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 Feedback 2012


Passed my Utah exam with scaled score of 84. Thanks 
W W, Las Vegas, NV


Thank you very much. You guys are so reliable. Thanks
U C, Brooklyn, NY


Dear Bayliss, Good day. I am happy to inform you that I have by the special grace of God passed my board examination. Thank you very much for your assistance. May the good Lord richly bless you. Warm Regards,
A A, Oak park, IL
Editors Note: Congratulations. Thank you for your blessing. Likewise may God bless everything good that you set your hand and heart and mind to accomplish. Buzz


I took the NAPLEX on 10 Nov and passed. Thanks
M C, Lenexa, KS


Hi Buzz, I am writing to let you know that I decided to take the NAPLEX on November 7th, and I heard yesterday that I passed with a score of 100!! Thank you so much for all of your help and advise. You have amazing study material, and I do not think I could have achieved this goal without it. I am so happy, and I cannot thank you enough! Sincerely, S.C.
SC, Cordova, TN


Hello, Colin! All of my frets were for not! I actually passed the MPJE—TX J Can you believe??!! Thank you, again for the AWESOME product you’ve created!


Dear Colin Bayliss, It took me roughly an hour [MPJE-OK] to complete and I scored an 80. I had already taken the NAPLEX; so , in a week or so – I will be a Registered Pharmacist. The study material was very helpful in obtaining that score. Thanks again. Sincerely,
E C, El Reno, , OK


I did not have a lot of time to study [for Naplex] but had no problem passing thanks to your cards and audio CD. Thanks.
B H, Wilmington, NC, NC
Editors Note: Congratulations. There is seldom a problem when you study hard for 3 months!


I passed with a 98!!!! [MPJE MO]
V J, Waynesville, , MO


Hi Colin, I passed [MPJE- IL] --88. Thanks for the help!
S D, Chicago, , IL


I passed the Naplex first try back in June but have been super busy with wedding plans and other things and just haven't been able to leave any feedback. I apologize for the late return as well. Prontopass is a great product and did a great job preparing me. I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks again, Isaac
I B, Eureka, , KS


Dear Colin: Thank you for your email. My experience with Prontopass was great. Although i had a limited time to study each day, i was able to pass Naplex on my first time around. The prontopass posters, summary card, drug card, and math portion prepared me well for the exam. Thanks again for your guidance and follow ups. Sincerely,
F S, New York, , NY


Passed Naplex on my first try. Excellent study material. Will recommend product to others! Thank you
J L, Columbia, , SC


I received a comment card: I took your course ProntoPass. I went out of the country for six months because of a family emergency. I just came back and I am returning your CD. I apologize for the delay. Your CD helped me a lot. It increased my knowledge a lot. It is a very good product and I will recommend ithis wonderful product to all my friends. Thanks
A G, Knoxville, , TN


Don't know how....when I left exam I thought I did not pass. I had done a few days of studying (struggling) with the state law book itself when I decided to try pronto pass. I ordered pronto pass and immediately scheduled the exam for exactly two weeks later. I graduated pharmacy school in 1991 and let my license for this state go ( I was licensed in 4 states at that time and renewing was just too expensive). My husband has taken a more lucrative and stable position back here in this state and I had to reinstate and re-challenge the MPJE. Well it re-challenged me, but thanks to prontopass I passed with a 90!
M D, Ellicott City, , MD


Hi, I wanted to deliver the good news that I passed the MPJE (AZ) and became a RPh!! Thank you ProntoPass!!
K J, Scottsdale, , AZ


Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I got an 89 on my IL MPJE. I thought your program was very helpful. Thanks a bunch!
I R, Jonesboro, , IL


Dear Colin E. Bayliss Thank you Thank you Thank you very much for your reply & advice....... Sincerely,
A S, Belleville, , MI


The material was great. I really liked that the information was reiterated on the poster and the cards anytime the drug or disease state was relevant. The calculations portion was amazing. I felt comfortable with every calculation problem that I had on the naplex which was about 30% of the exam. Thanks,
M P, Wilmington, , NC


Hello, Just thought a would send a quick message of my success story with Pronto Pass. I purchased the Combo Package, because I was overwhelmed as a new grad, trying to know where to even begin. You guaranteeing that I would do well made me very confident in using soley your materail. I got through *most* of the flash cards and all of the posters. They are absolutely fantastic!!! I will definitely recommend these materials to anyone looking for focused material. Most of all, I loved the Math Cards. I felt like I put a ton of faith in you, using ONLY your math review. However, it was fantastic. I was totally prepared on the exam for all of the math questions. Although I didn't completely follow your recommendations, not getting through all the flash cards, and not giving myself enough time for the last minute quizzing, the investment was well-worth it. I was comfortable and felt ready for the exam. I recieved a score of 98. Thanks!!
K S, Belle Vernon, , PA


