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NAPLEX® Combo Deal

Everything you need to pass NAPLEX®!

This package includes:
Naplex® Review QUICKCARDS, Naplex® Review Posters, Math Practice QUICKCARDS, Compounding QUICKCARDS, 1 Month FREE Online Testing

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NAPLEX® Study Package

This package is intended as a supplement to the big books like Rx Prep.  As a refresher, this package condenses and focuses on the important areas. 

This package includes:
ProntoPass® QUICKCARD Summary, Compounding QUICKCARDS, ProntoPass® Math Practice, ProntoPass® Review Posters, 1 Month FREE Online Testing

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Math Practice QuickCards


Old Audio Poster

Only $5


Price varies

Generic Brand Pronuncation
Audio CD

Only $19.95

USP Compounding Review


Generic Brand Pronuncation

CD Software

Only $19.95