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Feedback 2017


Good Morning, I just spoke to Mr. Colin, first I thanked him for his materials in helping me pass my Naplex!!! so very happy about that, now I want to dive in and study the materials for MPJE, I bought two MPJE law MD and DC. Wish me luck.
Thanks again

J I, Beltsville,  MD


Just wanted to let you know I passed with the help of your study material.  Thank you so much! :)

SP, Schaumburg I


Thank you for your MPJE study materials.  I just got notified that I passed my Texas MPJE with a score of 82!

P L, Oshkosh WI


Thanks for all your help.

Also, I can't say enough about how pleased I am with your materials. I have already referred several students in their last year of school. 

I'll let you know how things go after completing NAPLEX. As suggested, I will NOT be taking it at the end of this year.

Thanks again

A M, Henrietta,  NY
Editors Note: We never suggest taking Naplex at the end of the year.  



Just found out today I passed the NC MPJE on the first attempt.  Thanks so much for the info and study material

J B, Crawley,  WV

Editors Note: Congratulations, job well done


Thank you Colin for picking up the phone this evening. I felt so much better after talking to you. Thank you so much for inventing pronto pass. Its the best review on the market.

P J B, Chowchilla 


Hi Colin!

I am deeply grateful to say that I HAVE PASSED my MPJE on the third attempt! My score jumped from a 73 to an 80 after studying your materials. I would say that you were right about having the laws printed out in front of you for studying. On this third attempt at studying I realized how much that helped considering how frustrating it was to navigate the TN statutes on their website. Your notecards were helpful but nothing compared to having the printed statutes. 

Thank you so much you were such a great help in me passing. 

God bless
Editors Note: Congratulations.  Almost everyone passes using our study memorize our stuff then you scan the actual statutes.                 


Colin – I killed the CO MPJE exam – thanks for your help!


Very helpful.  I passed the SC MPJE.  Couldn't have done it without this package.  

Thanks  A H
A H, Lexington S


I received the following feedback form:


I failed the first time. Then I bought ProntoPass.  I am happy to report that I passed.

Thank you so much.  

unknown, unknown unknown


On August 5th I sat for my Naplex.  I am please to let you know that I passed with a score of over 100!  

Thank you for such a detailed, and yet so simplistic review.  As of today I'm a fully licensed pharmacist in MS.


I V, Corinth MS



I just wanted to thank you for the resources that you provide for the MPJE! I was so worried about the GA MPJE because I am from and went to school in a different state and relocated to GA upon graduation. I just found out today that I passed! I received an 84! Thank you again!   


J C, Warner Robins,  GA


Thanks so much and just found out I passed this time with an 81!

                 withheld, withheld withheld



I must admit, the folding and answering out loud felt goofy at first, but really does help to recall the information ......

P F , Ponce P R



I just wanted to email saying that I passed my MPJE for Massachusetts and really appreciate the information you supplied. 


L C, Boston,  MA


Hey Colin.  This is XXX.  I passed my Naplex today and now I am to the MPJE.  Thank you so much!

J R, Newark DE


Just to let everyone know I passed the Alabama MPJE!! - thanks a lot for your support!!

I will also spread good word around about your team .

U I, Macon  GA


Dear Colin Bayliss,

I just found out that I passed the NAPLEX with a great score, and I want to thank you for all of the helpful study material!  I don't think I could've done it without it.  Not discrediting the RxPrep book or anything, but it just wasn't for me.  I enjoyed the breakdown of your flashcards, posters, and the audio.  Thanks again!
Best Regards

R G, Myrtle Beach,  S C


Hi Buzz,
I passed the exam. Thank you for your assistance. big help. Have a nice day.

Q N, Stockton,  CA


I passed the MPJE [Iowa]. 

K H, Lorimor IA


Thank you
You are the best 

L A, Newton MA


I got my score back from the NAPLEX, and I passed! Thanks for the help!
D B, Basehor KS


Hello Colin a great news.  I passed the Wisconsin MPJE.  I am working on my LA exam next. Thanks for the great notes.  

V Y, Richmond,  TX


Dear Colin,
Thank you for your help and the very prompt service. I appreciate it.

V A, Tampa


Colin, I passed the Minnesota MPJE!! The Federal quickcards were very helpful, but the compounding/ USP 795 and 797 cards saved the day.  Thanks for your help.  New Mexico MPJE in 2 weeks.  I'll keep you posted.

T G, Hoover AL


I received back the following comment card:
Got all the material promptly and got everything in 2 days after ordering.  The material looks very promising and I am eagerly waiting to go through it.  I convey my congratulations to the entire ProntoPass team for making good material. 