Hi coming out of the exam I thought I bum it, I had exactly 45 second left when i finished. However thank Go-d I got a passed score I do not know what is good score so I do not comment on that. The last minute study materials are huge plus, summary flash card are awesome, and final quizzes acted liked a stimulation at least for me which were getting very unmotivated. your math is 99.5% all one person need so thank you for all of it. Again, getting and learning from your study materials made me learn what I need to know from a new dimension which is more meaningful and I think will remain with me during my practices. I think that was more than any thank you. Best regards. Rxxxx
R E, Los Angeles, , CA


Hi, I got 122 in my Naplex. The quiz CD and the posters really helped me a lot. The Maths cards are very good too. I studied for a total of 2 months, while the first 2 weeks I used the APhA review book and after I ordered the prontopass, I solely focus on the study materials in the package. Glad that I can pass it in the first trial. Thanks for the great study materials.
D W, Warren, , MI
Editors Note: Doreen has been invited to join our Hall of Fame!


Passed MD MPJE - score of 83. Thank you!!
M J, Baltimore, , MD


Just wanted to let you know that I passed my Alabama MPJE!
K E, Poland, , OH


Hello Buzz, I got my Pharmacist license today with NAPLEX and MPJE scores. I got 111 on NAPLEX (86 on MPJE). Even though I am expecting a higher score, but it is a passing score! I just studied for less than two month with ProntoPass before the test. Considering the time spent on the test-prep, I am happy with the score. It is such a fun journey to study all those cards and posters. I will probably remember some of the memoronics for the rest of my life. I still like your cards and posters and will keep them as souvenirs. You are a true artist! I also had so much fun listening to the quiz audioes. Thank you for being so supportive! What I have learned from your ProntoPass is way beyond NAPLEX prep, you prepare your students to be a pharmacist. Thank you again and I wish you continued success !!! Regards,
M D, Mason, , OH


Just wanted to let u know i passed my mpje with an 84 ...your study material was verrrry helpful and i will recomend it to all i know thanks !
J S, Franklin, , PA


Hi~ I got a 108 on the NAPLEX. I also used ProntoPass for my MPJE and (barely passed) got a 78. However, I didn't study the suggested 2 weeks for the MPJE, and only studied for one week. I will mail the feedback card to you soon. Thanks!
B W, West Bend, , IA


Hello, Actually, my name is Ryan XXXXX, Trent is the one who paid for the Pronto Pass, but I thought I called to change that. Anyway...I passed the NAPLEX and thought Pronto Pass was a great study tool. I would definitely recommend it to future students. Thanks, Ryan
R B, Coconut Creek, , FL


Hello, Just letting you know that I passed the Alabama MPJE with a score of 94. Thanks!
M J, Gainesville, , FL


First of all I will say that ....I passed the NAPLEX (93 if you need to know score for your data)! I am very glad I purchased the Prontopass. I may have not utilized the quizzing and last minute study material (mostly because I was just ready to get the test over with) but, I would use the Prontopass over again in a heart beat. I own three NAPLEX study books. I looked at these books but did not use them to study. I found that while reading them I would zone out staring at the tiny black print on those stark white pages. I would read the words but I wasn't really soaking the material in or learning much and it took way to long to read over multiple times. I absolutely loved the colorful visual and audio material included in the Prontopass. The material was interactive and made studying a lot easier. The posters were awesome because they let you see the whole picture. Because I am a visual learner, I would often condense all my study material for a subject on one page, kind of like an algorithm, in order to get a better understanding. I feel like Prontopass aced this on their posters! The quick cards were genius because the included visuals, explanations, and the capability of folding to self test. The CD of audio quizzes and the pronunciation CD were also fantastic. They helped solidify what you studied and just like I heard many times.."If you cant say it you don't own it." The only thing that I struggled with a little bit was the memoronics. A lot of them were fantastic however, there were a select few that just weren't tied enough to the drugs and/or material that they were associated with, which made it hard for me to recall them. I really have nothing bad to say about your product and will recommend it to many! If you need any other information let me know! Thank You!
K S, Falls Creek, PA, PA


