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Ordering Additional States
After Initial Order:

For a period of 6 months from the date of your original MPJE      purchase, you may purchase additional states for $75 per state, PLUS Shipping (starting at $17.97 possibly more based on weight & distance). There is also a $10 billing fee for WIX and credit Card processing fees. NOTE: If you have a new address, please enclose proof of new address. Please note that with reorders you only get our State Law Review & Printed State Statutes.  You do not get our current MPJE QuickCards®, nor the current Compounding QuickCards®, nor the current Vaccination & Immunization poster that shows the current CDC recommendations.  

There is a 5 state maximum on every new order.  

Pay by Check:
Send a check or money order for $75 per state plus shipping to:  

       ProntoPass Solutions
       MPJE State order
       9127 Shady Hollow Road NW
       Bolivar, Ohio 44612

Be sure to include your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Date of original order, and which state you would like additionally.  Your order will ship once we receive the check and verify eligibility.  

Payment via Digital Invoice:

Click the link below & fill out the information required.  We will send you an invoice.  Please pay promptly.  If you pay the invoice before 3:00 PM EST, your additional state(s) will ship the same day. 


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