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 Feedback 2010


Thank you so much for the outstanding explanations that you have given to me!! I really appreciate it!!
G U, Boca Raton, FL


Colin- Took the PA law exam two weeks ago-studied the cards and sheets hard for about 2 weeks-balancing my job as a retail pharmacist and working 40 hours a week/14 hour days. In that time, got to the point of borderline memorization, glanced over the statues twice/reviewed the cards the day of the test and went in. Thought I totally bombed it but came out with an 81!!!! You guys are a miracle-thank you.
M K, Westerly, NJ


I just experienced now what you told us that the heaven open up with math revelation after doing the math cards 3x now. I understood pharmacy math now which I never did before when I took The NAPLEX. Thank you so much, Buzz. You are so amazing for creating these cards.
D P, Toms River, NJ
Editors Note: The Revelation Experience is a very good one! It often comes more often than many would think, but only after long hard study.


Hi Buzz! The Monster energy drink is very effective. At least I could stay up for 14 hours studying the posters & math cards which I'm struggling to memorize. Thank you so much for recommending that drink.
D P, Toms River, NJ


Took Florida Law exam end of November and passed. Your cards and Florida Law Info obviously worked. Thank You
S S, Monroe Township, NJ


Hey Mr. Bayliss, Just wanted to let you know I took the WV MPJE this past Monday and found out yesterday I passed with an 84. Thanks.
M J, Blacksburg, VA


This was posted to our Yahoo group, Naplexandmore: Well, I do not know whether I should respond to many of similar messages I see. I qualified Naplex in first attempt last year in December. Initially, I was bit skeptical about the claims made by prontopass that you would not need any other study material. But as I started studying and went through it I would say it was true (atleast ~98%) in my my case. I was a little skeptical, afraid and/or lazy for the quizzing and did procastinate it by 2-3 weeks. Then I thought I might have the same low confidence on the test as well. So, I studies hard for another 2 weeks and did the quizzing on phone. It was a long 3 hour quizzing and honestly it was great. It boosted my confidence when Buzz mentioned after the quiz that I will do very well on the test. The final question bank of 1000 questions further enhanced my confidence for the test. Buzz or prontopass is not paying me for writing this, but I believe those $400 something looks a lot for the material. However, it is really worth to have the quizzing and 1000 questions experience. I still keep referring the material for a quick look. Of course the initial investment helps you to become a pharmacist soon. FYI - I am a foreign graduate and was doing 2 jobs ( ~70hrs/week), while studying and taking Naplex. Prontopass made my life easy by making my study easier. I also never did any group studies. Good luck to everyone out there !!!
V S, Westwood, NJ
Editors Note: FYI, quizzing does not usually take 3 hours!


I passed naplex. Thank you so much pronto pass!!!. I am very grateful for having the pronto pass program. I will mail back the last minute study stuff sent on loan on tomorrow. LV PS I did that little dance you told me about just before I went in to take the exam!
L V, Houston, TX
Editors Note: I told Lyna a trick. When young females come here to study, when they go for their test I require them to shake their hips prior to going into the building. This always makes them laugh and breaks the ice. This is a very good thing to do. LOL. CEB


Colin, I passed the test. Thanks
A K, Jacksonville, FL
Editors Note: Don't you just love messages that are short, sweet and to the point?


Colin, I received an 85% on the MPJE for North Carolina. Thanks, Don
D G, Warren, OH


Dear Colin, I would like you to know that I received my MPJE score last thursday, December 2nd, and I passed!!! I received a 77, on it, would have liked to have done better but I'm just very happy and thankful that I passed. Thank you all for aiding me in my acheivement with the pronto pass cards, they were very helpful. Have a great day and thanks again!
J J, Chicago, IL
Editors Note: Jayson, that was cutting it too close, LOL, but congratulations on becoming licensed. Our MPJE is a quick study pass product because we are not preparing to become lawyers!


Thank to pronto pass helping me pass the ptcb last november 2010. Again, Thank you!
M P, Irvington, NJ
Editors Note: The emphasis at ProntoPass has always been Naplex. But, as a favor to a friend who is a local pharmacist, we created a study package for pharmacy techs....and it works. Congratulations Miguel.


hello colin, thank you for the course material, I passed my new mexico law exam. It was very helpful.thank you rita


CEB, Scored an 88 on the WI MPJE! Thanks for your help.
S L, Appleton, WI


Dear Colin, First I am writing you to let you know how happy I was to pass my MPJE with a score of 88. I could not believe when I got my score. I was not sure about myself but I did as you asked and learned everything on the cards and the state hot sheet and my score it the result of following your instructions and learning all on the cards. I want to thank you very much and you can use this letter as a testimonial. I will be sure to order other states as I need them and I was very pleased with your product. Thank You,
B D, Lithonia, GA


