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Math Practice for Naplex


Math Practice QUICKCARDS


The secret to getting every NAPLEX® Math question correct is fairly simple:

1. Know the formulas
2. Practice them.
The ProntoPass® QUICKCARDS® Math Practice was created just for that purpose. There are about 250 math problems that are broken down into 24 specific areas with the questions on the left front and 5 tricky answers, just like with NAPLEX®, on the right front. On the reverse of each card is a step-by-step solution. To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest, most complete set of NAPLEX® type math problems anywhere, where the answers so clearly broken down into simple, easy to understand steps. Within each section, with one type of math, we start with an easy question and progressively get more difficult. Each section builds a competency in that type of math. Math is not memory work: IT IS PRACTICE. That is why we named this product Math Practice. After you have established math competency, remember to continue to do ProntoPass® QUICKCARDS® Math Practice one hour per day until you actually take your NAPLEX®.





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