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 Feedback 2011


Dear Colin Thanks for the email. I did pretty well on the NAPLEX. I am an old school graduate from 1999, but I have been in touch with the topic for some years since I was working as a clinical pharmacist in the middle east. But after moving to America it was my goal to pass the NAPLEX / MPJE. The NAPLEX review was extremely useful, I prepared for 3 months with 10hours/day of study and scored 102. Thank you



F D, San German, , PR
Editors Note: Congratulations Frank. Job well done with a 111


The material [Naplex Combo Deal] was great and I will recommend it to any student.
J A, Worcester, , MA


This student made many suggestions for improvements and suggested that some of our memoronics were useless. Then she says: "I would highly recommend prontopass to study for the naplex. I think it was a great tool and I would recommend it to others. When I meet other students who have just entered pharmacy school, or are applying I tell them, pharmacy school means nothing if you can't pass the naplex, if you remember one thing, spend the money and buy prontopass to study for the naplex, it's worth it and you will pass, never forget that word... prontopass." So thank you for making this product, I appreciate your hard work you have put into it.
J W, Orlando, , FL
Editors Note: I appreciate even negative comments that help make our products better. One of the things I have added is that there are many memoronics....use the ones you need. And, I do appreciate her final remarks!


Just wanted to let you know... I passed my WV MPJE five days after I received your product. Thank you!
K S, Staunton, , VA
Editors Note: Gotta LOVE WV!


My wife really loved your product. She passed her exam and she is working. Thank you very much! The charts and quick views made it easy to make sure she went through all the information efficiently.
N K, Dallas, , TX


Just wanted to let you know that I passed my VT MPJE exam last week. Scored an 86. Thank you for your product!
J A, North Adams, , MA
Editors Note: Congratulations Jennifer. We always suggest getting licensed in multiple states!


I received back the following comment card: I passed! The cards, posters, and CD are all awesome! I especially liked the Cd...hearing it and going over the posters really helped me a lot. Also, the calculation cards helped tremendously as well. Thanks for everything!
R N, Dallas, TX


Dear Buzz, How are you? I just received the package of new math cards and a few quick cards earlier today. [We announced these new Math Practice Quickcards on our Facebook page] There are GREAT! Thank you for sending them to me with no extra charge. I feel that I made a right decision to buy Prontopass. Thank you so much for your hard work to help lots of students like me : ) to get ready for Naplex, and become a better pharmacist in the future. I do really appreciate it. I love prontopass from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely,
S S, Seal Beach, , CA


I just took and passed the naplex with a 105. I used your naplex study guides and found it very useful. You hit upon major topics on the actual exam. I will follow up once I finish law, thank you.
K P, Germantown, , NY


Hi Buzz, I just wanted to email you to let you know that I took my NAPLEX exam on Tuesday (November 29, 2011) and I found out Friday (December 2nd) that I passed! I just wanted to thank you for creating this program and helping me through through this whole process! I will be sending back the extra loaned study material today. Thank you again!
G C, Schenectady, , NY


Took the Naplex at the end of June, scored 125 first try :-)
A P, North Liberty, , IA


I passed the MO MPJE with an 89! Your product is awesome. I don't think I would have passed without your help.
M D, Locust Grove, , AR


Thanks, you guys have a great program.
B T, North Lima, OH


passed! thanks! [MPJE Utah]
J M, Avondale, AZ , AZ


Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the Pennsylvania MPJE with a 90! And it's been 22 years since I've been out of pharmacy school. Thanks for the help,
J S, Cleveland, , OH


Hi buzz, thanks so much for taking time to quizz me at least even though that I did not get the last minute material. I later retook the online maths and passed and also took the quick card summary quizz online and passed also. I want to share my good news with you. I got my Naplex result yesterday and lo and behold I passed with a good score 107! I am so grateful to God and to people like you who helped me in one way or the other. Thanks once again and bye.
R O, Casper, WY
Editors Note: Congratulations on passing Naplex with a 107 and also congratulations on passing your CPJE!


I received the following comment card: The main Quickcards were incredibly helpful! I liked how the topics were divided into sections you could pick up and work with one subject at a time. They provided a great way to feel confident [through folding and self testing?] so that I could pass Naplex on the first try.
R W, Minerva , OH


I received the following thank you card in the mail: Dear Buzz and the ProntoPass team, Thank you for your guidance and encouragement and helping me pass Naplex. The posters and the CD Poster Quiz were awesome. Thanks again.
N B, Hartville, OH


I received the following comment card: My name is M..... N..... and I just wanted to let you know that I have passed my Naplex on the first try! Thank you! Your study material helped a lot. Thank you again!
M N, Marrero, LA


Hi just wanted to let you know that I passed. Thank you!
S P, Birmingham, , AL


I got 121. The math was the most useful. I kept the posters in the bathroom... I kept the CD in my car. I read the index cards on long walks. The only questions I think I missed were the new drugs that came out after the cards were published and some OTC questions. Thanks.
T R, Middletown, , MD
Editors Note: Congratulations Thomas. Your eligible for our HOF


Dear Buzz: I mailed the Prontopass last minute materials along with the audio CD yesterday. Thank you again for your excellent study materials. I wouldn't be able to pass NAPLEX without it. I loved the quotes which you included on the cards. They kept me motivated and focused to achieve my goal. Although I didn't get a high score, I'm still happy that I passed.The quizzing session gave me confidence to face NAPLEX. Thank you again. Warm regards,
N B, Huntsville, , AL


Just wanted to let you know that I passed my Kansas MPJE. I used your cards and information sheets alongside our rules and regulations and got a 93. Your flash cards were good and comprehensive. I have been an Iowa pharmacist for 22 years but haven't practiced for the last two (because of our family's move to Kansas) and really practiced the last 10years very part time. The daunting task of taking another law exam that I hadn't taken for 22 years was very intimidating. Thank you very much for helping me,
K S, Overland Park,, KS