I loved the Poster cd! It was great to listen to in the car. Also pronto pass overall was a great review tool! Thanks for a wonderful product! I passes the naplex the first time I took it.
A A, Pittsburgh, , PA


Hi, I took my naplex a couple weeks ago after having used your program and scored an 83 my first time. The cards and the posters were a lifesaver, b/c I knew I would have no choice but to work 40+ hours weekly as a grad intern before taking my exam. I was able to bring a different set of cards to work with me each day, as well as a poster or two. The company also gave me the last week off before my exam, during which time I did about 30+ hours of math alone. I definitely achieved my "aha" moment regarding calculations that I hadn't been real comfortable with in pharmacy school. Though my score wasn't as high as others, I passed nonetheless and achieved exactly what I set out to achieve: gain enough knowledge to pass the exam the first time, while still fullfilling my other obligations. Lifestyles and study habits differ between different types of people and everyone needs to find what works for them (this is the hardest part, I think!). In my case, the ProntoPass system was just what the doctor ordered. I will be returning your loaner cd promptly. I am now using ProntoPass to study for law exams in VA and WV. Thank you
C B, Stephens City, , VA
Editors Note: Chris ordered our Naplex study material on 6-12-12. Job well done but I would not suggest a goal of simply passing Naplex. It worked for Chris but it won't always work. I would suggest a goal of studying and DOING REALLY WELL on Naplex. Better to be well prepared rather than to take the chance of coming up a little short!


Passed my NAPLEX. Thanks!!!! [On 7-12-12 this student had the ah-ha math moment. See her feedback on 7-12-12]
B W, West Bend, , IA
Editors Note: I love it when things fall into place one step at a time.


Hi Corey! I got the poster on anemia that you sent to me. I really appreciated your kindness and the way you care for others. Wish you the best all the times
J I, Los Angeles, , CA


Dear Colin, I don't know the actual score, only that I passed! :) The math material really helped me and I went through most of the cards, it was just so much material. I did find some grammatical errors, but no material is ever perfect, even textbooks. Thanks for everything! And, keep up the good work :) Thanks, Kelly~
K M, Biloxi, , MS


I received the following comment card: I feel the entire system is a great learning tool and wish I had been introduced to it before. It would have been nice to have while taking pharmacotherapy. Love how it condensed information and the memoronics helped. Thanks
M B, Blue Springs, , MO


I passed the NAPLEX. Very much enjoyed the posters.
Editors Note: Malarie purchased the speed package....and then upgraded to the Naplex Combo deal. Job well done. Congratulations


Thank you for your wonderful product! I passed Washington with an 86.
H S, Snohomish, WA


I passed! 85 on MPJE and 78 on NAPLEX. I'm not proud of that NAPLEX score, but I'm happy as hell I don't have to go through that again! I appreciate all the effort you put into Prontopass. I know my score doesn't reflect the potential Prontopass has to offer graduates, but I am grateful for opportunity to have studied your material. Being able to refer to the material will continue to aid me as an entry level pharmacist. Thanks again Buzz! Best wishes to you and your business and I will definitely promote Prontopass to future graduates from my end. P.S. Thanks for the prayer. I too believe in that wonderful communion with God. :~)
J G, Albuquerque, , NM


Thank you for your help. On June 7, 2013 I took and passed the Texas MPJE exam(83).Your study material was my only guide. My age and years away from the educational arena may have presented some anxiety, but I certainly appreciated your assistance.
R Y, Granville, , OH


I passed my NC MPJE!! Yay!! Thank you, pronto pass! Have a happy day!
C H, Davidson, , NC


Colin, Just wanted to inform you guys that I did end up passing the Utah MPJE. Thank you for the help! Not sure of the score, I only know I passed because my license is posted on the Utah DOPL website. At this point though I dont think the score matters too much :) Thanks Again, Anthony
A M, Stony Point, NY


Dear Colin, I just learned today my results on the MPJE, and it was good!!!!! I made an 81 and am very happy. I used several sources from which to study, but I believe the pronto pass cards I purchased from you helped a lot. Thank you so much! I am going to order your material to study for the NAPLEX, too. Thanks again,
S C, Cordova, , TN


Hi Colin, I have passed the NAPLEX and think that the cards and poster helped significantly! Thanks!
K A, DuBois, , PA


Dear Colin, Just a note to tell you I passed the Ct MJPE with an 89! The test had many off the wall questions, but it turned out ok! Many thanks,
D M, DeWitt, , NY


