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Feedback - 2023


LD, San Carlos, CA

I passed!!!  I haven't taken a test like this since I took California and Nevada when I graduated many years ago.  Your information helped tremendously.


P L, Oshkosh, WI

I just want to thank you all for all you do! I am on my 8th state and passed every one :)


Y A, Trevose, PA

I passed the exam!! [MPJE SC] Thank you so much for all your help.



I just wanted to give you an update. I passed the exam [MPJE NY]. Thank you so much for your help!

I really appreciate it!


S D, Queen Ceek, AZ

I have passed the AZ MPJE. Thank you for your help!


T T, Longview, TX

Thank you so much! FYI, I’ve been a pharmacist for 30 yrs and I’m reciprocating my license. Your study materials are incredible!! Really helping me refresh my memory


J D, Columbiana, OH

Just letting you know I took the WV MPJE and passed! Thank you!


TM, New York, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MPJE and I used Prontopass as a major resource, so thank you!


SH. Erie, PA

Thank you. I used pronto pass when I was studying for my boards and it really helped! I always recommend it to new grads studying for their boards.


PK, Tampa, FL

I really liked the way you outline how to study in the email.

I appreciate the guidance.


FF, Washington D.C

I used your materials to study for Virginia this year for March and I passed that exam :) I also used your materials in 2014 when I took my Naplex and Maryland, Pennsylvania, and DC mpje exams. You guys are amazing! I’ve passed every exam on the first try!


Anonymous Feedback 

I recently had a phone call from someone who asked me why they should buy the ProntoPass MPJE study material.  Polite and to the point.  I like that.

My answer started with mentioning the obvious.  You were able to call us.  You could also have texted us or emailed us.   Many who sell on the internet don’t provide a contact.  If they do not provide a contact you know nothing about the source.

How many providers of MPJE study material have feedback going back 18 years?  We do.  It is right on the ProntoPass website.

How many providers of law study material try to make the study as fun and as interesting as possible because without any fun or interest it is really, really hard to memorize stuff.  At ProntoPass we try hard.  Our Quickcards are used by folding and self testing and important stuff is highlighted or pointed to, etc.  Still some hard work but it builds interest in the learning and memorization.  We have special directions for our State Law Review and the specific state statutes…..all to make it interesting and keep your attention while you are learning.

Today the MPJE test requires a more indepth knowledge so you can get some or most of the K type questions correct. Simple questions and answers will not get you a passing result.  Highlighting topics is both fun and fast after one day of struggle.  That one day of struggle is well worth the speed and success you will get.

The law used to be updated by the states once a year.  Now it is anytime they want.  At prontoPass we constantly visit each state website to check for updates.  Do other providers check that often?   We provide a guarantee.  I want everyone to have the best so everyone passes. Making sure what we send is current is important for both of us.  Does any other provider offer a guaranteed pass or your money back on the MPJE?


M Z, Roseville, MI

I have now passed ND as well as FLA MPJE, 1st attempt on FLA!

P M, Johnson City, TN

Hi, I just got my test results and passed [MPJE IN]. The study course helped a lot.


J B, Lubbock, TX

I Passed.... That test was the hardest MPJE that I’ve taken.

EDITORS NOTE: We have noted several times the MPJE is getting more difficut. 


S D, Lubbock, TX

I wanted to let you know I passed my NM law test on the first go. I did study hard and followed your suggestions now I am PIC at Walgreens . I know of one other RPh who took it and failed and has missed out on a good opportunity, so thank you for your service. I highly recommend pronto pass to anyone who has a need for a law primer.


S N, Trevose, PA

I am glad to inform you that I passed the PA MPJE. Thanks a lot to you and Prontopass.


N R, Novi, MI

I passed the Oregon board exam and just found out. Thanks for creating your resource for Oregon and take care. 


J B, Socorro, NM

I passed [MPJE - Alaska], thank you for the wonderful study aid.

Very respectfully,



T P, Withheld, Withheld

I appreciate your help in passing my exams so far. I have passed all the exams on the first try, so the study guides definitely helped.

EDITORS NOTE: Don't you love PICs, 13 States so far. At ProntoPass were blessed with a lot of PICs that rely on us.   


W Q, Sunnyvale, CA

Hi Colin, Just wanted to let you know I passed.  
Thanks for your help!


M P, Franklin, TN

I passed my MPJE- KY my 1st attempt because of the ProntoPass materials, which instantly gave me confidence that i had everything i needed to learn & pass!  I really appreciate the ProntoPass team.

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