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Our goal is to get you to pass the MPJE.

How do we do this you might ask? Simple: We have done our research, and believe that we have made brevity an art form. It is often hard to condense long and boring law jargon into need to know basics. We have done the hard work for you and broken the laws down into the basics of what you need to know.


If you can follow our instructions, you will be ready to pass within a week or so.

The first thing to study is the Federal Law Material.  This includes   

1) Our ProntoPass 130+ Federal Questions and Answers. Memorize these questions         & answers well.  

2) Next study the DEA manual for Pharmacists.  

    Please allow me to suggest that you can’t pass the MPJE without a strong                    knowledge base of federal pharmacy law.  It is important that you study this

    federal material well.  Do NOT think you know this material until you have studied        it hard.  We study federal law material first because this is the easiest way to                improve your overall MPJE score.  

Federal Laws PRINT (4).jpg
DEA manual PRINT.jpg

Next, look over our 100+ MPJE Exam Review Quickcards®.

Memorize those Quickcards® by folding and self-testing. 

Do NOT move on until you know these cards really well. 

When done, someone can say to you the results of a particular law and you should be able to name that law quickly. 

folded card update.jpg

Next, I want you to review the ProntoPass® Quickcards® on USP Compounding Standards. Compounding in the manufacturing setting is regulated by Federal Law and the FDA. Compounding at the pharmacy level is regulated by the State. One questions in our State Law Review asks if this state requires all pharmacists in the state to follow USP Compounding standards. Every state is different but many refer to the USP standards for compounding. The USP takes up about 600 pages. We have condensed what we consider important need-to-know information, onto 80+ Quickcards®. We believe that you need to know both the USP and the state specific requirements. Fold and self test. 

Immunization front 8-12-20.jpg

Third, this package includes the ProntoPass® Immunization Poster. Pharmacists are receiving more and more responsibility to include administering drugs and immunizations. This poster  breaks down the CDC guidelines for immunizations which some states list as what a pharmacist can administer. 

Next, you need to memorize thoroughly, our state specific Questions and Answers.

At the top of the page it says, "STATE LAW REVIEW." Once you have memorized these well, you need to scan the actual statutes. Scan means read a sentence at a time, not a word at a time. Scan, DO NOT READ.  (If you read them all you may get so bogged down you will memorize nothing.) When you get to something covered in our Questions and Answers, slow your scan to a read and understand that whole topic, not just the exact question we mention. Highlight this topic in your statutes. It should take about 1 hour per 100 pages not counting stop and highlight time. This is fast. The first day you will tend to go back to reading a word at a time. Catch yourself and go back to scanning. By the second day you should be very good at scanning.  An example of this would be, we may have a question regarding if a Physician Assistant has to be on the state board of pharmacy. When you scan through the statutes, and come across the section regarding the composition of the board of pharmacy, slow your scan to a read and understand.  Highlight this topic.  If you get any question about board composition you will be ready to answer it correctly. Once you have completed your scan once, do it a second time. So again, memorize our questions and answers first, scan statutes second. Just before your test review those sections highlighted. Our success rate is very high and your success is our priority.


The price of this package is $157.95 plus shipping starting at $17.95.

This price includes one (1) state of your choice.


Additional states are only $75 plus maybe additional shipping based on weight & distance. 


District of Columbia

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina

North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Place Your Order

MPJE with 1 State - $147.95 + shipping                                            

MPJE with 2 States - $222.95 + shipping                                          

MPJE with 3 States - $297.95 + shipping                                         

MPJE with 4 States - $372.95 + shipping                                         

MPJE with 5 States - $447.95 + shipping   

Ordering Additional States
After Initial Order:

For a period of 6 months from the date of your original MPJE      purchase, you may purchase additional states for $75 per state, PLUS Shipping (starting at $17.97 possibly more based on weight & distance). There is also a $10 billing fee for WIX and credit Card processing fees. NOTE: If you have a new address, please enclose proof of new address. Please note that with reorders you only get our State Law Review & Printed State Statutes.  You do not get our current MPJE QuickCards®, nor the current Compounding QuickCards®, nor the current Vaccination & Immunization poster that shows the current CDC recommendations.  

There is a 5 state maximum on every new order.  

Pay by Check:
Send a check or money order for $75 per state plus shipping to:  

       ProntoPass Solutions
       MPJE State order
       9127 Shady Hollow Road NW
       Bolivar, Ohio 44612

Be sure to include your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Date of original order, and which state you would like additionally.  Your order will ship once we receive the check and verify eligibility.  

Payment via Digital Invoice:

Click the link below & fill out the information required.  We will send you an invoice.  Please pay promptly.  If you pay the invoice before 3:00 PM EST, your additional state(s) will ship the same day. 


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