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 Hello Colin,

I forgot to inform you that I passed my Kansas MPJE with an 83, higher than my first MPJE. Your materials were of great help in getting that score. Thanks.

A M, San Antonio, TX

Hello Buzz,
I just checked online and I passsed Virginia MPJE.
Thank you for all your help. I am getting ready to take Pennsylvania mpje tomorrow.
Thank you again,
S S, Charleston, WV

Hello "Buzz",

Hope this email finds you well, I would like to inform you that I passed my NAPLEX! I enjoyed learning from your material and it proved to be successful!

Thank you very much!!

S S Bucyrus, KS

Editor's Note:  Thanks for taking the time to let us know you passed.  I followed along on your ProntoPass online testing and you did very good. Glad to hear you scored 110.


Thanks for the response! You responded after I took my exam. I just found out today that I passed with a 75!


I D, Corona NY

Editors Note:  Praise God!  Sometimes I have found over the years that those who score 75 are among the school of pharmacys' best students.....but with a need for a small dose of humility.  LOL. Congratulations. May God bless everything good that you set your head, hands, and heart to accomplish.  CEB...Buzz

Thank you for sending me the additional requested information!  I appreciate you taking the time to help me!  Thanks  J

J B, Medina, Ohio

Back in 2011 I used your study materials to pass the NH MPJE  Thank you for making such great resources!!!!  I’ve recommended your programs to many students and other pharmacists over the years 👍🏻

M.H, Boston, MA


Thank you for your kind words.  Half of all our bussiness comes from satisfied clients. 

Thank you for reaching out to me.

I took the test on March 14th. I passed. Thank you.

X.N, Abilene, TX

Colin , I passed the Florida MPJE !

K M, Greer, SC

EDITORS NOTE: Congratulations, Job well done!

You were so instrumental in my success with the last batch of testing that I would not attempt this without your resources. I'll be coming with more request soon!

G G, Richmond, VA

EDITORS NOTE: Thank you for your kind words. Good luck on future studies!

I passed!!!!! Thank you Pronto Pass! It was my 3rd try!

J S, Kirkland, WA

EDITORS NOTE: Congratulations. So glad you tried ProntoPass!

Good afternoon Colin,


Thank you for sending Prontopass to me.  I just took the MPJE for Nevada on 02/20/20, and found out that I passed!!  The study materials were very helpful.  It also helps that I went through the 500 page law packet that you sent.  


Thanks again!

L H, Pacioma, CA

Editors NoteScanning the actual statutes (reading a sentence at a time) works well after memorizing our State Law Review (our questions and answers). Thanks for following our directions.  Scanning is quick and easy at about 100 pages an hour.  Congratulations.



I passed the MPJE exam for New Jersey!


Thank you very much,

J M, Princeton, NJ

I passed the test!  Got an 81 [MPJE IN].  Thank you!

R G, South Bend, IN

Hello Colin,


I am actually purchasing the review for my intern. He is a foreign graduate from India becoming licensed as a pharmacist in Ohio through an internship at my pharmacy. He will be taking the exams in about 3 months. If possible, I would like him to have both reviews (Naplex & MPJE) as soon as possible to study. 


This will be the fourth ProntoPass review I have purchased. I used it myself when I was a student, and I’ve purchased it now for three of my interns. It really is the best preparation tool out there.


Thank you,

A.J, Copley, OH

Good evening, 


Thank you for helping me prepare.  I took my test 1/17/2020 and passed!!!!

E M, Knoxville, TN

This order will complete all the states I need [MPJE].  Thank you for having this service available.  It really is great!

E C, Novato, CA

The ProntoPass math cards were perfect! I practice with them for about a month and when it came time to take the NAPLEX the math was simple and easy thanks to you. I passed my NAPLEX! Thank you for your great product and keep up the good work!

J J, Norfolk, VA

Hello. I passed Kansas with an 83.  Thank you.

D W, Bridgeton, MO

Greetings Buzz! This is Yxxxxx Sxxxx and u helped me with my NAPLEX high score about 12 years back. I am back to buy MPJE. Thank You!

Y S, Louisville, KY

Hello Colin,

I had purchased two different MPJE programs from you, New Hampshire and New York. So first exam was last weekend - NH - and I want to let you know that I passed !!!  I am thrilled.  Thank you. 


The process you have in place works. One need to know basics like what is CII and why (that’s the easy memorize part) - but the bones of the program are more important (is it OK to fill emergency supply of CII for 30 day supply for a cat called in by Vet’s assistant - NO: yes can call oral emergency RX but by Vet only for narcotic and only for emergency period) - so with your ProntoPass program telling you what knowledge is important to study makes a whole world of difference. Thank you !

Will keep you posted on next exam. 

B P, Taquesta, FL

Hi there!

Thank you so much for everything.  I passed.

L K, Tuscola, TX

Hello to who it may concern,


I was just emailing to inform everyone that I have successfully passed the Michigan MPJE. I would like to thank you for all of the help with questions and materials. I appreciate it and thanks to your products I have successfully passed. Thanks again and I will keep in contact as I may use your products again to prepare for the Florida MPJE. Thanks again.