CF sent a note thanking us and saying she scored 118 on Naplex.
CF, Mechanicsburg, , PA


Enclosed in the package of returned study material that was on loan, there was an enclosed note: Great study materials! Thanks so much. Kelly
K R, Canfield, , OH


I received the following note: Dear ProntoPass Thank you very much for helping me pass my Naplex. I ran out of time to study and I was not able to call for any last minute materials - however, I still was able to pass my Naplex with a 110 using only the Quickcards and Posters (again, I ran out of time to study any of the other materials). Thank you again for everything! Also, your Facebook question of the day were also very helpful. Please find the Audio Poster Quiz CD enclosed for return. [sent on loan in the original package]. M.A.
M A, Brookline, , MA


I received a call yesterday from a student who called to thank us. She had just received her Naplex score of 108. Her comments were "The ProntoPass Posters were amazing!"
unknown, unknown, unknown


I received a comment card that said: Thank you very much for helping me pass my Naplex. I ran out of time to study and I was not able to call for any last minute materials - however, I still was able to pass my Naplex with a 110 using only the Quickcards and Posters and the Poster Quiz CD. Thanks again for everything.
M A, West Islip, , NY


Thanks for the help! I passed Kansas with an 85 and Missouri with an 83
T C, Merriam, , KS


Hi, I passed the boards and thought your study materials were very helpful. I used them as well as the APHA book. Thanks.
K P, Dublin, , OH


Hi, this is Kyle and I was just writing to let you know that I have successfully passed the Utah MPJE. Thank you very much for your quick service!
K C, West Jordan, , UT


Good evening Colin, I wanted to post a review. I passed the DE law MPJE with the assistance of Pronto Pass. It helped tremendously. I passed with 79, a bit less than I should have gotten- I was pretty nervous about passing the exam. thanks for all of the help with Pronto Pass - I would recommend this study aid to others
M B, Philadelphia, , PA


Thank you! I am very thankful to prontopass solutions for helping me score a 115 on my NAPLEX! You provided all of the information I needed and more. I really enjoyed your program! Thanks again!!
J L, Castlewood, , VA
Editors Note: Julie has been invited to join our Hall of Fame


Kicked butt on my Naplex - 107!! Thanks again for the study materials!
A W, Tiffin, , IA


I passed my MPJE with an 84. Thanks!
J C, Logan, , WV


i received 86 on mpje NY. thanks
M C, Harriman, , NY


I Passed with an 80 [MPJE TX] Thank you so much!
N P, San antonio, , TX


I passed my test. I took it on July 2nd and got an 83 [MPJE NH]. I think pronto pass was well worth the price. Would have hated having nothing but the statutes to study. I followed the study advice pretty much to a T. Thanks for the help.
J M, Skowhegan, , ME


Hi Colin, I just wanted to give you a quick update. I received the ProntoPass cards and studied them for about 4 days. I passed the SC MPJE with a score of 83. Thanks for the help! Sincerely,
S D, Savannah, , GA


I got a 78 on the NAPLEX - not a stellar score, but a passing one, nonetheless. I studied the material for just over three weeks while working, so it did not come as a surprise to me that I didn't get a great score. I really liked the material you sent, especially the way it is organized and the helpful hints along the way. Thank you,
S A, Gainesville, , FL
Editors Note: This is not the way to study for Naplex. Nevertheless, we congratulate Sophia on her success.


I got a 103 on the NAPLEX, which is pretty good considering I only graduated with a 2.73 GPA from pharmacy school. I tried to follow all of the plans as closely as possible throughout the studying process and everything seemed to go well. I'm extremely glad I purchased the product. What I really liked: Top 200 poster: I would say about 50 of these popped up on my NAPLEX, great idea for a poster! Math cards: I was over-prepared for the math after learning your materials, although I only had about 20 math questions on the NAPLEX, I was not clueless on any of them. I had like 10 Meq related questions, your cards really helped with those. I find milliosmoles and milliequivalents to be difficult and really liked your methods for solving them. It was quick and to the point. Memoronics for the antibiotics packet: these may have been the most helpful when it came to memorizing infectious disease materials. You could easily spend a week just studying infectious disease (in my opinion), and the memoronics for learning gram positive vs negative, MOA of different classes, hepatically dosed antibiotics, etc was very helpful when cramming for such a big topic. That's my overall opinion of how the studying went, I am very happy with how I did on the NAPLEX and how much I was able to remember while taking it. Thanks
D G, Pittsburgh, PA, PA
Editors Note: We ProntoPass our emphasis is on proactive study. Proactive study stays with you on that very important day. It worked for David and it can work for you!