BUZZ... I thought i would take the time out to email you some information i found out this afternoon. Unfortunately... my score was not a HOF score, but I PASSED NAPLEX!!!!!!! I am so relieved, that test was super impossible, and such retarted questions that no1 in there right minds know, espicially new pharmacists or the older pharmacists who practice in retail. The math was ridiculous on top of everything. Regarding feedback. I honestly think without your posters/cards, i would not have passed this exam. You REALLY REALLY need to know your stuff, completely memorize EVERYTHING. You must go thru it over and over and over again. If you were not a good student in school be prepared to study your ass of because YOU WILL NEED IT for this test! You do not know what they are going to ask you, and what they do ask you, you have to really really think about, and use your knowledge to figure out the correct answer. If you don't have that knowledge, which you cant gain from textbook studying because its overwhelming amounts of material to retain, you will not pass. Your material is concise, its a lot of material but YOU HAVE TO KNOW it, and APPLY IT to pass this test. I used kaplan... its not enough. I used other school reviews... not enough. I also used your whole sytem, its a very well put together system that will greatly help you, but you have to know it 150%. I strongly believe that without your system i would not have passed, also... that if i only used your system, i could have failed. You need to use more than one source, but your source/package is an ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL for naplex. This is coming from student who has taken boards twice and done well on the second try on both nys compounding and naplex, i know what to expect. Its a very difficult test, you must take time out to prepare for. You need at least two to three months hardcore studying, and you need PRONTOPASS SOLUTIONS the ENTIRE PACKAGE! The rest is god's hands. Thank you for the last minute material, that is vital. Thank you for creating the system. Thank you for helping me relieve all this stress off my shoulders. All in All. THANK YOU! PS: i will be purchasing law material from you in the next week for NY and possibly NJ. All the Best
K M, Paramus, , NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations on passing Naplex and thanks for your feedback. While I appreciate the great positive testimony, ("I honestly think without your posters/cards, i would not have passed this exam.") I disagree that you need to study multiple sources. We suggest only studying our material for many reasons: 1) multiple study products takes you longer and therefore you must go over our material multiple times so you do not forget it. Doing it our way, you do it once really good. 2) Our study material is proactive learning and others are passive learning. Facts learned passively tend to go away quickly...but it is easier. Since we're all lazy, there is a tendency to read more and study and memorize less. Also, when skipping around there is a tendency to study only what we think we need to learn....this usually does not prepare you well for a well rounded test that covers everything.


Hi! Got my mpje results for Georgia today and passed with an 84! I have been out of school for 10 years so I was quite worried about the test--your materials really streamlined everything for me...thanks so much! Darryl
D S, Fort Lauderdale, , FL


FYI, I recieved an 84 on my MPJE for Missouri!!!! Thank you guys so much... you rock.
L G, Independence, , MO


I passed with an 83. Thanks, Ben [MPJE MD]
B C, Doylestown, PA


I received the following comment card: First of all I would like to apologize for not calling for quizzing. But, I will always be thankful to you for a great victory. This was my second attempt and I scored a very high score compared to my first attempt. I really appreciate your efforts to simplify and make pharmacy ideas easily understandable. I studied using proactive learning and obeyed your directions. I will recommend ProntoPass to everyone who wants success! I have already shared my experience with many of my friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. SV
S V, Mesa, AZ


After 6 emails, this lady wanted to buy just a part of our package. Hi Colin, I am not sure it u understood me. I only used the math for this naplex and i read some cards bc they were given to me right before exam. So i have not studied your note cards or posters really well. My main focus for diseases were apha and rxprep....i have the whole kit and i want to trust u guys that i will pass thats why i was wondering if i can buy the quizes since i have everything else. You cant say that i will fail third time since i havent used your material. I allready spent $1000 on rxprep and it didnt really help. Have students tried pronto pass after 2 failures??? Thanks for all your help and time. Agnes
Agnes, unknown, unknown
Editors Note: Our commitment is to our students who buy from us. Our commitment is for one year from the date of purchase. We have no commitment to those who buy or are given used ProntoPass study material. Never study old study material, not ours or anyone else s!


Hello and thank you SO much!! I passed! Your study guides were a HUGE help!! Thanks!
A L, Sunrise, , FL


I received a note and a business proposal from a past student. I had to pass on the business proposal because of time constraints but I thought I would share a little from the note: "I always wanted to be a pharmacist since high school and I was so discouraged when I failed the CPJE the first time but thanks to you I achieved my goal. I am so happy being a pharmacist. I took your Naplex and CPJE about 2 years ago. I remember how I felt and the situation I was in mentally, emotionally, and financially. Thanks to ProntoPass [and a lot of study time] I was able to pass. I have been working as a pharmacist for over a year and my life is going extremely perfect and things are briliant! I would like to thanks you and your staff for all of your assistance."
P B, Chowchilla, CA


Hi thank you for your reply. I think prontopass is a great investment so far. The question and answer sessions for the posters are the most helpful to me at this point as I have never been one for learning things off by heart. I will get better at this I hope with practice.. I will join the facebook group to stay up to date.
B K, Springfield , IL
Editors Note: The question and answer sessions that this student refers to is the Poster Quiz CD. These are not great quality recordings because they are real at my kitchen table, not in a studio somewhere. I quiz students on their understanding of diseases and how and why we treat them a certain way. Many students have commented that they learn more from these recorded sessions than from all the books they have read. Also he reminds me to tell everyone to join us on Facebook (prontopass solutions) for our daily pharmacy question.