I passed with a "score" of 91, thanks! [MPJE - CO]
L H, Las Vegas, NV


Thanks for this tip with regards to the posters, I was working on the liver enzyme inducers, the miscellaneous drug list was beginning to look like having surgery without anesthesia. I think you actually felt my pain. I will apply your advice immediately. Thanks a million.
F E, Elkridge, MD


I have my score for the MI MPJE.... 87 [MPJE - NC] Thank You, GJ Ellis
GJ E, Fort Wayne, IN


Hi Buzz I just wanted to mention that I really appretiate your effort on ProntoPass materials. It helped me alot especially that I graduted in 1996 from Egypt, but with your materials I didn't feel that I started from scratch . I could absorb the materials very fast & kicked that NAPLEX from first time .just I wanted to tell you the whole story about the wonderful materials that you have. again,Thank you so much for your encouragement . The NAPLEX isn't that easy exam but with ProntoPass you make it easier.
M M, New Port Richey, FL


Hello Mr. Bayliss, I just wanted to say I recieved all the items on Friday, I appreciate the quick turnaround time and delivering it to me so fast. Thank you again and will certainly contact you if I have any questions and/or concerns. Sincerely,
R V, Washington, DC


Hi Colin, How are you? this is N. I just want to thank you soo much for your support and encouragment. I got my score yesterday and I got 94. I was so happy and I want to share this good news with you. My husband also ordered for me the MPJE package. Hopefully, I will be ok on the MPJE. Again, thank you
N Y, Woodinville, WA


Hi Buzz! I received the blank math cards & the new boot camp study guide form that Brian sent. Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate everything you do for all the students who are struggling to pass the NAPLEX. GOD BLESS YOUR HEART, BUZZ.
D P A, Toms River, NJ


Hi Colin, I am pleased to let you know that I passed my Texas law exam! Your package was really helpful. Thanks for everything.
O F, Arlington, TX


Hi, I just wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I took the naplex 3 months ago and I failed by one point. I was devastated. Then I turned to prontopass and put all my hope into this program. I fell in love with the notecards and I was still scared that maybe relying on one source might not be the best idea, but I decided to put away all the other study materials, as you guys recommended. After studying for 2months, I felt I didn't even need to do the last minute quizzing because I knew I was ready. I found out on Thursday I passed. Thank you prontopass. Thank you Buzz for the cd quizzing, it helped me ALOT. Please send me the address and I'll send the cd back. Thanks, MS :)
R S, North Palm Beach, FL


Colin, I received my notice from the Florida Board that I PASSED THE TEST! Your materials helped a bunch. Houston
H R, Cave Spring, GA


Hi, Colin: I passed my MPJE with score in the mid-80s. Thanks. Sarah
S M, Santa Cruz, CA


Hello Dr. Colin Bayliss I am glad to let you know that I passed the Naplex Exam. I can confidently say that without a doubt, you program was extremely critical in my success and I am truly grateful. Thanks again. God Bless
D F, Wilmington, DE
Editors Note: Congratulations David on your hard study and success....FYI, I am not DR.....I am one of those OLD guys! LOL.


After ordering a MPJE package, you can order just one state for 25 buck plus shipping, but it is sent to us via mail only. Note this is good for one year from the date of purchase. I received the following note: Dear Sir, I have ordered MPJE packet for New York state on Dec 29, 2009. After reviewing that exam material, I passed New York state law exam with a score of 77. Now, as a traveling Pharmacist, I will be taking MPJE for another 10 states. I want to start with the state of Texas first. I am sending check for ($25.00 + $7.95 for shipping) $32.95. I appreciate your sending MPJE law material for the state of Texas. I will follow with rest of the states as time permits.
V P, Staten Island, NY
Editors Note: Note our MPJE material is very different from our Naplex study material. With the Naplex material, the more you study the higher your score....the goal with MPJE is a fast pass, not a great score. Still....77 is cutting it close!