Hello, Just a note to let you know I passed the NV MPJE with an 85 & now have my NV license! Thanks so much.
M H, Midvale, , UT


Today and yesterday had the "light bulb" moment, the "AH HA", universe has an opened up moment with the Calculations flash cards. Great math practice! THanks!
B W, West Bend, , IA
Editors Note: Don't you just love those great "AH HA" moments in education? It makes our day when we get feedback like this. Thank you.


Hi Buzz, Thank you for taking time to quiz me yesterday. It was a great pleasure speaking to you. I am very excited to know that I am ready for the test. I'll try to schedule the test in 2-3 weeks. I am looking forward to getting the last minute study material. Best,
M D, Mason, , OH
Editors Note: Getting quizzed at the end of your studies can be a great boost to confidence....and that is important on the big test day. Everyone is nervous but confidence can help a lot!


I passed the MPJE with an 88. I really liked y'alls law review material because it distilled everything into one set of pages. I found the law review book very difficult to use because many of the laws or regulations are repeated in different parts of the book... I never knew what I had already studied and what I hadn't. So great work! I really felt better once y'alls material came. Thanks!
R W, San Antonio, , TX


Hello, Just letting you know that I passed the NAPLEX on my first try! I started studying the flash cards then posters about 4 weeks prior to taking the exam. My goal was to be ready to call and quiz 2 weeks prior to the exam, however didn't feel ready to quiz at that point so I kept studying instead. The audio lectures on the posters helped a lot! For me it was like sitting in class. It helped me recall things when I could think back to hearing them discussed out loud. I honestly think the audio cd and the posters were the most beneficial for me. The flash cards acted more as a supplementary study item, even though I started studying them first. I did as I was told and saved the math cards for last, and sat at the kitchen table to study them. I felt very confident about my math skills going into the exam, yet unfortunately didn't feel as though I got all that many math questions. I did end up studying around 60 hours for the flash cards and posters, and 40 hours for the math. I know I could've probably done better had I called and quizzed two weeks before taking the exam, but I just didn't feel ready for that yet. Overall, I passed and am very happy about that! Thanks for the help! R D PS By the way, I got a job working at a hospital, just today I went to a code STEMI to assist the pharmacist (as I am still training), and after he got done drawing up Integrilin we were talking about the other GP2b3a Inhibitors. He couldn't remember the third one, so I recalled TEA and AIR, and told him it was Tirofiban : )
R D, Kearney, , NE
Editors Note: The Poster quiz CD is active learning. After you hear the question you stop the CD player and YOU answer out loud just like you are at my kitchen table, then you turn the CD player back on and hear my other students answers and my comments. The active learning makes the difference. Passive learning (listening to a lecture or reading a book) does not "sink in" like the active learning! Thanks Rachel for your comments!


Mr. Colin, I passed the FL MPJE with prontopass. Thank you.
Y P, Morrow, , GA


Hello Pronto Pass, I passed the MD MPJE! Thanks. Jennifer
J T, Richmond, VA, VA


Hi, Colin Thank you and I got 97 in my naplex. I am so glad that I bought Pronto pass material. Math cards are really wonderful. easy to understand and covered 95% of maths that comes in Naplex. And I also bought your Mpje material and I passed it. Now I got my license. It was an outstanding experience. First, I was scared a little bit by seeing that you are not giving guarantee for the foreign graduates But I am a foreign graduate and I nailed it on my first attempt. Once again Thank you very much for providing such a helpful material.
H A, ellicott city, , MD


FYI ...I took the Massachusetts MPJE 6/30/12 got the results 7/3/2012. Passed with an 82. I still have Rhode Island to take. Thank you for the study material. I have been a pharmacist for 20 years and took the Naplex and Law both on paper. This computer version was a new experience. Thank you again


Hi Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MPJE with an 84. The ProntoPass material was very helpful.
N F, Boston, MA


Just letting you know I passed my AZ MPJE exam! Thanks.
V T, Plano, TX


I passed the MN MPJE! Thank you for your help :)
L M, Fargo, ND


Hi Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I passed my FL MPJE and will gladly recommend your products to others who ask me about study materials. Thanks, Sarah
S W, Zebulon, , NC


