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 Feedback 2015


To Colin & the folks at ProntoPass, Thank you for putting together the system you have making a "Cliff Notes" to study through. The flashcards were helpful as they were laid out in "bullet" or list form. Interesting you said to study from "hardcopies" of law versus online with a computer screen. What's your insight on that? Curious. I can't remember if I dropped y'all a note after I passed or not (took end of July, found out in August) making sure. You were right, didn't get an "A" but am fine with passing & very grateful it's over. Keep up the good work encouraging and assisting others,
A B, Calhoun, TN
Editors Note: Amber, thanks for your feedback. Congratulations on passing your MPJE. We believe that studying hardcopy on paper is better than trying to study from a computer screen. I think that when you study from a computer screen you keep your one hand on the scroll thing while you read. I think it embeds deeper and stays longer when you focus completely on what your on paper. I also underline and make marks and highlight when it is on paper and then can review easily later when I review for just the high points. 


Hello Eric and team at ProntoPass! I just wanted to let you know I passed my KY law exam! Thank you for all your help!
I C, Florham Park, NJ
Editors Note: This was IC's second state after being successful with here first. Repeat customers are best form of compliment.


Hello Dr. Bayliss, I just want to take this moment to thank you for the job well done on the MPJE materials sent to me . They were helpful. I passed my DC MPJE with a score of 80. I wish I had registered with you for my Naplex exam earlier but I believe it is not too late. Thanks and God bless. Sincerely,
E N, Lanham, MD MD


Dear Colin, Would like to inform you that I have passed my MPJE for Vermont. Thanks for all your help. I may be moving with the military to Arizona come the new year though so I may need your services again soon! Thanks again,
S B, Milton, VT


Good evening, I wanted to make you aware that I got an 84 on my SC MPJE! I am very happy and pleased with Pronto Pass yet again! thanks for all of the help!
M B, Downingtown, PA


Hi Buzz, Thank you for taking the time to read the Blueprint and writing back to me. I am studying only your materials...I will CONQUER this exam. Will talk to you again soon... Have a wonderful day. Sincerely,
T V, La Habra, CA
Editors Note: This is the attitude I like to see: "I will CONQUER this exam." This student will be successful.


Hi Colin, I passed my MPJE DC with a score of 82. Thank you for your great resource.
H K, Washington, DC DC


I passed my MPJE for TX. The study material proved valuable and I would use them again and recommend them to others. Very pleased.
unknown, unknown unknown
Editors Note: This feedback came back from a comment card and the name was not legible. 


Thank you so much for aiding me with the quick cards, posters, online and phone testing! I was able to pass my NAPLEX with a 94! After failing the NAPLEX two previous times with other study material/programs, I heard about ProntoPass and gave it a shot. It was worth every penny and minute. I definitely recommend ProntoPass to all new graduates. Coming from someone who struggled with passing the NAPLEX for over a year, ProntoPass is the real deal and NOTHING ELSE will make you as prepared for this test other than this material! I wish I would have known about them sooner. If so, I would have been licensed long ago. My advice to all current or future ProntoPass students: Listen to Buzz. Read the instructions he sends you. Follow a set schedule. Get the guarantee, do the online testing, and DO NOT schedule your exam until you pass the phone/online testing and know the math better than anything else. Good luck to all!
J B, Clearwater, FL
Editors Note: J B ordered his Naplex Combo with quizzing and testing and a guarantee. When he was done studying he did his on line testing and quizzing and then I quizzed him for an hour on various diseases. I determine how well a student will do on how fast a student answers, how correctly and how completely. When I get a fast answer that is correct and complete then I think I know that the student knows the whole subject as well as the random question that was asked. I have no knowledge of the questions that are on Naplex but I guess that all major diseases will be covered somehow and knowledge of the diseases and how we treat them and what to look for will bode well for the student. 


Dear Colin I passed MA MPJE . (80) Thank you
B H, Aliston MA


I just took my SD MPJE, I graduated college 15 years ago so I was worried about studying again. I passed with an 85. Thanks for the help.
D F, Dickinson, ND


I passed the OK MPJE with a 79%. Thank you, 
J G, Dallas TX
Editors Note: A quick but not necessarily high pass. Just what the doctor ordered.


Dear Colin, I writing to inform you that I am a foreign graduated pharmacist and I studied the NAPLEX package and I passed the test with a score of 111, your cards and posters were so helpful to me. I also read and followed the directions that you included with the cards and your e-mail very carefully. I highly appreciate the time and efforts that you put in preparing these materials and I also thank my friend Dxx Kxxxxxxxx who encouraged me to buy and study these cards. Best Regards
A T, Durham NC
Editors Note: Congratulations. Job well done.


