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Drug Pronunciation CD

ProntoPass Solutions Can Help Aspiring Pharmacists Prepare for Necessary Examinations

Passing the MPJE and NAPLEX are major milestones for any aspiring pharmacist. These examinations center around pharmacy drug use and best practices and they are required to be licensed as a pharmacist. 

Think about the Drug Pronunciation CD software as a study guide.  Only when you have confidence in the pronunciation of a drug can you well remember what that drug does. And saying OUT LOUD makes it stick in your mind. Saying it helps you study it!

​One of the most complicated parts of being a pharmacist is simply understanding the pronunciation of different pharmaceuticals. As many of these products have significant underlying meanings in their product name, being able to identify the meaning and being able to properly articulate and pronounce the names is very important. The ProntoPass Solutions drug pronunciation CD software will help you with this process. The drug pronunciation CD will provide you with a recorded speaking of each drug name and also some basic information about each drug. This can make it much easier to remember when exam time comes.

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