Colin, FWI: I took and passed the AZ MPJE exam June 1, 2012. Thanks for your help
D H, wisconsin dells, , WI


Dear Colin thank you so much for caring!i already took the NAPLEX and passed it successfully-THANKS TO PRONTOPASS-,as it was the only source i used to prepare myself for such a huge test!!and it was very helpful.I called you earlier to thank you and give you a feedback after i got my result!!now i am preparing for MPJE and i am positive that Prontopass is all what i need!! I will keep and use the cards and posters as a REFERENCE!! THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE TIME AND THE EFFORT, ALL MY REGARDS,
M S, Lowell, , MA


84 on oregon mpje thanks
A W, Carlsbad, , CA


Hi, I wanted to let you know that with the help of your cards, I passed the New York mpje exam with 83. Thank you,
M F, Charlotte, , NC


Omg, omg, I passed with an 82 !!!already have a Nevada license !!! Thank you So much!!! I appreciate your kind words and your program!!! Sincerely,
G G, New Fairfield, , CT


I took and passed the Naplex. I just mailed back the things on loan. Thanks.
D F, Carolina, , PR


Buzz, I got 92% [on Naplex]. thanks
M M, Oviedo, , FL


Hi Colin, I got the Naplex done by end of April,and already an intern in michigan Your materials are good, the math was really helpful I am recommending it to all my friends who wants to do Naplex Thanks
B P, , Canada


Passed with an 87! Praise the Lord! Thanks,
A Y, Valdosta, , GA


I got a 105 on Naplex and an 83 on my MPJE. Many thanks.
D R, Madrid, , IA


Took the test, got an 81. Thanks! [MPJE for Indiana]
L K, Windsor Mill, , MD


I passed with an 81. Glad to have that in the rear view mirror. Stephen
S D, Flemington, NJ, NJ


I am writing you again to tell you that you have the winning formula for passing the MPJE. As you know in 2010 I took New Mexico MPJE and got a 88. Now I have completed Texas and Arizona and I got a 86 and 79 on those states. You have been a great asset to me and I have told all of my pharmacy associates about your program. I will be ordering more reviews from you soon. Thanks,
B D, Albuquerque, , NM


I passed:) Prontopass was extremely helpful for me. I studied sections that were harder for me first then moved to the other sections. I got through all of the cards once but was unable to get through all of them again. I folded the cards for the sections that again were troublesome for me. The math was great too!! I plan on looking over the cards again in the future for review. Thanks,
S K, Knoxville, , TN


Colin, Got my MJPE South Dakota results today and passed easily with a 93. Your study materials were a key part of my success. The materials were accurate and easy to use. Thanks,
B J, Lincoln, , NE


I passed my naplex. ProntoPass study material is the best. It has every information was included in my test. I will highly recommended it to all my friends.
M Z, Clearwater, FL


Hi Colin, Very excited to let you know I PASSED the Colorado MPJE! Thanks for the great study guide. I am a terrible test taker and somehow your flashcards and study guide helped me pass on the first try! Thank You! Money well spent!
K O, Raleigh, , NC


Just a little note to let you know that I passsed the FL MPJE. Thanks for answering all my questions before mailing me the review. The review was very helpful.


I PASSED THE EXAM FOR FLORIDA! I want to let you know that I got an 84! I studied just the way you suggested and it worked! THANKS, SO MUCH, FOR ALL YOUR HELP! [name omitted] (Future Florida Pharmacist)
T C, st petersburg, , FL


Hi Colin, I passed the Oregon MPJE with a 93! Thanks for your awesome product!
J D, Rochester, , NY


Hi, I received my order the next day. Thanks for your suggestions on the test. I passed Naplex couple of days ago. I will definitely take my time to prepare for mpje. Thanks
Y K, avondale, , AZ


I'm writing to let you know that I passed on the first try. Your study guides were awesome and helped so much. Thanks! Michael
M O, West Seneca, , NY


Colin - Thanks You !!! I used your system to help study and prepare for the AZ MPJE. It was a great way to prepare and since I have not taken a board test in over 25 years it was even more challenging. I was able to pass the first attempt with an 87. Tom
T S, San Clemente, , CA


Dear Mr. Bayliss: I wanted to thank you for our conversation. Your kindness & insight was extremely beneficial for me at this point in my career. I believe what you offer to your students is the mainstay of survival in this profession which is not only the preparation of the NAPLEX, but the psychological aspect as well. You were so open and honest in what you shared with me and, I really appreciated it. It is rare that you come across an individual of your caliber, so I wanted to let you know. Sincerely,


