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The Federal 20 dollar option includes two things:  

1) Our ProntoPass 130+ Fed Questions and Answers and 

2) the DEA manual for Pharmacists.  

Please allow me to suggest that you can’t pass the MPJE without a strong knowledge base of federal pharmacy law.  At ProntoPass, while we have a very high pass rate, the other reason students fail using our study material is that they do not follow our suggestion on how to study the various products in our package.  Those who opt out of this suggestion to buy this 20 dollar option are also less likely to follow our suggestions on how to study.  


For those two reasons, if you opt out of this 20 dollar option we will proceed to ship your package without this option but we will NOT guarantee that you pass and there will be NO refund if you fail and we will NOT work with you until you pass. We want every student who invests in our package to succeed. That starts with following our suggestions.


NOTE:  I realize that some new grads may have had a course in federal pharmacy law.  It does not count in my mind because I do not know the quality or focus of what you studied and I do not know how well you did with it.  What I do know is the quality of our study material and I note that the motivation now is much greater.  Previously you studied to pass the course.  Now you are studying to become a licensed pharmacist and earn a living.  Big difference in motivation to know this material really well. Thank you for giving this reconsideration.

Please opt in for this important part of our package.  Thank you.

CEB…..Buzz     Feel free to call my cell 330-827-3000

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