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Greetings Buzz! This is Yxxxxx Sxxxx and u helped me with my NAPLEX high score about 12 years back. I am back to buy MPJE. Thank You!

Y S, Louisville, KY

Thank you for all your help Colin. This program you have done is wonderful in my opinion - having been a pharmacist for almost 30 yrs and with each state having their own little niche makes your process easier to focus on pertinent information. I have licensure in MA, FL and inactive in RI. As I decided to move back Home to New England and seek employment there, I am expanding my licenses and territories where I may decide settle. FLORIDA has too many annual pharmacy grads (8 schools) and the job market is already over saturated, especially with students coming in from Puerto Rico as their state has now been twice devastated by hurricanes in a matter of few years. I miss the colors of fall trees and white Christmas - not to mention fantastic pizza and lobster/clam bakes.  

Once again, Thank you. 

B S, Taquesta FL

Hi Colin,

I just wanted to update you that I did take and pass the WA MPJE.

Thank you,

J J, Tulsa OK

I passed Naplex. I forgot to tell you. I am working as a clinical pharmacist now. Thank you very much.I recommended your program to my friends as well. 


S N, Sterling VA

Just got your MPE for Texas; going through the material now; great job; looks good so far; wish me luck!

K.L, San Jose,CA

Just found out I passed!! Thanks for your help Buzz!

K.R, Annandale
Editors Note: Congratulations. The MPJE for VA has always been a little tricky.

C O sent us a note that she passed her Naplex and like our Quickcards the best. Wishing her well.

C O, Springfield, NJ

Just wanted to let you know I passed the Vermont MPJE. Thanks!

V U, Wakefield MA

I passed the MA MPJE! ProntoPass was a real help.

A D, Easthampton , MA

I passed! Thank you very much, I thought ProntoPass was very helpful :)

K F, Saratoga Springs, NY

I only heard of Prontopass 2 weeks before my NYS MPJE exam. I quickly purchased it and studied for a week and a half. I’m happy to say that I passed with 82! The notes were nicely done and very helpful. Thank you for helping me passed a difficult exam.

N L, Valley Stream , NY

I wanted to update you on my score, and I passed !!! Thank you for such an amazing product. Prontopass is awesome ! 

Thank you

B W, Wiliamsburg VA
Editors Note: Thank you for your kind words.  VA MPJE can sometimes be tricky

I received a nice note from VW after passing her Naplex saying she thought our posters and quickcards were great but she especially liked our Math Practice.  Congratulations VW.  

V W, Ramsey MN

I passed.  [MPJE MA] Thanks for your help.
C G, Worcester MA

I loved all your charts [the ProntoPass Posters] for my Naplex studying such an excellent and beautiful summary!

Thank you,

V T, Miami FL

I passed. 85. :)
H W, Raymond NH

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I recently passed the Maryland MPJE and had successfully passed the MI,KY and TN MPJE last year using your study materials. I passed each state the first time around and found your materials to be the most helpful.


M L, North Canton OH

I Passed with an 86.  [MPJE MA]  Thank you.

A G, East Lyme CT

Hi Colin,

Sorry for contacting you so late regarding my success using your products.  I ordered study materials on 11/17/2018 for TX and AK.  I was delayed taking my tests, but I passed my TX MPJE in January and my AK MPJE in February, both on the first go! My new job requires me to get four more licenses, so I will let y’all know when I pass them using your study materials!

Thank you for producing such a great product!

J B, Corpus Christi TX
Editors Note: Nothing pleases us more than successful students returning with another order. Many mail order pharmacies want pharmacists that work in the office to be licensed in 5 or more states so they can have a PIC in every state. There are a lot of mail order pharmacies that cover a lot of different areas like insurance companies that provide Rx filling options, ointment specialists, IV specialists, veterinary specialists, dialysis specialists just to name a few. ProntoPass is blessed to have so many use our ProntoPass study material to meet their MPJE needs

This feedback would not allow a picture.  So we posted it to our facebook account.

J , Cassville MO

Editors Note: Congratulation.  ProntoPass was just what you needed for Naplex.

Hi Colin
I passed the WI MPJE. I’m happy. I studied only 2 weeks. Took the exam last Wed 4/10 and WI BOP just notified me Today 4/17. 