We received a call today from a student who informed us that she had passed the Oklahoma MPJE using our study material and was so happy. She had tried twice before using other study material and just wanted to share her joy with us.
withheld, withheld, withheld


Thanks so much for helping me pass the NAPLEX! I have put the loaned audio poster quiz CD in the mail. Thanks,
K R, Strong, , AR


Good Morning I am very happy to inform you that I passed my MPJE. And also my score was high 84. I was very shocked to get the result so fast since i just took the test less than 2 weeks ago. So thankyou for all your help and the help of prontopass. Thankyou again.
U P, clifton park, , NY


We talked to a student today who ordered on 9-2-11, took the test on 9-30-11 and passed. She very much liked the Quickcards said they were easy on the eyes with good readability and liked the Quickcard set up with brand and generic names on opposite sides so folding and self testing worked well for her. Her only negative comment was that there were too many Memoronics. I explained to her that they are intended for areas where a student may have a problem. If she did not have a problem with a specific area there was no need for her to use that particilar Memoronics.
T S, Atlanta, GA


Hello, I was wondering besides the Poster Quiz CD, is there anything else I have to return back to prontopass? I took my exam last week (and found out I passed!). I really liked the prontopass system and found it extremely helpful compared to using a Kaplan or apha book that becomes boring very fast. The memoronics and cd quizzing was the most helpful and although I did not utilize the call in quizzing or last minute study materials, I have no regrets about buying prontopass and will definitely recommend it to my friends who have yet to take their exam. Thank you,
P P, Clark, NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations and thanks for the kind words, but know that I encourage everyone who buys the Naplex Combo Deal to call us for quizzing and getting and utilizing the last minute study material. We update our database every day and getting a new, latest version of the Quickcard Summary brings you up to date information.


Hello Colin, Thanks for your product. I will not have use for the money back guarantee. Your email reminded me to check the state website, and I passed the test with a score of 86! And that's from an old man that last sat for the state boards 22 years ago, and studied your product exclusively for 5 days. Thanks for my success, and hats off to you! Paul G., newly registered New Hampshire pharmacist.
P G, North Berwick, , ME


Thanks Colin. I had great success with my first exam, and am confident this on will be no different.
P G, North berwick, , ME
Editors Note: Returning clients are our best testimonial


Hi Colin! I am so happy to inform you that I passed NJ MPJE. I got 76! I used your review materials and tried practice tests from I am really anxious after I took the exam since it's so confusing. I am a foreign graduate and currently having my internship in a nuclear pharmacy. As we all know, most questions are related to retail pharmacy practice and I don't have that. I just relied on what I have read on your material and the state laws provided by NJ BOP. I also plan to take PA MPJE and I have already bought that material from you before. I am hoping to also pass that. Thank you so much for providing good review materials that made me pass NAPLEX and MPJE. You are such a big help! Regards to all,
C B, Denville,, NJ


Hi, I just wanted to let you know I passed the Oregon MPJE. I took it a week ago. Thanks! Missa
M A, Palos Hills, , IL


hey I just wanted to let you know I passed my MPJE for Indiana, your packet was perfect for the job, I got an 81 even though I didn't feel like I passed when I left the testing center. I guess everyone feels that way after they take a test. Thanks again. Jennifer
J P, Angola, IN


Dear Buzz, Thanks for your help, I passed my NAPLEX, And I got 105. Thanks,
E G, Staten Island, , NY


Just found out I passed the IL MPJE! Thanks so much for your help!
A M, Scott AFB, IL


Just wanted to let you know that I did pass the KY MPJE.....I do not know my score because KY does not post their scores online. You have a great study tool.....I don't think I would have passed without it, since I have been out of school for 20 yrs!!!I will definately recommend you to others. Thank you,
L F, Highland, , NY


Dear Mr. Bayliss: Greetings! I would like to thank you and the other people behind the prontopass review cards and posters. I took the naplex and I scored 122 on the test. I do appreciate the time and effort you have spent on checking with me. Also, I will be sending the poster cd quizzes back to you within the next few weeks. Sincerely,
G M, Biloxi, MS
Editors Note: Gail is eligible for our Hall of Fame!


Just wanted to let you know you know I passed!! Thanks for helping me out once again. I recommend your cards to all my interns and will continue to do so. Thank you!!
M P, Kansas City, MO


Hi Colin, I'm happy to inform you that I passed NAPLEX. I got 78. I am so thankful that I still managed to pass the exam although I have only reviewed your prontopass quickcards with memoronics and math practice and top 200 drugs. I honestly had a hard time studying the posters and so, I just decided not to focus on that and just study the cards. I graduated 2002 and so, I already forgot a lot of things but your quickcards are just the best! It's really true that if we study your materials, we will pass NAPLEX, but if we study so hard and really knew all that you provided, then that's the time you get a high score. By the way, I am about to take mpje for NJ on Oct 1. I just printed the laws in the NJ BOP website. But I already got your cards and NJ state sheets.. and I know I have to study that first and scan the state statutes on the NJ BOP website twice? Is that right? Just give me any tips so that I can also get a passing score with my MPJE. Since I didn't call for quizzing and you didn't send any new materials, I only need to send back the Audio poster quizzes CD, right? Thanks again, C
C B, Denville, , NJ
Editors Note: Heartfelt congratulations but we never suggest that any student study like this student. Our poster are very important since Naplex has a lot of profile questions. Because of the profile questions is is very important to know diseases and how and why we treat diseases in a certain way. Also, we really like to quiz students to see how well they know the material and our students appreciate this extra effort. Quizzing can be a boost to your self confidence just when you need it or it can be a wake up call to study harder. Either way, students benefit a lot from quizzing.


