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How to be successful with the MPJE

I had an interesting conversation that I would like to pass onto all pharmacists. The “student” was studying to pass the MPJE for her specific state. When she first read our directions on the most effective way to study our package she thought they were “NUTS”. But, after passing, she said they worked and wanted to pass along to us how well they worked. We say read and memorize our State Law Review, our state specific questions and answers and keep the topics in mind and then scan (don’t read) the actual statutes looking for those topics. When a topic is found, we instruct to highlight and memorize that whole topic. Then going back to the scan mode when the topic changes. By doing it this way it allows a better breadth of knowledge and this allows a better chance of correctness with K type of questions. A K type of question is when the question makes a statement and then says which of the following are true. Then there are 5 options and you get to choose A and B, or A and D, or A, B and E, etc. Bottom line, it works! It might seem NUTS, but it works well.

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