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This package is intended as a supplement to the big books like Rx Prep. As a refresher, this package condenses and focuses on what we consider to be the important areas.

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Study these Pharmacy Core Knowledge QuickCards  with Active Learning by folding and self testing on each card until you know them well. Active learning will stay with you longer.


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Study one poster at a time until you know it well and then move onto another poster. Keep at it until you know them all really well. This will take a while. Take your time. It will be time well spent! There are 36 in total.

First and foremost, I firmly believe that you cannot pass NAPLEX unless you know pharmacy math really well, regardless of how well you know everything else.



You do 1 problem at a time and do not turn the card over until you have an answer or you have pulled hair out. If you turn the card over too quickly you will learn nothing. There needs to be an association developed in your mind between a type of math question and the go to method for calculating the answer. You will never develop this mental connection if you turn the math card over too soon. You're going to do this one card at a time. Within each type of math we usually start with easy and then progressively get harder with that same type of math. When your done with them all, shuffle the deck and start over. This will tell you if you associated in your mind a type of math question and the correct approach to that math problem. When youre done, Congratulate yourself!

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Compounding in the manufacturing setting is regulated by federal law and the FDA. States determine compounding standards in pharmacies within each state. Every state is different but many refer to the USP standards for compounding. The USP standards are around 800 pages. We have condensed the most significant information into 110+ QuickCards. 


This is not only a testing site, but also an educational tool to help you learn and understand. With our extensive database and full explanation of the correct answers, PRONTOTESTING is your one stop testing site to prepare you for your NAPLEX® Examination.

(NAPLEX Study Package)

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