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Kim X, NA/NA

First Email

Are your materials paper based or electronic?  I prefer paper based so just wanted to check.

Second Email

Kim, Thanks for reaching out! All of our MPJE products are printed on paper. If you visit our website and carefully read our study instructions you will see the advantages of having the paper materials in front of you!

Third Email

Thank you so much!  I do much better with paper materials!


A C, Elm Grove, WI

Thank you.  By the way, I email to many parties each day, and you definitely get the "blue ribbon" for the fastest responder.  Great work


J H, Philadelphia, MS

I problem!!! Well worth the cost!!!


T V, Defiance, OH

I am emailing back to let you know that I just got my MJPE [IN] results and I did pass!

Thank you for all your materials!


A B, New Albany, IN

Hey Colin, I passed my Michigan exam! They don’t give scores anymore for some reason, but I’d like to think I had a high score thanks to the study materials haha. I’m actually going to be taking another 16 exams or so (I recently got a management job at a mail order site). I was wondering if you had a bulk discount lol. I think I saw when I bought the first few states in July that if I order more within 6 months I think it was a reduced priced of like $75 per state afterwards?

EDITORS NOTE:  Congragulations! Yes, after your initial one state order you can reorder up to 4 more states within 6 months of the orginal purchase date.  The cost on reorders is $75.00 plus a $10.00 PayPal billing fee plus shipping. To do this efficiently go to our website click on the MPJE button and scroll all the way to the bottom. There you can click on the reoder form. 


J S, Ceres, CA

 I emailed this student and asked how the NAPLEX® online testing was working for him. This was his email response: 

     The questions and the explanations are working for me. The questions are asking the main points from each chapter which is helpful. I have went over rxprep book once; however, I seem to be struggling with memorizing the main points. I am utilizing the flashcards [Quickcards®] and the posters provided with Prontopass®. Thank you.


J K, Saint Peters, MO

MPJE reorder for NV - Thanks for the quick turn around!   Appreciate you guys


E M, Lakewood, NJ

I took the NJ MPJE and passed it. Thank you


T B, Rutherford, NJ

I passed [NY MPJE].  Thank you so much.  Your material was very helpful to me.


I P, New York, NY

I took NY MPJE in june and passed. Thank you for your material. I studied only that and it was very helpful.


G G, New York, NY

I have taken it [NY MPJE] and passed. Your material was very helpful!


R M, Gettysburg Pike, PA

Thank you! I passed the MPJE! (IN)


J I, Beltsville, MD

do you still have the august special still? I am a returning customer and I really enjoy your materials.

EDITORS NOTE:  Hi Jane.  Thank you for your kind words.  Yes we still have monthly specials.  July is not avaliable. 


K B, Miami, FL

From an old fan:

"You will teach them to fly, but you will not fly your flight.  You will teach them to dream, but they will not dream your dream.  You will teach them to live, but they will not live your life.  Nevertheless, in every flight, in every life, in every dream the print of the way you taught them will remain." - Mother Teresa


S C, Vail, AZ

I passed!  Thanks for all your assistance!!


G J, Emeryville, CA

I passed!! [MPJE Florida]


X X, Brooklyn, NY

We had a student fail their MPJE and requested a refund.  She said she followed our directions, then she sent us the following email : 

I did actually self test just minus the folding! I was able to recite the opposite side of the self test cards when studying. I did read the statutes as well as scanning and looking for those topics mentioned in the Q&A’s. I can remember the statues on their own and while reading and memorizing the Q&A’s I was able to go back and forth to ensure I remembered the statues corresponding to that topic.

Bottom line is that she did not follow our directions at all.  She did not fold 

and self test on the Quickcards®, the active learning part, she did not memorize well our State Law Review Q+As.  She did not THEN scan the Statutes highlighting the topics covered in our Q+As.  Upon the return of her package we noted she read the Statutes and only highlighted a sentence here and a sentence there.  Please don't let this happen to you.  The MPJE test today are much more difficult than in the past and requires work and effort to pass.  By following our directions and doing the work there is about a 98% pass rate. 


R O, Murrieta, GA

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the NE MPJE on the first try. All the material you sent me was so helpful! Thank you for everything and I will be sure to reach out in the future if I have another state to pass! I have already recommended you all to some grad interns preparing for the test.


A M, Honolulu, HI

Thanks so much. I’ve used prontopass for both my original license in MO and again HI and it hasn’t failed me!