Thanks Colin. Honestly, this appears to be just what I've been searching for. For the past couple of months I've been plowing through the hundreds of pages of material downloaded from The Florida State Bd of Rx. This encapsulates the entire process. I'm hoping to do well. Again, thanks,
H R, Cave Springs, GA


I passed! The Wisconsin law went really well. Was really confident about it. Will be taking MN and MT probably early next year. Thanks again for everything, Greg
GM , Big Lake, MN


As per your request. I am responding to inform you that I passed the FL MPJE with a 85% Thank you.
L L, Rockville, MD


Dear Buzz, I am writing this email to thank pronto pass help me pass my NAPLEX with a score of 126. I was so terrified to call and be quizzed, that I just took the exam. The exam was pretty tough, but reading all your material over and over again gave me the confidence and especially the math, helped me achieve my score. I am yet to take my law exams. But thank you wholeheartedly and will be sending the CD back to you guys tomorrow. Sincerely, D
D R, San Diego, CA
Editors Note: D R is eligible to join our Hall of Fame. Congratulations...great job.


Thank you so much for all everyone's help at Prontopass! ... I plan to take the law for VA & FL next week. I've been reading over the materials provided on their sites and info that I've got on hand. Brian... thank you for all your delicated time to my extensive quizzing. Seth... thank you for helping me w/ computer testing issues. Mike... thank you for the difficult math preps... Steve... thank you for working w/ me on the quizzing down to the last minutes. Lastly, Buzz for not only being a very dedicated coach but also a very generous host while I've been at bootcamp. I wish you all the best and may Prontopass program continue to help all the others like myself succeed as well.
V T, Fairfax, VA
Editors Note: Another successful bootcamp student. My heart felt congratulations.


Hi Buzz, My name is [omitted] and I bought Pronto Pass combo pack in Feb 2010. I took my NAPLEX on Sept 3rd and passed with a score of 120. I am now a licensed pharmacist and have started working as a full time pharmacist for Publix. I cannot thank you and Pronto Pass enough for my success. I graduated from pharmacy school in 2001 and so coming back to it after almost 10 years I had serious starter problems. There was so much material I had no idea where to start till PP came to my rescue. I followed your directions and your calender. On day 1, back in April (when I really started studying), I started with definitions and never looked back. I followed the order to the T and it made my revisions easy too. I did use other materials (namely the APhA book and wikipedia) but that was after I was comfortable with what I was studying and knew where I was going. I have a toddler and in general a busy life (like we all do) and so the convenience of studying whenever and wherever was awesome. I remember reading the diabetes flash cards at the Atlanta zoo while my toddler napped. The cards also have all the info that is needed..sometimes it does not all make sense when you read it the 1st time but between the poster and reading the cards several times things started making sense..perhaps this is what you call "claiming a miracle". Math..oh math..what can I say..the math practice was awesome..and I had a lot of it on the exam and did very well I think. Thanks a lot for all your help. And even though I never called you for quizzing or emailed you too much...your notes helped me a LOT. Thank you thank you thank you!
A W, Cumming, GA


Thank you for putting together such great study materials- the cards, posters, quizzes, audio tape, etc. They came in handy.
S F, Carmichael, CA


I passed!!!! My score was a 83 [MPJE - NC]. Not great, but I passed. Thanks, Cheryl
C O, Georgetown, SC


Hi Colin, I know it took quite awhile but I finally took the MPJE for GA this week. I'm happy to tell you I passed. I'm convinced the people who compose these exams have never worked in a retail pharmacy. Be that as it may, I'm glad it is over. I have to say very few questions were addressed by the flash cards but I guess the ones that were counted. If nothing else it gave me confidence going in that I would know enough to pass.
M W, Acworth, GA
Editors Note: It is kinda funny how our MPJE product works. Basic knowledge, fast study, passing. Since we are not planning to be lawyers, that is the way it should be. Congratulations to Murray


Hi colin, I have passed my MPJE-MI examination. Thank you. With best regards,
M M, Scarborough, ON, Canada


Dear Colin, Thank you for the email. I recieved the Prontopass in TWO days of placing the order, I was surprised. I already feel confident of passing NAPLEX now that I have all the material I need. Thanks again.
K L, Rockville, MD


Thanks for the MPJE-GA study materials. I just wanted to let you know that I passed with a score of 84. Your material was very concise and straight-forward. While the exam was not so straight-forward, the information I studied gave me a solid, basic foundation to know how to figure out the answer. I did study for more than 2 weeks, owing to family schedules and commitments, and I studied a federal law text in addition to your material, since it has been so long since I was in Pharmacy School! But, I likely over-studied! Thanks so much!
J G, Marietta, GA


Colin, I just received notice that I passed the MPJE with a score of 80. Many thanks.
D H, Clarksville, TN
Editors Note: A fast low pass on MPJE....just as we promise. Good job.