Hi Colin, I was wondering what would be the best package to select to order the study materials for the CPJE? I already have the complete NAPLEX review program, so could you help me? Thank you!
S L, Blacksburg, , VA
Editors Note: Hi Summer. We suggest that you take the CPJE as soon after taking Naplex as possible. CPJE is mostly clinical pharmacy, precisely what you studied for Naplex. The CPJE also has law which is covered by our law study material. Click on MPJE and select CA and the CPJE law study material (and hints) covers the law portion. But, the test is mostly clinical pharmacy. If three months of more has gone by since taking Naplex, we suggest that you start over with Naplex study material before studying the law material. CEB


Colin, I did pass the Maine MPJE with a score of 81. Thanks for your product!!
T M, Ellsworth, , ME


CEB, I took the CT law exam on 9/1/11. I just found out today (9/6) that I passed!!! I liked the study material for the Federal and State. I am planning to order the study material for the other 2 states, in the near future. (For the CT exam, I also needed to review the printout of the CT law info from the Commission of Pharmacy (CT) which I downloaded and printed from their website). I wish I had more time to study and had put in a little more effort... then I would get a better grade. The main thing is that I passed and your study material was very helpful. Thank you to all at Prontopass!! From: S. P.S. Please keep my email address and name confidential if you choose to publish my comment on your website. Thanks.
S C, Yonkers, NY


I just took the TN MPJE and made and 84. I also never turned in my score for the Alaska MPJE I took last year which I made an 88 on. Thanks.
K T, Albany, KY


Woohoo! I passed the GA law exam with an 83! Thanks ProntoPass!
H M, Savannah, , GA
Editors Note: Ordered Aug 11th. We suggest scheduling the MPJE for two weeks after ordering and it looks like this student followed our directions completely!


Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I also purchased the pronto pass for Naplex in may. I took both NAPLEX/MPJE 2 weeks ago and passed both. Naplex 102 and MPJE 78 I found them very helpful and only studied that. ( I also took online practice NAPLEX tests.) I don't know how I passed the MPJE, I benefited from your federal law part, but the state part needs improvement (more details for AK). Thanks so much for the great study materials.
A H, Fairbanks, , AK
Editors Note: Amy we congratulate you and thank you for your kind words and your suggestion for improvements. We work every day on making our products better!


Hi Colin! Just wanted to let you know that I passed![MPJE, RI] ...Thanks Stefanie
S P, Providence, , RI


Hello, I passed both my NAPLEX and MPJE with PRONTO PASS!!! I will be ordering california's law information from you as well. Do I just send a check to you first? Or any possibility to set up an online electrical payment? Thank you for such great service!!!
S S, Beaverton, , OR
Editors Note: You can order the CPJE by ordering on line. Click on the big MPJE button and then specify CA and you will be sent the CPJE study material.


Mr. Bayliss, I passed the MPJE-MN with a 79. Thank you for your services.
J C, Minneapolis, , MN
Editors Note: The order arrived 8-6-11. A quick pass, just what was needed!


Colin, I took the NAPLEX and Kansas MPJE and passed both, thank you so much for the help. Now, is there something that I am supposed to return to you (like the audio cd)? Can you please explain what I am supposed to return and to what address, do i need to send it with insurance or signed delivery? Thanks,
T B, Belleville, , KS
Editors Note: Hi T. Anything on loan needs to be returned. I don't remember you calling for quizzing and therefore did not get the last minute study material so I think only the Poster Quiz CD. Please mail to ProntoPass Solutions, 9127 Shady Hollow Rd, Bolivar, OH 44612 Thank you for letting us know you passed! Congratulations


From your study material I received a score of 100 on my naplex. Thanks!
T S, Southington, , CT


Hello Colin, Good news...I passed the Boards!! Thank you for Prontopass. I was wondering what I need to mail back to you now that I am finished studying. I think it is only the CD? Please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day,
S Y, Rehoboth, , NM


Hi Colin, I'm loving all the ProntoPass material...especially the flashcards! Everything is really great!
M B L, Nashville, TN


I received the following very nice note: "I passed my Naplex on the first try! Thank you!"
B A, Avondale, WV


Just wanted to let you know that I passed the GA MPJE. Thanks for all your help!!
M G, Indianapolis, IN


I passed my GA MPJE with a score of 85! Thanks,
K P, Dallas, TX


I pass!!! thanks to prontopass !!!
withheld, Draper,, UT
Editors Note: This was a foreign grad who studied our material for close to one year to pass Naplex. If you stick to it and study well you can do it!


Colin Bayliss: Your e-mail was accurate. My score was 84 [MPJE,OH]. Thanks for the study guide. It set out to do what it was to accomplish. Sincerely, Mayo
M L, Dublin, OH
Editors Note: Our MPJE study material is intended for a quick pass but not with great scores. After all, we are studying to be pharmacists, not lawyers. The time saved can be spent on better things.


Hi ProntoPass, I passed both my MPJE and NAPLEX using your study tools! They are fantastic and make the whole process so much easier to deal with! Thanks!!! -A C
A C, Tuscon, AZ


Just wanted to let you know that I did pass Illinois [MPJE], the state where I did have a guarantee. I got an 89. Your materials for Illinois were great. Thanks again for your help! Just wanted to keep you posted. Sangeeta
S T, Betterndorf, IA


Mr. Bayliss, You will be happy to know that I have passed the Oklahoma MPJE using the ProntoPass study cards! I scored an 85 on the exam. Thank you very much for helping me pass the MPJE! I will definitely keep ProntoPass in mind, should I need to seek licensure in another state. Sincerely,
D C, Oklahoma City, OK


I did pass the Colorado MPJE. I am not sure of my score. Thanks,
A R, Colorado Springs, CO
Editors Note: Ordered July 8th and scheduled test for roughly 2 weeks later. Just as we suggest.


ProntoPass was the only study aid that I used and I was able to pass with a score of 105. ProntoPass was a great study tool and I would recommend it to other students preparing for the Naplex.
M L, Avondale, AZ


I received the following comment card in the mail: Dear Buzz, I just wanted to inform you tht I have passed the NAPLEX and MPJE (LA). The ProntoPass purchase for these exams are truly worth it. I am grateful to return the loaned materials back to you. Thank you, P T, RPh
P T, Harvey, LA


Hi Colin, I PASSED my MPJE!! The cards were very useful! Thank you! -- David
D M, Morgantown, WV


Hey just wanted to let you know I took the exam on 7/14 and passed with a 93 for the NJ MPJE. I used your cards and a recent graduate's law review notes - I think they complimented each other well. Thanks,
G T, Bronx,, NY
Editors Note: This student order was on 7-2-11 with regular priority mail service.


