPJE product offers a quick study and a pass, although not a high pass. This is just what is needed after a long hard study to pass Naplex!


I received a call today from a student who was calling to tell me that she had passed Naplex with a 113. She had been unsuccessful two times previously and she was most thankful. I thought her story was typical of many so it bears repeating. Her first attempt was with little study because others had told her that Naplex was easy. After being unsuccessful, she "studied" hard. She read Schargel, APhA, did passnaplexnow and others. She thought she was prepared and was very disappointed to find that she had been unsuccessful the second time. Then she came to ProntoPass and after much hard work did pass Naplex with a good score. I think the difference relates to active learning vs passive learning like reading. We promote active learning: folding and self testing on the Quickcards and listening and pausing the CD audio quizzing on the Posters and answering out LOUD and then turning the CD player back on and hearing other students responses and then my comments. Active learning really does put the material into the mind much better and that is the key to really learning the material. When she called for quizzing, she did very well and it thrills me that she did do very well. Calls like this one make my day---I share the joyous feeling with each and every successful student. I think this story can help prevent failures if other students will imitate her
S S, Charleston, WV


I received 5 suggested "Memoronics" from this student. Many thanks.
A K, Katy, TX


I am doing exactly as you have directed. I am studying 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night. I study the cards one section at a time until I can fold the card and repeat the right side. This 1 hour of intense studying is 3 to 4 hours for me. I am feeling more confident each day after all these years. Talking about being motivated ,as my nest egg has vanished 40 percent in the last 2 years my desire to learn has taken on a new meaning . I appreciate your time and understanding.
D R, Dade City, FL
Editors Note: Studying our stuff is hard work because it is active learning vs passive learning with books. But, active learning stays with you and you will remember it when you need it. Also, our system builds confidence through constant self testing. One work of encouragement----it gets easier as you go on, especially if you have been out of pharmacy for years. The mind at some point says "I can do this" and memorization gets easier!


Hi there- Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPJE with a score of 84. I think I had a total of 2 law related questions! I found your posters to be especially helpful for the exam. Thanks again
A B, Portland, OR


MT, Lexington, MS
Editors Note: OK, this IS the shortest email ever received! We always ask our students to let us know how they did and this was his response on his MPJE test. Congratulations.


Excellent review material. Easy to use, very complete. The math portion was extremely helpful. I will recommend it to my friends. Thank you.
C R, Corona, CA


Please find letter attached from the SC Board of Pharmacy confirming my Naplex test score. (I did pass the Law Paper (2 weeks after the instructed) with a score of 84) My husband and I made a decision to move with our family from South Africa to the US just over 2 years ago. We have two little boys with special educational needs, and we wanted to optimise their chances of enjoying an independent and fulfilling life in years to come. We made our decision intuitively and quickly, addressing challenges as they arose rather than anticipating them. After having settled into our new home and having had a month or two of intern hours clocked up, it was time to focus on the next step...preparing for the NAPLEX and MPJE. I had not worked as a pharmacist for over 14 years, and I felt daunted at the prospect of tackling such an enormous task. Thank God my supervising Pharmacist recommended I take a look at Pronto Pass! I actually felt excited upon the arrival of the material - it really made bite-size chunks of a vast/infinite amount of material - and made the learning process seem fun and very achievable. It was clear that the Pronto Pass material had been prepared by people of sound pharmacy knowledge as well as experts in the art of learning/examination techniques. I ignored the comments of others who had taken the Naplex and who said one couldn't rely on a bunch of index cards...they had used 4 or 5 textbooks to prepare for their tests. I had too little time and too much going on in my household and life to contemplate wading through even one textbook. I am so grateful for having trusted the Pronto Pass system....its a tried and trusted process that builds confidence during your preparation time as well as during the examination itself. I actually found myself relaxing and enjoying the exam! I was delighted to get my score back of 133. I did not need to simply pass the NAPLEX, I actually had needed to pass well. Returning to a profession in an unfamiliar environment, I needed to feel confident that I was up to the job. Thank you Pronto Pass for providing such a terrific tool to get the job done, and get it done well. Sincerely Michelle Hudson
M H, Bluffton, SC
Editors Note: Congratulations Michelle. Hard study paid off! Michelle Hudson has been added to our Hall of Fame. Click on the Hall of Fame button to read more.