M P, Needham, MA

I ordered 5 states about 3 weeks ago (MD, TX, KY, NE, OR)

After not having taken an MPJE since taking MA MPJE 10 years ago I started on Maryland (against your recommendation) and just passed yesterday using your study guide. Worked like a charm! Off to the next one! Thanks so much!

EDITORS NOTE: I remind exsiting Pharmacists that they are my worst students because 1) Things don't go to memory as fast as when they were young.  2) They forgot how to glue their butt to a chair and study hour after hour like they did before a final in pharmacy school and  3) They think they know Pharmacy law well!  I am proud of this student - he took my lecture to heart! I told him to perhaps start on an easier state than MD.  Doing the hard first is always a good sign!  I am sure studying for the next four will go a lot easier and faster. 


K R, Winder, GA

Hey Colin!

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know I passed! It has been 15 years since I last took an MPJE; the study materials were a great help. THANK YOU!


D E, Camp Springs, MD

I successfully passed my exam. [MPJE - VA]

Thank you!


J B, Franklin, TN

Thank you for the heads up and for all your hard work!

Thank you.


E C, Butte, MT

Hello Colin,

I am excited to share I passed the MPJE! Thank you so much! The study guide seriously helped a ton!

Editor's Note:  Thank you for letting us know how you did.  Your kind words make my day.  So glad that we could help.


K F, Aurora, CO


I passed the NE MPJE.



T A, Panama City, FL

Hello Pronto-Pass,

I have used your products and with them along with divine help I have passed now 6 various state MPJEs. I remember reading somewhere that if you buy multiple states there is a discount. I do not know if that was a one time buy or as a repeat customer. Unfortunately, my company has added 2 more states Georgia and Kentucky. I need to purchase those and curious if as I am a repeat customer is there a any discount or if buying multiples if there is a discount. By the way - i notice your information/ Q&A packets were more inclusive- keep up the good work. Thanks and please let me know as I intend to purchase today or tomorrow as to start studying.

Editors Note:  Thank you for your reorder.  You are one day from the 6 month limit.  I have emailed you a PayPal invoice.  We have a six month limit because the Quickcards (both the MPJE Quickcards and the Compounding Quickcards) are for all states so one set only is sent with a new order.  We update these Quickcards many times.  After six months we want you to have new and therefore require a NEW order with everything new.  We appreciate your business.  Thank you for your kind words.   CEB...Buzz


J P, Cedar Grove, NJ

I just wanted to tell you that I passed the Michigan MPJE. The study guides are excellent!


S Z, Sugarland, TX

Thank you so much for your timely reply! I really appreciate it!

EDITORS NOTE: After purchasing our MPJE Study Package, After Studying, If you have any confusion or legal questions you can always call or email us. 


D M, South Weymouth, MA

I got the PRONTOPASS package today. It looks very impressive and well thought out. I hope to tackle it this weekend.



D A, San Diego, CA

Hello Colin,

I just wanted to thank you for the great MPJE packages. I passed MD’s Mpje and planning to take VA’s next month.

Stay safe and have a nice weekend


W K, Bladensburg, MD

Writing to thank you. I Passed the MD MPJE. I recenly ordered your NAPLEX study package. Thanks again. WK


B W, Herndon, VA

I really love your system!! (I've only used DC MPJE)  I'll tell my coworkers over there they need PRONTO PASS!!!..  The company (Kaiser) seems to be making everyone become tri-licensed in the Mid-Atlantic area.  I'll talk to a few Union Stewards and if they have people that cannot pass. I'll have  them contact you.  Our members with low  seniority will need 3 licenses and I think we might be able to get Kaiser labor partners to throw money at the training.

I noticed you might be selling your company.  I hope someone as great as you takes it over.  I know a great pharmacist that teaches at a community college.  Im going to tell her to check it  out.

Thanks again,

-You have done an amazing service to people trying to learn!!


G S, Conway, AZ

Good Morning,

Firstly, thank you for making your products, they have been a great tool in helping me prepare for the multiple state exams I have scheduled for this year.  I know you are striving to make the best product that you can, so I am reaching out with a grammatical error that I found in your MPJE flashcards.  On card 59 of the 2020 deck (Orphan Drug Act) it should read ‘…that affect less thAn 200,000…’.  I hope this helps with future corrections and again, thanks for what you do.

EDITORS NOTE: Thank you for your feed back and suggestion. We always like to improve. Typeo has been fixed. 


B H, Aiken, SC

Thank you, I PASSED [MPJE AL]


Y K, Newark, DE

On my second attempt I passed thanks to your materials.

Have a good day.