I would like to thank you and your program for getting me through the NAPLEX. You really have devised a superior method for learning/memorizing the materials that we need to know to get through this exam. Due to some personal family and geographical issues I wasn't even able to call you to get the last bit of material because I had to take the exam sooner than I wanted while working 50 hour weeks. I feared that this personal development which forced my hand could have made things worse if I hadn't passed due to the amount of time that is required to retake the test if you do not pass. I took the exam on saturday last weekend, and fortunately I was able to pass with a 104/150. Again I owe that in large part to you and your program. I am already a pharmacist in california, but due to lack of reciprocity needed to get my license in arizona via the naplex. When I first started studying, I was using Kaplan, and became seriously disillusioned when time after time I found errors in their book. Obvious errors, multiple occasions in every chapter of reading, and in every summary chart. Even more frustrating, were errors in their practice exams. I started wondering how much I really didn't know just because of how many things I KNEW were wrong. What did I not know was wrong and let them lead me astray?!?! I asked around, and the representative from the arizona board told me to check out your materials. I have a bit of a background in psychology, so I know a little bit about the science of memory. As I read your webpage and checked out the samples, I felt very good about the system you presented and went with it. Best decision I've made in a while (other than my fiance.) I want to thank you for your help again. I am studying for the MPJE now using your system. I will be taking that exam late next week.
M M, Lakewood,, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations. Please note that this student's comments are strictly his. It has been years since I have looked over Kaplan and have no knowledge regarding his comments. CEB..Buzz


Just wanted to let you know, I passed the NAPLEX! The study materials worked wonders! Thank you so much! Sarah B
S B, Grand Junction,, CO
Editors Note: Sarah made her purchase on Feb 3rd


I passed Maine board, thank you very much. I have not set a date to take my Naplex, but I will try to remember to email you when I set a date. Thanks C S
C S, Barton, VT
Editors Note: Please remember that we suggest that you always take the Naplex first and do not even think about MPJE until AFTER passing Naplex. CEB


Dear Prontopass, I just took both my NAPLEX and MPJE exams and passed them both thanks to you guys and my trusty APHA book. I really appreciate the help and I don't think I would have done it without you guys. I did have a question though. Since I was never sent (because I didn't request it) 1.) the new "QUICKCARD Summary", 2.) the set of "PROFILES" and 3.) the new ProntoPass I have to send any of my originally sent items back, or can i keep it all for use during my practice as a pharmacist? Thanks,
J P, McAllen, TX
Editors Note: Hi Juan. If you did not call for quizzing and get the final study material, the only thing sent on loan was the Poster Quiz CD. Please mail it to us at ProntoPass Solutions, 9127 Shady Hollow Rd, NW, Bolivar, OH 44612 Many thanks. CEB


Hello, I just passed my NAPLEX (thank you very much). I can't locate the info regarding where to send the study material sent on loan...any chance you can email me instructions? Thank You! T S
T S, Garland, TX
Editors Note: Our address was mailed to her.


I took AZ MPJE and passed with an 88. Thanks! I will be getting 3 more states.
J B, Daphne,, AL
Editors Note: Congratulations Jennifer. More and more students are getting licensed in multiple states because of the hard job market.


Hi Colin I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I both passed the NAPLEX. We started with the APhA book and were very disappointed in it and it's lack of organization. We focused 100% for 2 weeks on Prontopass QUICKCARDS and I am happy to report that my husband got a 107 and I got a 121. We just want to thank so much for your product. We will definately be recommending your products to the class behind us and our college of pharmacy. I will update you on our MPJE results next week. Best regards,
T H, Iowa City,, IA


Hello colin, I did pass the mjpe for georgia but didn't receive the actual score. Thanks
C A, Norwalk, CT
Editors Note: Congratulations and good luck with the big move from CT to GA!


Greetings, I just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing work you did on your NAPLEX prontopass reference it was amazing thats why I passed NAPLEX on May 21st with a 120 score. [some comments omitted] Thanks again and God bless you.
W M, Davie,, FL


Audio Poster Quiz CD...Great product; you need to target pharmacy students going into their third year. The cards and posters would have really helped during therapeutics. A lot of the folks I know that are still in pharmacy school are looking at buying your product just for that reason.
M C, Fayetteville,, NC
Editors Note: Thanks for the suggestion.


Dear ProntoPass, I passed the CT MPJE with a scaled score of an 88. Thank you for your product. (I also passed the NAPLEX, and am now a licensed pharmacist in CT) Thank you,
Z B, Pawcatuck, CT


I wanted to send you an e mail letting you know I passed the Naplex and the MD mpje examinations. Thank you so much for the assistance. I put all of my faith in your products and i passed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank youuuuu!
G K, Frederick,, MD


I just got back the great news that I passed my NAPLEX all thanks to hard prayer and studying (especially with ProntoPass). Thank you so much! Take Care, Deanna
D F, Gainesville, FL


Hi Buzz, I have some study material on loan that needs to be returned to you. Can you please tell me the address where you would like them shipped to? Also, thanks for the great study material! I took the NAPLEX about 5 weeks ago and passed with flying colors! I am not sure how well I would have done using a book or study guide because I prefer to use notes and the ProntoPass cards and the posters were just perfect for me. Thanks again,
C P, Washington, PA


Hi Colin, I took my MPJE last week and just found out that I passed it. The Prontopass MPJE review was helpful. Thanks,
X T, Gaithersburg, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations Xiao. About 2 weeks of study time. Good job!


