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ProntoPass.  The Best For MPJE.


Everything you need to study comprehensive & Complete.  We believe no study product prepares you better than ProntoPass for the MPJE based on the  NABP published MPJE competency statments.


Current Study Material. It used to be States would change their pharmacy statutes once a year.  Now it is anytime they want.  Everything we send is Current. 





















Major Study: The ProntoPass State Law Review. This is our State specific Question & Answers. Memorize these well & remember the topic of each question & answer. Then, most important, speed read the actual Statutes by reading a sentence at a time.  When you find a topic you highlight the whole topic so you can get K-type questions correct. If you don't know what a K-type question is call us 330-827-3000. It is my opinion that you cannot pass this test without getting K-type questions correct. The night before your test carefully review all of the highlighted topic in your statutes. 

Major Study: The ProntoPass Federal Law Review. Memorize our Questions & answers really well. If you have any questions refer to the printed copy of our DEA manual in your package for your convenience. Feel free to highlight any important topics. 

Average Study: The ProntoPass MPJE QuickCards. Fold and self test with special emphasis on the last 20 cards. 

ProntoPass has a high pass rate and a Guarantee.

Lite Study: The ProntoPass Compounding QuickCards. UPS created these for pharmaceutical manufacturing. However, each State board of pharmacy determines if the components of USP compounding must be complied with in their State regarding individual prescriptions that are compounded. Some State mandate USP compounding standards. Most States do not mandate these and rely upon the individual Pharmacist's integrity. A couple States may mandate just one of the sections.  Remember the NABP competency statement 4.5 for MPJE:  "Compounding sterile, non-sterile, hazardous, and non-hazardous preparations." Visit our blog (Site menu, top of page) for the full NABP MPJE competency statement

Lite Study: The ProntoPass Vaccination & Immunization Poster. Some States mandate what vaccinations and immunizations pharmacist can do once trained and certified. If the State is silent on this issue ALL can be given as long as the pharmacist follows CDC guidelines. Our poster lists most & shows the CDC guidelines. 

Don't be smart by half. Follow our directions and pass the test the first time. If you follow our directions, it can actually be fun & will build your confidence as well as your knowledge of State Specific law.  

Questions about our MPJE package? Comments or feedback?


Call or text us at 330-827-3000 or e-mail us @

We always appreciate feedback!


ProntoPass has a high pass rate and a Guarantee.


MPJE with 1 State - $157.95 + shipping                                            


Each additional State only $75.00 plus perhaps additional

shipping charges based on weight and distance.

MPJE with 2 States - $222.95 + shipping                                          

MPJE with 3 States - $307.95 + shipping                                         

MPJE with 4 States - $382.95 + shipping                                         

MPJE with 5 States - $457.95 + shipping                        

We want to stay the best and welcome questions and suggestions. 

Ordering Additional States
After Initial Order:

For a period of 6 months from the date of your original MPJE      purchase, you may purchase additional states for $75 per state, plus shipping. NOTE: If you have a new address, please enclose proof of new address.  Please note that with reorders you only get our State Law Review & Printed State Statutes.  You do not get our current MPJE QuickCards®, nor the current Compounding  QuickCards®, nor the current Vaccination & Immunization poster that shows the current CDC recommendations.  

There is a 5 state maximum on every new order.  

Pay by Check:
Send a check or money order for $75 per state plus shipping to:  

       ProntoPass Solutions
       MPJE State order
       9127 Shady Hollow Road NW
       Bolivar, Ohio 44612

Be sure to include your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Date of original order, and which state you would like additionally.  Your order will ship once we receive the check and verify eligibility.  

Payment via Digital Invoice:

Click the link below & fill out the information required.  We will send you an invoice.  If you pay the invoice before 3:00 PM EST, your additional state(s) will ship the same day. 



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