A M, Sugarland TX


I passed the MPJE for Nebraska with a score of 80.
Not too bad for an old guy who hasn’t filled a prescription in about 10 years.
Thanks for the help.

T G, Owatonna,  MN


I passed the Maine MPJE! Thanks for the service Pronto Pass provides! 
Kind regards,

A J, Waldorf MD


I received an MPJE order today for the state of Washington and there was a note.

Special Order Instructions
"Please send ASAP your company is amazing I bought the NAPLEX prep package in 2008 and it was the best study material.

F T, woodland hills,  CA


I received an MPJE order today for the state of Washington and there was a note.

Special Order Instructions
"Please send ASAP your company is amazing I bought the NAPLEX prep package in 2008 and it was the best study material."

F T, woodland hills,  CA


Hi Colin,
I did pass the exam!  Thanks 4 everything.
Best Regards

J S, Kingman AZ
Editors Note: LOVE IT.  Short and sweat!


I passed my exam! MPJE for Alabama. Thank you!
M R, Athens,  GA


I received back a comment card that said the following:

Thank you for the concise MPJE Study package for NY   They helped me increase my score above passing!  The study tips were great!

A J Waldorf MD


Dear Mr. Bayliss, 
I passed the NY MPJE! Thanks for the condensed materials, quick cards, and paper regulations. I think having the paper regulations, taking notes and reading x 2 based on your recommendations made a difference. 

One suggestion to improve the quick cards would be to put each federal law and quick point on one card per law; therefore it could assist with compartmentalizing the law as some of them blend i.e. FDCA and FDCA of 1938. Overall your material was great and helped boost my confidence going into the examHope the information helps.  Thanks again!

Kind regards,
                    A J, Waladorf MD

Editors Note: We always appreciate suggestions for improvement!
Job well done.


Hi Colin,

     After failing the MPJE Massachusetts pharmacy exam twice, I stumbled upon Prontopass and figured, well, at least if I fail again I can get my money back.  I passed with the highest score I've ever had on a pharmacy law exam.  Thank you thank you!  I don't know why or how it works, but it does!


E D, Charlestown,  RI


Good evening.  I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I passed the MA MPJE.  I found your product particularly helpful.  I already have, and will continue to, recommend it to others.

M T, Schenectady N


I PASSED! Wasn't sure after I took the test but got a 78.  Thank You!
J S, Bradenton,  FL

Editors Note: A Pass is a Pass!


Hi there,
Just wanted you to know that I retook my MPJE [HI] test on 1/28 and passed.  Could not have done it without your study guide.

L C, Kahului,  HI


Today I received back a comment card:

Dear ProntoPass
I am so happy to share that I passed my Hawaii MPJE on the first try.

I relied solely on your materials and used them exactly the way you recommended.

I would highly recommend ProntoPass to anyone taking the MPJE!

Thanks for the opportunity to give my feedback.
M P, Wilson,  NC


Hello Mr. Bayliss!

I just wanted to write a quick message to let you know how things are going. Also, I have some questions/concerns regarding the poster quizzes.

Firstly, the studying, although not moving as quickly as I'd hoped, is going very well. I have indeed been folding the cards and self-testing as instructed. I also utilize the posters + quiz CD to proactively learn the material. I can't get over how well my recall has become! Even on material I haven't reviewed in weeks, the long-term retention is still there! I'm a longtime user of mnemonics and various memory techniques (phonetic alphabet, peg words, etc.), so your "memoranics" are much appreciated! I must say that your program suits me very well, as I am an audio/visual learner. I've been telling my fiancé that these are the cards and posters I would've made for myself during pharmacy school had I the time & energy to do so. Well done!

You'll likely be pleased to know that I have closely read all the instructions and have made note of your pearls of wisdom. I especially liked your discouragement of taking the exam early due to feeling overwhelmed & wanting to just get it over with. I was once in that boat, but have decided not to take the exam until I am good and ready. I plan on following your program to the letter, including quickcard summaries, math practice, and the 1 month of online testing.

On a side note, I was tickled pink to see that you encourage your students to walk at least 30 minutes a day! I started the habit of daily walking during the craziness of pharmacy school and have since permanently incorporated it into my daily routine. 3 years later

A M, Henrietta NY


Hi, Mr. Bayliss, I am emailing you to let you know that I passed my WV MPJE and that I haven't taken my MD MPJE yet. Thanks for you help.
F D, Maidsville WV

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