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K - type Questions

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

K type questions are becoming more common.

These type first appeared on Naplex but now are increasingly on MPJE tests also.

I personally believe that you can't pass these tests without being able to get some of these K type questions correct.

Using the study methods suggested by ProntoPass, you will be able to do these types of Questions.

This is a new question we have added to our online Q-Bank for Naplex study. Rybelsus is advertised so much on TV it makes it a perfect question for Naplex. How do we give the oral tablets of Rybelsus?

A Take tablets with food or drink

B Take on an empty stomach

C Take with 4 oz or less of water

D Take with a full cup of water

E Eat something within 30 minutes of giving


I A & E

II B & E


IV B & C

V E only

Correct Answer: IV B & C

Explanation: Take on an empty stomach and give with 4 oz of water or less.

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