Hey Thank you for helping me pass NAPLEX on my first try....The program really helped me out and the little elf knew what I needed to remember. Great program. Regards,
J E, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Colin, Just a note to let you know I passed NAPLEX with an 88. A pleasant and relieving surprize. Your material is on target and to the point. I will tell everyone of your product. Prontopass is the Best! Thanks
W H, Owensboro, KY


Just wanted to let you know I passed the MPJE on the first try August 19th, Thanks again for your helpful product!!!!
J M, New Wilmington, PA


I just wanna say thank you so much , I am a pharmacist now. I got my license
P F, Clearwater, FL


Dear CEB I just got my result and I got 96. Thanks for all of your help and your study material is excellent. Regards
S Z, San Deigo, CA


I just wanted to say thank you all for putting those quickcards together. I was one of the unfortunate few that failed the first time through using other study materials. It seemed that those books I used (which I will not name) did not go into sufficient detail, and focus on areas that were covered extensively on the exam. The cards are quick, concise, and yet full of RELEVANT information to the test. This is important. If you dont have specific details to focus on, important things can get lost in the mix. My first score without the cards was 71, and with the cards I improved to a 117. Thanks again!
T W, North Huntington, PA


I passed the NAPLEX with a 118 using your materials! Thank you! I did not, however, call to be tested via phone so I never received the last minute testing materials. So, the only item to mail back to you is the CD with the quizzing regarding the posters. I will put that in the mail today. Your materials were great! Here is my new address in case there is anything else you will send in the mail Thank you so much!
B W, Farmington Hills, MI


Everything was really helpful!!! Thank you very much,
G M, Big Lake, MN


Just wanted to say thank you to Pronto Pass. I recently used your study materials to take the MD Pharmacy boards, and passed! The study guide was very useful, and made the process for preparing/taking the exam very efficient! Thanks again,
S V, Reston, VA


Hi, I passed [MPJE] 85. On target with what you all promised :-) Thanks Rhenda
R H, Bluefield, VA


I just passed Naplex! I got 102. I am glad that I am done!! what is the mailing address? so, I can send the CD back to you. Thanks,
M S, Springfield, IL


Hello Colin [Note: this student failed the DC MPJE with a 66 prior to studying our material] I just wanted to inform you that I have passed the MPJE from DC with a score of 80. I used the MPJE prontopass cards, Federal Guide to Pharmacy Law by Hall and Reiss, and used the DC Pharmacy Law book. I want to thank you for the assistance by ProntoPass, and I will continue to use the prontopass cards for the NAPLEX as well. Thank you Ameet
A J, North Potomac, MD


Hi Colin, Thanks for your NAPLEX Review material. I passed the NAPLEX with a score of 90. The novel method of quick cards, posters, audio CD poster quiz and Qbank was impressive. The pharmacy math steps and reasoning was excellent. Your telephonic quiz a good motivation. Memoronics used in the quick cards helped me to a great extent. Once again thanks for you and your staff. With best regards,
M M, Scarbourough, ON, Canada


I passed with an 87 on Texas MPJE with 2 weeks of studying. I plan on taking the Illinois in a few months. Thanks! -Angela
A L, Cedar Rapids, IA


I just wanted to let you know that I passed the test.
D R, Columbus, OH
Editors Note: this student did as suggested...quick MPJE study and received a relatively low passing score! We are training to be pharmacists, not lawyers!


I passed the naplex, so THANK YOU!!! I just wanted to let you know that ProntoPass was a success, yet again!!
A F, Boguechitto, MS


I would like to thank Mr Colin and the entire prontopass crew for all your assistance during the exam,i passed Naplex with a score 102. Thank you.
O A, San Antonio, TX


I just received my results and I have passed both exams!!!! I received 108 on Naplex and for CPJE a score of 90 out of 99!!! Thank you for all of your help and guidance!!
E S, Porter Ranch, CA


Dear Buzz, I purchased prontopass for Naplex and MPJE FL. I passed the Naplex with a decent score. Prontopass was very much helpfuI. I am going to take the FL MPJE in 1 week
V G, Greenville, NC


Dear Mr B, I am sending this e-mail to inform you that I was able to successfully pass the MPJE on July 22,2010 through the use of the review materials I received from you, in addition to some notes I retained from Jurisprudence class. Thank you for your assistance in helping me pass this exam, which has finally qualified me for my licensure as a pharmacist. Sincerely, Andrew
A L, Catskill, NY


Hi Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my board exams. and I even got a 91 on my MPJE! Thanks for your material! All the best, Lana
L N, Holidaysburg, PA


I passed! I got an 82! [MPJE] Thanks!!
M T, Ballwin, MO
Editors Note: We especially like results like this. M. T. is a very busy person being Sr. Clinical Program Manager at a huge company.