I love the cards, its a lot of info to memorize but it puts EVERYTHING together to make you UNDERSTAND. Something school lacks as well as textbooks. Plus using Kaplan, i remember emailing you stating i knew that book in and out, but i had no idea where the naplex info came from. I will probably end up learning more from your material than all six years in school, no joke. I hope it will pay off this time. I will be mailing your registration card soon.
K S, Paramus, NJ


Dear Ms [Should be Mr, LOL] Bayliss, I took the MPJE 2 days back,and today I found out from the NABP site that I passed the test.( scored an 85 and I know it is not a earth shattering score, but I will happily take it.I am reciprocating my R.Ph license to TX, and the TX law is entirely different from that of SC.I was pretty scared). I would like to thank all of the pronto pass team for putting up a concise study material for MPJE. The material presented in an easy to read and easy to "digest" form surely helped me to a great extend with the MPJE preparation. I have already started to recommend this material to all my friends. Thank you once again. Sincerely,
S O, Columbia, SC


Dear Buzz, Aloha, it's been wonderful since I got a license. I really liked the combo pack and passed the boards in 2009, Thanks to you! Now I'm preparing for CPJE. And I'm thinking of purchasing another combo pack. My question is that if the new one is updated and if there is any way that I can get discount for 2nd purchase. I'm not sure if I should get another whole combo pack because unfortunately I forgot a lot of things. I learned so much new things from the practice and the business, but for the test, what I should know is different as you know. I know the value of the combo pack, so I know it's worth to pay, but I'm just trying. Also, I will take the Pharmacotherapy certification exam in October, and they are all generic names. CEs that I took were with generic names as well. That's why I think I need to practice the brand and generic names of the drugs that I'm not using everyday. I gave some parts of the combo pack for my students, like Math, or some cards...I don't have all in my hand and I returned the items after I passed NAPLEX. Thank you and please let me know what you think. with much Aloha,
H S, Haleiwa, HI
Editors Note: For me, the most gratifying thing is when a student has used our products successfully and recommends us to others and returns, for one reason or another, to use our products again. More than half of our business is from personal referrals. I am really appreciative of students like this! THANK YOU!


I too passed the test with 83. Thanks
A G, Virgina Beach, VA
Editors Note: Congratulations! Ordered law for VA on May 27th. That must be a record.


Colin, I just received conformation that I passed the MPJE with a score of 88.
N Y, Edwardsville, IL


I passed [TX MPJE] with a 77. Along with your product, I studied the state law book and ordered 2 test bank CD's. Your product was very good for review.
P A, Baltic, SD
Editors Note: A fast pass, just what the doctor ordered!


Hi Buzz, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the NAPLEX with a 91 and the North Carolina MPJE with a 77!!! Thank you so very much for your suggestions, words of encouragement, and most importantly, your awesome Prontopass study materials. Not only did your program help me retain the knowledge I needed to pass the exams, but it gave me the CONFIDENCE I really needed (and had been really struggling to find). Thank you so much again. I will recommend Prontopass to anyone preparing for an exam!
A B, Chicago, IL


Dear sir, I have received my study materials yesterday.I am thankful to your promt service and valuable suggestions. I am going to stick with your directions and I believe it will provide me a great success. Thanking you,
S V, Mesa, AZ


Hi Buzz, I just realized you are the same guy who did the lectures on the CD! They were very good - the most fun part of the course! I think I've told everyone I know about the Acetazolamide - Diamox tablets and the Navy Seals in the mountains! Thanks for the reminder: I do need to review the math cards again. I'll contact you later in the week when I have done so. Regards,
T R, Fort Kent, ME


I used prontopass Naplex, and already passed last Saturday....I called you guys and told you that I was very satisfied with Prontopass as a GREAT resource for studying....
W A, Davie, FL


Just wanted to let you know that I did receive the package! Looks great, thanks!
K B, San Antonio, TX
Editors Note: Study hard for your Naplex and call me when your ready for quizzing to see how well you know the study material. CEB


Hello Again! Just wanted to thank you again for the great (and dependable!) products! I used ProtoPass 4 yrs ago when I was desperate to pass the NAPLEX and it worked for me then! I didn't even think about going anywhere else when I needed to take the MPJE for Kansas. I ordered the testing materials and then set them aside while I got the paper work in order to transfer my license, ATT number and so forth together. When I was ready, I went through the note cards several times to memorize them, folded, self tested, read through the 7 GREAT pages of questions and answers 3 or 4 times and the night before the test, went online and skimmed through the state statutes. Went in the next morning at am feeling pretty good, took the test in just under an hour and three days later...I have a PASSING score of 81! OK, so not the greatest high score, but well good enough to pass the test! I am now licensed in KS (or will be in another week!) Thanks so much Buzz! I recommend your product to all of my Interns and would NEVER HESITATE to use them again myself if the need arises! What a wonderful resource you are!
F H, Kansas City, MO
Editors Note: Thank you Freda for your kind words. Good luck in Kansas City. I have been in Kansas City one time. It was late summer and 108 degrees and I thought I had arrived in another country. Hope it works for you!


Hey, CEB, I received both my NAPLEX and MPJE review materials today. I have broken down the cards by category (thanks for the rubber bands!) and am in the process of creating a study schedule. I've only had the briefest glance, but already I am in love -- these cards summarize things beautifully. Many thanks,
M P C, Orlando, FL


I did not think I did after taking it [MPJE][that I had passed], but just found out I got an 84! Thanks for the help!
T W, Birmingham, AL


I received the most beautiful "treasured moments" thank you card that I have ever received. Personally written was the following message: "Hi Buzz! I passed the Naplex and I'm just waiting for my criminal background check to get my license. I could never thank you enough for the support and advice you gave me to "burn the bridges", or else I would not have continued my desire to become a pharmacist since I was not focused. You were really my "anti-depressant" (SSRI) during those times that I was struggling to study and understand calculations. It was really a struggle for me but you made it easier for giving me words of wisdom every time I emailed you. I was about to give up and make the decision to just continue to be a reistered nurse forever but I was wrong. Without your kind and thoughtful heart, I would not have been able to pass. May God continue to multiply your blessings. You are not only a great teacher, your marvelous! Always grateful to you. D P
D P, Toms River, NJ
Editors Note: Thanks you Darlene for your kind words. May they be an inspiration to others who are struggling. Your kind thank you card made my day!