T O, Waterville OH

I passed my AZ MPJE. 

Thank you! 

T T, Lawrenceville GA

It’s my pleasure to let you know that I passed the Virginia board MPJE.  Thank you for all your advice. I also thankful to Montana for answering my last minute questions. I will definitely let other know about your program. Have a great day. 

P S, Louisville KY
Editors Note: Congratulation P S.  Job well done. Thank you for your kind words.  
Note to others: After studying you can always call us if you are confused on something. We are real people with real names and a published phone number.  There are too many people selling things on the internet with no names and no phone numbers!

Congratulations to RR on passing his Naplex.  He sent a note back saying "Best Study Material"  Thanks for your kind words.  May God bless you in your career.  Buzz

R R, West Bloomfield MI

Results of the Oregon MPJE. I passed with a score of 81%. Thank you for your help.

L D, Walla Walla WA

Editors Note: Ordered Jan 25 and notice of passing on March 11.  Good job.

Hi just wanted to let you know that I took the VA MPJE 3/2/19 and passed!  Thank you for your materials.
L F, Fredricksburg VA

Dear Colin,

I passed the Utah MPJE on the first take. I'm just waiting for licensure transfer at this point. I also used your ProntoPass about 3 years ago for the Florida MPJE. Was able to pass it the first time, as well.


S B, Draper  UT

I passed with an 81.  Thank you.  [MPJE CO]

A H, Scottsdale AZ

I passed! Thanks again! [MPJE CO]


K P, Cordova TN

Congratulations on passing NAPLEX with a 111 score.  Great job.

J H, Morganville,  NJ

Dear Colin,
I took the AZ test a little over a week ago. I passed with a score of 86, which I’m very pleased about. The study materials and suggested method for studying was very helpful. 
Happy Holidays,


M G, Flagstaff AZ

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test when I took it. [MPJE - OK]
Thank you,

H F, Talihina OK


 wanted to let you know that I recently took the MI MPJE and passed!!  Thank you so much for your materials. 

P L, Fond du Lac WI

I wanted to let you know that I passed! [MPJE for Alaska]

Thank you!

E D, Fairbanks AK

I Passed:) (MPJE NH)
A R, Gorham ME

I passed the SC MPJE! Thanks so much!

J M, Morgantown NC

I just wanted to thank you for your material! It helped me tremendously! I passed the naplex and couldn’t thank you enough for your help and prompt emails answering any and all questions! 

Thank you,

K P, Huntsville AL

I passed the MPJE with flying colors! 


D A, New Milford CT

Package has arrived.  Thank you for the excellent customer service.

A C, Phoenix AZ

I just wanted to let you know I did pass SC exam about a month ago!

Thank you for everything!

A Z, Greenville SC

Mary commented about her Naplex Study material:
"Loved it!  Thanks so much!"  Congratulations to Mary on passing her Naplex with a 104

M K, Boswell PA

Congratulations to Claire on passing Naplex. Her note of thanks "The posters were so helpful in remembering the information.  The colors and layout were excellent.
C T, Pittsburgh PA

R J wrote a note regarding passing her Naplex:
Thank you so much for all the help! The system was amazing and I couldn’t imagine taking the exam without it! 

R J , Lebanon OH

Congratulation E J on passing her Naplex with a score of 94.  She wrote "Thank you for all the great resources."

E J, Fort Lee NJ

I passed.  Thanks so much for the helpful study material. [SC MPJE]
C H, Kingsport TN

July 30th email:
Thank you for the reply.
I took Maryland this past Friday and it was pretty awful.
August 2nd email:
I passed! Thank you so much.

A Z, Greenville SC

Thank you. Just to let you know I passed Arizona Boards

M L, Brentwood  TN


THANK YOU. I took my Naplex test on July 11th and passed with a 106!  Again, thank you for everything!

N K, East Palestine,  OH

Congratulations to A R on passing Naplex with a 95 score.  What they liked best were our Compounding Quickcards

A R, Fort Worth TX

I received feedback on their Naplex test.  The score was 100 and the comment was:

"Thank you for making it easy!"

H K, Oakwood  VA

Editors Note: I am not sure most students would say it was easy to study for Naplex, LOL. With our memoronics and a good memory I think many would say easier, but not easy.                    