I just wanna say thank you so much. I passed the NAPLEX and I got 107. I am not gonna be able to send the last min. material until Aug 22nd , because I am on vacation outside the country. I'll mail to you once i got back. thank you again for your help.
P F, Clearwater, FL
Editors Note: Good job Peter. Take a well deserved vacation! CEB


Hi Mr. Bayliss, I passed my NAPLEX with a score of 100. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks.
C G, Miami Lakes, FL


I just wanna say thank you so much. I passed the NAPLEX and I got 107. I am not gonna be able to send back the last minute loaned material until Aug 22nd , because I am on vacation outside the country. I'll mail to you once i get back. Thank you again for your help!
P F, Clearwater, FL


Thank you! I scored a 112 on the NAPLEX using only your materials!! Amanda
A A, Columbia, MO


I passed NAPLEX 117. Thanks for the helpful review materials.
T L, Devine, TX


I passed my Illinois MPJE with a score of 86 using prontopass study material. -Leland
L G, Evansville, IN


I found out yesterday that I passed the NAPLEX with a 126! yay! [I ask Molly how she used our product and she responded as follows] I began concentrated studies about a month before I took the NAPLEX. Based on the card packet/poster topics, I created a schedule for studying. I typically covered 2-3 topics each weekday and had the weekend free to either relax, catch-up, or get ahead. During the week immediately preceeding the exam, I studied the posters and quick review summaries. While driving, I listened to the poster quizzing cd using my laptop.
M D, Marion Center, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations Molly. Love to have you in our Hall of Fame.


I wanted to update you and let you know that I passed the Michigan MPJE with a score of 90. Thanks
J C, Kalamazoo, MI


Thanks. I scored a 101 on the Naplex.
M Z, Las Vegas, NV
Editors Note: Good going Mike!


Just wanted to let you know that I passed both naplex and mpje with the help of all the study materials. Thank You, Jared Ostroff
J O, Kalamazoo, MI


I just found out my naplex score 117. I really enjoyed studying with prontopass. I used 3 other study materials but prontopass is absolutely the best. I'm a foreign graduate and I graduated college 8 years ago. prontopass helped me a lot to brush up my pharmacy knowledge. Thank you so much.
S J, West Palm Beach , FL


I just found out I passed my Florida MPJE with an 88. Thanks!
K A, Coral Springs, FL


Hi! I just wanted to thank you guys so very much for the prontopass! As I'm sure you'll notice, I didn't even do the quiz or get the updated materials before I took the exam, and its because I felt so confident with the materials you had already provided me. I knew I wasn't going to need the money-back guarantee. I got a 115 on the naplex, and am recommending your product to many people! Thanks again!! Sincerely, Alyssa Maglio, PharmD
A M, Richmond, VA


Dear Colin, I'm happy to announce I passed my MPJE! Your product was efficient, easy to understand, and served its purpose. I am also very pleased with the customer service and super-fast delivery. Being as nervous as I was for the exam (I went to an out-of-state school), the flashcards [QUICKCARDS]calmed my fears. Thanks again! Sincerely,
T B, Sewell, NJ


Wanted to let you guys know that I passed the NAPLEX with a 120, and it's because of the pronto pass cards! I will be sending back the loaned CD tomorrow. Thanks Again for the wonderful cards! M A also wrote in a second email: I passed the NAPLEX with a 120! I studied the Cards and the loaner Poster Audio CD for 1 month and took my test. I was amazed at how much I knew when I was taking the test, all because of the Pronto Pass material. I will most likely use the MPJE pronto pass for the 4 states I plan on getting my license in. Your loaner CD is being shipped back tomorrow! Thanks again!!!!
M A, Metairie, LA
Editors Note: Good Job..... Great Score!


God Bless you for all the interest and effort you put in helping us to "***learn***" and pass this Naplex test. I received today the audio posters quiz CD. It is fabulous. I have learned so much from your comments and experience. I have worked most of the time in hospital and insurance, so things like what inhaled corticosteroid taste the worst? I did not know. I will give you a call for the phone testing. You are my savior. Again, Thank you. Tatiana
T A, Phoenix, AZ


Thanks for all your help! It saved me!
S R, Harrisburg, PA


I passed my Indiana MPJE with a score of 78 using the pronto pass study material. - Leland
L G , Evansville, IL
Editors Note: Wow, that was a squeaker! Congratulations