M C, Williamson, GA 

I passed the MPJE Georgia on Dec.10!  Thanks for your help!  I'll reach out for the next state soon. Thanks.


S M, Matteson, IL

Just received my results and I PASSED MPJE!!! Thank you so much for all your prayers, advice, and material that got me through the process!!


J S, Lakewood, CO

 I passed my MPJE! [LA] Thank you so much.


S M, Matteson, IL

 I was so wrapped up with this exam I forgot today was Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving Buzz! Thankful for you and expressing your love and prayer with me over my exam! Also very thankful for you being understanding and sending me the MPJE as well! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


A S, Cape Coral, FL

I purchased the MPJE study material for TN and passed my test on the first try! Thanks prontopass!


L H, Walkertown, NC

I passed the Washington state MPJE! Thanks so much! :-)


G.S.G, North Chesterfield, VA

Good morning,

 With your help I have passed all of the 5 previous MPJE State test.  I cannot thank you enough.


C M, Quincy, MA

I passed the Georgia exam.



J S, Chattanooga, TN

Absolutely loved the study material. Followed your guidelines, except was really only able to make it through everything once, due to moving across the country for a new job, and also studying for NAPLEX. I have not taken TN yet, but will do so soon. First attempt for AK was a pass with 79. Have recommended your guides to a number of other new grads, as well as older pharmacists wanting to obtain licensure in other states. Thanks a bunch!

EDITORS NOTE:  A quick hard study and a pass.  Excellent news.  Thanks for your referals to others.  CEB...Buzz


D S,  Orleans, MA

Hi,  I passed the Massachusetts MPJE. First time your product was great.



S V, Ocala, FL

I just wanted to let you know I did pass the MPJE exam for Washington State and Arizona.

Thank you


A O, Beltsville, MD

I would like to do an MPJE reorder form for Virginia. Thank you so much. I passed Maryland MPJE first try.


J W, Belmar, NJ

Hi Colin,

Thank you so much for looking into this and for clarifying. I really appreciate it.

EDITORS NOTE:  Our students can always call us or email us with questions they may have.   I am not to sure how many providers of study material do that.  


You are a life-line!!  [MPJE MO]

G G, Richmond, VA



I read this on the internet. "Purchased ProntoPass for GA - It was a very helpful resource. The compounding cards cover pretty much anything that could show up on the exam. It does a good job of going over federal law as well and has flashcards. The package also gives multiple federal questions and state specific questions that were helpful. The printout of the statutes was also super helpful and helped me digest the information way better than just reading it from a screen (which is what I did the first time). Definitely would recommend it!"

EDITORS NOTE : Our material is on paper so that you can review the highlighted sections again just before your test. 


Hello Colin,
As a follow-up; I took my MPJE last Thursday (8/27) for the state of Georgia and I found out I passed Monday (8/31). Thanks for all the help with your study materials.

S L, Savannah, GA


Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I did pass my Oklahoma MPJE on Monday, August 24 on the first try.

I had already studied quite a bit before I received materials from you but I did study from them… However not exactly the way that you suggested. I really liked your compounding Quickcards.

Thank you again!

J M, Omaha, NE


I Just wanted to update you and let you know I passed the GA MPJE! Thank you for all the resources! They were very helpful!

E E, Harrisburg, NC


Thank you!! So funny when I opened it I got the urge to study myself again. Love these cards.

J S, Lenexa, KS

Editors Note: I really appreciate returning customers. Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes i forget why we spend so much time making QuickCards so charismatic and colorful. 


Hi Colin,

Thank you for your compilation for the Delaware MPJE, and I wanted to let you know that I passed with an 81. I liked your summary of Federal and State laws, and the approach of memorizing the state summary before scanning the full law.  I will certainly order your review materials down the road when I get ready to take the New Jersey MPJE.

Thank you,

L A, West Chester, PA


Thanks. I took my MPJE [AZ] 3 weeks ago and I passed!

O I, Phoenix, AZ


Hello Mr. Bayliss,

I passed the MPJE! I start practicing as a real-life pharmacist on Monday! 

Thank you,

S L, Destin, FL

Editor's Note: Congratulations on starting your Pharmacist career. May God bless everything good that you set your head, hands, and heart to accomplish.


Hello Colin,

I wanted to let you know that I passed the Michigan MPJE on the first try,

Thank You,

K C, Grand Rapids, MI


Mr Bayliss,

Just got my math cards. Thank you so much. I’m trying my best to succeed  on the test and most important to be a competent pharmacist.