A special congratulations to HB on using our Naplex Combo study package to pass with a score of 96

H B, Pensacola Beach Fl

Hi Colin,

I passed the Michigan MPJE. Thanks!

J L, St Joseph MI

Hello Mr. Colin,

Thanks for your help and guidance. I passed the MI MPJE test and I am now licensed in the state of Michigan. Once again, thanks.

CA, Fayetteville NC


I passed my Kansas MPJE! Thank you for the materials! 

A L, Ackworth IA

This student passed her Naplex and when I asked her what part of our Naplex Combo package she like best she said the ProntoPass Posters because they gave a "Big Picture Review" Congratulations to ET on her success.

E T, Bellevue  WA

Dear Mr. Bayliss,

I am emailing to inform you that I have passed the TX MPJE! Thank you so much for the study information that assisted me in this process. 


T C, Flowood MS

I passed the law! Thanks! [TX]

K C, Carrollton TX
Editors Note: Short and sweet.  Thanks for the feedback

I passed the IN MPJE with an 81. Thanks for your help!


S D, Pittsburgh PA

Editors Note: Why do we have a money back guarantee?  Because almost everyone passes when they use our MPJE study material and use it as intended.  Not always the highest score, LOL, but a pass.  As there are more and more pharmacists getting licensed, the MPJE tests are getting harder and harder.

Hi, Wow I love the naplex cards I bought from Prontopass a few months ago and was overjoyed that you are all over MJPE cards also. God bless you

N S,     Cincinnati OH

I lost my return card that you all sent; however, I wanted to report that I passed TN and MS MPJE the first time around within a couple weeks of each other. Thank you for improving the way candidates gain knowledge and access their careers. I will be recommending your products to others.

Thank you,

J W, Hoover AL

Aloha Colin!

I passed🙌
Just wanted to thank you and as a little token of my appreciation I am enclosing a link to my on-line organic superfood store. So, please accept this $50 gift code that can be used toward any purchase of $75 or more. I have built a solid residual income with this company over the past 5 years from simply sharing and helping people become healthier. 

M M, Kailua,  HI
Editors Note: A new entrepreneurial pharmacist in the great state of Hawaii.  But, I would miss the OHIO winters. And, OHIO has no geckos hanging from the ceiling and walls! 


Just and FYI, I did pass the CO MPJE after using your flashcards!

Thanks so much,

T N, Charlotte,  NC
Editors Note: I am happy that this student passed her test.  I think the bigger test will come moving from NC to Colorado, LOL.  


Just wanted to let you know I have passed both NJ and NY exams. Thank you! 

P S, Billerica,  MA

Thank you Buzz.
Your material was very helpful. I tried a bunch of different material but yours was the best. Thank you very much...

Sent from my iPhone

S S, Charleston WV

Wanted to let you know that I passed the VA MJPE earlier this month. Thank you!

E M, Keller TX

Hi Colin, 
Thanks for all help and prompt replies. 
After failing my mpje for mass 2 times and was under immense stress. Was thinking I would not be able to do it in one year and would have to give naplex again as well. But the prontopass became real game changer for me. The technic and material helped a lot and I passed finally with score 80. 
Thank you again to your team and u.

C G, Lowell MA

Passed!  Great stuff.  2 for 2 MPJE from states I didn't even study in.  Thanks!

A R, Blaine 

Hard test, but I passed with an 87!

J G, Medford OR

Hi Colin, 

I took the Georgia MPJE on Jan 29 and found out my score on Feb 1. I passed with a score of 83. The compounding flashcards were very helpful as I would have not known to study for that topic. 

Thank you!

T P, San Diego CA

Hi Buzz,

Thank you for your timely response. I’m so glad to have been of help. I can say that my husband has found the posters to be very concise and easy to navigate when refreshing his memory on drug treatments for various disease states. They are a very good consolidated collection of information. 

FYI, back in 2008, when I took the NAPLEX I scored a 139. I’m sure I would not have gone into the exam with the confidence I had, or had the resulting high score I did, without your review materials. So thank you. They were bright, clear, consolidated and non-intimidating.

Kind regards,
M B, Sacramento CA


I passed the Colorado MPJE! Thank you for the review materials. I found the test to be pretty easy after studying what was sent.  