I passed! [FL MPJE] Thank you Pronto Pass!
T M, Glen Allen, VA


Colin, I received my MPJE results today and I'm happy to report a score of 82. I really appreciate your product. It made the exam preparation much more manageable. Thanks,
J S, Shelby, NC


just found out I passed the Florida MPJE by following your instructions (reading the state statues twice right before the exam). Got an 83 !!!
K H, Richmond, VA
Editors Note: Just what the Rx Elf ordered: a quick pass


Hey I was gonna let you know that I took the Naplex and I passed! Thanks! Krystal
K C, Omaha, NE


Hi Buzz, I wanted to let you know that I passed both NAPLEX and CPJE (score of 87), so I am now a licensed pharmacist in California. I have written to you earlier about passing NAPLEX, but I would like to thank you again for a wonderful product, it was definitely a worthwhile investment. I did not order CPJE material from Prontopass (I used another law reference), but I found that my study of the NAPLEX material was very useful for the CPJE which has a lot of questions related to retail pharmacy practice. The Audio CD's were a fun way to review the posters, and I found that a lot of Buzz's comments/suggestions/advice really stuck in my mind. I was quizzed by Buzz at the end of my study and he told me that I was ready to take the NAPLEX. The last minute review was great as well, especially the profiles, which give a good idea of what to expect on the exam. I took my time to study for the exam, took a couple of months off, and it paid off. The quick cards, posters, audio CD's, quizzing and last minute review provided an active learning experience and are comprehensive. Most importantly, Buzz and his staff are always available to answer questions and provide encouragement, e-mails are answered promptly. All in all, I am very grateful to Prontopass for helping me achieve my goal. I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone taking the NAPLEX. Sincerely, SJ Moorpark, CA
S J, Moorpark, CA


Hi, I have cleared both exams Naplex and MPJE.Your material helped me to pass the exams.Prontopass Naplex gave me confidence to face the exam.Thanks for your valuable material. Meena
M V, Edison, NJ


Hey I don't know if I let you know but I passed my exam for the state of NC. My score was 88. Thanks, Alicia
A B, Knoxvillw, TN


Thanks for your product. I passed the Maryland MPJE with an 85. Thanks, Steve C
S C, Frederick, MD


I passed the NJ MPJE! Thx. L
L M, Hoboken, NJ


Wonderful cards! They were so handy to throw in my purse and take in the car or study at work if slow. After studying the cards and the posters, I really felt confident when I listened to the to the audio Poster CD quiz. It would be really neat if you could do something for Federal law with quickcards. I'm sure students would pay more for that.
S R , Harrisburg, PA
Editors Note: Thank you Shannon for your kind words. We do offer Federal law on Quickcards. Scroll down on our website home page to the MPJE button. The MPJE is a combo of Federal law on Quickcards and the state law in Q&As typed on regular size paper.


Hi, Just wanted to let you know I took the MPJE and passed with a 83%. Thanks! - Lauren
L V, Andover, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations


Thank you. I passed the NAPLEX and sent you my poster CD via priority mail today.
C S, Eastlake, OH
Editors Note: Congratulation Celeste. I love success stories, LOL. CEB


I loved prontopass! I felt like it was the most efficient studying I could have done. I didn't exactly follow the recommendations due to time constraints but I did manage to go through the Quickcards and posters twice. I really felt prepared when i took the Naplex. This was the best investment I could have made. Thank you. I scored a 91 on Nples and an 81 on MPJE for NM.
D C, Albuquerque, NM
Editors Note: Shortcuts can be very bad but I am so glad that it worked out well for Dorothy.


Dear Colin Thank you for your help with the MPJE. I just received my results in the mail and passed with an 82.!!! thanks once again Sincerely
E W, Bluffton, SC


Hello! Just wanted to add my voice to so many people and say thank you for creating this wonderful study material with memoronics! M
M G, Post Washington, NY


Scored an 82. [Alabama MPJE] Thanks
C K, Dothan, AL


Hi Colin [regarding the arrival of this students Naplex review combo package] Thank you for your email in depth. I will work hard and it seems that you have also made hard efforts to prepare this material. Thank you once again. Sincerely
N V, Hixson, TN


I passed on the first try! Thanks for the great program!
J W, Wilkes-Barre, PA


Just wanted to let you know that I PASSED the NAPLEX. I got 119!!
L C, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Hello, ProntoPass, This is [omitted] from Seoul Korea. I am Foreign graduate and never worked almost 20 years in the real field and when I decided to take Naplex I didn't know what to do. My friend who just passed Naplex strongly recommended ProntoPass so I joined. Can you imagine I got 114 at the age of 50. I really appreciate ProntoPass. Thank you again.
K T , Palo Alto, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Kim. Hard work pays off at any age!


