1st State is $147.95 additional states are $75 per state, up to 5 max.

MPJE Review 4 States

  • Everything you need to pass MPJE!

    This package includes:
    ProntoPass® MPJE QUICKCARDS, Compounding QUICKCARDS, State Law Review, State Statutes

    1st State is $147.95 additional states are $75 per state, up to 5 max.

  • The ProntoPass® guarantee is good for one year from the date of purchase or until you take the MPJE, whichever comes first. We guarantee one (1) state only. You must return your registration card within 14 days of purchase and on the registration card you will identify which state you want this guarantee to apply to. Should you be unsuccessful, we will work with you until you pass or give you a refund, your choice.  If you would like a refund, we simply ask that you promptly (within 2 weeks of test date), return your package with a copy of your results and a copy of your diploma showing where you graduated. Sorry, guaranteed does not apply to those required to take the FPGEE (Foreign graduates). The maximum refund is limited to $147.95.

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