My name is Jeffrey Liss. I graduated from Rutgers College of Pharmacy in 1986. I practiced pharmacy until 1989 when I took another career path in the financial industry. I was out of pharmacy for 20 years. In that time I tried other products and home study, but was unsuccessful in my endeavors. I was actually referred to ProntoPass in a unique way. I called PassNaplexNow and during our discussions, I wanted to actually talk to students who had taken the course. They gave me the name of someone who had given a testimony for the course. I called him and he told me he didn√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t care what I did as long as I bought ProntoPass! (believe it or not). I chose to give it one more chance. I purchased the ProntoPass combo package and attended the One on One (Boot Camp) in Dover, Ohio. I studied very hard, day and night for 3 months. Buzz and his staff are the most accommodating and well prepared people I have ever met. I learned pharmacy the right way, and many times did not even realize I was studying. After completing the study material in mid February, I scheduled to take the Naplex on February 17th, 2009. I scored a 123. This system of studying is amazing. If I can do it after 20 years so can anyone. I would also like to thank Brian, Steve, Mike, Gloria, Jeff, Abel and Sharon. I especially would like to thank Buzz, Deo and my study buddy Shamina. When you get ProntoPass you are not only receiving a pharmacy product, you are joining a pharmacy family. Thank you and good luck, Jeffrey Liss, Wake Forest, NC
J L, Wake Forest, NC
Editors Note: Jeff has been put into our Hall of Fame and allowed us to use his name. Jeff studied hard and did well and this should be an encouragement to all students studying to pass NAPLEX. You can read his documents if you click on the Hall of Fame (after the webmaster gets it put up, LOL)


Thank you so much for getting that out so quickly. My naplex score was a 108. I recommended your system to numerous people.
B F, Towson, MD


The following review information was submitted from the ProntoPass web site review page: Name: JW Address: City: Allen State: Texas Zip Code: E-mail: --- Reviewed Item: Prontopass Drug Pronunciations CD software Review: It is really helpful! As a foreign pharmacy student, the pronunciation of the drugs is a bothersome problem. Now, I know how to correctly pronounce the brand names as well as generic names before my intern and this helps me to boost my confidence. Meanwhile, in the software CD, the drugs are sorted by categories and posters, which greatly helps me to memorize them. One suggestion: it would be wonderful if this software could be combined with the 200 drug poster.
J W, Allen, TX
Editors Note: The new audio software CD for pronunciation now has a sort by poster. The ProntoPass 200 is one of the options. When you click on posters, then on the P-200 poster, you get the drugs in number order, just like on the Poster.


Dear Buzz I passed Ohio Mpje. Thank you Sincerely
J J, Canton, OH


Buzz, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Indiana MPJE with the help of your materials. Thank you! Even before I took the exam, I had recommended your products to friends. What can I say-it works! I don't know why everybody doesn't use Pronto Pass. Who cares what your score is [on MPJE] when passing is all that matters? Your score has no influence on what job you'll be offered or what salary you'll make. I've been practicing pharmacy for 22 years, and I've been out of the test-taking routine for decades. You're program was instrumental in helping me to pass the exam. Thank you again! Pronto Pass rocks!!! Sincerely,
J M, Queen Creek, AZ


Buzz- Well, I finally took my Florida NAPLEX in Jan & just got my results today! After 33 yrs out of school & only studying Pronto Pass for 6 months, I got a 114! Darn, I missed your Hall of Fame by 1 point. You had predicted after my oral review at the end of my studies that I would get a 115. So, thank you again for your product & your help & encouragement. I feel I am a more knowledgable pharmacist after my Pronto Pass studies. Now on to the MPJE studies! (And, yes, I have the Pronto Pass material for that as well.) Janet Roop
J R, South Hampton, NJ
Editors Note: J R quizzed very well. She had studied hard and her results showed it. I am so proud of her! Hoping you like FL! CEB


I unsuccessfully attempted NAPLEX twice last year. A friend of mine recommended PRONTOPASS after realizing that I was wasting my time studying useless stuff for NAPLEX. I called BUZZ in July 2008 who suggested that I should pack my bags and go to Dover, as he suspected that I needed to be away from the factors that he believed were contributing to my failure. I traveled to Dover and studied very hard under close supervision of Buzz and his associates who were very helpful in making me regain the confidence that I lost after failing NAPLEX twice. I also met other students who were in the same situation I had. We studied VERY HARD (in capitals) together. It was a perfect environment for studying, believe me. In no way I would have memorized Hudson T Up-draft II without having someone (Brian & Mike) ready to quiz me every morning. Thank you guys for all your help and dedication. To cut the story short, I took my exam this January and today I received my results that I scored 112. I am very happy not only because I passed NAPLEX but also because I strongly believe that PRONTOPASS study materials have made me a better Pharmacist. The knowledge that you'll get from the posters, cards and the audio is very useful in performing your daily activities as a pharmacist. Without studying PRONTOPASS I don't think I would have been a confident pharmacist. I highly recommend the PRONTOPASS study materials to everybody. This is all you need, believe me. Don't waste your time on other stuff. Thank you BUZZ et al for all your help and guidance. God bless you all.
D K, Morrisville, NC
Editors Note: Congratulations Deo! Good job! His is another story where hard study pays off. I am very very happy for this student who studied so long and hard. And, what he did not say was that he had a revelation experience that sometimes comes with hard study.