Thank you so much!

H Q , Edwards CO
Editors Note: Nothing beats suggested study of the actual statutes on paper.  Job well done.                  

I wanted to let you know that I passed the exam..thank you  so  much  for your help. ..


R J, Altamonte Springs,  FL
Editors Note: Short and sweet.  Makes my day.

Good Morning, I just spoke to Mr. Colin, first I thanked him for his materials in helping me pass my Naplex!!! so very happy about that, now I want to dive in and study the materials for MPJE, I bought two MPJE law MD and DC. Wish me luck.
Thanks again

J I, Beltsville,  MD

Just wanted to let you know I passed with the help of your study material.  Thank you so much! :)

SP, Schaumburg I

Thank you for your MPJE study materials.  I just got notified that I passed my Texas MPJE with a score of 82!

P L, Oshkosh WI

Thanks for all your help.

Also, I can't say enough about how pleased I am with your materials. I have already referred several students in their last year of school. 

I'll let you know how things go after completing NAPLEX. As suggested, I will NOT be taking it at the end of this year.

Thanks again

A M, Henrietta,  NY
Editors Note: We never suggest taking Naplex at the end of the year.  

Thank you Colin for picking up the phone this evening. I felt so much better after talking to you. Thank you so much for inventing pronto pass. Its the best review on the market.

P J B, Chowchilla 


Just found out today I passed the NC MPJE on the first attempt.  Thanks so much for the info and study material

J B, Crawley,  WV

Editors Note: Congratulations, job well done

Hi Colin!

I am deeply grateful to say that I HAVE PASSED my MPJE on the third attempt! My score jumped from a 73 to an 80 after studying your materials. I would say that you were right about having the laws printed out in front of you for studying. On this third attempt at studying I realized how much that helped considering how frustrating it was to navigate the TN statutes on their website. Your notecards were helpful but nothing compared to having the printed statutes. 

Thank you so much you were such a great help in me passing. 

God bless
Editors Note: Congratulations.  Almost everyone passes using our study memorize our stuff then you scan the actual statutes.                 

Colin – I killed the CO MPJE exam – thanks for your help!

Very helpful.  I passed the SC MPJE.  Couldn't have done it without this package.  

Thanks  A H
A H, Lexington S

I received the following feedback form:


I failed the first time. Then I bought ProntoPass.  I am happy to report that I passed.

Thank you so much.  

unknown, unknown unknown

On August 5th I sat for my Naplex.  I am please to let you know that I passed with a score of over 100!  

Thank you for such a detailed, and yet so simplistic review.  As of today I'm a fully licensed pharmacist in MS.


I V, Corinth MS


I just wanted to thank you for the resources that you provide for the MPJE! I was so worried about the GA MPJE because I am from and went to school in a different state and relocated to GA upon graduation. I just found out today that I passed! I received an 84! Thank you again!   


J C, Warner Robins,  GA

Thanks so much and just found out I passed this time with an 81!

                 withheld, withheld withheld


I must admit, the folding and answering out loud felt goofy at first, but really does help to recall the information ......

P F , Ponce P R


I just wanted to email saying that I passed my MPJE for Massachusetts and really appreciate the information you supplied. 


L C, Boston,  MA

Hey Colin.  This is XXX.  I passed my Naplex today and now I am to the MPJE.  Thank you so much!

J R, Newark DE

Dear Colin Bayliss,

I just found out that I passed the NAPLEX with a great score, and I want to thank you for all of the helpful study material!  I don't think I could've done it without it.  Not discrediting the RxPrep book or anything, but it just wasn't for me.  I enjoyed the breakdown of your flashcards, posters, and the audio.  Thanks again!
Best Regards

R G, Myrtle Beach,  S C

Just to let everyone know I passed the Alabama MPJE!! - thanks a lot for your support!!

I will also spread good word around about your team .

U I, Macon  GA

Hi Buzz,
I passed the exam. Thank you for your assistance. big help. Have a nice day.

Q N, Stockton,  CA

I passed the MPJE [Iowa]. 

K H, Lorimor IA

Thank you
You are the best 

L A, Newton MA

I got my score back from the NAPLEX, and I passed! Thanks for the help!
D B, Basehor KS

Hello Colin a great news.  I passed the Wisconsin MPJE.  I am working on my LA exam next. Thanks for the great notes.  