Thank you for the MPJE review material. I received an 84 on the Iowa exam.
A M, Des Moines, I A


Dear ProntoPass, I purchased your entire package in May 2008 and passed both exams on the first try (thank you!). I also have recommended your complete or combo package to every 4th year student I precept. I know a number of them have purchased it, most recently Jackie from West Palm Beach. Anyway, my husband and I are taking a big step to move to Alaska for work/community outreach opportunity. However, I need to take to the Alaska MPJE and I saw the $25 deal if ordered within one year. Is there any discount for within 2 years? Just thought I would ask. Thanks!
J L, Jupiter, Fl
Editors Note: After the original MPJE purchase, we offer the purchase of additional states for just $25 bucks but there is a one year limit on this order. The reason we limit it to one year is because fed laws also change and after a year you think you need new federal law quickcards as well as the state.


Dear Colin, You are welcome. I just want to let you know that I have passed the NAPLEX with a score of 101. Thank you very much the Final materials. I think that PRONTO PASS helped me a lot with my preparation for the test. Kind Regards
E S, Antioch, CA


Colin: Hello and good afternoon My name is [omitted]. Per request, I am e-mailing you to let you know that I have received my pronto- pass material and started to study the index cards. (There a lot of good information) Thank you. Regards,
J P, Harrison, NJ


Thank you guys, I passed with an 83!
D H, Pueblo West, CO
Editors Note: I noted that D H is 69 years old. Old dogs can learn new tricks! From one old dog to another....congratulations!


Hi Buzz and associates, I just ordered the fed and one state [MPJE] cards. Your course seems awesome. I wish I had these cards [Naplex Review Quickcards with Memoronics]when studying in pharmacy school also. Keep up the great work.
A M, Roswell, GA


fyi - passed! your material was exactly what was ordered from me through work...thank you!
N P, Wast Norriton, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations. Many employers purchase our material for student employees!


To Whom It May Concern: Well, I passed with an 82! The notes were good tools to help me get my mind thinking in the right direction. It certainly did NOT give answers to questions that were asked in the MJPE word for word; however, once having studied the note cards and state sheet, I was able to focus and utilize my thinking capacity to come up with a correct answer most of the time. Thank you for taking the time to make these notes accessible to pharmacy MJPE & NABPLEX [NAPLEX] studiers.
H O, Nashville, TN


I just wanted to let you know that I took the Georgia MPJE on saturday and passed with an 82. I am planning on taking the Naplex in 3-4 weeks and am not sure when I will take the California CPJE. I will let you know how those go.
D P, Suwanee, GA


Hello Buzz, I just got the letter in the mail today...I passed [NAPLEX] with a score of 95...I had expected to do better, but nonetheless I am very glad I passed the exam. Just wanted to say thanks for the material and the quizzing and the support thru the last few months. In January when I ordered the materials, I was very nervous, but all the study material made it easy to study and remember. The exam was hard, so I was worried, but I did make it. I am taking the CPJE in a week's time. Hopefully will pass that one as well. Did take your advice about the score transfers and requested scores transferred to a couple of other states. Thanks again,
S J, Moorpark, CA


Thanks! Took it today and passed:-) 89. Lucy
L S, Poquoson, VA


Dear ceb, Thank you for extending the May deal. I am studying as you suggested with folding the cards.CEB how many hours a day and how many days a week should i be studying?Also,how many topics do you think i should be doing in a day? PS:I also purchased your MPJE package and found out on Friday that i passed!! thank you,
N M, North Attleboro, MA
Editors Note: Hi Naina. Study one subject at a time until you know it well and prove it to yourself with folding and self test. The speed does not make any difference. Just study one subject at a time until your good. You will get done when you get done. Keep at it and be patient. CEB


I passed and got the IL license. I don't know the score yet.
Z L, Staten Island, NY


Hey BUZZ I studied MPJE IL prontopass for 2 days and read the IL act once...and i PASSED with an 84! Your material is amazing! Great job! Thanks
D P, Roselle, IL


Hi colin, I just got my mpje result and I passed. I also ordered naplex material yesterday. Thank you so much for creating to the point material. Thanks & Regards Dipti
D P, Downers Grove, IL


Let me just say, that ProntoPass is one of the best investments I have ever made. Initially, I was over-whelmed with the volume of cards I had to go through. However, Mr. Bayliss encouraged me to take it step by step and that seemed to work. I was particularly impressed with the Math. I finally got all of the concepts I struggled with throughout Pharmacy School. I was aiming to get my Naplex result in the 100's but fell short. However, I am extremely grateful just to pass since my test was extremely difficult. Thanks again for your help. I pray that God will continue to bless you Mr. Bayliss and your staff as you all continue to inspire people like myself. All the Best!
M.G., Sanford, NC