J H, Royak Oak, MI

Thank you for all your help Colin. This program you have done is wonderful in my opinion - having been a pharmacist for almost 30 yrs and with each state having their own little niche makes your process easier to focus on pertinent information. I have licensure in MA, FL and inactive in RI. As I decided to move back Home to New England and seek employment there, I am expanding my licenses and territories where I may decide settle. FLORIDA has too many annual pharmacy grads (8 schools) and the job market is already over saturated, especially with students coming in from Puerto Rico as their state has now been twice devastated by hurricanes in a matter of few years. I miss the colors of fall trees and white Christmas - not to mention fantastic pizza and lobster/clam bakes.  

Once again, Thank you. 

B S, Taquesta FL

Hi Colin,

I just wanted to update you that I did take and pass the WA MPJE.

Thank you,

J J, Tulsa OK

I passed Naplex. I forgot to tell you. I am working as a clinical pharmacist now. Thank you very much.I recommended your program to my friends as well. 


S N, Sterling VA

Just got your MPE for Texas; going through the material now; great job; looks good so far; wish me luck!

K.L, San Jose,CA

Just found out I passed!! Thanks for your help Buzz!

K.R, Annandale
Editors Note: Congratulations. The MPJE for VA has always been a little tricky.

C O sent us a note that she passed her Naplex and like our Quickcards the best. Wishing her well.

C O, Springfield, NJ

Just wanted to let you know I passed the Vermont MPJE. Thanks!

V U, Wakefield MA

I passed the MA MPJE! ProntoPass was a real help.

A D, Easthampton , MA

I passed! Thank you very much, I thought ProntoPass was very helpful :)

K F, Saratoga Springs, NY

I only heard of Prontopass 2 weeks before my NYS MPJE exam. I quickly purchased it and studied for a week and a half. I’m happy to say that I passed with 82! The notes were nicely done and very helpful. Thank you for helping me passed a difficult exam.

N L, Valley Stream , NY

I wanted to update you on my score, and I passed !!! Thank you for such an amazing product. Prontopass is awesome ! 

Thank you

B W, Wiliamsburg VA
Editors Note: Thank you for your kind words.  VA MPJE can sometimes be tricky

I received a nice note from VW after passing her Naplex saying she thought our posters and quickcards were great but she especially liked our Math Practice.  Congratulations VW.  

V W, Ramsey MN

I passed.  [MPJE MA] Thanks for your help.
C G, Worcester MA

I loved all your charts [the ProntoPass Posters] for my Naplex studying such an excellent and beautiful summary!

Thank you,

V T, Miami FL

I passed. 85. :)
H W, Raymond NH

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I recently passed the Maryland MPJE and had successfully passed the MI,KY and TN MPJE last year using your study materials. I passed each state the first time around and found your materials to be the most helpful.


M L, North Canton OH

I Passed with an 86.  [MPJE MA]  Thank you.

A G, East Lyme CT

Hi Colin,

Sorry for contacting you so late regarding my success using your products.  I ordered study materials on 11/17/2018 for TX and AK.  I was delayed taking my tests, but I passed my TX MPJE in January and my AK MPJE in February, both on the first go! My new job requires me to get four more licenses, so I will let y’all know when I pass them using your study materials!

Thank you for producing such a great product!

J B, Corpus Christi TX
Editors Note: Nothing pleases us more than successful students returning with another order. Many mail order pharmacies want pharmacists that work in the office to be licensed in 5 or more states so they can have a PIC in every state. There are a lot of mail order pharmacies that cover a lot of different areas like insurance companies that provide Rx filling options, ointment specialists, IV specialists, veterinary specialists, dialysis specialists just to name a few. ProntoPass is blessed to have so many use our ProntoPass study material to meet their MPJE needs

This feedback would not allow a picture.  So we posted it to our facebook account.

J , Cassville MO

Editors Note: Congratulation.  ProntoPass was just what you needed for Naplex.

Hi Colin
I passed the WI MPJE. I’m happy. I studied only 2 weeks. Took the exam last Wed 4/10 and WI BOP just notified me Today 4/17. 

T O, Waterville OH

I passed my AZ MPJE. 

Thank you! 

T T, Lawrenceville GA

It’s my pleasure to let you know that I passed the Virginia board MPJE.  Thank you for all your advice. I also thankful to Montana for answering my last minute questions. I will definitely let other know about your program. Have a great day. 

P S, Louisville KY
Editors Note: Congratulation P S.  Job well done. Thank you for your kind words.  
Note to others: After studying you can always call us if you are confused on something. We are real people with real names and a published phone number.  There are too many people selling things on the internet with no names and no phone numbers!

Congratulations to RR on passing his Naplex.  He sent a note back saying "Best Study Material"  Thanks for your kind words.  May God bless you in your career.  Buzz

R R, West Bloomfield MI

Results of the Oregon MPJE. I passed with a score of 81%. Thank you for your help.

L D, Walla Walla WA

Editors Note: Ordered Jan 25 and notice of passing on March 11.  Good job.

Hi just wanted to let you know that I took the VA MPJE 3/2/19 and passed!  Thank you for your materials.
L F, Fredricksburg VA

Dear Colin,

I passed the Utah MPJE on the first take. I'm just waiting for licensure transfer at this point. I also used your ProntoPass about 3 years ago for the Florida MPJE. Was able to pass it the first time, as well.


S B, Draper  UT

I passed with an 81.  Thank you.  [MPJE CO]

A H, Scottsdale AZ

I passed! Thanks again! [MPJE CO]


K P, Cordova TN

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