V Y, Richmond,  TX

Dear Colin,
Thank you for your help and the very prompt service. I appreciate it.

V A, Tampa

Colin, I passed the Minnesota MPJE!! The Federal quickcards were very helpful, but the compounding/ USP 795 and 797 cards saved the day.  Thanks for your help.  New Mexico MPJE in 2 weeks.  I'll keep you posted.

T G, Hoover AL

I received back the following comment card:
Got all the material promptly and got everything in 2 days after ordering.  The material looks very promising and I am eagerly waiting to go through it.  I convey my congratulations to the entire ProntoPass team for making good material. 

A M, Sugarland TX

I passed the MPJE for Nebraska with a score of 80.
Not too bad for an old guy who hasn’t filled a prescription in about 10 years.
Thanks for the help.

T G, Owatonna,  MN

I passed the Maine MPJE! Thanks for the service Pronto Pass provides! 
Kind regards,

A J, Waldorf MD

I received an MPJE order today for the state of Washington and there was a note.

Special Order Instructions
"Please send ASAP your company is amazing I bought the NAPLEX prep package in 2008 and it was the best study material.

F T, woodland hills,  CA

I received an MPJE order today for the state of Washington and there was a note.

Special Order Instructions
"Please send ASAP your company is amazing I bought the NAPLEX prep package in 2008 and it was the best study material."

F T, woodland hills,  CA

Hi Colin,
I did pass the exam!  Thanks 4 everything.
Best Regards

J S, Kingman AZ
Editors Note: LOVE IT.  Short and sweat!

I passed my exam! MPJE for Alabama. Thank you!
M R, Athens,  GA

I received back a comment card that said the following:

Thank you for the concise MPJE Study package for NY   They helped me increase my score above passing!  The study tips were great!

A J Waldorf MD

Dear Mr. Bayliss, 
I passed the NY MPJE! Thanks for the condensed materials, quick cards, and paper regulations. I think having the paper regulations, taking notes and reading x 2 based on your recommendations made a difference. 

One suggestion to improve the quick cards would be to put each federal law and quick point on one card per law; therefore it could assist with compartmentalizing the law as some of them blend i.e. FDCA and FDCA of 1938. Overall your material was great and helped boost my confidence going into the examHope the information helps.  Thanks again!

Kind regards,
                    A J, Waladorf MD

Editors Note: We always appreciate suggestions for improvement!
Job well done.

Hi Colin,

     After failing the MPJE Massachusetts pharmacy exam twice, I stumbled upon Prontopass and figured, well, at least if I fail again I can get my money back.  I passed with the highest score I've ever had on a pharmacy law exam.  Thank you thank you!  I don't know why or how it works, but it does!


E D, Charlestown,  RI

Good evening.  I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I passed the MA MPJE.  I found your product particularly helpful.  I already have, and will continue to, recommend it to others.

M T, Schenectady N

I PASSED! Wasn't sure after I took the test but got a 78.  Thank You!
J S, Bradenton,  FL

Editors Note: A Pass is a Pass!

Hi there,
Just wanted you to know that I retook my MPJE [HI] test on 1/28 and passed.  Could not have done it without your study guide.

L C, Kahului,  HI

Today I received back a comment card:

Dear ProntoPass
I am so happy to share that I passed my Hawaii MPJE on the first try.

I relied solely on your materials and used them exactly the way you recommended.

I would highly recommend ProntoPass to anyone taking the MPJE!

Thanks for the opportunity to give my feedback.
M P, Wilson,  NC

Hello Mr. Bayliss!

I just wanted to write a quick message to let you know how things are going. Also, I have some questions/concerns regarding the poster quizzes.

Firstly, the studying, although not moving as quickly as I'd hoped, is going very well. I have indeed been folding the cards and self-testing as instructed. I also utilize the posters + quiz CD to proactively learn the material. I can't get over how well my recall has become! Even on material I haven't reviewed in weeks, the long-term retention is still there! I'm a longtime user of mnemonics and various memory techniques (phonetic alphabet, peg words, etc.), so your "memoranics" are much appreciated! I must say that your program suits me very well, as I am an audio/visual learner. I've been telling my fiancé that these are the cards and posters I would've made for myself during pharmacy school had I the time & energy to do so. Well done!