Hi Colin! I just got my "unofficial" results from NABP and I am so happy that I passed my MPJE [Oregon] with 86% on my first try. Your study material helped me greatly because when I found out I needed to get the license, I was overwhelmed with,"where do I start"- anxiety. Your system gave me the confidence that I could move past the anxiety and buckle down and get it done. I am completely satisfied with your study material and method. If I get surprised with another state license requirement I will certainly use you again. Thank you, thank you! Sincerely, A L
A L, Oshkosh, WI
Editors Note: Our MPJE study method, along with our study material, provides a fast and effective way to prepare and pass the MPJE. You did it right and got the good results you deserve. Congratulations! 


Took my VT test just last week. Thought I did horrible an 86. I passed?. It worked! So glad I bought your study guide.
T K, Averill Park, NY


Hi Colin! Thank you! I received my review materials [Naplex Combo Order] this week. I already feel more confident just having them... They're like my security blanket. I will use them to my advantage and have already started reading them.........Anyway, these materials are awesome! I'm so excited and feeling so inspired to learn (I hope these feelings won't ever go away) Haha. Thank you once again for everything.
M S, Anaheim, CA
Editors Note: The excitement of learning is something very special that really helps the learning process.......God willing, the love of pharmacy learning will continue throughout your whole pharmacy career.


Hi Colin, Got my test results today from Washington MPJE and got an 83.? Thanks, H.
H H, Jefferson, SD


I hope this email finds you well. I thank you very much for your care, help, and assistance. Much appreciated! I really can't thank you enough. I will follow your great pieces of advice, and I hope I get it. Thank you again Colin :) Have a wonderful day!
R K, JEDDAH Saudi Arabia


Wanted to let you know….. I passed!! [MPJE-MO] Thanks
D H, West Des Moines, IA


Hello: I ordered the MPJE Pronto Pass for Maryland, and have thankfully passed. Original date was June 29. I was also interested in purchasing the materials for DC (District of Columbia). As cited on the website, if the law exam was originally purchased within 1 year you can add additional state(s). Is there a specific order form for this? Thank you.
J L, Rockville, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations on your MD success. ProntoPass offers a lower price on MPJE follow up orders for additional states. This order has to be within one year and sent to the same address but the order has to arrive via slow mail along with a check. The specific directions are on our ProntoPass website: click on the MPJE button and scroll all the way to the bottom. 


I passed the MPJE (NH) with a 77. Cut it close but a passing score is all that matters. Thanks!
M H, Derry, NH
Editors Note: Quick pass. Just what the doctor ordered. Congratulations.


Kind of hard to believe. I felt like I bombed the test after taking it. But, I studied like you suggested. Thanks for getting me through this. T D.
T D, Chinle, AZ
Editors Note: Feeling like you failed when you come out of the test is a fairly common feeling. Congratulation on a job well done. May God bless everything good that you set your head, heart and hands to accomplish. 


Passed NAPLEX and MPJE. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for a great product! Best,
C S, Sylva, NC
Editors Note: This student purchased the Naplex Combo and the MPJE for GA on March 29th and did well with both tests. Great job. 


I got my score today and I passed my Naplex! The math was the best thanks to the cards. Such a great feeling! Thank you,
P T, Graniteville, VT
Editors Note: It is a great feeling to get feedback like this. This student did a great job. 


Thank you very much for your confirmation. I'm amazed by your customer service. I will definitely recommend my friends to your business. :) Have a wonderful day! 
L V, Orlando, FL


Thank you for the helpful directions. Actually, I used ProntoPass for my Naplex, math practice in particular were very helpful. I decided to use ProntoPass again for my MPJE as I trust your materials, although I read the refund police and I am a foreign graduate but I still believe that your materials will be helpful for my MPJE. Thank you again 
R S, Livonia, MI
Editors Note: ProntoPass does not offer a guarantee to foreign graduates because we can't guarantee language skills which are very necessary to studying our material. Our two most loved products are the Math Practice and the CD disease quizzes on the ProntoPass posters. 


Hello Just wanted to let you know I took my MPJE for the 2nd time and passed. Thanks for all of your help. [NY MPJE]
withheld, withheld withheld


Hi Colin, Just wanted to let you now I got an 80 on the law exam. [MA] Thanks,
A W, Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations. May God bless everything good that you set your head, hands and heart to accomplish. Buzz


Passed 79. I found the review material very helpful. Thanks
J R, Charlottesville, VA


I passed! :) Best, Cait
C S, Sylva, NC


Passed - preparing for Kentucky next.
J W, Imperial Beach, CA
Editors Note: MPJE orders for 5 states is not unusual. In this market, flexibility is important. 