Just a quick note to say I passed with an 85! I had looked at your website twice before I gave in. I was really skeptical because it looks so hokey. I've been out of pharmacy school for 13 years & if I can pass it anyone can. It beat studying the state law material by far which was lengthy & boring. Thanks to prontopass I am licensed throughout the Northwest!!
B G, Boise, , ID
Editors Note: Hi B. Thanks for your note. I know we have a "hokey" website but I had a big professional company give me a $40,000 price to make it really "professional"....and that means I would have to increase our prices. So....we are holding off! Thanks for sharing your story. Buzz


Just a note to let you know that I passed my MJPE with the help of your study aids, Thanks. Helen
H C, Claremont, , NC


Thanks for letting me know. I took the CPJE and passed. As always, your study material was very helpful. The CD assisted in getting things going and at a certain point I stopped thr CD and moved onto the printed study material. Overall your material is superb. Thanks for all your help,
M F, Yukon, , OK
Editors Note: To pass the CPJE this student started with studying the Naplex combo package and then at the end switched to studying the law package. Success!


Hello Buzz, I passed MPJE, scored 82. I got my license (online, yet to recieve by mail). Thank you for all your support, it definitely was a big deal for me. I started looking for job, no luck so far. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.


Hey I passed my NC MPJE with an 80. I study 2 wks, really long hours on this past wknd and then when I could but I worked so much as soon as I put in my notice my former job piled up the days. Thanks for your help.
E B, Hampton, , VA


Thank you! I just received my "YOU PASSED LETTER" [MPJE OR]with an 85! Your study material was great, but honestly, when I was taking the exam, I found the questions to be very misleading and indirect. I didn't think I passed at all! SHOCKING to find out I did pretty well. Thanks again!
B T, San Leandro, , CA


I passed. Thank you for the wonderful test preparation materials!
R C, Tujunga, , CA


Hi, I wanted to let you know that I did take the test [MPJE SC] last month and passed. Thanks!
C K, Winston-Salem, , NC


Dear Colin, In my opinion I did well on the Naplex with just one try considering the circumstances around me at that time. I scored over 100 points studying mainly the pronto-pass cards!! Thanks. Rita
R N, Gainesville, , FL


Hello I passed my FL MPJE with your help! Thank you so much. I really studied about 4 days..not much time to do this. Your program worked, many thanks !
M M, Kittery, , ME


-I just took the Arkansas pharmacy jurisprudence exam on Tuesday in Little Rock. I got an 82/100. -I also realized I never emailed about my Arizona MPJE. I took that back in July and passed with a score of 83. -Next up Virgina for me. I will be sending a check/money order and a note via UPS next week to purchase Virginia paperwork! (I meant to do this a few months back and forgot!) Thanks so much for all your help. For myself 2 weeks of studying after(and sometimes during) work, using the federal law flash cards, state questions, and reading the state law book twice has been a recipe for success
M M, Phoenix, AZ


dude, i passed the NY MPJE. thanx so much!!! woohoo!!!!!! ed
E V, east brunswick, , NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations DUDE! LOL


Thanks you so much for your help with this MPJE. This had been a struggle for me, but I am happy to announce that I am now licensed. I will be recommeding you all to my friends who are graduating this year!
L B, Chattanooga, , TN


Dear Colin, I wanted to let you know that I passed my MPJE with a 88. Thanks for everything,
A M, Ashland, , KY


Hi Colin, I just want to say thank you for your prep course for the Oregon MPJE. I didn't fill out the registration form as you recommended because I went to school in Canada and didn't qualify. I did everything you said to do and passed my Oregon MPJE the first time with an 84%. I graduated in 1984 and never would have passed without your great material and advice. Please feel free to use the above as my testimonial on your website or tell me how you would prefer a testimonial and I will do it. Take care Colin and thanks again. Sincerely,
R H, Los Angeles, CA


I passed my Oklahoma and New Jersey. I take the Texas this Friday. :) Katie
K A, Grand Junction, , CO


Colin, I had some health issues and forgot to e-mail you ... I passed the Florida MJPE with a 90! Found your product very helpful! Tennessee is next... J N RPh MBA FASCP
J N, Iowa City, IA
Editors Note: It is a long way from IA to FL, LOL


Hi! Just wanted to let you know I passed [MPJE AZ] with an 84. Thanks!
A H, San Marcos, , CA