You'll likely be pleased to know that I have closely read all the instructions and have made note of your pearls of wisdom. I especially liked your discouragement of taking the exam early due to feeling overwhelmed & wanting to just get it over with. I was once in that boat, but have decided not to take the exam until I am good and ready. I plan on following your program to the letter, including quickcard summaries, math practice, and the 1 month of online testing.

On a side note, I was tickled pink to see that you encourage your students to walk at least 30 minutes a day! I started the habit of daily walking during the craziness of pharmacy school and have since permanently incorporated it into my daily routine. 3 years later

A M, Henrietta NY

Hi, Mr. Bayliss, I am emailing you to let you know that I passed my WV MPJE and that I haven't taken my MD MPJE yet. Thanks for you help.
F D, Maidsville WV

I had a call today from someone who did not give her name. She told me she used an online testing site with questions written by a physician and failed her Naplex and then used our ProntoPass study material from a friend and passed. She was happy but upset with what she used previously because it said "guaranteed....what can you loose?" and she lost 3 months of pharmacist income and the cost for signing up for Naplex again. I was happy for her for passing using our study material.
unknown, unknown unknown
Editors Note: I suggest that a student use study material where a phone number is given in case you want to call them. I also suggest only using study material where there is history and feedback I also suggest that you never study OLD Naplex study material. This test is too important to trust to study material that is not time tested or is not current.

Hello Mr. Bayliss,

So here is my feedback: 

I first took the Florida MPJE without the help of Prontopass and got a 72 (failed). However I bought the Prontopass and two weeks later took that Florida MPJE exam and passed with a 77. Thank you Prontopass for helping me pass the Florida MPJE. I will definitely recommend Prontopass to other people and also use it again in the future for other MPJE exams. Thank you again for the help, Prontopass!

S P, Mechanicsburg,  PA


Hey buzz you prob don't remember me but I just wanted to share with you that I just about doubled my score from last time, 61 to 119 AND the 119 was on the new Naplex test. So there you go, anything is possible in three months.      

A M, Pittsburgh PA
Editors Note: Follow directions and devote yourself to study and expect good results.  You have to believe in yourself and love the study of pharmacy.  You have to let your self confidence overcome the fear of taking Naplex


I just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam! The study kit was very helpful and I am very glad I ordered it!

Sent from my iPhone

Z G, Potosi,  MO

I did pass the Florida MPJE! Thank you so much for your help! S P
  S P, Mechanicsburg,  PA

Dear Mr Bayliss, 
We ordered your materials after my son had failed the Naplex the first time. We wanted to let you know that he received notification today that he passed. Your material was exceptional and he utilized it to achieve success.  Thank you,

               L D, Homosassa,  FL

Hey Colin!

I just received my Arizona MPJE results today 11/14/2016! I passed!!! Thank you for the extra boost!!! You filled in the gaps for me! I will be sending you the post card, as requested. 
                    C H, Aurora 

Hello Sir,

Hope you are doing good.

I wanted to let you know that I have passed NAPLEX. Your resource was definitely the key though i thought there were some chapters i could not memorize to dot. 

So, I wanted to thank you for the materials

A K, Sandy Springs GA

My Texas ProntoPass I got in 2010 worked great.

B Y, San Angelo TX
Editors Note: Bill just ordered the MPJE for two additional states.]

Thanks for the vote of confidence.  Our best customers are returning customers!  Buzz

Dear Buzz -

I just wanted to share some great news with you.

I passed my NAPLEX examination after seeing the results online this morning. What a blessing.

Thank you so much for putting together a great course. My wife Mxxxxxx and I both greatly appreciate it.


C M, Gilbert AZ

Hi Mr. Bayliss,

This is xxx xx. I just wanted to say thank you again for giving me a call to verify the order before shipping it to me. Not many companies actually call their customers to make sure their order was correct. So I am very grateful and simply amazed by the quality of customer care your company puts forth.


              M T, Slidell,  LA
 Editors Note: It looked like a duplicate order.  I called to verify and void the duplicate

Hello Colin,
I used pronto pass study materials for the KS MPJE that I took last week and passed with an 85. I took MO yesterday and am confident I passed. I will update you with my MO score once received. Thanks

                    C K, Platte Woods,  MO

Passed test.  Thank you!  