I want to thank you for your course. It really prepared me for boards. I am now licensed. Pronto pass works. Thank you! :)
H T, Buies Creek, NC


hi colin i took and passed the colorado mpje. i scored 86. thanks
L E, Swanton, OH
Editors Note: Congratulations Lisa. If you think OH is cold in Winter, wait until you get to CO!


Just an FYI - took the Washington MPJE 2 weeks ago, and passed! Thanks for your help and the guides. Very useful and succinct.
S W, Fort Collins, CO


I passed Vermont with 79 and Minnesota with 83 Not bad score for 2 days study before the exam Thanks again
H F, Plantation, FL
Editors Note: Our goal is a quick pass. We are not studying to be lawyers! Low scores are expected but .....a pass! Just follow the directions: memorize our stuff then scan the actual state statutes twice just before the test!


Hello, I received my materials on Saturday. Very impressed with the prompt delivery. Thanks!!
C C, Mount Pleasant, PA


Hello Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I took the MPJE and passed the exam. Thanks for your help.The summaries were very helpful.
A S, Danville, VA


I just received the mpje results for both connecticut and jersey. i Pass! Thank you for the pronto cards.
A N, Bronx, NY


The posters & cards you sent are amazing - worth every penny! Regards,
T R, Fort Kent, ME


Hi Colin, I am happy to say I passed the NAPLEX thanks for all of your help and advice. Pronto Pass was great. Thanks,
T T, Kennewick, WA


Did well on the CO law exam. Scored 93. Keep in mind, been a pharmacist for 10 years, so nothing beats experience. Overall, very helpful material. Jeff
J M, Bend, OR


Hey just wanna tell u that I passed my NAPLEX exam ,I had on 04/09/11. Thanks guys
J G, Jersey City, NJ


i took the test last 4/16/2011.I passed the exam for wisconsin mpje.thank you for your help.God Bless you!The study guide was a great help.
J C, Little Suamico, WI


Today I received a call from the wife of a prontopass student. I will share the conversation with everyone because it has lessons that are needed for many students. Two years ago he purchased the ProntoPass combo deal (purchased used material from someone). She says that her husband read through the material and did not feel confident when done so he attended Pass Naplex Now TWICE and then took the test and failed. She asked what I suggested. I had several suggestions: 1) follow the directions enclosed in our package. Our material is not intended to be "read through" it is intended to be memorized and then self tested. This is active learning vs passive learning and it works. "Reading through" is passive and seldom works. 2) I suggested that he quit working. Working is easier than studying. He needs to do the hard thing and get the job done right. 3) Whenever I am asked if someone should attend one of those 3 to 5 day reviews, I tell them that they are good if you know your material. If you do not know the study material it is a waste of time and money that could be better spent. 4) I suggested that her husband purchase a new package. We should never study old material....there is just too much new. To the best of my knowledge, no one except ProntoPass quizzes students when they are done studying to see if they really know our material. Also I suggested that when her husband is done studying, he follows the directions and calls us for quizzing. If a student does not call for quizzing it means they are either lazy or in a hurry to take the test. Neither reason is very good if you fail the test. Calling us when your ready is always good for the student: either you know the study material and it is a great confidence booster or you don't know the material and it is a wake up call. When you know our study material it feels sooooo good!
withheld, withheld, withheld


2 for 2 Oregon MPJE 90 Louisiana MPJE 89 Thanks much for the study materials you provide.
withheld, Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN


I passed....thank you Pronto Pass!
J D, Chicago, IL


I have my score for the Indiana MPJE- 89! Thanks,
G E, Fort Wayne, IN


Colin, I scored 92 on MO MPJE. Thanks,
M T, Washington, IL


Dear Colin I want to let you know that I passed the NAPLEX with a good score. Thanks to you . I found the Study material useful and helped me to memorise and revise it much faster than having a regular textbook. I am preparing for my MPJE , I will take the test on April 11. I have given my reviews about Prontopass at the various forums. I hope you will continue to do this for a long time !!!
P V, Missouri City, TX


Hi guys, I wanted to share with you the good news. I passed with a score of 113. Thank you for everything. Best, A.
A O, Miami, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations on your Naplex results.


Hi Buzz, I am a prontopass user,and like everyone else who has used your material and passed, I would like to give my feedback too.When I did not pass my Naplex the first time,I realized I needed another source of study material.I opted for prontopass after going through the feedback from various prontopass users.What I liked about it in particular was, the material was concise and prepared you for all aspects of naplex (theory and maths). Initially you might get overwhelmed with posters and quickcards,but it gets easier with repeated readings.The online quiz is good for self evaluation before the final phone quizzing.The phone quizzing makes sure, you memorize what you read. It took me 6 months (more than the usual 3 months needed for everyone).But simultaneously,I used Apha as my secondary source for review.I also have a very good study partner who is a prontopass user too.Together,we made it possible to reach our final destination through hours of hardwork,dedication and the belief that nothing is impossible.Buzz,thanks for your amazing study review material.I would also like to thank Mike,Steve and Brian (prontopass team for their guidance and patience during our journey together). I scored 111/150.
S S, Fayetteville, TN
Editors Note: Hard study again pays off. This student studied hard for 6 months. Study time will vary. Our goal is to condense a years worth of clinical pharmacy into about 3 months. The greatest variables are time available, how long out of school and one's natural ability. But, how long, does not matter. You study as long as it takes. At the end of her studies, I quizzed this student and gave her positive feedback that she knew our study material well. Hard study and positive encouragement yields good results! Four points shy of our Hall of Fame---what a shame.