Someone was selling our MPJE material on eBay after passing the Colorado MPJE. This is what they had to say: For auction is the Colorado MULTISTATE PHARMACY JURISPRUDENCE EXAMINATION (MJPE) ProntoPass Solutions Quick-Cards and Study Guide. Prontopass is well known to be the best and quickest MPJE and NAPLEX review available. These study materials includes both the federal and Colorado state pharmacy laws. I purchased the Prontopass in March 2010 from for $130 plus shipping. These are not copies but original study materials. I will also include a printed copy of the state statutes. I studied for about 5 days and passed the Colorado MPJE with an 84!!! They say to just memorize the 40+ flashcards and 7 page Colorado Law review and then skim over the state statutes right before the exam and you can't fail. It was easy with these materials! Shipping is free. Shipping will be priority mail (USPS) and I will ship immediately to get them to you within 2 days of payment, so make sure to pay via Paypal as soon as you purchase. If you need it overnight, I can use Express Mail (but you will need to pay the Express Mail charge). I have a flawless seller rating so buy with confidence.
Chad & Emmy, Fruita, CO


Thanks for the advice Colin! I was using the cards as an adjunct to my other law study material. I probably won't even look at them for awhile. My focus right now is on the NAPLEX materials I purchased from pronto pass awhile back. They have been great so far! I have been learning a ton which has been helping me out in my job daily! Sincerely, Robin
R N, Monroeville, PA


Thank you for the product [Math Practice]
J F, Parrotsville, TN
Editors Note: Thanks Jason for your comments. Many think our Math Practice is our best single product. Good luck in your studies.


I passed!! Scored an 88 on the Oregon MPJE, woohoo! Thanks for your help, it really did help! MS
M S, Riverview, FL


I got the CD today; in one word-Fantastic !!! .Tell me, are you a Pharmacist, Marketer,Professor or all three? I am very curious -you are brilliant!!
M G, Sanford, NC
Editors Note: Thank you for your kind words, LOL. I am a retired pharmacist with a Master of Marketing degree from Northwestern and I love teaching..... Study hard and again, thank you for bringing a smile to my face. CEB... Buzz


Wow, what a relief !!!!!!!!!!! Got the letter today. I made an 84 Thanks to your prontopass cards [MPJE TN]
A W, Brentwood, TN


Passed the MPJE for Pennsylvania score 81 Thanks for the help.
A P, Baltimore, MD


Thanks to all of you as this material really helped me a lot ... and i passed with a good score. i have suggested it to friend's also. [Naplex] Regards Suki
S, San Diego, CA


Dear Buzz, thank you very much for all your help. You have been fantastic. S
S S, Los Angeles, CA


Hi Buzz, I passed the CPJE. I got a 80. God bless your course view. It is the best in the world. If there is anything I can do to be of help to Prontopass please let me know. P
P B, Chowchilla, CA


hello Mr Bayliss I received my naplex score today.Passed with a score of 136. Thank you for prontopass, and your help and dedication. Regards
K B, Glen Allen, VA
Editors Note: Study from 8-10-09 till just recently. Good Job. Great results. I encourage you to join our Hall of Fame.


Hi Colin, I received the package. Tomorrow, I will mail out the registration form. It has been a long time since I have felt hope. Thank you so much!!! I.
I C, Derry, NH
Editors Note: Hope is a very good thing. Study hard and do well.


Colin, Happy New Year Just recd word passed New Hampshire MPJE with an 84 thanks loads. Now I just need to pass the MPJE for Maine. Thanks again, Bill
W N, Naugatuck, CT


I passed AZ law exam!! The flash cards helped, but I thought the state law notes were TOO short and not enough information. Otherwise, I took the advice of going over the statues and rules over at least twice before the exam. chung
C C, McHenry, IL
Editors Note: Our MPJE product is short. That is why it is a popular product. If you want the big books, buy the big books. We are not going to be lawyers.... The bottom line is that CC passed! Congratulations to him and good luck to him in his career.


Wow. I had no idea I was buying into this much. This is great. Thank you.
M P, Lake Mary, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations Margi. You are eligible to join our Hall of Fame and I encourage you to do so. CEB


Hi Colin! I just got the package. It's awesome! I love the Boot Camp Study Guide! Thank you. I'll send the registration card tomorrow.
A.B., Clovis, CA

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