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ProntoPass Solutions

Let ProntoPass® ease your apprehension. Our assortment of robust study tools will get you prepared to take the NAPLEX® as quickly as possible. Our NAPLEX® Review QUICKCARDS® with Memoronics®, builds your knowledge base and makes the studying fun. Our Posters are mostly disease oriented and teach multiple drug application. Nothing on the market will prepare you as quickly and as completely for the math portion of NAPLEX® as our “The Math Practice” QUICKCARDS®.

There are many benefits to using the ProntoPass® QUICKCARDS®:

1. They divide the work into “bite-size” chunks.
2. They allow for easy self testing by folding.
3. By folding and self testing, it is easy to measure your progress.
4. They are portable and travel easy.
5. They are fun and they are fast.

Perhaps though, it is easy to overlook our biggest benefit….........
an organized approach!

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