Colin, I passed the FLorida MPJE on the first attempt with an 82 score. Thanks, Marvin
M B, Oakdale, PA


I passed the Alabama MPJE and I'm starting the registration process for the Florida MPJE. Thanks.
R R, Fayetteville, GA


Hello Buzz! I passed the Naplex with a score of 89. I'm just waiting for the criminal background check for them to release my license. Thank you so much for your advices & encouragement. I would not be able to pass without you, Buzz and your team. I was about to quit when I called you. You were really my "anti-depressant" during that time & was very effective. I hope you received the thank you card I sent you with the Pronto Pass CD. May GOD continue to bless your heart & good health. I know that teaching is your passion & you produced thousands of pharmacists with PRONTO PASS. Forever grateful, Darlene
D P, Toms River, NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations Darlene. Thank you for your blessing. May God bless everything good that you set your heart and hands to do. CEB


Dear Buzz: I received the Audio Poster Quiz CD yesterday. Thank you for your prompt action. I did the Asthma poster CD yesterday. The Cd is awesome. Warm regards,
N B, Huntsville, AL
Editors Note: Most students find the audio poster CD quiz to be one of the best learning tools available. I am happy that it works really good for you. CEB


I passed with a 80%. Thanks. [MPJE, South Dakota]
S O, LaVesta, NE
Editors Note: Congratulations. Just like the doctor ordered.


Colin, I passed the WI MPJE with an 87%. Thanks for your help.
N D, Madison, WI
Editors Note: A fast MPJE pass. Just what the doctor ordered, LOL!


I passed! Thank you!
A M, Harrisburg, VA


Colin, I purchased your MPJE Review in on June 24, 2009 for KY, LA and TN. I took and passed them all with scores around 80%, the last one was on February 25, 2010. I now need to take the tests for VA and NE, would it still be possible to get the $25 per state price per state? Your review information was a great help.
R R, Hudson, OH
Editors Note: Hi Ron. Sorry, but your original purchase was more than a year ago. You would need to buy the whole package again. We do this because fed laws change also and after a year you really need new both Fed law and the state information. Thanks for thinking of us and I am glad our product worked well for you. CEB


Hello I am B... P..... who studied PRONTOPASS. I passeed Naplex! Thank you Brian, Buzz & Prontopass
B P, Scarborough, ON, Canada


I want to say thank you. Your material is very good. It helped me a lot for the test, the audio is very good as well, because of repetition it made memorization and analyzation easier. Keep up the good work!
A S, Russellville, KY


Colin, Look like I passed my MPJE for SC with an 85. Thanks so much! The cards definitely helped!
M J, St Robert, MO
Editors Note: Congratulations. Please let us know how you did with the other states you ordered. Note that M J ordered her MPJE package on Jan 23, 2011.


I passed the Florida pharmacy law exam--thanks for your help!! Gail
G U, Boca Raton, FL
Editors Note: Good progress. Ordered one month ago, studied, took the test, and heard that she one month!


Dear Buzz, i would like to thank you for your material as it as helped me a lot with passing my NAPLEX! I was not confident at first but once i read your materials, my knowledge skyrocketed! The quiz you gave me and the suggestions you made over the phone helped me a lot as well. I was wondering, if we are legally allowed to sell this ProntoPass material to others(such as friends or co-workers). Please let me know as soon as possible. I ordered MPJE materials from you. I will mail the cd back as you have requested. Thanks again,
N S, Tampa, FL
Editors Note: I love happy endings. After studying hard, it is exhilarating to do well with your Naplex. You can sell your used ProntoPass material but NOT the loaned items (the Poster Quiz CD and the last minute study material) If you sell the used, Please tell the buyer that it does not included that loaned material and not the Quizzing at the end.


Hi Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the Tennessee MPJE, however, I do not know what my score was. Next is Louisiana… Thank you!
A L, Mulica Hill, NJ


Colin, Your ProntoPass is what got me through the NAPLEX!! Unbelievably, that was almost 3 years ago! I am now moving out of Missouri to Kansas. I am looking forward to receiving the material for the MPJE. When I decided to order MPJE study material, ProntoPass was FIRST and ONLY place I came to! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks
F H, Kansas City, MO


To whom it may concern, I was to let you know my results of my MPJE test I took in December. I passed on the 16th. Thank you so much. I appreciated the use of the cards and State sheets to study from. Thanks and take care,
C C, Greenwood, MO


Hey Colin, Just wanted to let you know I just got my Iowa MPJE results - passed with an 87 after only studying for 4 days. Thanks for everything! Shana
S T, Chicago, IL


hello pronto pass, i got result i passed. thanks alot.
L I, Grand Prairie, TX


These cards are also helping me with my rotation. Thanks
D N, Elkridge, MD


Hi Mr Bayliss, Just wanted to let you know that I passed my MPJE exam with the help of your products. This is the second time I've used it and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks
A A, Springfield, MO


Thank you for your help I passed with a score of 87
T B, Vancouver, WA
Editors Note: Tim took the MPJE for WA


I used your product for Colorado and would like to know the cost of an additional state such as Maryland.
J V, Chalfont, PA
Editors Note: After the purchase of the MPJE package, for up to one year later, you can order just the state information for just 25 bucks plus shipping. We only take these order by slow mail and you must have sent in your Registration Form. PS after one year there will have been so much federal law change that just the state info won't get the job done.


I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MPJE with an 81 - thanks!
R R, Des Moines, IA


Hi Colin, I wanted to let you know how I did on the NAPLEX and MPJE. NAPLEX 107 and MPJE 85. I purchased your Math review cards and the MJPE study cards and state fact sheets. Both were very well done, I felt completely prepared for all math questions on the NAPLEX. Like you said about the MPJE the score isn't fantastic but passing is what its all about. Thanks so much for two great products. Matt
M A, Racine, OH

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