J S, Bristow, VA

Editors Note: I think our ProntoPass Math Practice is the best on the market.  I have this belief that you can't pass Naplex if your not good with pharmacy math.  However, you can be good with pharmacy math and not pass the test because there is a lot more to know than just math.  Note that this student has the right attitude.  We study not just to pass the test but also to be better and more knowledgable pharmacists.



Thank you so much! What you all have created here with these Posters are PRICELESS!!!!

C P, Lake Mary, FL


Hi Colin,

I passed the [MN] MPJE!  Thank you for your review materials. They helped me put things into perspective.  I was happy with my score of 89.

Thank you again,

K P, Hastings, MN


 Hello Colin,

I forgot to inform you that I passed my Kansas MPJE with an 83, higher than my first MPJE. Your materials were of great help in getting that score. Thanks.

A M, San Antonio, TX


Hello Buzz,
I just checked online and I passsed Virginia MPJE.
Thank you for all your help. I am getting ready to take Pennsylvania mpje tomorrow.
Thank you again,
S S, Charleston, WV


Hello "Buzz",

Hope this email finds you well, I would like to inform you that I passed my NAPLEX! I enjoyed learning from your material and it proved to be successful!

Thank you very much!!

S S Bucyrus, KS

Editor's Note:  Thanks for taking the time to let us know you passed.  I followed along on your ProntoPass online testing and you did very good. Glad to hear you scored 110.



Thanks for the response! You responded after I took my exam. I just found out today that I passed with a 75!


I D, Corona NY

Editors Note:  Praise God!  Sometimes I have found over the years that those who score 75 are among the school of pharmacys' best students.....but with a need for a small dose of humility.  LOL. Congratulations. May God bless everything good that you set your head, hands, and heart to accomplish.  CEB...Buzz


Thank you for sending me the additional requested information!  I appreciate you taking the time to help me!  Thanks  J

J B, Medina, Ohio


Back in 2011 I used your study materials to pass the NH MPJE  Thank you for making such great resources!!!!  I’ve recommended your programs to many students and other pharmacists over the years 👍🏻

M.H, Boston, MA


Thank you for your kind words.  Half of all our bussiness comes from satisfied clients. 


Thank you for reaching out to me.

I took the test on March 14th. I passed. Thank you.

X.N, Abilene, TX


Colin , I passed the Florida MPJE !

K M, Greer, SC

EDITORS NOTE: Congratulations, Job well done!


You were so instrumental in my success with the last batch of testing that I would not attempt this without your resources. I'll be coming with more request soon!

G G, Richmond, VA

EDITORS NOTE: Thank you for your kind words. Good luck on future studies!


I passed!!!!! Thank you Pronto Pass! It was my 3rd try!

J S, Kirkland, WA

EDITORS NOTE: Congratulations. So glad you tried ProntoPass!


Good afternoon Colin,


Thank you for sending Prontopass to me.  I just took the MPJE for Nevada on 02/20/20, and found out that I passed!!  The study materials were very helpful.  It also helps that I went through the 500 page law packet that you sent.  


Thanks again!

L H, Pacioma, CA

Editors NoteScanning the actual statutes (reading a sentence at a time) works well after memorizing our State Law Review (our questions and answers). Thanks for following our directions.  Scanning is quick and easy at about 100 pages an hour.  Congratulations.




I passed the MPJE exam for New Jersey!


Thank you very much,

J M, Princeton, NJ


I passed the test!  Got an 81 [MPJE IN].  Thank you!

R G, South Bend, IN


Hello Colin,


I am actually purchasing the review for my intern. He is a foreign graduate from India becoming licensed as a pharmacist in Ohio through an internship at my pharmacy. He will be taking the exams in about 3 months. If possible, I would like him to have both reviews (Naplex & MPJE) as soon as possible to study. 


This will be the fourth ProntoPass review I have purchased. I used it myself when I was a student, and I’ve purchased it now for three of my interns. It really is the best preparation tool out there.


Thank you,

A.J, Copley, OH


Good evening, 


Thank you for helping me prepare.  I took my test 1/17/2020 and passed!!!!

E M, Knoxville, TN


This order will complete all the states I need [MPJE].  Thank you for having this service available.  It really is great!

E C, Novato, CA


The ProntoPass math cards were perfect! I practice with them for about a month and when it came time to take the NAPLEX the math was simple and easy thanks to you. I passed my NAPLEX! Thank you for your great product and keep up the good work!

J J, Norfolk, VA

W K, Bladensburg, MD

Writing to thank you.  I passed the MD MPJE. Your materials are very good.  I recently ordered your prontopass NAPLEX study package.  Thanks again.