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How to Successfully Pass Your NAPLEX Exam on Your First Try

A pharmacy course is pretty tasking. There are loads of classwork involving theoretical content, math, case studies, and practical skills to learn and pass. And while you will undoubtedly face loads of examinations during your coursework, one exam that worries every pharmacy student is the dreaded NAPLEX exam.

You cannot practice pharmacy before studying, sitting, and passing this little examination. It is the course of your pharmacy school; you from day one. The North American Pharmacy Licensure Exam (NAPLEX) by NABP is both challenging and demanding in equal measure. But it is pretty passable.

The following tips should help you maneuver through NAPLEX exam;

Know the Kinds of Questions on the NAPLEX Exam

You will not register success on NAPLEX if you do not know what to expect. Notably, NAPLEX currently has up to 250 questions, 200 real, while the other 50 experimental questions. But it is crucial to handle all of them.

The categories included in this examination are multiple-choice questions, multi-response questions, constructed response questions, ordered response questions, and hot spot questions.

Study and Prepare Adequately

You will probably assume that the duration you should take studying for NAPLEX depends on your competency levels. That is a pretty vague assumption. The NAPLEX exam requires adequate preparation. It should take you between 2 to 4 weeks to study for NAPLEX. Of course, it can take you longer if you cannot take in loads of information in a single sitting. All the same, you will need a few marathon study sessions.

Be Prepared to Travel

The NAPLEX examinations are pretty centralized. If you are in an area with several nursing, pharmacy, or medical schools, the chances are that the exam centers around you will fill up. Register as early as you find it appropriate. Try the next one if you do not get space in your locality.

Prepare Yourself for Tons of Patient Cases

The NAPLEX is no longer what it used to be. It is getting more clinical each year. So, prepare yourself for several patient cases. Try and figure out what the question is all about before you answer. Your success with these will depend on consistent practice before getting to the exam room.

Pace Appropriately When In the Exam Room

Pace! The pacing here does not mean that you rush through the questions and attempt the questions haphazardly to get out of the exam room. Instead, use the timer at the top of your computer screen to pace yourself. You have exactly 6 hours to handle all the NAPLEX questions and another half an hour to sign disclosures and read instructions.

Make Good Use of the Break

You will get one or a couple of breaks as you sit for the NAPLEX exam. Ensure that you take any available breaks as your brain needs some rest along the way. Finishing your NAPLEX earlier than the provided time does not come with any bonus points. Thus, do not rush to finish up if a break will help your brain gain more focus and productivity.

Practice As Many Questions As You Can Get

Practicing gives you confidence and familiarity with what to expect. So, look for as many related questions as possible. Handling various questions will prepare you for what they test. But where do you get all the questions?

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