This Tuesday I send a check, along with your coupon, to purchase the rest of the Prontopass combo package. I changed the address from the first order so someone can be at all times to receive the package. I just wanted to write to make sure you guys notice the address change. Z. V. PS I'm loving the math cards so far and can't wait start studying with the rest and posters.
Z V, Mercedita PR


Hi Just a big thank you and thanks for the prontopass team. I passed my MPJE of Minnesota studying only the prontopass material and I scored 81. Sincerely,


Another passer of the CT law!
B A, Buffalo, NY
Editors Note: Congratulations, again!


Hello~! This is xxx xxxxx. I just wanted to let you know that I have just received my batch of ProntoPass Combo. It is much much better than I would have imagined! I have been having problem memorizing with my previous review book, but I am feeling more confident now. And thank you very much for the rubber bands! That was very thoughtful of you! Thank you and I hope I will be able to tell you from few months now that I am registered pharmacist! Sincerely,
S K, 


Got an 83% [MPJE - PA] Thanks 
J M, Brecksville, OH
Editors Note: I congratulated him and ask him if his study time was quick. He answered with "Yes, it was perfect. Freed me up to do a lot of other things..."


Editors Note: Congratulations


Thank you! This the second time I've used PP, couldn't have done it without you!!!


Hey Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I passed my MPJE-MA law exam with the help of ProntoPass! Thanks so much,
C W, Sioux City, IA


Hello Colin, After reviewing the math cards I am still confused in what situations we would be using allegation and direct conversion. 
J N, withheld withheld
Editors Note: Hi Jeremy. Keep at it until it becomes intuitive. It will. Trust me. Just keep at it. (That is why I named it math practice) Buzz


Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPJE on the first try.
S F, Scottsdale, AZ
Editors Note: Congratulations


Hi Colin, I just received my package and I am impressed with its organization. I'm a foreign graduate and I'm going to use your study material for FPGEE and NAPLEX. I will definitely seek your help if I have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much and talk to you soon. Sincerely,


I'm so excited to say that I passed, first try! Praise the LORD, REALLY! Thanks for the study materials, very helpful! Blessings, Bryan
B P, Hutchinson, MN


Colin, I just wanted to tell you that I took the Naplex twice and failed both times using other Naplex study materials. I ordered your pronto pass system for my third test and passed. I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome material! 
W Z, St George, UT


This message was sent to a friend of mine from a student who came to our ProntoPass Bootcamp back in 2008: "I thank God daily for angels on earth like Buzz who has helped change my life and continues to help others. I only know a small bit of his story, but I know he overcame a whole heck of a lot to be where he is today. He is such a smart man. He has risen up after what I believe to have been way way waaaaay low, and his is a true testimony! The most amazing part about it is that his life's work is helping others. Helping complete strangers in the most unique way."
C G, Baltimore MD


I passed! Recieved an 81%. Thank you so much for the great study materials!!
M L, Winston Salem, NC


I passed! Recieved an 81%. Thank you so much for the great study materials!!
M L, Winston Salem, NC


I have been a pharmacist for 15 years and licensed in Florida. My husband and I decided to move closer to family to start family. That meant that I had to transfer my license to both Kansas and Missouri and PASS the MPJE for both states. Being out of school that long and being pregnant, I was worried about passing. That said, I am happy to report that I passed both Kansas and Missouri MPJE with 87 and 84 respectfully. These cards work. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much for all your help!
C B, Overland Park, KS


Thanks again for the study advice and confidence boost. Will postpone my meltdown til later.
withheld, withheld withheld


Gee thanks! I passed the Oregon MPJE a few years back thanks to your flashcards and it was a breeze. But I'm older and more senile now....And Missouri law is very different from Virginia. My confidence level is not what it was. But let's think +++++++++++++++ !!!!!!! And I shall follow your tutelage. No NAPLEX. Ever again! Thanks,
E M, Stafford, VA
Editors Note: Excellent Plan!


Great news! I passed [MPJE LA] with a 90! Thank you! I will be ordering another state this week. Thank you


Hello, I am writing to confirm that I have received the materials today and have begun the program. Thank you for your outstanding customer service and your commitment to helping students like me pass the NAPLEX. I will follow the course outlined in your email and also contact you should I run into any problems that I may need help with. Thank you again for you much needed help. Sincerely,
J KI, Valley Stream, NY


Colin, I wanted to follow up with you to let you know that I passed my New Hampshire MPJE! Thanks
M S, Rindge, NH

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