Hello Buzz, Today I posted the last minutes materials and it will take 3-5 business days for it to get to you. I have passed the naplex and thank you for your wonderful guidance that I got from you. I apprecite your help. Pray for me as the pharmacist job market is not very good in FL. I am actually contemplating a move to New York but the compounding exam scares me. Thanks again.
S A, Davie, , FL


Colin. I passed the MPJE. My VT license lapsed and I had to take the MPJE in order to reinstate it. I don't know my score but when I checked the VT board website I am listed as status "active" ( was "inactive") and the expiration date is listed as 7/31/2013 (was "lapsed"). Thank you. Your notes obviously worked. I graduated in 1979 and am 56 years old!
J W, Craryville, , NY


It took me awhile before i took the test but i passed. thanx [MPJE LA]
E K, Burbank, , CA
Editors Note: Moving from Burbank Ca to the state of LA would require and adjustment!


Hey Colin, Forgot to email you....I DID pass on the first try...........Thanks for everything, your system, your advice & support were priceless. Thanks again, M. =)
M P, Mooresville, , NC


I PASSED! My score was an 82 [MPJE Indiana]. Thanks so much. The test was a lot harder than I thought, but you guys helped out a ton. Thanks again!
P J, Chesterton, , IN


Just got my MPJE results...passed with an 81...Thank You!!!!
R R, Littleton, , CO


I passed the OR MJPE I used your cards - bought them almost a year ago and used them for TX MJPE about 4-5 years ago. Worked!
K S, , OR


Passed [MPJE] with a score of 88. Next state, Indiana
S M, Wayzata, , MN


Hello Colin, I learned today that I passed the Florida MPJE that I took Monday, February 13, 2012. Pronto Pass was a wonderful study tool for the Florida MPJE. Thank you!
E P, Houston, TX
Editors Note: A lot of pharmacists are moving!!!!!


I just wanted to say thank you. I did not quiz with you but I took the online quiz, followed the instructions in your package and I passed Naplex with a high score [113]. Thank you.
M , charlotte, , NC


I got an 80 on the GA law woo hoo! Dominique
D B, Lithonia, GA
Editors Note: Ordered from us on Feb 1st !!


Alabama MPJE exam: PASSED


GA-MPJE passed, (84)...THANKS!
S M, Gate City, , VA


Dear Colin E. Bayliss, Thank you for replying, that you received Audio Quiz CD. Also thank you very much for helping out for NAPLEX preparation & for your kind suggestions. Great study material, Please keep up the good work. I have successfully passed the NAPLEX. I would really appreciate if you help me how to study and pass MPJE for Michigan Board of Pharmacy


Dear Pronto Pass; I obtained NH and MA and Federal info last summer. I took NH in January and MA on Feb 4. I got an 87 on the NH MPJE and a 91 on MA MPJE. I think there was only one question that was similar on each exam otherwise, there was nothing was the same. Thank you for your help!
J H, Laona, WA


I just want to thank you for your amazing studying material . I also want to let you know that I passed my Naplex with score 115 . I would never done that without your studying material , thank you very much.
A E, San Diego, , CA


Forgot to email you back. I did pass the MPJE for Mississippi. Thanks.
R Y, Amarillo, , TX


Dear Pronto Pass: I want to thank you for the opportunity of have this great material to study for my exam. I passed the exam with a great score. I recommend Pronto Pass to all pharmacy students. This was my only source of study material. This is simply and complete!!!!
J J, Hatillo, PR


Hello Buzz, I took your prontopass course for Naplex and I passed naplex exam with 106 score. I really appreciate your help form my heart for making me pass this exam. Once again thanks.
A T, Brampton, , ON, Canada


Thanks! Took the AL MPJE a couple of weeks ago and made an 85. ProntoPass works!!
P P, Panama City Beach, , FL


Hi, I just got the results back from my exam. I passed. Thanks! I'm a licensed pharmacist! :)
M M, East Boston , MA


Passed the exam. Study cards and posters were great. Math cards were especially helpful as there was quite a bit of math on the exam. Thank You!
C C, Stoneham, , MA


I took the MPJE on 12/21. My scaled score was 92. The review was very helpful. Thanks
D M, Tuscaloosa, , AL


Hi, I passed my NAPLEX test very well thanks to your math section particularly.I am already a registered pharmacist in California and have since started working.Thank you and your team for all you do.You guys are simply awesome.
F I, mckinleyville, , CA

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