W W, Granby,  CO
Editors Note: After a long hard study isn't it great to hear such a short sweet message?

I am officially a licensed pharmacist in the state of Michigan. My first score was a 71. I then bought Prontopass and received a score of 76. Thank you

R V, n/a n/a

Editors Note: That is what our MPJE study aterial and study method is all about.....a fast pass but not perhaps a great score.  With our Naplex study material we hope for a great score because we are aiming to become licensed pharmacists, but with MPJE a low score will work because we are not studying to become lawyers!

Just passed Maryland with a 78. Your method works!
The 78 is not on my license
Thanks again
                    J F, Chester NY

Editors Note: Congratulations John.  Our method does seem to work. Hard, fast study doing it our way seems to work almost always. Thanks you for your feedback.

Good Evening!

I have taken my MPJE and passed. [NY]

Thank you,

W A,Brooklyn,  NY

Hello Colin

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my DE MPJE!  Thanks for the study material.  It helped a lot! 

C B, Worcester,  Ma

I just received this feedback on Google+
I have used prontopass mpje study materials to pass the mpje in 3 different states. The study material was very easy ...

J F, larned,  KS

This student at the University of Connecticut received a pronunciation CD that was not working properly.  We replaced it promptly upon notification.  He wrote back as follows:

"I have received the new CD you sent me. All of the tracks are working! I'm very happy with the overall product and customer service."

Thank you,

R P, Pomfret Center,  CT

Passed low 80’s

EC, Upton,  MA
Editors Note: Short and to the point.  Job well done.  We are not studying to be lawyers!

Thanks very much for the follow up.

Your tools have been very very helpful. I scoured a lot a places on the Internet and yours is the best that I have found

L B, Oldsmar,  FL
 Editors Note: Thanks for the kind words.  We work hard to do what we can to simplify and minimize.


I just want to let you know that I passed the Texas MPJE. Thank you for the study guides it was a big help. Good stuff!

I actually spent less than a week on that material.

    P C, Santa Fe Springs,  CA
Editors Note:
Congratulations Pete.  Job well done.

We received the following Comment Card:
Dear ProntoPass;
I ordered your material for the Wisconsin MPJE exam that I ended up taking this Past July 16th.  The outline for your method of studying is fantastic.  It helped me to focus my strategy and use my time most effectively.  I wold recommend your product to anyone who is seeking licensure and will use it again in the future if need be.  And, Yes, I passed my exam!!!
Thanks again and all the best to you and your staff.  

J S, Wausau WI

My preparation is going really well !!!  I don't know how often you get some one who took it used another system and then came to you, I can tell you I was woefully unprepared using another system  as I may have told you I can see the questions That I've missed already Ill let you all know when I pass it !!!!
A K, Millville NJ

Passed on 1st attempt [MPJE GA].  Thanks
L H, Newport News,  VA

Editors Note: Short, sweet, and to the point.  Thanks Lakisha for being a good student!

I passed my Naplex with a three digit score.  I wrote a review on facebook and I give credit to you on my message to my colleagues.  I recommend the ProntoPass Naplex combo to everyone who asks.  I hope they get the same benefit!  Thanks!!!  It is a great system..  Thanks!!!  Thanks!!! 


Editors Note: Marisol purchased the ProntoPass Naplex combo with Quizzing and testing and I believe it made all the difference in the world.  At the end of you studies I has her take on line timed tests and then I quizzed her on the phone on diseases.  After doing well I turned on our testing site for testing without additional charge so that on test day it was just another day in front of a computer.  Marisol did everything I asked and followed the directions completely with great results.  This is not an easy task but it does work.   

Just wanted to let you know I passed the WY law exam on the first attempt. Thank you for publishing your study guide.

 J E, Lehi,  UT

Good evening, I passed the VA law exam! Thank you for all of the study material it was perfect! M
M B, Downingtown, PA
Editors Note: Our directions are easy to follow. Memorize our questions and answers then scan the actual statutes on paper to expand your knowledge on each subject. The method, and studying on paper, makes goal of passing MPJE very doable....and we guarantee it!