Dear Buzz Thanks for providing me with such excellent study materials, and very prompt delivery. I owe my success all to you and your guidance. I apologize for the delay in returning these materials. My three kids, and a lot of catching up to do for the past five years. I've been recommending ProntoPass to everyone who asks me, but I refuse to make copies for them. I feel it's best that they get from the right source and the full experience. Again, thanks for putting so much thoughts and efforts into refining the materials. May God bless you and yours always. You're the best teacher! Love C V
C V , Carlsbad, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Claire. Your hard work did the job right! I am very happy for you and thanks for the feedback and encouragement to others. We work at improving our product and making things easier to understand and memorize everyday. Thanks to everyone who sends in suggested memoronics to help the process! CEB


I am a 1988 BS Pharmacy Graduate from the Philippines. Yes, we use American textbooks and our batch was the last 5 year curriculum. (Beginning 2009, my former school is reverting back to a 5 year course to satisfy the FPGEE requirements). I migrated to the US in 1994 and passed the FPGEE in 1997. Since I was busy with work then, I didn't have the chance to pursue my pharmacy career. In 2004, I moved to Florida, did my internship there. I moved back to Illinois after finishing the internship and after that 3 successive hurricanes hitting central florida. (I would rather shovel snow than undergo a hurricane experience). I took the NAPLEX twice while still working full-time but failed using Appleton and Shargel. I found ProtoPass online and bought the whole package in 2006, applied for internship here in Illinois and finished it after a year while juggling with my full-time job. Last November 2008, I finally passed the IL MPJE despite an overhaul of test questions. Illinois implemented the new Pharmacy Law, so the review I ordered from ProntoPass didn't help much. I called Buzz last December to test me on the NAPLEX but I failed in the math and he gave me a "C" on the posters. I told him that I already scheduled my NAPLEX on Jan 15, 2009 and whether or not I pass or fail his oral revalida, I was already decided to take the test anyway. Today I checked the Illinois dept of Prof Regulation, and voila! I made it finally. Thanks indeed to God who make all things possible. He was the One who led me to I highly recommed ProntoPass to those who have tried Appleton or Shargel and failed. Buzz, thanks for entertaining my request to orally test me despite buying your product 2 years ago. I'm not really good in oral impromptu. Thank you Prontopass for making my dream a reality. I am signing off now from this yahoo group. For those who are preparing for NAPLEX, 2 "P"s to remember. ProntoPass and Prayers. It is your faith in the Lord who will finally lift you. In God's will and time, he will make you an RPh. PEACE and Goodwill to all!
I V, Elgin, IL
Editors Note: Congratulations All well that ends well. Sometimes students call for quizzing and it acts as a wake up call to study hard. Sometimes, a kick in the pants is the best thing a teacher can do! I am so glad to get feedback that this teaching technique works!


I received the following letter : Dear Buzz, Steve and Brian, I successfully completed my naplex and MPJE in December 08 after failing both of them once before. I attribute my success partly to my efforts, but mailly to your fantastic study materials and not to mention your expert guidance. I could not have done this without you all. I am now a licensed pharmacist in the State of Washington. I hope you guys continue this fantastic service that you provide for many years to come and help other people achieve their dreams like you did for me. Thank you very much again. Your guys are legends. V K
V K, Tumwater, WA
Editors Note: Hard study and a few words of guidance and encouragement can do wonders for achieving a dream! Thank you Vijay for your kind words.


As of today I received notification I passed the exam [MPJE]with a 83%. Not to bad considering the crunch time in studying. Thanks Nancy
N P, St Louis, MO


Thanks Colin I passed. Take Care
J W, Athens, GA


Thank you so much......I PASS my MPJE (Texas) with a score of 85. Thank you thank you C H, PharmD
C H, Camarillo, CA


Colin Just wanted to let you know I passed the NY MPJE. I took it on Dec 17th and got 80%. Thanks J I
J I, Nutley, NJ

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